Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day was super cute! Mostly bc Jennifer Aniston though. She’s literally bae. How does she look so damn good. Fr. How. Haha. I love her. And Kate Hudson. This is one of those movies with the most lit cast, like everyone famous haha. Like Valentine’s Day. It was about 2 hours long. But I really enjoyed it. I love chick flicks haha.

Went to the 8:20pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl. I just found out she’s moving back home after she graduates and I’m sad! And jealous haha. I was late per usual 😦 haha. Made it for some of the previews though haha. The movie was obviously in light of Mother’s Day. Which is May 8th I found out! Get your mama something. I have 0 relationship with mine, but I always get her something. I have to.

My mouth is bruised yo. And swollen. It’s so bad. I had no idea my dental procedure would go this haywire. It’s fr noticable and I shouldn’t be in public. Sigh. Anyways. Had my last day of class today. I missed the first one 😦 sad. There was so much food in the second class haha. Shoutout USC, I think last day of classes mean everyone bring food and get fat. I wasn’t hungry but I def copped a ton of 3 Musketeers. I used to hella eat that shit in high school, like every break I would get one from the vending machine and eat the milk chocolate off the outside. Smh haha. I would get like 2 or 3. But my homegirl would eat the inside LMAO. In class. It was some soulmate shit. Aw, I miss my high school homies. Damn. Shit was so long ago.

I ran to Drake’s Views and it’s legit so long haha 20 tracks. Was sad I couldn’t get through it all but I love the tracks with DVSN and PND. Best features haha. Besides that, the world needs to calm down. I know Drake’s GOAT but it’s like that Beyonce shit. Everyone needs to shut up haha. Forever hating.

Life is crayyyyy. So cray. Cray.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Drizzy’s album isn’t on Youtube so here’s another PND collab. Luh.

A Hologram for the King.


This movie is extremely interesting. Very different and… just interesting haha. Tom Hanks is of course, Tom Hanks. A Hologram for the King at The Landmark on Pico at 9:40pm. Convinced the broskee to go bc we’re roomies now!!! Lmao. I’m so lit. But I’m also sad af bc it’s temporary. He just got a new job in Hollywood and is crashing in my living room for a month. Until his squad moves to LA with him. I’m hella sad haha. Having him as a roomie makes me smile. Legit love it.

I had asked him if we could live together, and his response was, “I love you, but no.” Ha, dang. Feels. I can be psycho sis for sure. Too easily actually. But anyways. This movie. The plot does not give you any info on the movie, to me at least. I felt it was irrelevant from the actual story. I’ve been told lately I sometimes give spoilers, so I’ll stop there haha.

The plot:

A beautiful doctor (Sarita Choudhury) and a wise-cracking taxi driver (Alexander Black) help an American businessman (Tom Hanks) who’s trying to close the deal of a lifetime in Saudi Arabia.

This movie is dope bc of how much we got to see the culture of Saudi Arabia. My bro informed me that women can’t drive there! Nor vote! The fuh. That’s so nuts to me. Like the fact that driving is considered a privilege? That’s bizarre. And idk. It’s so religious there. It’s beautiful though. Lots of sand and desert but the nice areas are real fucking nice. The woman doc, who’s gorgeous, lives in a glass house overlooking the extremely blue ocean. The good life.

Anyways. It got bomb reviews and it’s only an hour and half. I was extremely distracted throughout the movie but that’s why I love going with my bro, cause he dgaf haha. It’s considered a comedy but… very subtle. And yeah. Interesting film haha.

I’m in shock rn. My mouth is STILL numb from my dental procedure at 3pm. Like yo that’s 9 hours. That’s not normal haha. It was pretty gnarly tho. They consider it a mini surgery. I had to get a bone graft for my tooth that was extracted. So crazy. And then I have no come back in 6 months to get the implant. Sigh. Life. < my mantra.

Getting numbing shots in your mouth is legit one of my worst nightmares. Shit fucking hurts. I legit am 5 years old. I squeezed the shit outta the dentist assistant’s hand haha. He legit gave me like over 5 shots, and I was still fucking scared I would feel something. I’m supposed to just feel pressure, but I swear, my anxiety fools me into feeling something in my nerves. All bad.

I had to get antibiotics and anti-flammation pills. Shit cost like $30 bucks at CVS. Wahhh. Anyways. What’s about to happen next is depressing af. I had time to kill so I went to the candy store in Westwood to grab my fav (Trolli Strawberry Puffs) and I posted in the red for like…. 5 min. No lie. Parking ticket. COOOOOOOOL. I’m an idiot. It’s official. I’ve come to conclusion that I’m an idiot. I guess it was about time. I used to get them legit religiously. Was on a good streak for a while minus my tow at The Grove. That shit cost $93 bucks 😦 it hurt for sure. But my New York trip this summer fell through so woooo. Half my paycheck for a bad, impulsive, last minute decision. *sigh*

So I snuck into Core Power Yoga after haha for the Sculpt class. Legit such a good class. Core Power Yoga is my fav studio for sure. It’s just you leave feeling like you legit worked out. I mean, it’s hot yoga, so you’re gonna sweat regardless. But the instructors are mad dope and they push you. The 5:30pm was PACKED too. Legit that studio on Wilshire (in Brentwood) is always poppin.

Went home showered got some shit done and then went with the bro. My morning was so rough haha I had to nap before my dentist apt. So PS, I’m legit in a mid life crisis. I have no idea what I’m gonna do but let’s just say I’m gonna try something new. And hope it works for the best. Lots of fear and hesitation with this decision, but trusting God got me. I was gonna say hoping, but realize I can’t be hesitant with my faith. It’s all or nothing.

My mouth is still fucking numb. I can’t.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My two fav rappers in one track. Yas.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Not gonna lie, just spent a good amount of time trying to find the hottest pic of Chris Hemsworth from the movie lmao. Pictures don’t do justice tho. You gotta see him in action. White boy is fire haha. Besides him, Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron were fucking beautiful too. Seriously they looked so bomb up there haha. They had the most lit costume and just bedazzled.

The Huntsman at 7:30pm at AMC Century City 15. My hg asked me to go the other day and literally I freaked out cause that’s all I wanted to do tn haha. Legit read my mind. Hg I met her through came thru too I was excited. We met up there, and found out it was in the prime theater. I saw The Revenant in this one, it’s seriously heaven for the movie-goer. Kinda like those dine-in theaters with reclinable chairs. It has surround sound too and you can feel the vibrations in the chair.

We was late, of course haha. It was packed too but we copped the handicapped seats smack dab in the middle of the theater. Literally perfect. I was lit, so I was extra happy haha. Went to See’s Candies before and copped my fav caramels haha. Hg hadn’t heard of See’s! They from Texas and apparently it’s not out there. I was in shock. Legit grew up to See’s. Mom would always have a box lying around and I would take a bite of each candy and put it back lmao. They hated me for that.

Anyways. The movie is 2 hours long. It’s supposed to be the prequel to Snow White? I never know. I asked a lot of questions haha. It was seriously lit though. I liked it a lot haha. I felt bad cause the movie ticket was like over $20 dollars, I didn’t know it was this showing. But I had $15 AMC Stubs Rewards so I let them have it. My bro was not happy haha. I ended up having to pay 6 bucks too cause the Moviepass only covers a regular ticket. WEAK haha. Good karma tho I hope.

Sooooooo today sucked. Ass. Well last night did, which made today suck :(. I kid you not, I slept 0 last night. I didn’t take my normal meds and I legit did not sleep. Like from 3am to 7am, not for more than 10 minutes. It was brutal. One of the most miserable nights I’ve had in a while unfortunately. That really took a toll on me more mentally than physically. I almost didn’t go to class but I’m so fucking glad I did. Second to last week, I can’t afford to waste more money.

Passed out in my car in between and then decided to go on a run. During, I ran into my professor for my next class lmao. It was pretty awkward. He goes “Hi Shirley.” Hiiiii haha. During that class, I paid 0. Legit was distracted af and couldn’t sit still. He told me to get off my phone again. All bad :/.

So I’m really annoyed at a really good friend haha. Literally what a waste of time being there for the n word and then all goes to shit bc he gives back in to the girl. Trynta be as vague as possible but it’s not my business. I’ll get over it. Just feel like I wasted time haha. And time is money ya feeeeeeels.

Gonna def pop some sleeping pills after I do work. Muahs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This R&B singer from Toronto (of course) is super lit. His album goes.



Snakehips <3. Their song with Tinashe called “All My Friends” is literally my life. Me and my soulmate bought tickets to this show when they went on sale haha. April seemed so damn far away then… we were both at very different points in our lives too haha. Def a lot more mature meow.

Thank God for set times. Snakehips tweeted they’d be on at 10:30pm earlier. It was at NOVO downtown, my fav venue… EXCEPT when they don’t let us on the floor. Weak af. It’s so much more lit on the floor, but they were at capacity or some shit. Balcony is always chill but the floor makes you feel like you’re more involved haha. After climbing like 5 flights of stairs, we finally arrive. We caught some of Waveracer’s set. He was chill. I accidently said Waverunner lmao. Forever butchering names.

Soulmate ran into her friend whom I knew. What was about to happen is legit one of the most hilarious things to ever happen on a concert night lmao. So legit we wanted to somehow sneak our way down… to the floor. My ambitious ass lead us past these ropes and into an elevator. Smh af haha. We got STUCK.

Legit it took us to the first floor and we were lit. But then you step outside and it’s literally a door to exit the building. Womp womp. Like straight up no other option. And then we tried to go back up and it wouldn’t let us. You needed a key. Fucking crazy. Lmao. It was either we stand in the elevator or we leave and the night is over. There’s no way they’d let us back in after we scanned our tickets.

We contemplated life there for a second lmao. At least I did. I was like wow, what a mf fail haha. Anyways. Shoutout the hg who hit up her homeboy who was ON THE FLOOR, and left and got security for us haha. When they finally got us up, they were PISSED. This bitch security guard was legit chewing us out. I just kissed her ass and kept saying sorry lmao. I wasn’t sorry.

PS, Prince was found dead in an elevator today. The irony.

Snakehips came on around 10:45. Super lit. Two dudes from… the UK? Dunno but I love their remixes. Love when they go trap on us too haha. I miss that grimey shit. We obediently watched from up top haha.

My day was okay. Can’t complain. My client stood me up again this morning. So over that ish haha. My supervisor let me out early tho. Thank God, I legit had nothing to do if I stayed. He def gets the hint haha. Ran to Lil Yachty’s mixtape. It was hard af. Esp when you don’t run anymore. Even with good music, it’s just so…. bleh. Mundane. Idk haha. It felt good after tho that’s for sure.

My hg took me to the most lit dispensary today. It’s called Mecca on Washington Blvd by La Cienega. Idk. It was just poppin. And such good deals. They were playing the Warriors game on a huge screen inside too. They were down 😦 and they ended up losing. By 1. Tear. It’s funny cause now it’s awkward when they lose. When it used to be the other way around haha. Af.

Anywaysssssss. Fell asleep before the show and legit didn’t think I could get up. I did tho. TROPHIES.

TRACK OF THE DAY: The Weeknd always.



So this pic is total false advertising haha. Ryan Reynolds is legit in the movie for like 10 min. No spoiler alert. But mayne I thought he was so hot in Deadpool. That thought remains lmao. Anywho. Criminal featuring Kevin Kostner. This shit was crayyyyyy. I thought it was dope. V interesting.

7:55pm showing at AMC Century City 15. I actually went with one of my homeboys from UCSB I hadn’t seen in forever. So good to see him!! He’s amazing. Apparently, alumni weekend is coming up, but I don’t think I’m considered an alum since I transferred haha. I would love to go back tho. SB is so damn beautiful.

I showed up late per usual. We spent the previews catching up haha. So the plot of this movie is kinda crazy. Premuch this doctor worked 18 years on this one project, being able to duplicate someone’s brain into another body. Such a breach of ethics to the dude who gets the new brain, but it’s v interesting. It’s all tied into a mission with the CIA and what not. Pretty much your average action movie but there’s a crazy plot twist at the end. Which is always appreciated haha. Solid 2 hours.

I’d def choose Jungle Book and Barbershop over this one, but I’d def see this at some point. Today was okay. It was hot af haha. I had to present in class and I legit wasn’t prepared. I was one of two people who read from notes smh. I don’t really get nervous but I realize I sway back and forth… like a lot haha. And I say um a lot. Went to yoga in weho with my fav instructor. Super sad my trial is ending haha.

Don’t forget, it’s a holiday tmrw. Lmao. I’m that person.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New Uzi. Shoutout Philly.

The Jungle Book.


The Jungle Book was so lit!!! Fr Disney ftw. It’s based on the childhood movie, or book, that I never saw. Legit grew up under a rock. Tbh hadn’t even heard of it until this movie haha smh. People were hyping it up like cray, which of course made me wanna see it even more. All bad haha. It legit got like 95% tho. Accurate.

7:30pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl <3. Haven’t seen her in a minute. Right off the bat we thought the movie was adorable. First off, we were in the big theater, #1. It’s huge haha. It was pretty crowded. There was this dude behind us who was laughing so hard, it was cute. I love when people are into it haha.

The animals were SO lit and so cute. You can drop hella dough and see this movie in 3D and/or IMAX. But then you’re looking at like a $20 ticket haha. This sufficed. The scenery was really beautiful too. The kid was an amazing actor. He deserves an Oscar haha. Pretty much, he’s the only one in the jungle, and was raised by wolves. Gnarly.

So this is like the real life version of the classic movie. Bill Murray was the voice of the bear, which was fucking adorable haha. It was about an hour and half and it’s PG. If you got a kid to go with, bring them!! Def some feel good ish.

Day was so ridiculously long. I was beat. I legit passed out in my car and it was blazing hot. So my AC was all the way up. Is that bad for my lungs?? Whatever. Went to Yogaworks in Ktown after my internship. I didn’t like it haha. Wah. It makes such a difference when you have a dope instructor.

Solid weekend. Got to see my best friend from home, twice! But, I recently lost my job. So I’m def kinda hurting. They said they needed someone full time. Such bs. I’d like to think that’s the only reason… cause I was committed. I hate job hunting. It’s such an uneasy feeling. Trynta keep my head up. Everything happens for a reason right?


Barbershop: The Next Cut


Barbershop: The Next Cut. Aka number 3. Aka haven’t seen the first 2… or at least I can’t rem if I did. But omg!!!! I loved this movie haha from beginning to end. Fr I really really enjoyed it haha. It got 92% too. Shoutout to Ice Cube, he’s a boss fr. This movie was not only hilarious, but it had a real dope message. It was promoting non violence and takes place in Chicago where there’s still gang-banging and shit. It’s so sad.

8:05pm showing at The Grove. I went with my 2 hgs, they loved it as well. We were busting up throughout the whole film. You don’t have to see the first two at all to see this. But yeah, Tyga played the leader of a gang and had fucking long hair tied up in a bun. It was comedy but yo he did pretty good acting haha.

The movie is about 2 hours but you don’t even notice. Fr I didn’t even check my phone. Minus when my BC alarm went off lmao. Yooooo Nicki Minaj is so damn thick haha. She played a pretty important role. I rem her last appearance on the big screen was like one scene long lmao. Fr tho her body is insane haha.

The entire movie pretty much takes place in a barbershop. It needs to exist IRL. It would pop off haha.

Omg the wind is going crazy in LA rn. It needs to calm down haha. Sounds like the world is ending. Anyways. I’m in a good mood cause I really liked the movie lmao. Common was kinda hot in it too lmao. And the black dude from New Girl was HILARIOUS. Lemme find his name… too much work I can’t. He’s outshone by the OG’s in the movie lmao. Eve looked bomb too. Just go see it guys haha.

My day started off kinda rough. My client was a no show and I drove all the way to Echo Park Lake. And then was just tired all day idk. Internship was slow and I drove all the way home on my lunch for a book. Weak. Went to Yogaworks after in Weho and it was hard af. This instructor, her name is Andrea, please take her class. She’s legit so good. It made me sweat balls haha. Almost fell asleep in the shower after doe haha. So beat.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Homeboy just laced me with this new track!


Holy shiiiiiii. Demolition was so lit haha. Like I’m still trippin. I just got home from this movie and wow haha. Idk, I thought it was so dope. Maybe I was lit but it was just such a trippy movie. … Continue reading