Kung Fu Panda 3.

Kung Fu Panda 3 was legit sho cute. It was exactly what I needed too, bc I was a little down when evening came around. I was just kinda over people at one point… which is super negative. So I … Continue reading


Tillllllerrrrrr. Godtilla. Pen Griffey. In the flesh. I’m geeked haha. If you don’t know. Bryson Tiller is that new wave of R&B that’s absolutely lit rn. This fool is from Kentucky and he’s only like 22 years old. Baby. His … Continue reading

Dirty Grandpa.

This is a sad story to begin with but it ends well. Ha. So I had 2 free tickets to a screening of Fifty Shades of Black…. which we later found out was the red carpet premiere. Okay Regal LA … Continue reading


Yo, I can’t even look at this picture haha. My heart has legit been in distress since I stepped into this theater. First of all, I’m sooooo not a fan of dolls. They scare the ish outta me. Even ones … Continue reading


Man. The weeks/days have been long. I’m finding it harder and harder to commit to plans at night, or ever haha. It always takes a little bit extra to not just sleep through the night… or life. Friday is usually … Continue reading

13 Hours.

Whoaaaaa it’s been a whole minute. Sorry. Haven’t had time for much of anything. So I just had the most lit weekend I’ve had in probably my 20’s haha. I seriously used to go hard in the paint, but then … Continue reading

The Revenant.

The Revenant was absolutely insane. Salute to Leonardo DiCaprio, his role was literally insane. It’s a movie you have to go see. It’s a little over 2 and a half hours, but you don’t really notice it. That means it was … Continue reading


I’m officially 25 and depressed. Lmao. OKAY I’LL STOP. Just trynta literally accept that I’m old. I’m honestly not the best with adult things. And this is just a reminder of that lmao. I seriously call this my mid-life crisis… … Continue reading


DIZZY WRIGHT. From Vegas. One of my fav rappers. Most of y’ll prob haven’t heard of him. He’s definitely not mainstream. But I really like his music. He has dope beats and raps about real life shit. He writes about … Continue reading