Sleepless movie premiere at Regal L.A. Live downtown! Yassss. Not only do we get to see the movie ahead of time, but we got to go for the free. Halla. It actually made me wonder if anyone could purchase tickets, or if it was exclusive to press and friends/family of the cast. I thought it was super dope we got to see it in the same theater as Jamie Foxx, until I found out he didn’t even stay. Smh.

I creeped his IG later and he had his daughter with him, but nah. He didn’t wanna stay lmao. I met this director afterwards that was underwhelmed by the film. I was like damn really? I loved it lmao. Shout out to my girl who called it the “black Taken.” I’m dying. Cause it’s so true.

IMDB plot: A cop with a connection to the criminal underworld scours a nightclub in search of his kidnapped son.

I honestly really enjoyed it. It was mostly action. Jamie Foxx plays an undercover cop. It’s pretty lit. Also, T.I.’s in it. I love Tip. And Gabrielle Union omg. That’s bae. And Michelle Monaghan who plays the bad ass white girl cop lmao. The movie’s short. An hour 35 minutes. I wasn’t bored once. 

I went with my two fav homegirls, it was a reunion. We were advised to get there before 6:45pm for the 7:30pm screening, which didn’t start until after 8pm. I had so much fucking anxiety from the day (tell you in a sec) that I couldn’t sit still. Shout out to the free popcorn and drinks. We were taken care of tonight.

We were literally waiting until Jamie Foxx showed up for the movie to begin. They announced each member of the cast in the beginning and they all stood at the front for a pic. Gabrielle Union was looking fire in her gown. There was a huge red carpet beforehand, but we weren’t allowed there. I was sad lmao.

This was in the main theater where all the premieres take place. It’s huge and has a balcony, where we were posted. I literally took the elevator up the second time around. I loved our front row seats until we realized we couldn’t see the full screen over the ledge. Smh! Come on Regal.

The movie’s solid though. It’s out January 13 for all y’ll.

SO MY ANXIETY TODAY… came from sitting in the hair salon for 4 hours. 4 hours!! Like what haha. My usual hair colorist hit me and asked if I wanted to go blonder. I was like sure why not. My bday’s coming up. He had touched me up last time for the free so I assumed it was the same case. Fail 😦 I literally was in shock upon leaving. Such a fail. Them highlights cost a bill. I had to use two cards because I ran out of money on one. So embarrassing.

Besides that little glitch, Planet Salon on Melrose in Weho is fabolous. I fucking wrote a Yelp review on how amazing my guy was before I got charged lmao. Idk, maybe it’s my fault for assuming. Idk. He was going to style my hair for the evening but I was so ready to go at that point, I coulda left with my hair dripping fr. Sigh.

I had fun tonight though. No complaints. Hit the gym after at my place. I’m honestly loving having a gym at my apartment, it’s so convenient and clutch. I also change my mind and fell in love with Kid Cudi’s latest album, which didn’t impress me at first.

Life is brazy.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Best track on the album.


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