Eye In The Sky.


Wow. Two thumbs up on this one. Eye In The Sky is phenomenal. And I see a lotta movies so that says something. You’re literally engaged the entire movie and it’s really fucking touching. Shoutout to my gay bestie for suggesting it. It got like 92%.

We hit the 7:20pm showing at Landmark Theaters on Pico. My fav movie theater actually, but it doesn’t accept the Moviepass. That’s okay. The movies here are worth it. It’s actually not out in regular theaters, so you gotta come here haha. Indie films ftw.

Here’s the plot:

Complications arise when a lieutenant general (Alan Rickman) and a colonel (Helen Mirren) order a drone missile strike to take out a group of terrorists in Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s basically like a war mission, that gets compromised at the stake of one little girl. A LOT of ethics come into play here. Homeboy asked me what I would do in the situation and I legit couldn’t answer him :/.

Technology with the drone is fucking crazy too. Literally this bug shaped device goes around and has a camera to creep into this one house. We wondered if those actually exist now, cause that would be clutch af.

OMG just got notified that this actor, Alan Rickman, died this year due to cancer. And this was one of his last films. That’s so sad dude 😦 my heart. That’s how this movie made me feel. Just really blessed. I mean, it just feels like my problems are minuscule compared to them.

This movie moved me. I would recommend it to a professor teaching an ethics course haha fr. Life is full of choices. But how do you know what’s right or wrong? Sigh. Anyways. Looooooong day. I walked with a client at Echo Park this morning. Internship. Bar Method.

THEN GENIUS BAR APPOINTMENT. FUCK THE GENIUS BAR. Okay it’s not serious. After an hour of waiting they finally replaced my phone. They still dunno what’s wrong. But I had to talk to a manager to get heard. It was bad. I lost my cool for sure. Literally had to speed from the Bev Center to Landmark. Late but yenno. Literally surprised myself on how I make it to things sometimes haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Hg put me on this rapper from Oakland? Song with YG so I’m d haha.


My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.


Lmao. If I had a family like this…. shoot. I legit have the opposite haha. One sibling. And that’s all she wrote. Greek families are literally crazy, in the best way possible. Not to mention hilarious. The nun-looking grandma is literally comedy.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 at AMC Century City 15 at 5:30pm with my bros. I love them so much fr fr. They literally drive from Irvine to hang out with me. Blessed af. The movie was short, like a little over an hour 30. It was cute! I first had super cute but I realize I didn’t love it as much as my bro did haha. It seemed like he really enjoyed it.

I didn’t see the first one… I don’t think. I know it’s a classic. Which is why haha. You don’t have to see the first one to see this. I’ve officially seen all the movies out in theaters rn. S M H.

My bro had just flown in to LAX from Vegas. I was like ewww you have Vegas air on you haha. Derrrrtttyyyy. Him and my hg were actually at the same club last night haha at OMNIA. Comedy. My hg had just texted me she was hitting Oasis church in Ktown at 3pm and I was so d. I missed the original service I was supposed to hit today. Did Bar Method tho. I hope I’m getting stronger haha.

I was excited. I didn’t know what to expect. We were late per usual. The church is right on Wilshire next to Line Hotel. So party there the night before than go to church in the AM ha jk. But YO, I loved it. It was such a great experience and I loved the environment so much. Shoutout to my hg for inviting me ❤ I really liked it.

Just walking up and being greeted with so much love, so heart warming. It wasn’t that crowded either. So the church was started 32 years ago by this couple, power couple I should say. The lady’s name is Holly Wagner and I’m obsessed with her haha she was our pastor. 32  years tho? That’s so fucking long haha. And they looked young af. Gah. Amazing. Inspirational. All the above.

My bro kept commenting how hip they were esp with their marketing and social media haha and they were. I was impressed. They weren’t like Easter crazy either. It was a good message. It spoke to me for sure. I was telling my girl back home, I always feel like I hit church when I’m going through it. I wonder if I’ll ever be there and not be in turmoil. She told me I’d get there. Thanks ma.

What else what else. I need to mentally prepare for this week. Literally M-F grindmode. If you could see my planner haha. Gotta do it tho.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this on the radio. Feels haha.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Honestly, you don’t want my synopsis haha. I legit have no idea what happened the entire time haha. And it was 2 hours and 30 minutes. Was too lit lmao. It’s okay tho cause my frans luhed it haha. It was honestly super entertaining. But yeah. Damn wtf happened haha.

Hg next to me was trying to catch me up but it was hopeless. Just go see it. It’s bomb and the ones who gave bad reviews are just dumb. Dunno why Ben Affleck got bashed for Batman. Superman was buff af. Lex Luthor was Facebook dude from Social Network. And Wonderman is the shit. There ya go.

So we hit the 7pm showing at The Grove. Batman v Superman leggo. It was in the huge theater, and it was PACKED. And so was The Grove. Saturday nights there are no joke. Got prime parking tho. We had the entire row haha it was perfect in the middle towards the back. Shoutout to my roomie for that one. PS I thought this was Marvel but it’s DC Comics. 0 haha.

Was dead af at work in the AM. Napped. Bar Method. Massage. My mind is occupied. Feel let down by some. But it’s okay. Easter tomorrow. Hope to hit church.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Thugger. Slime Season 3.



Migos Migos Migos Migos. How I love and hate these fools at the same damn time. Jk haha all love. But I am well aware their music has no soul haha. Ignant af. Been a fan since day one tho. Def that turn up shit that somehow gets you hyped for work at 8am haha.

This was their Dab Tour, or Dab Fest, whatever you wanna call it. Dabbing was def involved lmao. I realized tn their music is literally perfect for that damn move. Their “Dab” song legit had the crowd turnt haha. No one was in sync tho. You ever realize that haha. Everyone dabs whenever they feels. It works tho haha.

I been knowing about this show, sadly. Spent the week trynta decide if I should go. I had legit a week from hell so I decided it would only do me good. I hit up my hg who I actually saw Migos last with lmao. At OHM in Hollywood. That was a club appearance so it don’t count haha. Plus Offset was still in jail ahaha. We wanted our money back.

Her roomie from Texas was d. I was excited haha but then again I always am. It was at NOVO in downtown LA, the old Club Nokia. One of my fav venues. The lady in the elevator told us it meant “a new beginning” in Latin. That could make for a cute tattoo lmao. But yeah I missed Lil Yachty and Rich The Kid. Tear. It’s okay. I’ll catch them another time haha.

We started up top at the balcony bc I knew it was a dope ass view. But then we made our way downstairs and it was way more poppin. Okay but honestly it was like 99% dudes. We were the minority haha. It was fun af tho. They legit have so many tracks that pop off. They didn’t play Versace or Bando tho, me sad. Fight Night had us on a good one tho. Hg said this LA show was weak compared to Houston. That’s sad to me haha. I agree the crowd was kinda weak tho. Hella youngins.

I loved Offset’s outfit in the camo overalls haha. Quavo was cool. And then we couldn’t remember the 3rd dude’s name LMAO. I had to text my homeboy from home and he told me: Takeoff. I started cracking up. 0. They had on Yeezy’s and the Yeezy boots. Just stop haha.

Fuck I really don’t wanna work tomorrow.

I literally was on campus from 7:40am to 4pm today. Long, long day. But good. Omg I went to the Genius Bar and they did a factory reset and I lost EVERYTHING. AND MY PHONE’S STILL FUCKED. I’m hot.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This song knocks. Hope to catch Lil Yachty soon.

The Perfect Match.


Yoooooooo. Fr tho. P. Diddy is a boss for being with Cassie haha she is bad af. Legit couldn’t get over it the entire movie haha. Every outfit and every scene she’s literally flawless. On purpose obvi haha but still counts. She also has mad piercings haha but in one ear only. It works for her tho. She’s literally amazing in this movie.

The Perfect Match at The Grove at 10:25pm. I had a long ass day: class, work, gym. And I’ve been wanting to see this movie since it came out haha. Love that homeboy was d. He didn’t like it half as much as I did haha. It’s seriously my kinda movie. Cheesy and full of my fav people. Is it okay to say it’s a black movie? I don’t mean to offend anyone. Actually, French Montana is in it, so maybe it’s not haha. Jk. He plays himself. And I legit cannot handle his acting haha. Comedy.

From the title, you can probably guess it’s a love story. Terrence J plays the player who falls in love with Cassie, duh. Gay bestie was drooling over Terrence while I was drooling over Cassie lmao. I’m not gay I swear. Also drooled over Lauren London who’s with my main man/favorite rapper Nipsey Hussle. Like they’re so cute haha. Dascha Polanco from Orange Is The New Black is in it, and I swear she looks better without make up haha. You know how some people it just be like that?

This movie def won’t blow you away. It’s pure entertainment and mindless. I thoroughly enjoyed it. You might not tho haha. Batman v Superman out this weekend. Are people excited?

I legit snuck into LA fitness tn cause I froze my membership. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And ya girl is broke lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New flame from my fav people from the IE.


The Divergent Series: Allegiant


Had to copy and paste that title haha. Okay so this is the third movie in the Divergent series… if you don’t know Divergent, then you don’t know Divergent lmao. I would say it’s comparable to Hunger Games… just a fiction story tale with lots of action. This movie was BASHED by critics haha. Like… 10% :0. It honestly was not that bad at all so idk why it did so horrible.

Me and gay bestie hit the 9:55pm showing at The Grove. I was so fucking jealous cause he got to see Kristin Cavallari at a book signing at Barnes and Noble a couple hours earlier. I was absolutely obsessed with Laguna Beach and The Hills. Biggest guilty pleasure ever haha. I have def seen every episode. ANYWAYS. Salty I didn’t get to see her. She’s perfect haha.

I had to mentally prepare myself for this 2 hour 19 minute long movie. It actually ended at 2 hours. Wtf Flixster?! Haha fr threw me off but I was def not complaining. Honestly, I came for my girl, Shailene Woodley. She’s so pretty haha and I swear she was like golden the entire movie. Homeboy was in love with Theo James. I guess the squad is the same in all 3 movies. Hell if I know with my memory haha. I actually just texted the homies I saw the second one with. Told them I missed them haha it was in the bay <3.

I wasn’t really present throughout the movie haha it was pretty mindless. I just touched down back in LA today so I felt like I just kept thinking about the shit I had to do haha. The movie was def to get my mind off it tho. At one point me and homeboy started cracking up bc the scene was so damn cheesy haha. I honestly feel bad it got such bad reviews- it was not that bad.

Day was busy. Started off with one last acupuncture sesh back home. Then flew out of San Jose airport but FUCK SOUTHWEST. Forever delaying flights, forever fucking with our hearts. Man haha. My flight was empty af tho. Legit they told us to claim our own row haha.

Went to Bar Method in Weho when I got back. Man. Shit is so hard still. Then went to sell clothes at Crossroads. Only took 2 items those motherfuckers haha. Got 9 bucks. Used that money towards a pedicure haha. Mobbed home showered and did some school shit. I miss the bay a lot. That was such a tease. I wish I could stay for a week at least.

I’ve decided I’m gonna move after I finish school. I’m too comfortable in LA. Would move to New York in a heartbeat if I could skip the winter somehow haha.

Grindmode. Let’s get it fam.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Shazam-ed this right when I touched down in the bay haha. Shoutout KMEL.


Future Hendrix. San Jose was the last stop on the Purple Reign Tour. Didn’t even know haha that’s dope tho. And APPARENTLY, this was the fastest show to sell out on tour, within 30 seconds. Didn’t know San Jose was poppin like that. It was at the Event Center at San Jose State University which I’ve def been to. Years ago haha. Nothing has changed.

Went with one of my best homeboys and hg from hs, who are dating now. *acronym game* It’s cute haha. Future had 3 shows in LA haha and they all sold out. He’s seriously on the come up. The show had stage set up af haha. It was hella bright too, low key blinded us. Everything has to be a rave now haha strobe lights for days. We showed up during Ty Dolla $ign, as he performs Blase Blase of course. I was chilling tho, I’ve seen that man enough to know his set lmao.

San Jose is a trip haha. The people mayne haha. If you live here you know what I mean. Not in a negative way, just observing. We called for set times earlier and since it’s a college campus or whatever, they had curfew. THE SHOW ENDED AT 10:30pm. Future only played an hour set, mad short. I thought it’d be longer on his tour. I’ve seen him a LOT lmao. #FutureHive.


I was waiting for DJ Esco the entire time and he legit didn’t come on til like halfway through haha. Why’s Future hiding my baby daddy. He was lit though. Had on his little backpack. I swear he was just entertaining the crowd so Future could get a breather lmao. At one point Future pulls up jerseys over the stage, that had all his dif projects. The Beast Mode one was lit haha except it was Cavs colors.

Ran into some heads from Sunnyvale! Love them. Always. Bay heads >  LA. They’re just so much nicer…. friendler….better…

Anyways, we had a good time. I love the bay so much. Day ones. What better way to catch up haha. They actually hit the after party after in SF lmao at 1015 Folsom. I legit am such a party pooper. I went to the bank and deposited some cash flow. Then hit Safeway for snack and now I’m here. Saturday night turnup.

I REALLY NEED TO CLEAN MY ROOM TMRW. Make me please. I got acupuncture today from my dad’s lady. Shit is so painful yo.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Actually the only track I liked on this mixtape haha.

Justin Bieber.


I seriously used to be Justin Bieber’s biggest hater. I seriously could not stand him, mostly bc him. And just…. him lmao. Actually recently, in Zoolander 2, he does a cameo and gets shot in the first scene ha. I was like YAS. But anyways, his last album Purpose was fire. There’s honestly no denying that haha. Homeboy has talent…

Me and my best had been scheming to go to his show for months. Literally couldn’t make it in San Jose last night, so she asked to go in Oakland in Friday. I was so d haha. Literally. All his shows are sold out so we’d have to Stubhub it. Speaking of, he’s having 3 shows at Staples Center in Los Angeles next week. Three!! I was d more for the drive and to hang with my girl… he was just a bonus.

We trolled Stubhub and decided to wait til right before the show to cop in case they went down. THEY DID. Holla. Honestly tho… I literally lead us to a lower level section with the most perfect view. It was right on the side of the stage where you could see EVERYTHING. It was seriously so lit haha. We had to move a couple times bc we were in people’s seats but no biggie. So worth it. Pay myself on the back lmao.

We got there when Post Malone was on stage. I honestly couldn’t believe he was opening for Bieber like how that happen? White Iverson still goes so hard tho. There was a fucking 45 minute intermission before Biebs came on haha at 9:15pm. They’re so on time here lmao unlike these rap shows that lag for hours.

I legit couldn’t handle the screaming teenage girls dude. Like his fan base is legit….. them haha. It was for sure a sold out arena. Oracle reminded me of Roaracle the whole time haha GO DUBS. Smh homegirl got tip tip and I had to drive home. She was legit in love the entire time lmao. She said she would fuck him… she’s 26.

I liked his outfits tho haha. At one point he had on a shirt that said “Bigger Than Satan.” Meaning he believes in God. I can respect that. I just feel like he’s so cocky haha. Like he prob looks in the mirror and loves himself. I got kinda bored at the end LMAO.

There were so many kids there. And groupies lmao. It was entertaining for sure. Justin tried to dance a lot. Tried jk. He’s actually so talented. Gave us a little guitar and drums solo. It was lit. He encore-ed with Sorry. The show ended exactly at 10:45pm.

AND THEN. We were legit stuck in the parking lot for over 1.5 hours. No chill. 0 chill. They need to fix that. I was so hot haha. But KMEL kept me alive. They seriously slap Bay songs allllll night. I would move home for them fr haha.

I’m sad I wish I had more time home. I legit have so much to do and I wanna just be able to chill and see my friends. Sigh. Oh well.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Love this one.

Miracles From Heaven.


You guys…. this movie had me BALLING. Fr. I legit was crying and I haven’t cried in a movie in days. Normally I’ll go into a movie wanting to cry but this time I didn’t even expect it. I read the plot on the Flixster app as the movie was starting and saw it was about a 10 year old girl who gets this rare disease that is uncureable. Obvi, that’s sad. But it’s also based on a true story. Which blew my mind.

First off, I’d like to say, I have a huge problem with miracles. Always have. Like all throughout my faith and journey with God, I always was hesitant with stories where miracles would take place. They’re just not realistic to me and they make me question the whole religion as a whole. Obviously, it’s God’s work, but idk. Maybe I’m just jealous cause I know it will never happen to me idk. But if it’s not realistic, it makes me think the whole thing is phony.

Disclaimer, clearly I’m struggling with my faith rn. I feel like a lot of bad things have happened this year, continuously. Of course, I have no one to blame but myself, but it’s just like can I get a break? Fr just one break.

Okay back to the movie. First of all, Jennifer Garner is seriously so beautiful and such an amazing actress. She kills this role. She’s the mother of 3 girls…and has a very loving husband. It takes place in the South, Texas to be exact, and the scenery is literally so beautiful. Anyways, one of her daughters has this disease where she can’t process food and no doctor can seem to fix her. She was on track to die.

There’s no spoiler alert bc it’s in the title, but honestly this movie is so emotional. It was really good. It had me literally crying. Some parts were so touching mayne I swear. I was very humbled at the end.

Oh I saw A$AP Rocky at The Grove at the Apple Store. My phone’s been fucked up but who was I to walk in without a Genius Bar apt. Glad I did bc Rocky’s presence is just so… drool haha. So funny cause the white dude I was speaking to, who was greeting people as they walked in, had 0 idea who he was. I was like…. bruh haha.

Anyways. Lord Pretty Flacko was NOT having it today haha. Literally he was posted with one of his homies, who literally looked like he was his bodyguard. Maybe he was. He was standing with his arms crossed like he was protecting Rocky. But a couple teenage boys were trolling trying to take a pic and Rocky rejected them hard. He like put his hand out to block them using their phone and kept apologizing saying “not today.” V interesting haha. Honestly tho, celebs can’t go anywhere without getting harassed. It’s crazy.

I was on a high off that then stopped in Dylan’s Candy Bar to get my best fran from home a chocolate bar. AND THEN, my car got towed. There’s literally nothing worse than walking up to where you parked and seeing your car gone. Trust me. Few things in life suck more than that haha. I legit have been parking across the street at K-Mart for idk how long. Usually late at night tho… when they clearly dgaf. During the day they got people literally patrolling the parking lot. I shoulda known 😦 I’m so sad honestly.

The worst part is, when I called, they said they close at 5pm, then it’s after hours fee. Yo, I legit called an Uber and arrived literally at 5:03pm. Like really?! LA traffic was insane and the driver was literally trying his best. It was $270 to get my car back as opposed to $180. Who the fuck comes up with this shit? And who approves it. Man. Towing companies have to be rich af cause that’s so fucked. My heart hurt.

Later, I almost miss my flight home because I call an Uber pool. And then I find out the saddest news ever. The people in my pool were really cool and they were getting turnt for St. Patty’s Day (legit forgot). But we were all complaining about our day so I asked why theirs was rough.

Literally, they told me this construction worker fell off a building and splattered. SPLATTERED like wtf. If you know LA, they’re currently building the tallest building in the US, west of the Mississippi. So he was working on that. The worst part is, they dunno if he jumped or not. Bc he didn’t have on a harness. They were working ACROSS THE STREET. How tragic is that? Sure made my problems seem like shit. My heart couldn’t take much more at that point. Idk. I’m soft. Feel like there’s been a lot of suicide talk lately :/ and I’m not with it.

I couldn’t sleep on the hour flight home, at all. And I usually knock out. I think it’s just my subconscious sigh. I’m so anxious. My dad swooped me from SJ airport, because I think that’s the only time he cherishes and the only time I see him. I feel bad. I really need to… step it up. In all aspects of my life. Real. Talk.

Went to my best fran’s after in hope he could fix my phone. Fail. Have to go to Genius Bar. Raise your hand if you hate the Genius Bar. Me. He just moved into this dope spot in San Jose tho. It’s so glorious haha I seriously love it. He took me home and we bumped Ultralight Beam by Kanye and it sounded SO GOOD IN THE WHIP. That is all.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Azizi Gibson’s new track goes.


The Young Messiah.

I honestly was not present for this movie at all lmao and it was 2 hours long. The Young Messiah at The Grove at 9:40pm with gay bestie. I hit up Bar Method at 7:45pm and that was the earliest … Continue reading