Flosstradamus has changed my life in more ways than I can describe haha. Only a few people will understand. But yeah. They are a DJ duo from the Midwest, I would say the kings of trap. Minus RL Grime. Interviewing them was beautiful. They’re the most chill artists to speak with. Super real and just down to earth .

They better be because we pushed the biggest mish to get this lmao. Literally got the media pass for work, and they were the only reasons I pushed to Fontana. Hard Summer is always the move, but this year at Auto Club Speedway… is NOT the move. First off, it’s like the worst heat wave rn. And worse down there. Also been having really bad nightmares driving. Literally almost died again the other day and got real real sad. The reality that I’m a terrible drive just really set in man.

So my co-worker drove. Shout out to him. I filled his tank though ha. Shout out to me. Joking. I was just so happy I didn’t have to drive. Literally the ride down was brutal because no AC (which I was used to) and there were so many accidents. We left a little before 4pm and barely walked in around 6pm.

AND THEN. The worst part… the actual venue. Fuck that venue man haha. It’s HUGE. Massive. Normally for Nascar racing, which makes sense. But yeah, my homies were all there, super fucked up. My bf from home literally made me laugh SO HARD (lawl get it). I was asking if he was at Travis Scott because we had walked by his set (lit per usual), and he goes “Ya he’s on next.” I was like BRO. He’s on now. LMAO. I was crying. Shit was mad funny.

But yeah so…. I had to write this post to highlight the crazy feelings I got walking into this damn festival. Like I was the biggest hater EVER. Ask my team lmao. I was hating sooo hard on everyone when I used to be one of them. So nuts. Idk, maybe I was jealous of their fun, but I was just so turned off by the rave scene. Everyone on drugs made me not miss it but I do miss the priceless memories I’ve made with my friends. I miss that part a lot.

It took us I swear like 40 minutes to find the media room. And my point of contact for Floss was giving me attitude and I was like bro, I pushed 3 hours to get here, don’t play me rn. Fr I thought they were gonna bail and I was about to be a raging bitch haha. Which I fully embraced getting… Literally no worker knew where anything was. EVEN PARKING. Like no one knew where media could park. It was about the most frustrating thing ever. Hard, or whoever put on the event, please be more organized. Shit is not cool.

The venue was just so rough. Literally maneuvering around took 5x the amount of time as it should have. Stairs and going all the way around something when it would just be so easy if there was no gate present. Sigh. I’m so beat haha. Had a venti white mocha frap on the way and literally had to pee so tough. Not complaining though. We literally kicked it in the media room and just chatted. They have water and wifi haha. Eseentials. We caught some of Ice Cube’s set after, which was lit. Literally couldn’t see shit on stage though. Stan.

On my way out I stepped right into a huge pile of mud. I literally almost had a heart attack bc I thot it was shit haha. Literally was about to give up in that moment if it was…But yeah my foot was soaked. And I wore sandals. WOW. Wtf Shirls. Wtf. Shout out to my girl who sacrificed her water bottle so I could clean it off. Shit was dramatic haha.

OMG and then on our way home, we saw a fucking high speed police chase on the other side of the freeway. It was the first time I seen that shit IRL. It was so crazy and scary and my girl was actually caught in it. So fucking crazy I would have a panic attack haha. Wonder what the dude is running from… or if it’s gonna be on the news.

My insomnia sucks bc it affects my day. And it’s gone. Le sigh. Also doing laundry now and my sheets and hate this shit haha. I’m sad I couldn’t meet up with anyone today. Ran into one person I knew, where I had a brain fart how I knew him. Smh. I hate when that happens :(. Ran into my other girl who was “working” the event lmao. We out here.

Super reflective rn haha. The long drive had us in deep convo about some shit. Life is crazy guys. And shouldn’t be harder than it needs to be. Fr.

I miss my brother lmao. Muahs.


TRACK OF THE DAY: New track alert.

The Land.


Wow. Just wow. This movie was dope af. The Land executive produced by Nas, aka GOAT, aka daddy, aka he walked right by me and my girl and I had a moment lmao. This was the premiere of the film at The Theater at Ace Hotel in downtown LA. Such a fucking sick venue. It’s so beautiful up in there. It was my girl’s first time and she loved it.

Peep the trailer: http://hiphopdx.com/videos/id.23140/title.nas-releases-new-trailer-for-film-the-land

So, it features Erykah Badu (who also helped produce it) and Machine Gun Kelly, but it’s such a tease lmao. MGK literally has like maybe a minute in the film haha. BUT, it takes place in his hometown of Cleveland. And I didn’t really realize Erykah was in it until after the movie. Her role is nuts. She plays a dope addict.

I loved this movie too much. Seriously Indie films are way better than mainstream. I would love to see this in theaters. It’s about a group of teenage skateboards pursuing their dream, but end up having to hustle to get there. It really sheds light on the streets of Cleveland which I thought was mad dope. Life gets real in this movie for sure.

The cast was super lit and most were there to speak after the movie. We had seats in the very back row and we legit got up to get closer ha. We would. No one cared though. Everyone in the movie was dope. It was super emotional and I got chills a couple times throughout. Nas kills it. Just the business aspect of it haha like… he prob just hired a bunch of people to do the nitty gritty work. Solid move though.

Besides that, the soundtrack to this film is FIRE. Like every track is fire. I posted a ton of them so I got to slowly hear it each day, which was lit haha. I really liked it though. I’m on a high as you can tell.

Work got me all types of fucked up. Life and the unknown future got me in my feelings. But there’s nothing I can do but keep my head up high and stay up. Got so much to do so I’ma get off but, yeah. Life.

I love Lil Yachty. Bye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: One of the tracks off the soundtrack. So dope. “Life is a test.”

Chuck Inglish.

Yo, the best part of the show was the Asian girl DJ in the back. Do you guys see her?! Lmao. Why was I so obsessed. She was seriously dope. I wanna DJ so bad. Le sigh haha. I seriously … Continue reading

XXL 2016 Freshmen Live.

Yooooooo. You know this show is about to be lit. I really fucked with the XXL Freshmen list this year, and I know the majority of my friends did not haha. The ones that really like Hip Hop hated this … Continue reading

Star Trek Beyond.


Yo, Star Trek Beyond was lit. Ha. Not but really, it was pretty entertaining. And idk shit about Star Trek. Literally nothing. I was super conflicted bc my bro came out of it saying it was BOMB, and then my hg said it was boring af, and she fell asleep. And to not go haha. But then my other hg loved it and said it was better than Star Wars haha. So I hit up my homeboy. Who was just saying he was gonna hit me up haha. We had a moment.

We hit the 6pm showing at The Grove. Fav spot <3. Packed per usual. I was happy cause I had to exchange some shit at Nordstrom, which was actually a huge struggle. I went to customer service and had to wait like 25 minutes to finally finish the transaction. They had to call the manager in charge to help me. I’m so annoying. I literally be trying to return something from years ago. It’s hard out here tho…

So we were a little late for the movie haha but literally didn’t miss anything. It’s 2 hours long and all action so you gucci if you’re late. We ended up just posting in the handicapped seats at the very bottom, so we were right front and center haha. The theater was def packed. People clapped in the end. That’s when you know it’s poppin haha.

Like I said, not a fan of any of the sci-fi shit and I liked it. So if you are a fan, you’ll prob really like it haha. It’s the third movie I believe? There’s two more before this. It got great ratings, like 85%.

Plot: Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an alien warrior race when marooned on a distant planet after the destruction of their spaceship in this thrilling sequel directed by Fast & Furious director Justin Lin.

Hello Chris Pine haha. Hello Zoe Saldana. Hello Harold (from Harold and Kumar). Hello Spock. Lmao Spock is the only character I knew from Star Trek. I really didn’t follow the plot like at all. The movie is literally just action with jokes every 10 min. They were funny tho. I enjoyed it. Def found myself in my head for a good portion. But that’s normal for me.

DISTRACTED tho bc I got in a fight with my bro bro today and I’m so mad. Like I’m giving him the silent treatment haha. I’m literally so annoying. I annoy myself. But he pissed me off and I’m not letting it slide. I thought about blocking him but I wanna know how many times he hits me up lmao. I think that’s the story with everyone you consider blocking…

It’s way too hot in LA man. Literally way too hot. And I laid out at my girl’s pool today and didn’t even get tan. WTF. I’m so heated haha. Happy birthday to her tho.

Oh, after the movie, we went to say hi to my homie that works at Coach. He’s fucking hilarious and so was his co-worker/manager. Literally hilarious. We literally saw this one dude come in with a wad of cash trying to ask for a discount on a bag. And then he stormed out hella dramatic when she said no. There are crazy people in the world man. And I definitely question the source of that man’s income.

Got my girl tree on my way home. Then needed gas. Then needed to beat my roomie home. Still trynta get used to this tandem parking shit. It’s a buzzkill. Could be worse tho I guess. My homie actually gave me a little spiel on looking at the positive side of things tn. Much needed reminder.

Anyways……….. LIFE. I’m so mad at my brother haha. Someone text me something funny. Thanks.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I just love CB in this.



Ooooooooo. I’ma get rich on you. This track was literally stuck in my head all day, in light of the show tn haha. Get Rich by RJ featuring Iamsu if you didn’t know. It was legit my summer anthem last year. And hey, it’s summer again. Time is kinda flying. How it is the end of July already. Like how…. And I’m just getting older. FOREVER GETTING OLDER.

I need to chill haha. Anyways. RJ at the Novo downtown. I wanted to hit this show the day it was announced haha. I love RJ and his music. It slaps. He’s an LA cat and I always say DJ Mustard put him on. He’s literally flying solo now and it’s amazing to see his progress. Like, he’s doing it. Not KILLING it, but he’s def doing it.

The turnout was good. I didn’t expect it, but then remembered, it is his hometown. I wonder how his followings are in other cities and the east coast. This show was mad lit though. Like, he’s a great performer. His energy is so there which is what every artist needs. I’ve seen him perform before. He actually did an event with Joyrich. It was super intimate and he was rocking this big ass fur Coke jacket and sweating balls lmao. Literally felt bad for him. That jacket was so ugly to me haha and it was like $300 bucks. Hella people fucked with it…

Speaking of, I found a BUNCH of Joyrich shit I never worn after moving. I used to fuck with the brand so tough lmao. Spent half my paycheck there too. But anywho. RJ also came through DX for a music meeting and dropped bangers from OMMIO 3. If y’ll never heard his stuff, it might be hard to fall in love. That’s my guess. But his shit knocks to me. His personality was real chill, like just your average guy, with daddy duties haha. Fr though, I think he has a lot of kids….

I had a plus one and invited my hg. She loved his first album, which is why I fuck with her haha. My homie actually hit me about the show too bc the artist he’s managing, Yung Pinch, was opening. There was miscommunication and sadly I missed his set. Got to meet him tho and he was real nice. 18-year-old kid from Huntington Beach, just trynta make it with his music. I can always respect that.

My other girl came and met us, I work with her. They fucked up her ticket. I hate venues man! Always that risk of running into issues when you’re told you’re on the list. Smh. Anyways haha so glad she came. She’s so sweet. RJ was lit too. All throughout the show.

It’s like unbearably hot in my room, and idk what to do about it. It’s seriously insane how hot it is. The fan my bro gave me I feel like just blows hot air around haha. Man, I still need to move my shit in. I’ve been putting it off tough. Just been so busy. And tired. So tired lately.

I went on a run in the crazy heat, don’t ask why. I feel like I’ve been eating extra shit lately and super bloated. So I wanted to haha. My homie hit me to listen to Phonte & Eric Roberson’s new project called Tigallero, which I really enjoyed. Super old school and soul vibes. Phonte used to be a part of Little Brother, who were extremely respected in the Hip Hop game back in the day. He def shows he can still spit.

Then some of DJ Drama’s Street Quality Music 3 came on and I was turnt lmao. Such ignorant music. After that, I picked up meds, and  decided to treat myself to another foot massage. I needed it so fucking bad haha and the dude was bomb today. He was so much stronger than the females I usually request… I legit loved it haha. Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega y’ll. Get there.

Went home, showered, sat in front of my fan. For a minute haha. Me and my hg literally entered the venue RIGHT when RJ came on stage. So perfect haha.

My to-do list is so long rn man. I have so much shit to do tomorrow. And it’s gonna be hot af. Scared haha.

Thanks for reading. I ramble. ❤


TRACK OF THE DAY: Shit knocks.

Lights Out.


Yo, Lights Out was awesome haha. It wasn’t like AMAZING, but I genuinely enjoyed it, minus being scared af. But I legit get scared in every scary movie/horror shit. Like, I jump so easily. I legit just struggled so hard rn trying to find the scariest picture for this post, but they all suck haha. This will do I guess.

It’s a horror movie, if you didn’t get that. I feel like I always set myself up for failure when I go to scary movies lmao. But this wasn’t terrible. It was only an hour and 21 minutes too so I knew I’d be chillin haha. It did well too, like 81%. I thought it would be worse. The trailer made it look scarier than it was I think haha.

Plot: When her little brother, Martin, experiences the same events that once tested her sanity, Rebecca works to unlock the truth behind the terror, which brings her face to face with an entity that has an attachment to their mother, Sophie.

Yo, the main chick is mad pretty. Like hella pretty haha. Teresa Palmer. There’s pretty much a ghost/monster/creature that only exists, you guessed it, when the lights are out. Pretty interesting story actually. It has to do with Teresa’s mom being in a mental institution when she was younger, and how she’s portrayed as crazy now.

That’s all I’ll say. Go see this. It’s entertaining, and made my shitty day better. I went with my hg and her bf. Her goal in life is to work on a horror film, and I think that’s so cute haha. She does video at DX, she’s bomb. My other friend hit me and I invited him to the movie. 9:05pm showing at The Grove.

I thought I was late af, but my homie was actually later haha. That NEVER happens. I told him what seat to get, but he hella sat down on the other side of the theater. I didn’t figure out til like 5 min later and I told him to get his ass over to us haha. I normally don’t check my phone when the movie starts, so good thing I did haha.

Def try to make the beginning. Big part of the story. My homie’s commentary throughout the movie was hilarious. I love funny people haha.

Day was very shitty. Found out two bad news. Not one, but two. Def could use some prayers guys. I’m lost. Actually feel bad turning to God bc I haven’t really been active in my faith. Le sigh.

Went to Core Power Yoga in Hollywood after work. It was literally extra hot today haha. Hot Power Fusion is the hottest class they offer, FYI. Actually realized tn, that’s the only class that has a fixed series of poses you go through. Like it’s the same, every class. I think people mostly go for the heat, and to detox idk haha.

Meep meep. At least tomorrow’s Friday.

TRACK OF THE DAY: YG dropped the remix yday with Macklemore and G-Eazy. I’m thinking the white rappers were on purpose haha but yo they go in. I really fuck with it.

Café Society.


Café Society. Had to make sure I copy and pasted that é lmao. Pause, I just realized my Flixster app was wrong about the length of the movie. Not okay haha. It was an hour 40 not an hour 25!! I swear, an hour 30 is… the marker sometimes. Not saying this movie was long at all, bc it was actually really good. Really enjoyable and pretty to look at. I was trippin over the picture of this movie. I feel like that’s not the right film term haha. Whatever camera they used, was amazing haha.

The movie takes place between New York and Los Angeles. My future home and current home, jk haha. Or am I. It takes place in the 80’s I think, but the cast in this movie is LIT. Indie films are always the way to go. Fr. They’re way better than the mainstream ones. I always determine they’re indie if they’re only playing at select theaters, aka Landmark on Pico.

One of my fav theaters, but I never go bc my they don’t accept the Moviepass haha. 9:35pm showing. There were prob like ten people in the theater. Went with my homie I haven’t seen in a minute so it was great to catch up. He hit me up and I suggested a movie of course haha. He lives in Culver so this was perf. I just realized the film was very much a love story lmao. I’ma ask him if he thought so too.

Anyways, IMDB plot: Set in the 1930s, a young Bronx native moves to Hollywood where he falls in love with the secretary of his powerful uncle, an agent to the stars. After returning to New York he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life.

LMAO I said 80’s. Idk shit about the eras. Someone asked me before if I could choose any era, which one would I live in. I was like, uh…. none haha. Jesse Eisenberg plays the young lad from NY, who tries to go to LA to work for his uncle Steve Carell, who is a big timer in the entertainment industry. Like I said before, the picture was amazing. Every venue they shot looked sooooo bomb haha. One of them I recognized as the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, but back then there were no swarm of tourists at any given moment.

The first scene was at a Hollywood Hills party. Goals af haha. Fr, so nice.

Kristen Stewart, who I used to hate, plays the girl they both fall in love with. It’s a trip man, the age difference. Steve is like daddy status. And yeah, I’ll stop there haha. Jesse is a really good actor, but his character was just so damn nerdy haha. Wonder how he is in real life… Kirsten played her role real well. She’s super talented too. I asked my homeboy if she was really crying in the scenes and he said yes. Damn haha. I could NOT cry on demand.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the film. Def is evidence of the crazy shit that happens in life. Like, literally haha. Also, they had a pretty funny depiction of a Jewish family in NY. My homie’s Jewish ahaha.

Okay, I’d like to take this moment to say my lip hurts like a bitch. I bit it hard af after my mouth was numb at the dentist bc I didn’t wait to eat…. and then I bit it again last night!!!! In the same exact spot, so any progress it made healing goes out the door lmao. Really tho, wish there was a magic serum I could put on it so it heal right away. Come on scientists, step up.

Case of the Mondays af today. I tried to nap and it was just too damn hot in my room. My best from home actually unintentionally motivated me to workout haha. I snuck into LA fitness again. I hate the gym lmao but I had a solid sesh. Listened to a bomb playlist and then Logic’s new mixtape Bobby Tarantino. I love his flow.

AND THEN, I was in a rush bc I had to shower and get to the movie, but my hg wanted bud so being the amazing kind soul that I am, I told her to meet me at Mecca. Since my go-to dispensary got raided, this has become the one. It’s super lit and stays open til 2am. Which is why I’m sad. I got banned lmao. Legit sad about it. The security guard goes “you’re not allowed here ever again.”

I legit just dropped off the bag at my girl’s Lyft. The dude was patrolling outside and we literally just spoke, but I was in such a rush I wasn’t even thinking. Right after I turned around he legit threw a tantrum, and went off about how I could get the shop shut down. It was mad awkward. I literally just ran away and he followed me to see the car I was in. I can’t show face there anymore. Le sigh.

I get it though. It’s a business. Like I get it. I was pissed at first but after some thought, I realize it’s totally my fault. Le sigh again.

Busy day tomorrow, starting with a dentist appointment. Tear. Also, I’ve recently become addicted to grapes. But I always eat too many and my stomach hurts.

WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT. Blake Lively is in the film. She is damn fire man haha.

K bye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This came on after. One of my fav tracks ever.



Ghostbusters. The female version. No but really… haha all women this time, which was the point. Which is pretty dope. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? I was actually super d to see this movie, esp after my co-worker described it as “eating really good candy.” LMAO. Whatever the fuck that means… He goes, it’s like really bomb candy, but not a full meal… haha. He’s great.

But really. This shit was mad hilarious. Me and my homeboy were busting up throughout the whole film, which lasted an hour and 45 minutes. We hit the 4:35pm showing at The Grove, which is always lit. Parking wasn’t as crazy as I thot it would be. Found a spot on the third floor right away. #trophies

So this is a remake of the original Ghostbusters, which came out in 1984, before both of us were born haha. It had cameos from some of the cast in that one, at which point some people in our theater screamed and awed. Makes sense, they the OGs. And the people that reacted are the dedicated Ghostbusters fans haha. My homie recognized them too. I’m not sure I ever saw the original…. but I think there’s been a couple remakes since.

There are 4 main females, and you know anything with Kristen Wiig will be comedy. Melissa McCarthy, I thought, played her role really well. The 3rd blond chick in the group was absolutely hilarious, she legit had us dead. Kate McKinnon. Had to look that one up for sure. The fourth is Leslie Jones, who was comedy as well.

Chris Hemsworth was the cherry on top. He plays their receptionist, and Kristen is like, obsessed with him. It added a nice flare to the whole flick. Please go watch this movie! G-Eazy is on the theme song too lmao.

I had a solid ass day. Which thankfully made up for my unproductive af Saturday. Hate it, my insomnia has been haunting me again, and it always carries over into the day. Should prob do something about that, but hey that costs money. I’m saving every penny rn cause my car accident cost way too much. Also found out the other party hired a lawyer and claims he got injured. SUCH bs. I can’t. It was 100% his fault. I was in shock. People are so sus man.

Speaking of, another shooting in Baton Rouge today :(. Don’t even wanna talk about it.

Woke up this morning and needed Starbucks, so I left in a hurry in my slippers and got judged left and right. Like, I get it, they should prob not leave the apt, but they’re Uggs kids slippers. Like it could be so much worse haha. Lesson learned tho… My white mocha frap was extra dank today. I love when they add hella syrup haha.

Last night, my co-worker mentioned interviewing this artist, which turned out to be someone I fucking loved, and had listened to since day one. His name is Belly, and his Up For Days mixtape was so bomb. My homeboy put me on him, and we knew he would blow. Shit, his track with The Weeknd, Might Not, STILL gets me. Even tho it’s overplayed af on the radio, it still seriously goes so hard for me. That collab is just fucking fire.

This video shoot was with Kehlani, or Baelani, for their single You. Shit’s fire. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Kehlani haha. Bay Area ftw. All that negative feedback with her suicide attempt was so fucking petty to me. Like she’s a human being like every one of us, and she was going through some shit. How dare you knock her down for it. *breathes*

The location was downtown, and it was hot af. Like, still dying in my little Fiat. Literally gonna kiss the AC in my Acura when I get it back lmao. But yeah, I had questions prepared from Belly… but they ended up doing the interview without me cause I was upstairs taking Snaps of Kehlani SMH. Mostly trynta get DX poppin on Snap, but not sure if my efforts are being recognized.

Literally, so crazy. Like probably a 7 second scene they had to do over 10x. She looked SO over it lmao. Shit, they had to be there all day. I would be too. I heard her asking for a j hahah that’s my girl. She looked beautiful tho, and I was sitting next to her stylist. She had to touch Kehlani up each take haha. So interesting… such a process.

Like most of us just watch a music video and it lasts what, maybe 3-5 minutes. Who knows how many hours are spent on this. I guess you could say that about movies too, but they make back a lot more… The fact that a single movie ticket is $15.50 still is a mindfuck to me.

Being BTS was cool. That was prob the biggest artist’s video set I’ve been on. But yeah, when I went back downstairs to see if Belly was ready for the interview, homeboy was already recording haha I was like DAMNIT. I snuck in a question or 2, but his team said only questions related to this video. So I guess it didn’t matter haha.

Omg, Belly’s dog bit someone. On set, outside his trailer. It was like an angry pitbull, and he straight up like noshed on this guy’s pants. Luckily, only got the pants. Yo, that dog is so gnarly tho. Def fits Belly’s personality haha.

After that, I came back and wrote an article. Then jet to The Grove. Shout out to my homeboy who went with me, he’s good peoples fr. Afterwards, I shopped around after, trynta find a bday pressie for my girl. Shit, everything cost money haha.

Got a foot massage at Joy Foot Spa after with my girl. She just moved downtown, and used to live down the street for me. Tear. We never see each other anymore. It’s sad, but we’re all just grinding.

Doing laundry now. Ready for you Monday leggo. LIFE IS GOOD.



TRACK OF THE DAY: For your listening pleasure.

The Infiltrator.


Holy shit guys. This movie was fucking sick. Like, we really liked it haha. The Infiltrator at The Grove at 7:20pm. It was actually weird because it wasn’t supposed to be out til Thursday, technically the weekend. Dunno why they had Wednesday showings but I’m glad my girl suggested it haha.

I never really fucked with Narcos or any of those shows about Pablo Escobar. Actually, I saw some episodes when I was a counselor at a rehab in the valley SMH. Like literally so inappropriate to be watching a Netflix show about drugs. Serious smh. But it was cool haha to pass time by.

If you guys don’t know, Pablo Escobar is like, the biggest drug lord in Columbia haha. Pushing herrrrrra cocaine. Shit is NUTS. Literally made HELLA mula selling this white powder. Like how haha. Smuggling the amount of shit they did across borders and past security is a mindfuck to me. Like literally, everything was planned out.

Alright so lemme find the plot…

A U.S. Customs official uncovers a money laundering scheme involving Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Yo, it’s crazy how simple IMDB keeps their plots lmao. Wiki was like 3x as long. But yeah, dad from Malcolm In The Middle! Me and my bro used to hella watch that show. He’s come a long way. Bryan Cranston, you a real one fasho. He killed this role, per usual. It’s so fucking crazy…. going undercover as a cop. Esp when your fucking life is at risk. Like do they get paid hella well? Me and my hg were hella discussing this. And he got a fake fiance, who was SLAYING lmao. Man, shit is so nuts. I was like, our lives are so boring haha. 

AND IT’S ALL REAL. Like all the fucking crazy shit that happened in the movie actually took place in real life. Before the credits, they showed all the REAL mug shots of the characters in the movie. They had them side by side with the actors, and wow. Mad props for how similar they all were.

Yo, so The Grove had some free concert tn. Literally when I pulled up, I’ve never experienced such hell parking haha. Such a trip cause I literally never try to settle to go higher than level 3, but I must have made 30 circles. Finally decided to go up one, found a spot within minutes. UNREAL. Lesson learned haha. My hg was smart and went straight to level 5 ha.

I was late already but had to stop by Dylan’s and return something at Nord. Lmao. Dylan’s wasn’t even that good, I hated my selection today haha. Talk about let down. The movie was too dope tho, I didn’t need candy ha.

I came from Core Power Yoga 3 in Hollywood. Um, no. Never again. May or may not have snuck in again. I really should stop bc getting caught is/was mad embarrassing haha. That shit is hella expensive haha so I’m milking it. I’m mad bc this class was literally for yogis. Like, they set aside a good amount of class for you to do these crazy poses and handstands, of which I can’t do any. Sigh. Even a stretching pose, like pigeon. I was dying. I’m so embarrassed at how inflexible I am :/.

It’s sad cause I have “stretch” in my planner every day. In hopes of one day improving significantly. 0. It’s been like years lmao.

Work was super lit today. I got Murs in the DX office and he was just great. Really dope personality. I’ve been a fan since day one. Break Up was my shit even though I had no boyfran haha. Nostalgic of when Rock The Bells existed. RIP :(. Oh, homeboy was hella playing Pokemon. I gave him so much shit haha. He’s starting a TV show and I forget what it’s about, but that’s why he was in town. It was fun.

We also had Skinny come through, whosew publicist is someone I worked with before. My first on camera interview with Ty Dolla $ign had so many inside jokes, and we hella reminisced today. It was great.

Oh, it was my girl’s bday! She’s the sweetest ever and I brought her a cake and balloon. I love showing mad love on birthdays, esp if I fuck with you. She’s a doll. The cake was the cutest ever, like too cute to eat. I started saying I made that shit haha. I want credit.

She brought the last guest today for our music meeting. Tre Capital. He’s dope y’ll. He has some fire beats, including one with Wondagurl. She was only 16 when she landed a track on Jay Z’s album, which means street cred for the rest of her life ha. Think she worked with Drake after that. Anyways, the best part is, Tre is Xhibit’s son. You know, Pimp My Ride guy haha. It was dope bc he hella doesn’t put that on blast, creating his own lane, without the fame of his father. Salute to him.

Literally feeling blessed rn. Minus the fact that I just showered and my face lotion turned to straight liquid cause my room was so hot. Legit expensive lotion from Lush. RIP :(.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Skeme murders this verse.