Meet The Patels.

Saw Meet The Patels tn w/ the broskee in Irvine. There was literally nothing else out/I’ve seen it all. We really wanted to see The Walk but it seems like it left theaters already. Welp. This means, Indie films with … Continue reading


was way too lit. Fr. It’s a damn good time. First off, I met my girl crush, Jhene Aiko. She was standing in the front with 2 of her friends. I saw her and thought it was her, but wasn’t … Continue reading



ROOM. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a minute, and you know I see a lot of movies. It’s an Indie film I believe, because it wasn’t playing in mainstream theaters. All g though bc I hit up my fav theater in LA, Landmark on Pico. Free popcorn seasoning ftw.

My hg put this status up and it def made me want to see the film. Although Rotten Tomatoes is bae, I prefer hearing feedback from people I actually know. After seeing it, she couldn’t have said it any better.

“You know that feeling of peace and weightlessness that comes after you’ve had a good, long cry? Like everything that’s been weighing you down, just disappears? That’s what seeing the film Room feels like.
I went to see the film last week during a Q&A Screening in Hollywood and I spent the entire film crying. I was crying so much that at one point I stopped trying to hide it. But I wasn’t crying because the film was somehow too dark- I was crying because of how beautifully this story was being told despite it’s seemingly dark plot. It’s interesting and captivating and gut-wrenching and inspiring and soul crushing and uplifiting, all at the same time. So, if you feel like you need a good cry, or feel like you need to something worth the ridiculous price of movie tickets, see Room.”

Shoutout to her ❤ Initially, I was going to go into the plot, but I think it’s better if you go see it yourself. It’s definitely worth the price of a movie ticket, like she said. Basically, it showcases a mom and her son who are stuck in a room. The mom has been trapped for 7 years and the son just turned 5. So yeah, do the math. The film was so intense. I turned to my soulmate multiple times throughout saying my heart hurt. I think hers did too. So many times I had tears in my eyes, Then during one scene I lost it. Hit me if you’ve seen it and wanna know which one!

I was really glad I went. The movie humbled me in a way. The whole situation was so surreal, and it definitely made me extremely grateful.

Idk what it was about today. I could barely keep my head up and at one point thought about asking to go home sick. Reward myself with a massage after at my usual place. That was dank.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My hg posted this and I had to steal it. She’s mad dope and loves hip hop like I do. King Los is ill too. Feeling extra humble lately. Glory to the Lord.

Jobs… Steve Jobs.

Another movie about Steve Jobs. I heard this movie it was pretty good though, and it would remind me of home, which it totally did. Bay Area stand up. Steve is from Palo Alto, which is in my area. My heart … Continue reading


Maynnnne. Long day. Left the apartment at 7am and just got home. And just put in laundry. Dang haha. Anyways. I’ve been wanting to see The Intern since it came out! I love Anne Hathaway. Not only that, but I’ve been an intern so many different times. In my midst of trying to figure out what to do with my life, I’ve dipped my toes in so many different paths. I was an intern in human resources, fashion, music, PR, marketing, the list goes on. Wait, I’m still technically an intern in my program now. Eeek. I’ve definitely experienced my share of brutality in the intern world.


7:30 showing at Regal Cinemas in Irvine, at the Marketplace? Idk, but you know how I feel about Irvine lmao. Seriously always feels like a vacation from LA. It was packed. We must have made like 10 rounds in the parking lot. At least we were going somewhere poppin lmao. I shoulda taken a pic of the theater. It was so bright and lit up. I loved it.

The movie was so cute! I went with my bro and his two friends. Pretty sure they enjoyed it too. It reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada, where Anne Hathaway plays the bitch assistant. This time, the tables have turned. She’s the head honcho, who started her own fashion website thing. She went from 4 people to 216 in the office. We definitely noticed how nice the office was haha. They were located in Brooklyn, New York, of course. This typa office could totally have been out in LA too though.

Robert De Niro plays the senior intern, who gets assigned to Anne. Her job is extremely stressful, as she plays the HBIC (hot bitch in charge). Basically, she’s extremely well respected and everyone caters to her. There’s also a fear factor in the workplace, but only cause she’s amazing. At first, I kinda wanted to be her. And then I realized, no I don’t haha. My current life is just as stressful as hers, and when I’m older, there’s no way in hell I’ll last. Talk about burn out. Anyways. You find out later in the movie she actually comes home to a daughter and husband. So on top of her crazy work life, she has a family to take care of. Respect.

Also- she’s actually nice in the film. She wasn’t a crazy boss, but has her moments for sure. Robert De Niro’s character is what sold me. He was the cutest, kindest, most humble, most selfless man. Genuinely good heart-ed. I know it’s fiction, but I’d like to think those people exist. He is such a trooper throughout the whole film. The film was funny. You know I love comedy. There were a lot of characters from Workaholics? My bro and his friends recognized them. They were pretty hilarious.

I was really happy at the end of the movie. So glad I forced my brother and co to go haha. You get a taste of Anne’s personal life and how her work affects her marriage. Very real I thought.

Anyways. Today was long af. Rough. My lease on my car was up and I was returning it for a new lease on the same car. It took literally way too long. And the salesman was so damn pushy. Trynta rob us of our money I swear. I was such a bitch. I already apologized to my brother but I have to again. I honestly worry about my level of patience :/. Wait, I think it’s called anxiety. Fuh haha.

I stopped by Lotus by USC on my way home to see one of my best friends from home. It’s a hookah bar with sushi and sake. It’s so glorious, and prob one of my fav spots to chill. Instead of couches, you sit with your friends in a little cushioned area, almost level to the ground. Everyone, let’s go to Lotus lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this track on my new XM radio on the way home. I knew Raury just dropped a project but never gave it a listen. This track is dope. Homeboy is from ATL. I know DX fucks with him, so he must be good.


Tonight was kind of a fail. But it’s okay. Can’t win them all. I was excited because I thought I had won free tickets to an advanced screening of the new Paranormal Activity. I think it’s the 6th one or something? But yeah, technically it comes out this weekend. I got an email last week about a free screening, and assumed it was for the new one. I invited my hg and we were stoked. After a long day at work, I go home shower, and pick her up. No time to spare. It was all the way in Hollywood at the TCL Chinese Theaters. I’ve been there a bunch of times and knew I had to leave early.

Upon arrival, the ticket lady warns us that it’s NOT the new one, but the original. Ouch. I bet a bunch of people were disappointed, enough for her to start giving disclaimers. Damn. I said hi to my friend who bartends there as we tried to decide to stay or not. My friend was so sweet, offering me free drinks and what not. I haven’t had to say “I don’t drink” in a long time I feel. That resonated with me a little bit. We decided to dipset.

On our way back, my hg wanted In N Out, which lead into a conversation concerning my texting and driving. I get it, I really do. I legit feel awkward when I don’t text and drive. That’s not even an excuse, but the reality of the situation. As much as I try, I can’t seem to just, not. Almost like an addiction. That may be dramatic, but as an addict, it is fitting. I promised her I would work on it. And I honestly need to for myself…


Me being me, I couldn’t not do anything tonight. It was barely 10pm. I was not gonna go home haha. Hit up my gay bestie and we decided to see Bridge of Spies. 10:30pm at The Grove, our second home. We decided tn we need the damn Moviepass. For 30 bucks a month, you get unlimited movies. It pays for itself after just 2 movies. I know. I’m fuckin up.

The movie got like… 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. Tf. It stars Tom Hanks, whom I do not love. It was directed by Steven Spielberg, who I know has major street cred. The film was based on a true story. It takes place during The Cold War, which was the period of time after World War II. It was tension between the United States and Soviet Union. Thanks Google. History was never my strong suit. Tom Hanks plays an attorney who has to defend a Russian spy in court. That raises a lot of issues, including endangering the safety of his family.

The movie was long… and slow. I feel like the high ratings were definitely for the production of the movie. It was definitely very well shot. Tom Hanks also kills it, standardly. I know he’s super talented. I just don’t usually gravitate towards his films. I was honestly super awake when the movie started. And then I lost it. We both did. We fell asleep. Wompppp. I’m prolly the worst movie reviewer ever lmao. But yeah. Idk. Smh.

OOOO. New emojis today. Including the middle finger emoji. But honestly, it’s not as dope as I thought it would be. I would never use it seriously. It’ll always be in humor.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Big K.R.I.T. just dropped a mixtape called “It’s Better This Way.” I fucks with this track.


Can you say trip down memory lane?! Childhood memories def included reading Goosebumps books. Do I remember any of it? You bet not. I wish I did. I remember I loved the special edition books where you flip pages. You … Continue reading



Tory Lanez from Ontario, Canada. Singer, rapper, producer, fashion designer, you name it. Me and my hg have been on him since day 1. His music sold me the first time I heard it. He’s a different kind of r&b, more trap I would say. His voice is fire. Sounds autotune, but not… I don’t think. Sold out show at The Roxy on Sunset, one of my fav venues. It’s small which makes the show super intimidate.

We ubered bc parking on Sunset is never fun. First of all, I never get anyone in my Uber pool. Second of all, our driver was a trip. An Asian trip haha. His seats were literally covered in some satin floral embroidery ish. AND THEN, his Maps navigation started talking in Chinese. That was crazy haha. It even had directions in Chinese. I tried to start convo but failed real hard haha. We get there and I ask the security where everyone was at. He said inside cause the show started at 8:30. Touche. We pull up around 9:30 and Tory came out around 9:45. Clutch.

Man, we were stoked. His DJ is actually his brother. Cute right? Anyways, Tory’s entire set was so lit. My homeboy saw him perform in the bay and warned me. I love when upcoming artists can get the crowd hyped. He really put on a performance, running from one side of the stage to the other, crowd-surfing, jumping in the crowd. At one point, he crowd-surfed all the way to the bar on the other end of the room. All while on the mic.

He played all my fav tracks: In For It (produced my RL Grime), The Mission, Initiation, Say It. He played Lord Knows, his track with Meek Mill. It’s Meek’s first track on Dreams Worth More Than Nightmares. It doesn’t say Tory’s name so most people dunno. Omg. He played “Karrueche” and dedicated it to Karrueche Tran who ended up being right behind me. Everyone was staring. She’s bae. My girl crush for sure. I wanted to say hi so bad. Just hi haha. She’s super sweet. No joke though, everyone was staring. It really makes me wonder how people deal with fame. She couldn’t just roll to this show solo, or hit the movies in peace. Interesting.

Tory threw it back on us with some old school jams. It seems like he really fucks with that era. I’m talking “Pony” type tracks. I’m sure that’s where he gets a lot of his influence from. No one can deny the music then compared to now.


We maneuvered our way to the front, and I got to touch his sweaty body as he crowd surfed over my head haha. I got to chop it up with him later, and I asked if he ever gets scared of falling. He said hell na, you can’t have no fear. Word.

I ran into a lotta heads tn. All different lanes. That was real dope. I found out he’s signed to Interscope. Didn’t know that one.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My fav track.


OKAY. Honestly, what the eff. haha. This was honestly one of the weirdest experiences, lmao. But it was comedy. I was laughing the entire time. I’m literally on Yelp rn looking up Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank because I’m that confused. We both were. Not too sure how it got 3.5 stars, but reading the bad reviews makes me feel better haha.

First of all, I copped a Livingsocial, which is just like Groupon if you didn’t know. It said one voucher for a 15 lap go-kart race… AND A SODA. I more than likely impulsively bought this bored at work or something. I bought two cause you know, who wants to go alone. For some reason, I was going through my orders earlier this week, and realized it expired today. Screw any plans I could have done tonight, I was gonna redeem this ish.

Thank goodness my fav female was d. My love for this girl runs deep. Shoutout to her. I called in advance to find out deets, which wasn’t very friendly. The guy on the phone was a little rude. So I guess it’s literally a 10-15 minute race, and no reservations. Which totally sucks cause Burbank is a good 30 minutes away from West LA/mid city. Whatever, it looks like it’s date night tn.

We left around 9:50pm and called. They said they could only take us at the last slot, which was 11:40pm. Pssshhhh. They said it was packed. Upon arrival, I am certain they have a different definition for the word. It had the vibes like a rollerblading rink, with some arcade games along the walls. There was a race going, and a few people around. But that’s it.

No negative vibes until they rushed us over and we arrived in the middle of the dude giving instructions. Pause. What about us! He was explaining how to drive the go-kart and safety hazards. He didn’t seem to care we missed the whole thing. Welp.


I watch too many horror movies and this looked like heads when I saw the picture again. Happy Halloween right. The wait until we could actually start driving had me… asleep. but really, low key took a nap in the car. I don’t even know what to call it. A kart? I think my whole idea of go-karting was based off bumper cars when I was younger. Clearly, not the same. The race began and it was SO awkward. Uncomfortable. So hard to get a handle and control the steering wheel. The gas pedal was sensitive but required And the track was not a normal lap. It was curves on curves on curves.

As entertaining as the 15 laps were, or probably 13 laps cause I was slow af, it was not the business. I can’t even pinpoint my thots or feelings. I had fun with my hg, but I’m having a hard time associating ‘fun’ with the activity. I got rammed into so many times, and it hurt. I was probably mad in the way now that I think about it. I got stuck numerous times on the wall and just sat there confused. CONFUSED. That’s how I describe the night.

They didn’t even say anything about the soda. Smh. We had to flag someone down at the end cause they were closing. I don’t drink soda, so my hg with the comeup. Driving my car afterwards was real awkward too. Maynnnneeee. Tonight was weird haha. And hilarious.


At least we got a helmet selfie out of it. Lmao.

TRACK OF THRE DAY: The Game’s The Documentary 2.5 dropped. I listened to some and loved. One track is “Like Father Like Son 2,” which reminded me of how much I love the original.


The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. You might have seen it advertised at random billboards around LA. Mobbed with my coworkers. We were excited, and scared. Very scared haha. I’m that girl in scary movies that screams like a lil bitch. Only … Continue reading