The Magnificent 7.


Holy hell. This movie was a trip haha. The Magnificent 7 at AMC Century City 15 at 9:30pm. I literally landed at LAX tn and was like “I’m bored” lmao. Texted my people. Shout out to my homegirl and homeboy for coming through. We all really enjoyed it. And that’s my homegirl’s beautiful nails in the pic above haha. Free poster ftw.

This movie stars Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and Chris Patt. You guys, Denzel is GOAT. Like literally, he’s so bomb haha. One of the best actors alive for sure. I was trying to tell my friend and he goes really? Yes. He is the definition of lit.

So I guess this movie is a remake of the original. To put it simply (via IMDB): Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

Literally, this had Django written all over it. We kept getting confused cause I thought it was a sequel or some shit. It’s basically 2 hours and 12 minutes of dopeness. The action gets real good at the end. I was kinda worried cause my homeboy def goes “I wanna get a gun.” Please don’t lmao. This movie def made me wanna hit the gun range though.

Idk if I told you guys, but my Moviepass got cancelled. I’m so sad. What else… there has been a fucking lot going on in my life. I just got back from being in a wedding which was so unbelievably surreal. I literally cried throughout the entire ceremony. My girl is literally so beautiful inside and out and she found her match. I can’t.

I guess I came back to a heat wave in LA. Everyone has been complaining. I have no AC guys. Don’t even haha.

This shit brazy.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This song is good for the soul.



Can we first talk about how I first googled Sully for an image, and everything that came was the monster from Monster’s Inc?? LMAO. Literally the entire Google image tab was of the blue monster from the cartoon. I’m dead. Look.


Anyways. This Sully is a bit more

I saw my friend’s status throwing shade on this movie, claiming she would never see it because a) it was exactly like Flight and b) she said she wasn’t going to give her money to a Trump supporter. DANG lmao. So to clear things up, this movie was NOT like Flight. It was better. Jk idk if it was better, but it was bomb. And I highly recommend it.

First off, it got like 90%. It’s a Clint Eastwood movie. And it’s only a little over an hour and a half. Oh, and Tom Hanks. Such a great actor. All factors told me I had to see it this weekend. Who better than to accompany me than my brothers? Shout out to them. I fucking love them so much. Thanks for getting me cases of water at the grocery store.

We hit the 7:10pm showing at The Landmark on Westwood and Pico. Legit, my favorite theater. So comfy. I used to avoid this theater because my Moviepass didn’t work here but… GUESS WHO’S ACCOUNT GOT CANCELLED? AGAIN. Literally for the second time lmao but it was only a matter of time. Got cancelled the first time because I broke the rules, so I created a new account with a new email and my homie’s address in the bay ha. Oh whale.

We actually made it for the previews this time. It was weird. So weird haha. But we really enjoyed the movie. And the leather seats. It really tripped me out. There’s no spoiler alert cause it’s based on a true story, but it’s the most bizarre story ever.

IMDB plot: The story of Chesley Sullenberger, who became a hero after gliding his plane along the water in the Hudson River, saving all of the airplane flights 155 crew and passengers.

Literally this happened. A flock of birds damaged both engines on a plane and the pilot had to do an emergency landing on a river. They said the chances of surviving a water landing are extremely low too. This was a total miracle.

The movie sheds light on how they investigate the whole incident and try to point the finger at the pilots. RIDICULOUS! This world is so fucked. Like this man just saved the lives of 155 people. I can’t.

Life has been absolutely insane. I can’t breathe. I actually really could have gone without seeing this tonight for how much shit I have to finish before tomorrow, but I wanted to hang with my bro. Stopped by his housewarming in Little Tokyo last night, and saw him partying with all his crew. And his boss. Made me miss throwing house parties in college.

Went to the Power 106 celebrity basketball game earlier and saw Chris Brown act a fool before the game. Log on to my computer to find Complex covering him refusing to stand for the national anthem. Smh man. Smh.

The charity game was at USC, which just reminded me how much I want to but can’t seem to get involved. Fr. I’m paying too damn much to not. The game was cool. I told Pauly D I used to be fucking obsessed with Jersey Shore. #GTL.

Also, Lil Dicky is pure comedy.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This is a gem from De La Soul’s new album. Hip Hop.


Wow, I’m kind of in shock rn now haha. I just saw a private screening of the movie Kicks, which stars CJ Wallace, Biggie’s son. That’s reason enough to watch it right? It gets even better, it’s based in the … Continue reading

Don’t Breathe.

I’m actually on the verge of tears rn haha. My laptop is broken. My mouse pad is all types of fucked up and it won’t read my hand touch. I legit just tried to get it to work for like 30 min. Just sitting there hoping it would miraculously heal itself. Unfortunately, not sure technology works that way :(. Man I’m so sad rn haha. Can’t afford a new comp man. That’s like straight up rent money right there.

o2sbbEoKa (1)

ANWYAYS. Let’s talk about this FUCKING crazy movie. Don’t Breathe. If you’re wondering how I’m writing this, I’m on the comp back home. YAS I’m in the bay. And yes I hate PC’s haha. I legit feel off rn. Another reason I don’t want a new Mac is cause there are no more CD drives on the new models. I need to make my mixes for the whip man. First world problems.

First off, I can’t talk about my night, because it was way too personal. It was probably one of the biggest reality checks I’ve had in a minute though. The truth can really hurt.  I shared with one of my hgs, and it didn’t feel too great. Like it’s something I’m very not proud of. Sigh.

Anyways, I was legit on a high after this movie haha. Shout out to my bay homeboy for rocking with me tonight. He brought his little sis who I fell in love with. I love family outings haha. It made me really miss my bro, who’s turning up in Chicago rn. His life man. Works hard, plays hard. That’s the motto.

I barely got back in town but I had to make the 10:25pm showing at Century Cinemas 16 on Shoreline in Mountain View. These theaters have been around forever but they recently remodeled and added reclining seats and a bar. Literally so lit up in there. I could barely find parking, and my big ass minivan don’t fit in most spots. SMH. I legit squeeze lmao. People prob hate me.

So, I thought all theaters in the bay were open seating. Not these ones. Shout out to tickets only being $13.25 though. Yo, tell me why my seat was broken. I was all super lit being on this super comfy leather couch, but then my seat wouldn’t recline. I wanted my money back. Jk. Kinda.

Okay so I purposely didn’t watch the trailer for this ha. All I know is that it scared off a lot of people. Super lit though, Cozz, the Dreamville rapper, does the theme song for it. It made me want to see the film more, obviously. It got 86%, super well deserved. I actually was expecting a horror movie with like zombies and shit but na haha. This was some real life ish.

Plot from Rotten Tomatoes: A trio of reckless thieves breaks into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking they’ll get away with the perfect heist. They’re wrong.

I guess I coulda told you that haha. Premuch these kids break into a blind man’s house, and shit goes haywire. Like, do not underestimate a blind man. I always heard if you’re missing a sense, you make up for it in the other 4 sense. V interesting.

This movie was just bomb throughout. Hella action and hella plot twists. It’s about an hour and a half, perfect length for a scary movie. We really enjoyed it. Like we were talking about it all the way to our cars on the way out lmao. I’d def recommend it. It was well thought out, and not just another cheesy horror movie. There were some parts I jumped at, but that wasn’t even the point.

I’m excited to be home but my life is literally the hottest mess it’s been. I need to figure it out.

Question though, what is happiness? Is it subjective?

Thank goodness for movies.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Here ya go.