Finding Dory.


Just keep swimming…. just keep swimming <3. Finding Dory was everything. The hype is real. And I about died of cuteness. Disney and Pixar do not fail. I think what Finding Nemo was to our generation, is what Finding Dory is to the kids in this generation. Def a winner. It was adorable af, and I fucking cried lmao. I’m so soft, I can’t. Let me know if anyone else did haha.

I met my girls from work, they’re literally my fav. Shout out to them, they’re the sweetest. I feel bad, they tried to hit up YG’s Still Brazy pop up shop but it was closed. Which is super fucked bc the flier definitely says open til 9pm. I’d be so hot haha. But in all honesty, you can see everything from the outside lmao. Unless you’re really trynta get some 4 hunnid merch.

We hit up the 9:25pm showing at The Grove, my happy place. My hg’s bf actually just moved to LA, so that’s exciting. He’s dope. I don’t think he enjoyed the flick as much as us girls lmao. Females ftw. I was late af per usual, I just got out the shower and left with wet hair, per usual. It was in the big premiere theater, aka #1. That shit was legit crowded haha esp on a Monday night. There were some kids, but majority adults.

Off the bat, the short film BEFORE the movie had us dying. It was literally like 5 minutes long and showed birds on the beach. It was fucking adorable haha. If you aren’t familiar, every Pixar movie has a little short animated film beforehand. They’re always adorable.

You guys, Dory reminds me of me haha. Plot: The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.

Pretty sure it’s like a sequel to Finding Nemo, which I was telling my girl I remember absolutely about. Smh. 0. So Dory suffers from short-term memory loss, which I definitely feel I have. With that, comes some major ADD haha. So yeah, the film is basically her trying to find her parents. It really touched me. Especially not having a relationship with my parents and about to go on a 10-day cruise with them. #halp.

I just texted my bro I wanted to bring bud and he highly recommended not to. I usually check it in my luggage and it’s fine, but he’s all trippin cause it’s international. Whatever. If I get arrested, it was meant to be (joking).

Man, life is brazy. Been saying that all day haha. I’m seriously ODing on YG… but it’s the CD in my whip rn. Man, today was rough. Work’s been a little rough, and I had to go BACK to the iPhone repair shop cause my shit was still fucked. Lesson learned, always go to the Apple Store next time.

Today was unbelievably hot. But like… I honestly can’t handle the contrast between the heat outside and the FREEZING AC inside. Like, I am totally judged when I show up in a sweater and boots, but I get so cold inside haha. And the only time I’m outside is the walk to my car so, I’m golden haha.

I just want to take this moment to shit on LA Fitness one time haha. Sorry. But the one on La Cienega, no bueno. I snuck in, I know, smh, but yo. That smell, and that heat. Their AC was broken. Like HOW. I forced myself to stick it out through this Body Works Plus Abs class, but I dipped early. Even the instructor kept saying it was a sauna in there, and she proceeded to strip her shirt off lmao. LA fitness class instructors are mad entertaining. Pretty sure they’re all just retired and have nothing better to do haha.

I have so many errands to run tomorrow. Smh. And definitely need to fit in a massage.



Central Intelligence.


I’ve said this a million times, but Kevin Hart is my spirit animal. Probably one of my fav comedians hands down. I literally love all his jokes and think he’s hilarious every time. Does anyone else? He’s just so great at what he does haha.

Central Intelligence featuring The Rock and Kevin Hart. Jk, I forget The Rock’s real name haha. Dwayne Johnson. So I’ve been learning to use Google better. I used to hate it (I know it makes no sense), but I just felt like it never produced the results I wanted. My bro bro says I need to be more competent in life. So I’m trying lmao.

We hit up the 2:20pm showing at Regal LA Live downtown. So my bro just moved to a new spot in Little Tokyo, and I’ve been meaning to check it out for weeks. Literally every time I map it, it’s 30 minute which is way too far haha. Today was the day. It was lit though. There’s a pool. It was hot as shit today. But I was out there for like 45 minutes. I miss being tan. I wanna be black haha.

We were late af. But we Uber-ed and it was hella convenient. I could never justify spending money on Uber but apparently the rest of the world doesn’t mind. Parking was a crazy bitch at his spot though. So Uber def comes in handy. The theater was PACKED. And we sat next to the most obnoxious lady known to mankind. She was legit so loud and like… laughing like a hyena. Idk man. She was with her pops too. Like how haha.

PS Happy Father’s Day to everyone. Currently halftime in game 7 of the NBA Finals. I love my brother’s computer. Huge ass monitor and actual keyboard. Sometimes I wish I had one, but that shit’s expensive. Wait the movie.

This shit was comedy. Plot: After he reunites with an old school pal through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage. Kevin Hart is the accountant, and Dwayne is the CIA dude. It’s literally mindless and just entertaining. The Rock was pretty funny too. Like they probably had so much fun on set filming. I woulda loved to be there haha. Me and my bro really enjoyed it. And it was better to be inside than outside haha.

Man I’ve been drinking this Chinese herbal tea like crazy. I hope it works haha. Before I mobbed here, I hit up the YG Still Brazy pop-up shop on Fairfax. Went with the hgs from SB. I love them. It was hella fun. I would def go check it out if you’re local. Legit look at this…


Like how does YG think he can be president of the US lmao. Anyways. That album is all I’ve been listening too. It’s terrible. I was trying to hustle in the shop for free stickers. I failed lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Theme for the weekend.


Rhythm & Rhyme Fest.

IMG_1213.JPGThis was the most random show ever haha. The lineup was just so random to me. I actually got an email hella days ago for it. It’s called Rhythm & Rhyme Fest (rhythm is so hard to spell lmao). I think I got it cause I attended Rhymefest, which is affiliated. That was with De La Soul at the same venue, Belasco in downtown LA.

Anyways. I reached out asked for press credentials, and they were like…. hella intense about it haha. We had asked for confirmation on who would be attending, they had nothing haha. Here’s the lineup: Honestly, it’s such a dope concept, and has so much potential. But yo, the show flopped for sure haha. Like I’m pretty sure they lost money.

First of all, Belasco is huge. And there’s so many layers to it haha. There were two stages, the small one upstairs. I was HELLA struggling today, like I was so dead haha. And was laying in bed contemplating even showing up. My team member was in the same exact boat lmao. He wanted to just “eat gelato and watch OITNB.” I died. I have to give a shout out to him though. He’s seriously so fucking dope, and so chill. So glad to have him as a co-worker.

I pulled up a little after 10. Met the homie who’s gf works there, so he’s at every event haha. He’s super dope though. He tried to help us get interviews which was super sweet. But nah, no artists wants to talk on their performance night haha. We first went upstairs to catch Open Mike Eagle at the smaller stage. Oh before that, we watched break dancers go at it. It was raw. MC Supernatural had already gone, which I was sad to miss. He can spit for real.

Open Mike Eagle was dope! Super Anderson Paak vibes. Apparently, he’s best friends with Hannibal Buress, who is one of my fav comedians. But yeah, actually, I’ma dl his songs rn. Good reminder. It was a tiny crowd, but some people were really feeling it. We made our way downstairs for Brother Ali, and watched almost his whole set. I go, “did he dye his beard white.” Was informed homeboy is straight albino haha. Brother Ali is hella OG and hella respected. He’s Muslim and raps about real shit.


Earl Sweatshirt came on after midnight. SNOOZE. Thank goodness for the seats provided in the photo pit lmao. We legit sat our asses down and waited. So I actually listened to Earl’s music. I remember thinking his last album was emo haha. He def has an interesting story though. He’s young af, and looked like he just rolled outta bed for this shit haha. As a headliner, come onnnn.

Being in the front had me RIGHT under his die hard fans, who knew every single line to his songs. It was cute, until they spit on me. Straight up.

I was supposed to meet my girls out in dtla after, but them shits never made it. That’s okay, cause I’m tired. My day was long. And tiring. Yoga killed me haha. As it always does.

It’s hot af in LA rn.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Anti-anxiety. Yes please.

Berner x Kool John.

Yo, the title is a tease. It should really only be “Be” because we literally caught 15 min of this damn show lmao. Fail. All good though. Berner and Kool John at El Rey, my fav venue in LA. Wait … Continue reading


I had to snap this beautiful pic of Jessica Alba at The Grove haha. She has a pop up shop for her makeup line I believe, called Honest or something. It’s always closed when I usually go late at night … Continue reading

Bas x Cozz.

Yo, the struggle to get in this show was way too real. Fr, I was left outside waiting for like 40 minutes. No chill. At all haha. Bas announced his Too High To Riot tour hella days ago, and I … Continue reading

Now You See Me: The Second Act


Now You See Me: The Second Act. I have such mixed feelings about this movie. First of all, shit was mad long. Technically only 2 hours, but they coulda cut out so much haha. Second of all, I don’t remember the first one AT ALL, but both my homegirls said it was better. And I remember loving the first. But that’s literally all I rem haha. I walked into this thinking it was a comedy… wrong.

Went to the 7:30pm showing at AMC Century City 15. Met my two homegirls, shoutout to them! And of course, we get the prime theater haha with the recliner chairs. Soooo lit but I wish there was a way we could differentiate those theaters when people look up movie times, bc not everyone would be d to pay 21 bucks I’m sure. My Moviepass only covered some, which is a bit concerning bc that’s how I got my last account cancelled last time. By purchasing a prime ticket. Welp. We’ll see if they catch me again lmao, stay tuned.

Plot: The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

This literally helped 0 lmao thanks IMDB. Idk how to describe this movie haha. I legit was lost for like an hour. I just enjoyed the magic and action scenes, which there were a lot of. Legit, it seems like so much fucking work went into filming this movie haha. Everything was SO strategic and planned, and so much attention to detail. Like too much haha. It was so extra. I think that’s the best way to describe it haha. Extra.

The cast was def lit. The gothic chick from Mean Girls was in it, which I recently watched at Hollywood Forever Cemetry outdoors. So great haha. I’m terrible with names but it’s stacked. Morgan Freeman has such a damn presence in every damn movie he’s in. Oh and most of the movie took place in China, the “Las Vegas” part. I could understand like 20% of the Chinese haha so that was cool.

It was chill though. My girl semi lost her car after haha. That mall can be so confusing if you never been there, or park in the wrong area. Oh, it was free pizookie day at BJ’s today! I didn’t go, but I used to luh that ish. Dang I need to talk better haha.

I went to the movies straight from Rise Nation, I’ve been there previously with my girl. If you’re loyal you’ll remember. Jk. It’s basically this 30 minute climbing workout. The most LA workout class you could sign up for lmao. They shut the blinds and turn up the music, so it’s legit like a club. My hg works there now!! So she got me in for free, shoutout to her <3. Legit, that shit is pricy. Af haha. Look it up though, it’s mad dope. Wayyyy better than the gym or treadmill.

Life is tripping me out, again. I also can’t figure out when I wanna move. Either way, I’m overlapping half of July in rent 😦 Sad about it. But whatever. I’m a little sad bc my bro moved out and his place is actually a lot farther than I thought. Little Tokyo is like 30 minutes from me. No chill. I have a 15 minute radius. Real talk.

Also, content and blessed with the people I have in my life. ❤

TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl tweeted this track today and I forgot how raw it is. Listen.

The Conjuring 2.


Dayyyyuummmm. The Conjuring 2 was LIT. Haha but really, it was fucking terrifying. And so fun haha. I was scared shitless but I loved every minute of it. It legit was 2 hours and 15 minutes and didn’t even check my phone once lmao. We was in it hardcore.

Tried to find the scariest photo, but that wouldn’t even do it justice haha. It was legit so good!!! It got like 87% too. I recommend everyone go see it haha it’s an adventure. I screamed like a little bitch and had my hands over my face the entire time. Met my homeboy at The Grove at 4:15pm. It was great. And it was weird for once not going to a night movie.

Side note, The Grove was PACKED. Not in a good way. Like overflow. Couldn’t even cross the intersection, they legit had people patrol the stop signs. So nuts. I got there a little early to hit Dylan’s Candy Bar lmao and browsed in Anthropologie. I think I want every sweater they have there.

Basically the movie is about 2 ghostbusters, who are actually a very good looking couple haha. So you don’t have to see the first one at all. This story is based off the Amityville haunted story, and Amityville Horror was like the scariest movie I saw in high school haha. Low key based on a true story which is terrifying.

Shoutouts to IMDB: Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

Go see this y’ll.

I went on a run today and died and got lost and wanted to Uber home and didn’t have my phone. It was so damn brutal haha. But whatever. Got to listen to Kodak Black’s new mixtape, which is whatever.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Minus this song lmao. GUWOP.


Lil Uzi Vert.

I literally have been eyeing this show since it was announced haha. Sad times though, it was supposed to be Lil Uzi Vert and Kodak Black headlining, but Kodak in jail. AGAIN. He a fool haha. But honestly it was … Continue reading

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


Wow, I just realized this movie got slaughtered by the critics lmao. Sad times. This is the sequel to the first one. I just remembered loving the orange ninja turtle, Michelangelo haha. He’s hilarious.

Plot: Four teenage mutant ninja turtles emerge from the shadows to protect New York City from a gang of criminal ninjas.

And that’s all you really need to know. Mindless af. Some action, some humor, perfect for my only night free this week haha. I def dragged my bro to go. I feel bad. I’ve been taking out my stress on him and he doesn’t need that haha. It’s his last week crashing at my place and I’m hella sad. He’s happy though haha.

We hit the 9:20pm showing at Arclight Culver City. Such a nice theater. There was some event with hella industry people. I was like… I wonder how the film industry compares to music. As I tweeted last week: we’re all just trynta make it.

A lot has been on my mind, especially friendships. I really have been making a point to cut the loose ones. Bc I feel I’m a huge giver and I bend over backwards for people, and been feeling under appreciated. I hate cutting people off, it’s never my motive. But just keeping my circle as genuine as possible. Meaning we both benefit from each other. I want people that get me up, not down.

Been talking to an old friend about it. He reassured me that people do change and friendships can change bc of it. It’s so true tho.

That being said, I was preoccupied for half the film. But my favorite part was prob Megan Fox. Cause she’s gorgeous haha.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Happy birthday to Vic Mensa today. He pours his heart out on this track/video. Love him. And he’s a baby. 23 years old ha.