Kanye West at the Hollywood Bowl, second show. When news was released that Ye would be playing his 808s & Heartbreak album in its entirety, I was stoked. This is my favorite album of his, which no one may agree with. … Continue reading


TGIF has never failed me more than today haha. It was honestly a day from hell. First of all I missed my first class. Cool. Good job Shirley. Second, I got a parking ticket. It was a risk I took not paying for my parking this time, and low and behold, a white and red envelope on my dashboard. That shit hurt mayne. I legit may hold the world record for parking tickets. It’s been a while though. So maybe it was God reminding me I hold that record still.

SO THEN… I’m heading to Westwood for my doctor’s appointment, one that was long overdue. All of a sudden, my tire blows out. Okay so… the day before. Me being me, inpatient af, was trying to cut some LA traffic, and I decide to go through this gas station. You know, since I just couldn’t wait long enough to turn right. I go into the gas station alright, but not through the ramp. Nope, right into the curb. My car was fucked, and I knew it. So the tire pressure symbol comes on. In my mind I’m like, ugh okay. I’ll just stop by the body shop on my way home from the doctor’s. Lesson learned. Don’t wait if you have car problems.


So I pull over on the 10 freeway, at the on ramp merging west, right before the Normandie/Western exit. It was terrifying. The cars were going mad fast, whizzing by me. I took a quick pic- and ran back to safety. My tire disintegrated guys (I had to look up how to spell that). I was shocked. It like disappeared into thin air. It was terrifying too. What if I couldn’t pull over in time?? AND THEN, fuck Farmer’s Insurance. Their roadside assistance had me waiting an hour and a half, for absolutely nothing. I finally called the police and they came and called me a tow truck. But honestly, I was so mad about Farmer’s. I started crying. And then I was like, why am I crying? In my mind, their job is to help people like me in need. So how in the fuck are they failing rn?

Alright I’ma shorten this story. So then I go to my doctor’s, who decides to lower all my medications. Like cool. So I’m pissed. AND THEN, he goes off on how terrible pot is for me and how it’s making me stupid. Bruhhhhhh. He’s a crazy psychiatrist fr, but I’m never met anyone who hated weed more. It’s so damn interesting. He went in on me though, enough to make me want to find another doctor. Sigh. No time.

AND THEN, my brother informs me I can’t drive on a spare tire, which I really tried to not believe. After confirmation, I make it out of the doctor’s just in time before Firestone closes. Unfortunately, they were so backed up, my car took another 2 whole hours. Oh my gosh. The technician said someone had just quit and there’s only 2 of them. I felt bad- my attitude towards the situation did not help at all.

Went to the pharmacy after to fill my meds and then hit the gym. I hate cardio machines, the worst. LA Fitness cracking fasho though. I felt like for half the crowd, this was their night. The other half was so ready to turnup after their sesh. During this sesh I listened to Fetty Wap’s new album. Yes, his singles are dope as hell, but I just felt like every song sounded the same. What was the hype? Casey Veggie’s though. His album is dope af.


So what better way to forget a bad day then at the movies. Convinced my gay bestie to trek to AMC Century City 15. Okay fine, I’m obsessed with their AMC Stubs Card. It’s legit though. It’s a rewards program where you earn points and get free $10 credits once you reach a certain number. You also get free upgrades. So here’s where I complain. 3D Imax cost $20.99. Next joke. That’s like, a joke. It hurts.

We were handed the 3D glasses before we walked in. These were actually legit, not the flimsy disposable ones. Maybe that’s where all our money goes. Jk. Also, it didn’t register Everest was Mt. Everest. I question myself sometimes…Anyways, the movie was super dope. Super perfect for Imax 3D, so glad we did that. It really felt like you were there, in the scene. It was such a trip though.

First of all, it tells you in the beginning it’s based on a true story. Which made it that much more intense. It showcases two groups who try to reach the top of Mt. Everest, which is the highest point on earth. Whoa. It was so vivid. The ticket guy actually said he hadn’t seen the film because he was scared of heights. Now I know why. I thought the film was overall great, and starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley. Is it bad that gave the film credibility off the bat?

I was never bored the entire 2 hours. The film did a great job portraying the drastic conditions in the snow and in the mountains. When the storm hits, things go from bad to worse. They also had little oxygen, and had to survive off a supply of oxygen tanks they brought. Many who tried to climb the mountain, never left. They were stuck in the freezing snow, hands and feet literally frozen. I die in LA as it is in the winter. What they went through on that mountain made me feel really guilty. It looked like straight torture.

There was one scene where they go around the group, asking why they’re risking their lives to climb to the top of a mountain. The responses were interesting. One girl from Japan said it was the last of the 7 summits she has yet to climb. Another man said he wanted to be a role model for his kids: that you can reach dreams, no matter how bizarre they were. That was my fav.

Amongst the deaths and death scares, this film really took us on the treacherous journey these climbers went through. It was one most people would not dare embark on. It also shared a lot of intimate moments between characters and their relationships.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track hit the spot after such a long crazy day. This closes out Casey’s album Live And Grow, which means it has to be powerful. Apparently, he’s had it done for 2 years now. Okay I can’t find a link to the track, so here’s a short clip about it.



Good vibes, good people, and good music. All you need in life. But actually. All the components you need for a good night. I’ve heard of Chief Wakil, and have some tracks in my iTunes. I think HipHopDX posted him too. My hg actually knows his manager, and invited me out. Shout out to her. Beverly Hills? Yes please. That wasn’t meant to be bougie. I just like venues. It was at Spaghettini/the Dave Koz lounge. If you do dine, and check in on Yelp, you get a free Creme Brulee. Halla.

The restaurant was definitely Bev Hills feels. They had a stage in the back, def a dope little spot for artists to showcase their work. We were able to kick it in the back before Wakil went on, in a room with a glorious chandelier. We chopped it up with a lot of his homies there to support as well. He went on around 11pm with a live band. Super dope. Live instruments earn automatic respect. His first song, I believe, was called “Good Days.” He was singing into the mic, to my surprise. I thought he rapped. Then I realized, a lot of artists have been crossing genres. His music to me, is real. Chill ass vibe. He played around 5 or 6 songs, but it was dope. The last song was “Million Trillion,” and he had people getting turnt. He finished right in time when the restaurant closed shop at 11:30pm.


We hung out for a bit. Everyone started eating these breadsticks cause they were starving lmao. Like they looked so unappetizing, it had me laughing. Wakil actually has a wife, who I got to meet. They are adorable. You can just tell it was genuine. Wakil is from Kansas City, Missouri, which he reps in his music. When we chopped it up, he was telling me about how much Kansas City fucks with the bay. That made me so happy. I later asked how the couple met, and she said a party in LA. That gives me hope…but not much. lmao.

It was the first day of fall today. But it was hot af. LA living.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Dope collab with The Script. Spitting that real real.


So the fact that this playdate actually happened is crazier than you think. Me and my hg got these bad boys off Groupon hella days ago, which I am addicted to. I actually had to slow my roll, because shit … Continue reading

Sleeping With Other People.

What day of the week is it? Monday? Shit, no. It’s Sunday night. Sure feels like a Monday night. Me and my hg decided to catch “Sleeping with Other People” at AMC 15 Century City. You know I got them late night blues. The title itself has chick flick written all over it. Exactly what I needed. Long day. We went through a lot of indecisiveness in committing. A lot of “Im d if you are” lines back and forth.


I’m so annoying, esp when I’m alone. My girl was running late. This leaves me sparking convos with strangers. I asked the ticket lady about the movie and she said she loved it. She said it was an updated version of the movie “When Harry Met Sally”? The title sounds familiar. This might have been during the time I was growing up under a rock and listening to Eminem though. She said it basically shows why a man and woman can’t be friends and have sex at the same time. Shoot, we been knowing that one.

The film stars Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie, who both do an excellent job in their roles. First of all, Jason looks extremely like Dane Cook. Like fr, I had to double check on my Flixster app that it wasn’t him. The rom-com begins, showing an old scene of the two losing their virginity to each other. 12 years later, they run into each other… at a 12 step meeting… for sex addicts. Yes, those exist. In fact, there’s almost meetings for every addiction now.

Working in recovery, this struck a chord with me. They note how the meeting actually made them horny. This is one of my biggest worries. That meetings, or rehab, or treatment, any of the above, might actually trigger the individual versus help them want them to get better. How can a concept with such good intentions backfire this hard? to do exactly the opposite. Ugh.

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. The two decide to not sleep with each other, no matter how bad the sexual tension got. They actually created a code word, whenever things get a little too heated. Cute. The movie goes on as Alison, who plays Lainey, is hung up on a man, Matthew, who iss married. They see each other through Lainey pretending to be Matthew’s patient. Oh Matthew’s a gynecologist. Reality set in on how possible this is IRL. This reminds me of the recent reveal of the online dating site for married people who want to cheat. SMH. Losing hope by the second.

Most of you probably won’t watch this film, but it was entertaining, to say the least. Good insight on the man and woman’s perspective on promiscuity and how to handle situations of the sort. Things got very sexual at moments. There was a whole scene dedicated on teaching Lainey how to finger herself. They also highlight how a female usually does not orgasm during sex. #interesting.

I’m glad we went. I think I would always choose to do something than be at home. Not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Relating this to my own life, I would say most of my friends are guys. Well, that’s a lie. Maybe just a good amount. I just would so much rather be friends or homies than the latter. That and I just don’t see them in that way. Sigh.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Drake and Future’s “What A Time To Be Alive” dropped today. I literally sped home to go on a run and listen to it. Shoutout to the best fran for the link. This is my fav track so far. “Me and my friends, we got money to spend.” *diamond emoji* Song ain’t up on Youtube yet. Here’s a link though.



If you know me, you know I live for my foot massages. Disclaimer, they do your whole body! It’s about $25 an hour and 100% worth it. Sure, it ain’t no Massage Envy Swedish massage, but it does the trick. Especially when you need that quick fix, you can just walk on in. I’ve converted a lot of my friends, and still working on some.

Massages are something I do with my brothers (my real brother and his best friend who crazily has the same exact last name). I say “brothers” pretty much to confuse people. They live in Irvine, so them driving an hour to hang out with me means the world. Escape Foot Massage on Robertson Blvd guys. Towards the end, they lift your shirt (as you’re face down), and wipe down your back with a hot towel. It feels better than it sounds.

The Saturday night turn up. We heard Black Mass was phenomenal so that was our GP (game plan) for the rest of the night. I chose my favorite movie theater on the westside: The Landmark on Pico. To my surprise, they put us in the theater with couches- GLORIOUS. I thought this was reserved for films that were more indie and smaller. This was opening weekend! No complaints. The couch seats make you feel like you’re literally chillin’ at home.

Okay, the hype makes sense. Johnny Depp was incredible. Remember him in Edward Scissorhands? To Pirates of the Carribean… to many more. The man is amazing at what he does. I actually realized on the way home, seeing a billboard for the film, that the man was Johnny Depp. That went over my head. The film itself is very dark, revolving around James “Whitey” Butler, a convict and criminal. Johnny Depp fit the part so perfectly. While you can tell it is him past the makeup and hair, Johnny doesn’t leave his character for a second.

The movie progresses as Butler agrees to work with an FBI agent to fight the Irish mob. This leads to a downward spiral as the thirst for money and power start to prevail. What really blows my mind is that this is all based on a true story. These things happened IRL, and if you watch the film, you will understand why it’s so mind boggling. From a historical standpoint, this biopic of Butler educates us on the actual crimes that were taking place in Boston in the 1970’s.

Okay. Solid film. Johnny Depp- Oscar fasho. I have to take the time to highlight my poor brother in the middle of the seat with no arm rests and a large drink. He was so uncomfortable lmao. I kept asking if he was okay. Crazy how something as small as an armrest can make or break your night.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Casey Veggies is one of my fav rappers and his album drops in a couple days! Eeeeeek. Dropping a single with Dom right before. Clutch.


CHRIS BROWN is my number one, after YG of course. Me and my main bought these tickets way back in June, we checked. I thought it might sell out, but I realized, CB got mad haters. This was his One Hell … Continue reading


Was gonna post a photo of the film from Google, but I realized I wanna make these posts more personal. So instead, I’ma hit you with my Snapchat of the night haha.


Movies past midnight are a dangerous thing. But you know, YOLO. The first Maze Runner, I REMEMBER really enjoying. Tell me why I couldn’t recall a single thing. *skull emoji* My short term memory loss is becoming a serious concern of mine. Oh well. All I remember is liking the movie more than Hunger Games. That says a lot.

The Grove in Los Angeles is my happy place. Shoutout to my gay bestie for waiting to go to the later showing with me <3. Latest* Here we go, Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. Dylan O’Brien is the star of the show again, and he does a pretty good job. This movie was honestly all action this time. I was expecting more plot for sure. And there were zombies…. I actually got scared a couple times. Like I screamed. Oh, and the Asian actor. I’m not into Asians at all, but this Korean dude looks good on the big screen.

The movie was a little long. I dozed off a couple times, but I reeled myself back in. If you’re just looking for some entertainment, I’d say go for it. There was one part where they run into new faces and the guy goes, “I have 3 questions: where are you going, where are you from, and how can I profit?” On a deeper level, I thought this was pretty reflective of real life. We’re just trying to advance in life… right? In one way or another. And we all want to know where are roots lie. If you from the bay, automatic trill-ness. Just saying.

I have to be up in 3 hours and prob won’t sleep for another 1 hour. Sigh. Naps are so love/hate.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I feel like new music is lacking lately. Listened to the Young Thug mixtape “Slim Season” tonight. Meh. Production is dope. London On Da Track. But meh. This is my fav track on it. GUCCI.


I’m not even gonna lie. I thought baseball was boring af. But this game was actually super fun. I mobbed with all my old co-workers from Chin Chin in Beverly Hills. Miss those server days. Thinking about going back actually. … Continue reading