The Good Dinosaur.

I. Am. Still. Sick. Wtf. I honestly don’t get it. I never really get sick too. Minus my terrible diet, I just always was fine. A cold here and there, but never not able to work or go to school.

I’m really bummed about it. I had 4 tickets to the Broad museum today to see the infinity mirror installation room, and I legit couldn’t get out of bed for it. I reserved these tickets months ago. I took 2 Nyquil the night before, and it really felt like it did the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Is that a thing? When you take too many meds when you’re sick so you’re worse? Ugh. I hate meds too. But I’m so desperate to get better. I was in bed til fucking 7pm. Every time I tried to get up for water I would have to lay back down. Glorious day off.

I finally mustered up energy to get up in the evening, drove to the store to get some Vitamin C. Decided to get a foot massage at Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega. Omg. My girl Mia was there and she is an angel sent from above. I seriously tipped her $12 on a $25 ticket. That’s 50% lmao. She deserved it tho. Although she thinks I don’t understand Chinese, I totally heard her talking shit. Sigh. Better to act clueless than react.


Have been scheming to see The Good Dinosaur since it came out. Shoutout to my soulmate for going with me. I felt so bad bailing on the Broad :(. But honestly, I don’t bail. Esp on shit that I hella want to go to. So that means you know it’s real.

The movie is a cartoon made by Disney/Pixar. I thought they were different and in competition w/ each other, but wrong. Pixar is owned by Disney. Soulmate works in toy design so she knows her ish haha. It was adorable. It’s about a lone dinosaur who somehow loses the rest of his family and has to figure out how to survive in the world on his own. Along the way he makes a human friend, who also loses his family. Together, they somehow learn how to survive the wilderness and find food and shelter.

We both thought the movie had some really sad moments. Touching, but sad. For me, it really made me think about my own life and my relationship with my family. It made me sad haha. I should really be more loving and kind to my parents. They do so much for me and I still am holding on to anger from my childhood. Sigh. It also made me think, DAMN. Dinosaurs really used to exist tho lmao. Can you imagine?

The animation was really good. And you have the option of seeing it in 3D if you wish. We hit up AMC Century City 15, and there were a couple heads in the theater. The row behind us kept busting up at parts I found no humor in. It was weird haha. There was also kids in the theater, who would repeat some of the noises from the movie. Twas cute.



The Danish Girl.

Whoa. Talk about walking into a movie you have no idea about and getting hit with some real life ish. The film is about a transgender and how he comes to realize who he truly is deep down: a woman. It’s just so trippy to me. He is happily married to his beautiful wife of 6 years. And she was okay w/ it too!! #what.


The main character is played by Eddie Redmayne who absolutely kills the role. Seriously. So many bold moments that made me respect him as an actor. I mean, homeboy dresses up as a straight up female. He also is really pretty lmao. Prettier than me. My hg said he was in Les Miserables (?), which I haven’t seen. Shocker.

Went with the my white fam: gay bestie and old co-worker. They thought it was really long, but I didn’t think it was as bad. 2 hours solid. Although I did get a headache towards the end. Still sick :(. Also, I feel like the subject is so serious, and you’re just focused on it the entire time. I’m sensitive tho.

Oh, def some nudity in this number. Rated R for a reason. One scene, he goes to see a doctor to diagnose him. The doc leaves the room and he grabs his notepad and sees the word “schizophrenic.” He straight up bounced from that bitch. That was really sad. People are so easily labelled as “crazy” for being different.

We went to Landmark on Pico, my fav theater. I was early for once, and they were late. I waited for like 20 minutes and started getting the worst anxiety ever lmao. Solo and inpatient > sad Shirley. The 10:40pm showing was actually the last showing of the night and they closed all the registers like the moment that clock ticked. My friends couldn’t get candy lmao. That trips me out bc I’m always like… don’t they want profit?

Oh, should you see the film? I say yes. I def think it deserved its amazing ratings. Also it’s a true story. Not trynta be dumb but, I def wonder if Caitlyn Jenner has or will see it.

I worked all day today. Black Friday ftw. It was a mad house. Fr non stop til after lunch. Low key loved it tho. Busy over bored any day. Also, it’s crazy how cheap people can be, myself included. Sometimes I just look at them like, bruhhhhh.

I had plans after to hit up a friendsgiving, one of my best hgs was in town. My PIC who left me for the bay </3. It was so good to see her tho. That initial hug was everything. When I got off, I musta texted like 5 heads and no one responded. So I fell asleep. Lmao. I do respect them for not being on their phones tho. They all hit me back hours later and the thought of putting on clothes was so rough for me haha.

So happy I caught them before they Ubered their way to Manhattan Beach. I swear, am I the only one who hates the turn up? Also got to reunite with my other fav person in the world, her gay bestie. My heart was happy.

Shit, almost December. Which is why I asked to work tomorrow. Rent. FML.

TRACK OF THE DAY: That new new.



Thanksgiving should be every day. Not trynta be all holy and preach haha. But we shouldn’t need a holiday to remind us to be thankful. I got this piece of paper after my yoga class tn, and I’m actually super glad I did. It was a great reminder at the end of the night.

So don’t judge me. I signed up for another free week of classes at Core Power Yoga through a different e-mail. Lmao. I really needed something these couple days I’m home, and this was the perfect solution. Been a little frustrated. Found out there is a studio in San Jose right off the Winchester exit off 280.

Speaking of, I went to Valley Fair today. That mall gives me life. Fr. They keep making it better and better each time I come home. After running some errands, I hit up Crossroads. I sold 3 pairs of shoes for $19. One of them was full on brand new Marc Jacobs. Smh. Whatever. Better than nothing.

Yoga is sooooo hard for me. Serious love hate relationship. It’s like it’s made to challenge me. But the feelings afterwards is def worth it. I just have the HARDEST damn time staying present. My mind goes ape shit when I am contained in a small space. I’ve noticed it’s worse when I know I need to focus. Damn reverse psychology.

I’m embarrassed to say I’m a little sore from last night. My homeboy opened up his boxing gym for me in San Jose. We had a little late night sesh with the mitts. I say I’m embarrassed bc I know I coulda gone so much harder. I think I’m out of shape :/. It was fucking great tho. Boxing is such a dope way to let out frustration or energy.

The yoga instructor tn was Asian and a sweetheart. She asked if I had done yoga before and I said yes. I feel like I’m catching on. This class was C2, which is designed for non-beginners. It was pretty empty. In LA it is literally packed. It was a pretty solid hour. I def got anxious tho. I wanted to know how much longer there was several times throughout. Yoga is legit such a great practice. You can tell just by the energy the instructors give out.

So afterwards, me and homeboy had been scheming to see Creed for a minute. Trolling my Flixster app per usual, I saw there was a couple showings tn. SOLD. Leggo. 10:15pm showing at AMC 16 Cupertino. Weirdly love having non-assigned seats. The vibes are just so much chiller. My other homie from the bay came thru. He has the Moviepass so we get each other lmao. He’s also hilarious. Shoutout to him.

OKAY. CREED. OMG. I LOVED IT. SO MUCH. First off, Michael B. Jordan. Speechless. That’s literally bae. He got so buff for this role. Absolutely kills it tho. His lady in the movie is fucking flawless also. I was so jealous the entire time. I realize how unprepared I was for this film. I had no idea Rocky Balboa was in it! He ends up training Michael, who plays Apollo Creed, son of the boxing champion who actually took out Rocky. Apollo never meets his father before he passes. The movie focuses on how he makes a name for himself, separate from the legacy of his father.

The movie involved a lot of things that were real life, a lot of non-fiction. Yeah that sounds better. I was glad my homeboy was there to educate me. Oh, Andre Ward plays Apollo’s opponent in the film. That was pretty dope. The movie overall was extremely inspirational to me. One of my favorite messages is that scene where Rocky tells Apollo to look in the mirror and tells him the biggest opponent is himself. Not just in boxing, but in life. Oooo that was so good. And so true. We are literally are own biggest obstacle.

The movie was amazing throughout. It’s a little over 2 hours which usually has me squirming in my seat. I barely even checked my phone tn. Winner fasho haha. I recommend this film to anybody. Probably one of my fav this year. I def want the soundtrack too. There was hella Meek Mill. He gets me so hyped.

Ugh. My 4 hour nap today is throwing me the middle finger rn. 2am and ready to rumble.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Shazam-ed this on the radio today. Feeeeeeels.


The Night Before.

BAY AREAAAAAAAAA. Eeeeeeeek. I haven’t been home in days so I’m low key excited to touchdown in the Vale (Sunnyvale). Also haven’t seen the fam in a minute (friends not actual family), so this should be a nice little break.

When I landed in San Jose, it was hot. My standard North Face and Uggs duo were not gonna cut it. My mama picked me up which was pretty awkward. We don’t communicate and pretty much have never had a civil relationship. Don’t worry, well aware that needs to change. Just can’t rn.

Free food at home can never get old. I somehow found the leftover stash of candy from Halloween and went HAM lmao. My sis then picked me up and we get our nails did at this spot on Homestead called Town Nails. I hadn’t seen her in forever so that was nice. We’re both super busy so it’s hard to stay up to date :/.

The nail salon made me so mad. My lady lagged soooo hard and then at the end, my gel polish change cost $30. The same as my girl’s gel MANICURE. Apparently they charged a fee bc I got my last gel done somewhere else. Like an “out of store” fee to take off my last gel. I cannot. It’s like getting charged for extra sauce at McDonald’s. Ridiculous. And my lady could not multi task for the life of her. Patience Shirls. Patience.

And then I took the most glorious nap. And then I went on the most unglorious run. Ha. Then I met up with one of my best friends, legit one of my fav ppl on earth. All my friends know him. He’s so hilarious and has such the biggest heart. We decided to catch The Night Before featuring Seth Rogen. We hit up Century Theaters at Shoreline in Mountain View bc I heard they remodeled and have reclining seats.

FTW. The seats were the most glorious things on earth. Legit we were soooo comfortable. Backtrack. My Moviepass wouldn’t work ): and I couldn’t even finesse the situation bc no movies were playing past 11pm. There’s a 24 hour rule on the pass, and I went to see Hunger Games last night at 11pm. WEAK. It kind of boggled my mind that the card is directly linked to the app on my phone. I tried to pretend I checked in to see what would happen and it straight up didn’t work. It didn’t matter too much tho bc the movie was only 10 dollars! She blessed us with student discounts without having our IDs. Movies in LA are over $15… So cray.


The movie was fucking hilarious. Seth Rogen is a god. It’s about 3 lifelong friends, joined by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie, and how they try to turnup on Christmas. Key word: try. The film got us pumped for the holidays. Tis’ the season.

There were a shit ton of stars from TV shows in the film, which I thought def added to the experience. They were all so hilarious. Seth Rogen on a shit ton of drugs- you really cannot go wrong. We were busting up the entire time.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Some new flame. Squad.





Omg. Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Aka the second part to book 3. I have no idea what happened this entire movie. The entire 2 hours and 16 minutes I was lost and confused. It was actually kinda annoying. I don’t like being that lost lmao. It was entertaining… I guess. A little? Na, my head hurt. I coulda easily slept.

My gay bestie loved it tho. But I’m starting to think he likes everything lmao. Jennifer Lawrence didn’t even phase me. Idk what happened. The Grove at 11pm on a Saturday was poppin. Per usual. Christmas is upon us!


I spent all day at 6 Flags before with my old roomies. We call ourselves the trap house. Yes you’re jealous. This is the only snap I got as I was walking and before I put my phone away. My brightness was so low and it was bright- I couldn’t see shit. So glad I caught the sign lmao.

My old roomie got us hooked up on discounted tickets to a private party that started when the park closed at 6pm. It was for entertainment peeps and legit af. We decided to go early and so glad we did bc there was legit no lines. Well some. But when we got there, we hit X2 with 0 wait time. That NEVER happens.

2 of the girls had never been before, so starting off the day with X2 was a bad idea. It’s one of the best rides in the park, so almost nothing else compared lmao. Ain’t no thang tho. We literally had the most productive day. We hit every single ride lmao. We were like children in a playground haha. We were loving the park, as well as each other’s company.

The concept of roller coasters is so bizarre to me. Like who invented that? Are they rich haha jk. I always feel like I’m gonna die. Like I can’t get that thought out of my head. That’s prob not a good thing haha. Our favorite ride was this new one called Twisted Collossus. It was so much fun. Fr. Superman had us laughing to bc it went SO fast. None of us were ready for that. What’s your favorite ride? I wanna know.

The night before I went to my friend’s friend’s friendsgiving. I don’t cook so eating real home cooked food for once was everything. I legit think I’m addicted to brussel sprouts ps. ALSO. She lives in the most glorious house in Santa Monica with 3 other girls. LA goals mayne. I want a house so bad. Stat.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Bc PND is always a good choice.






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