X-Men: Apocalypse.


Wow I just spent a good 6 minutes trynta find a good pic of the movie but failed miserably. I think Google thinks it’s the old X-Men movies, or there’s just no pics of this one, which doesn’t make sense. Anyways, shoutout to this half Asian girl in the flick. She was evil but this pic reminded me I liked her haha.

X-Men: Apocalypse! Fucking gangster haha. It was seriously mad dope. I went with my bestie back home at 9:05pm at Oakridge in San Jose. Side note, movie etiquette in the bay compared to LA is mad different. No assigned seating means every person goes to the box office solo and gets their own ticket. Minor detail but in LA it’s a team effort lmao. Also, $12.50 here!! I have the Moviepass so it don’t matter but for the rest of the world, I feel like 3 bucks is a huge difference haha.

I asked what number X-Men this was and he said too many haha. I was informed this one is the prequel to the last one though. It was mad dope. The professor in the wheelchair is young af haha. Also Jennifer Lawrence is bae!!!! Seriously so fire haha especially as Mystique. It made me really want to have a superpower. Also reminded me of how much I used to want to be Sabrina The Teenage Witch lmao. Anyways.

We loved it. Marvel ftw. We were also lit. It was epic. So many scenes that left me in awe. It was great. Go see this shit. It didn’t feel long at all, even though it was 2 hours and 16 minutes. Wouldn’t wanna spend Sat night any other way.

So yes, I’m home. Hiding haha. Had to get out of LA for a sec and debrief. I missed the Dubs game per usual but shoutout to them for pulling through. I’m still convinced the NBA is rigged though haha straight up.

Ps, I hate taking my shoes off to go through security at the airport. It really just irks me.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Loving the cameos.


Alice Through The Looking Glass.


Johnny Depp in this movie absolutely tripped me out. Just the make up and everything about his character haha so animated. I loved it though. Alice Through The Looking Glass! I loved every minute haha. Legit didn’t even check my phone the entire hour and 50 minutes. Minus when I dropped it under the seats 😦 I think I average at least one drop per movie. So gross under there!!! One time it was sticky af, I about died.

But really, this movie kept me engaged the entire time. 10pm showing at The Grove with my bro, my NY homegirl and her new roomie, and another homeboy. It’s a party it’s a party. Lmao it was fun though. It was a small theater and pretty packed, we had to sit in the front section.

People suck sometimes. My hg was telling me how she saw Adam Devine as she walking in, and I couldn’t remember who that was. So she Googled him for me and then the guy next to us full on yelled at us for being on her phone. We literally just sat down. It was so unnecessary. Like bye haha.

You can see this in 3D Imax if you want, if you got it like that. Jk. My bro and I had the Moviepass and plus it’s a waste of money. To me at least. It’s all the same shit. The movie would have been dope though. Super extravagant and the costumes were lit. The cast was lit too. I love Anne Hathaway haha and my hg hates her. She’s beautiful. Omg Borat was in it too haha or Bruno or whatever the dude’s name is.

I’m really not sure if this is the sequel to Alice In The Wonderland, or just a spinoff. Wait jk I just checked Wiki, it’s the sequel haha. It was dope though! Action throughout and the animals were cute.

My day was busy af. I was legit stressed the entire mf day. Idk, sometimes I feel like I take on too much, or I just stress too much. I had to go to Planned Parenthood to get birth control haha NO I’m not sexually active. I’m on it and been on it for my cramps, shit was no joke. Shit took forever and a half. They asked me if I needed condoms I literally responded “I wish.”

Yoga was a good mental break. And physical. Went to Yogaworks in Weho. Snuck my ass in. Life got me twisted rn. No complaining though. One day at a time.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track is amazing. FKi 1st is Post Malone’s DJ, who just released an EP. Attended his listening party at the Diamond store on Fairfax last night, super lit. But really, he’s on the rise.

The Angry Birds Movie.


I’m in love. Lmao this was the cutest movie. And this Angry Birds statue made out of Lego pieces is even more lit. I hit up my boo who was hating life haha which is usually me. Asked him to see The Angry Birds Movie, luring him in with my bro’s Moviepass haha. PS my bro was on a date and fucking had to pay for a movie cause I accidentally kept it. WOPS. I was legit trippin more than him tho… he dgaf.

10:35pm at The Grove, always poppin on the weekends. The theater was surprisingly full of people, def with kids too haha. We sat in the front. It was an hour and 35 minutes of cuteness. I legit loved it. But then again, I love cartoons. If you guys are completely out of the loop, Angry Birds is a game on your phone haha. I never play games on my phone… but now I kinda wanna see what Angry Birds is like.

The movie was PG but I swear it had so many PG-13 references haha. Like “Pluck my life.” That’s not PG!! And most of you prob won’t see this so it doesn’t count for spoilers haha. I thought the jokes were intelligent haha and it was cute how they incorporated animals into the story. Bottom line, win.

Today was rough. Legit got stuck at the nail salon for 2.5 hours bc they were understaffed and forgot about me. No chill. Pain is beauty yll, jk. Went to yoga, did laundry, lost a sock lmao. WTF. Like how. It’s literally gone and I don’t understand. I went back to check too. Like all inches of the washer and dryer lmao. THE FUH.

Was debating going to The Line to catch homies DJing but my hg bailed so I bailed lmao. I was 0 trippin. The only reason I wanted to go out was cause I just got my nails did lmao. 0 motivation to get dressed.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Post’s DJ is emerging as an artist, and he’s dope af.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.


This shit was literally comedy. Sorry the pic is so small haha I’m too lazy to change it. Prob should provide a better one though to get a closer look at Zac Efron. Homeboy is hot. I’ll admit it I’ll admit it. *Drake voice* Literally, please go to this movie lit. I was dying the entire time.

It’s the sequel to the first Neighbors, which everyone thought was hilarious. I don’t remember it but I know I enjoyed it. You don’t have to watch the first to watch this. The beauty of mindless comedies haha. The cast is so lit though. Literally everyone famous.

I don’t wanna give any spoilers because I might haha literally every joke was hilarious. It got a bit ridiculous at times, aka the first scene. Once you’ve seen it, let’s talk lmao. Made me feel some typa way.

I picked up my homegirl and we hit the 10:45pm showing at The Grove. We just got a massage at Joy Foot Spa with our other hg, it was glorious. She wasn’t d tho. Tears. I let my hg use my bro’s Moviepass and it worked like a charm. I hope they don’t read this cause they’ve already cancelled my shit once lmao. Anyways.

We were in the premiere theater #1 haha shit was packed. The whole theater was cracking up. Surprise, no applause at the end. It’s only 1.5 hours too. Def blaze it and go haha. Wouldn’t wanna spend my Friday night any other way.

I’m starting to future trip. MEH.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Casey dropped his tape today!! I love him.

The Nice Guys.


This movie was a solid 91% that the critics gave. It might even be higher tomorrow when it officially comes out. The Nice Guys at The Grove at 9pm with the bro bro. Advertisements have been everywhere for this. And I was more lit when my girl saw a screening at her work earlier this week. She said she was close to tears that’s how funny it was. Down.

Found the most simply plot summary:

A mismatched pair of private eyes investigate the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles.

Pretty much Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe kill it. Like actually, every joke was so funny. And it was subtle too. It takes place in Los Angeles, which was dope, recognized most of the spots. It was lit. We really liked the movie. The entire 2 hours was hilarious. No joke.

This dude got mad at me for putting my feet up next to him. It rubbed me the wrong way. It wasn’t even his seat… And then the bitch next to us shushed us. Like no. I had to breathe it out one time. The theater was packed, and people clapped in the end. That’s when you know it was bomb.

We had Ca$his and King Lil G come through DX today for the music meeting. Ca$his worked with Eminem, which gives him automatic street cred. Seriously Em is GOAT haha. King Lil G was mad dope too. He puts on for the Mexicans out here. He mentioned wanting to get into selling coffee which had me cracking up. From dope to expresso beans.

Went to Core Power Yoga in Hollywood at 6pm for Sculpt. Literally the hardest instructor I’ve had for that class. So bomb though. And fucking hard haha. It got me so straight mentally. Physically I feel like I just keep gaining weight. Eating my problems away.

I wanna do nothing this weekend. Bye.

TRACK OF THE DAY: We played this at the music meeting. I fucks with it.


Madeintyo x Royce Rizzy


Skrt skrt. Uber fuckin everywhere. Sorry my picture taking skills are literally terrible. This was a $5 show haha at NOVO downtown. Me and my homegirl went…. late af. Literally haha. I took a nap around 8:30pm and was literally dying when I woke up.

We got there a little before 11pm. Such a fail. People were leaving and we were like, wait is the show over? But dude- so sad. A kid had a seizure, and that’s why they wanted to end the show. So scary. I guess he was in the crowd and they stopped the show to help him. A bunch of people left, which they fucked up bc they ended up continuing the show.

“Uber Everywhere” blew up. And hella artists are remixing it. It’s pretty dope. I found out Royce Rizzy and Madeintyo are brothers. Completely missed that one. They brought out their mom on stage. It was the cutest thing. Anyways. These fools are dope. Madeintyo is mad short haha. But I creeped his IG and him and his girl are adorable.

I also don’t understand his name because out loud it’s “Made In Tokyo” but his name says “Tyo.” They play that turnup shit. That dab music. It was lit. Short but lit.

My day was busy. My body hurts. Literally hurt something in my right side trying to do a vinyase flow in yoga. I legit can’t workout now and it kills me. SOS.

I’m so proud of my homegirl tho! She got a call back from her dance audition. Killing it. Let’s get it fam.


Young Thug.

But I really came for Lil Yachty though. Lmao. Young Thug at Fonda Theater in Hollywood, the heart of Hollywood. I’ve been trolling this show since I found out about it haha. The last time I saw Thugger was at … Continue reading

Fat Joe & Remy Ma


I’m ALL THE WAY UP. *index finger emoji* Fat Joe and Remy Ma at NOVO in dtla. Let’s get it! Shoutout to HipHopDX for that ticket. I got a media pass and was able to take pictures hella close to the stage.

But yo. Fuck that worker haha. The guy patrolling the floor area was 100% a dick. It made sense after tho. I was with my homeboys who snuck down earlier lmao so he was heated. But the entire rest of the night, he was a complete dick. I hate him and I wanna complain about him haha. He says he sees me there all the time too. #creepy.

Anywayyyyyssss. I been eyeing this show since day one haha and so was my homeboy. It was mad lit. They had a hella short set though. It was a show in honor of Big Pun who passed. OG New York rapper, who I don’t know much about. But besides Lean Back and All The Way Up, they played a bunch of OG shit. Including Panda for 10 seconds smh haha.

Remy Ma was lit though! She’s so dope. And they said Papoose (her hubby) was in the back. Fat Joe came out first. He lost hella weight haha he ain’t “fat” no more. But they were super dope live. The show was super crowded, imo. Also, the floor had chairs set up. Some VIP shit, it’s normally just open. My homeboy said shit was $200 lmao. Bye.

BUSY ASS WEEKEND AHEAD. Including dentist at 9am tear. 😥

OH WAIT. My day. We got evicted today. Like what in the actual fuck. 60 days to leave. I legit was in shock. More offended than anything. Our neighbors are whack AF. And I feel bad cause my roomie graduated USC today and legit had to come back to that news. It’s just stressful. I’m pissed though.

Worked all day. Struggled. :/. Old habits coming back and I’m not happy about it. I cleared my head by running in Beverly Hills for an hour. Shit made me feel basic af haha. Everyone so bougie there. Anyways. Hoping I can get my shit together so I can be more productive.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Such a mainstream track sorry but I have work to do and don’t have time to find a better one lmao.

Money Monster.


Holy shiiiiii. This movie was BOMB af. And I stopped seeing pointless, meaningless movies (partly bc I lost my Moviepass, and time), so this was extra good haha. Literally, I give it 99% haha. It technically comes out tomorrow so the ratings aren’t officially out, but I seriously recommend you go to the movies this weekend. Mad dope.

I was trolling Flixster and saw it featured George Clooney and Julia Roberts, got good reviews (in terms of people wanting to see it) and it was short: 1.5 hours. I hit up a bunch of people to see who was d and my homeboy was. Shoutout to him haha.

We met up at The Grove at 9:15pm. Packed theater. I started the clapping at the end of the movie doe ha. We came in right as it started. I totes used my bro’s Moviepass lmao. Win. If you like stocks, I recommend this flick.


Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.

Basically this kid holds George Clooney hostage with a bomb. No spoilers. I’ll stop there. It was just super suspenseful and interesting. Lots of deep life messages, at least to me haha. It really took you on a ride. I enjoyed it a lot.

Let’s see. Busy ass day. We got to interview RJ at the office, that was dope. I’ve been a fan of him since day one and he just dropped his “OMMIO 3” mixtape. We had him pick his favorites and “30 In The Middle” was first. Banger alert.

Went to Pure Barre Beverly Hills after. Bought a Groupon for 2 weeks. I fucking hate it lmao. Legit sucks compared to Bar Method. Idk, it’s just not as good. It’s hard, don’t get me wrong, but just not the same. You know when a fitness class just doesn’t do it for you… made me sad haha. Meep.

Busy ass weekend ahead. Let’s get it.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Speaking of.

The Meddler.


Sooooo this movie was actually super cute, like I’m satisfied. It’s only playing at select theaters, one of those. So of course, The Landmark on Pico. Best theater and home to all the exclusive films haha. I texted my 2 hgs last night actually bc I knew I wanted to see a movie tn. Long ass mf day haha. My NY babe was d.

Awkward. Just got the wrath from one of my best friends for going without her. But I didn’t deserve it I don’t think. Sometimes life just plays out and not everyone gets the better end of the stick. That’s my positive outlook rn haha. Cause I’m annoyed.

We both got out around 7pm and decided last minute to hit the 7:40pm showing. It was a stretch, I literally booked it from Hollywood and went home and showered. Couple minutes late no biggie.

So the reason I was d for this film, a) it got bomb reviews. b) the plot had THE GROVE in it. Lmao. You know I was lit off that.

An aging widow from New York City follows her daughter to Los Angeles in hopes of starting a new life after her husband passes away.

Wait Flixster had a way better plot haha more specific. Aka it said she got an apartment next to The Grove. Legit so many scenes at the fountain, her go-to when she was sad or going through it. I wonder when they filmed it haha cause it’s legit always poppin. The cast in this movie was lit! Rose Bryne from Bridesmaids, who played the daughter.

Susan Sarandon played the mom with the fattest New York accent. They go back to the city, which is where my girl is from. So it def appealed to her haha. She was saying how she wants her mom to see this film. Cute. It also stars Jerrod Carmichael, who I’ve seen do standup live. He legit plays an Apple store dude, the one at The Grove/ I love when comedians act bc you just think of the jokes they’ve done and you laugh. He’s real funny.

The movie was so quirky and random, in the best way. I would say more chick flick/comedy category. The theater was packed and the audience was kinda loud haha. Or some people were. They just react so strongly to some scenes haha. Like, when you guys watch shows on your own, do you laugh out loud? Or nah? Legit question haha.

So the mom is the meddler, who is alllll up in her grown daughter’s business. It was excessive. Although, we both actually cried at one point in the movie lmao. There was just one scene that was too damn heartwarmning. Side note, I have a phobia of getting old. Side note number 2, old people make me sad ha :/.

Day started rough. Forever not sleeping well. I feel bad cause I HAVE to have cold water, so I go in the kitchen in the middle of the night and my bro always wakes up. Or so he says. I’m like damn. I’m sorry :/.

Had an interview for second year placement for school. Even though I’m debating returning in the fall (FACK). I hella liked this agency tho. The dude that interviewed me was super sweet and he actually got his Master’s at USC for Social Work. It’s so crazy… it’s like. Where am I gonna be in 5 years? Am I gonna finish? I don’t wanna pay for it. But I started it. Smh. So many factors and so much on the table. I can’t.

Worked all day. Had a music meeting at DX. Every week they bring in an artist and they drink and chill and just vibe. It’s mad dope. We had Tommy Swisher from Atlanta this week. He that ratchet turn up music. Which I usually love smh.

Side note, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert are going on tour and I’m so lit ha. Love them both so much. June 9th Regent Theater who’s coming with me?

Went to Core Power Yoga for Sculpt at 6pm in Hollywood. Shit keeps me so grounded I cannot imagine surviving without it.

Andddd I got work to do. Muahs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: If you ain’t know, get to know.