Young Dolph.


It’s Dolphhhhhh! Okay this is gonna be hella quick cause I have hella shit to do haha. Young Dolph is one of my favorite ignant rappers lmao. Legit just fuck with his turn up/get money mentality. Dang I just saw he had over a million followers on IG, like did homeboy make it? He really living that lifestyle he rapping about lmao.

I thought he was more slept on. Most of you might know him from Cut It with OT Genasis, but he’s his own amazing self haha. I actually forgot who put me on… it’s always one of my homies that gets me stuck on an artist haha. I called him the King Of Memphis one time and my editor goes, is that self-titled? Lmao hater af. I guess Yo Gotti is the OG, but Dolph the new wave.

He legit has tracks like Get Paid and Its Going Down that I could blast in the whip ANY DAY and just be so turnt. Get Paid would get me through the work day when I hated my job ha. Sad. That’s that turn up though. Work out to Dolph and you golden.

I low key came back from the bay for this shit lmao. Dolph’s the one artist I actually haven’t seen live. And I invited my homeboy I haven’t seen in a minute so I was excited to see him. This was the first time I got all access to go backstage and shit so I had to get my homeboy a wristband so we could both mob. Finessed.

Shout out to his publicist for copping me a Pink Dolphin tee! He had a pop-up shop on Fairfax today but I couldn’t make up bc I was mobbing back from the bay. She said he only made 100 shirts so I was honored haha. That’s honestly a collab that should have happened years ago tho ha. So genius.

I’m so fucking sad haha but it’s time to get back to real life. Not that I didn’t work yesterday, but just hella shit to handle in LA :(. My to-do list and appointments this week will be the death of me. I truly enjoyed my time in the bay and miss my friends a lot. Also was very lit the entire time. I legit stopped blazing in LA before I left. When you stop for a little, you low key forget about that shit.

Idk if it’s a good thing I’m back on haha but whatever. The ride back actually wasn’t bad at all. We just listened to dope music and got lit af haha. Legit, bay kids are automatic fam haha. So much in common. But seriously shout out to my homeboy for letting me ride back with him. Truly truly grateful.

Anyways. Who fucks with Young Dolph? Taking a poll lmao.






You guys. This movie was fucking great. Nerve starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, and MGK, bae haha. Jk. I used to think he was hot but he’s really intense to me now lmao. I definitely had James Franco instead of Dave up there lmao thank you Google. I think it’s James’ little bro, and they look exactly like each other haha. Emma Roberts is bae though. Just look how cute they are in the pic haha.

Just right off the bat gonna say I highly recommend this movie. It’s short, a little over an hour 30, but it’s epic. I really enjoyed it, and perfect with all the bullshit happening in my life rn haha. Real talk tho. Not only did I technically lose my job, but I got a fucking $363 handicapped parking ticket today. LIKE WHY. I mean, I know why, I take full responsibility, it’s my fault. But it had to happen rn. In the midst of my life crashing down in front of my eyes haha. Damn. Not even trynta be dramatic but the stars are NOT aligning rn.

Anyways. After literally the most painful dentist apt, I needed Starbucks. Literally go to my go-to shop down the street from me. I usually post up in this spot in the back no problem. As I’m pulling out this lady runs up on me with a ticket. I was like WHAT. Look up and see this half bent handicapped sign. The paint on the ground was faded too. I asked her what the damage was because she wasn’t budging, thinking it would be 90 bucks. Nope. 4 times that amount. I officially gave up at that point. Cried my way back to my apt. Literally gonna fight this. If I have to show up to rags in court, I’ma fight this shit. Not cool.

Okay back to the film haha. Me and my 2 hgs hit up AMC Century City 15 at 7:20pm. I love them. We all really liked the movie. SO IT’S NOT JUST ME THAT LIKED IT. Lmao my one hg keeps saying I like everything and it’s getting to me. I got out of Core Power Yoga at 7pm and GPS said it would take 20 minutes. Just taking a moment to complain about LA traffic bc that shit normally would take 5 minutes. Okay maybe 7.

Anyways. We got in right when the movie started. 20 min previews at AMC Theaters guys remember that haha. The best part is I had no idea what it was about, and left so satisfied haha. It got pretty good reviews too. I’ma give you the full Rotten Tomatoes plot cause it’ll explain it best.

Industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico, has had it with living life on the sidelines. When pressured by friends to join the popular online game Nerve, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun. But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

That plot was a little too complex. Bascically, it’s a game on-line and it ends up being SO nuts haha. Like truth or dare, without the truth haha literally. I seriously would love that shit. I’m an adrenaline junkie. Not sure if it’s a good thing. When I was in therapy, I was told it’s a red flag. Meep. But this movie has a lot of emotions haha. Go go go.

I hate my life rn haha. My tooth hurts and I’m doing laundry. Thankful though… to be alive? (Meep.)


TRACK OF THE DAY: Straight fire.

Vic Mensa.


The perks of being social results in security letting you in VIP lmao. Real talk though haha. Shout out to them, me and my hg were able to post up away from the madness. Vic Mensa sold out show at The Roxy. Homeboy tore that shit down. He’s one of those artists that are worth it to see live. He definitely puts on for his fans.

I was sad bc he literally only played his new ish haha. But that’s not bad. His last EP There’s A Lot Going On was very heartfelt. And the song New Bae is bae haha. If you guys aren’t familiar, this is a rapper who really uses his voice and addresses all the terrible things going on in the world. He’s able to create really really good music while letting his feeling out. Idk, homeboy’s super talented. We were admiring how he can sing tn too.

We really wanted to hear Orange Soda though tear. He played 16 Shots twice tn. The crowd at that shit up. I mean, it does go hard. But he had The Roxy beyond lit. Crazy lights too, like an EDM show haha. I was blinded for a little bit. Man. Vic is a real one. He brought out Towkio and Raury, which was interesting haha. And Joey Purp opened for him, but I def missed his set. I know he’s dope though.

Vic’s set was so short! I was sad. He came on a little after 10 and played a little over an hour. Prob had to save his energy for the afterparty at OHM in Hollywood after. *eye roll* I was having this convo with my hg the other day, you will not find me at a club no more haha. Like I’m too old. Or a festival lmao. I feel bad. Tyler The Creator announced the lineup for his Camp Flog Gnaw Festival, which I’ve been the last 2 years. It’s honestly a great time. But I was so unmoved by it haha. Honestly just lazy man. Smh. My friends are stoked though.

What were we talking about lmao damn I get so damn distracted. Like legit will have 10 tabs up on my Google Chrome and forget what I started 5 tabs ago. Smh. Also my computer blows. Today it froze at the office and I almost had a panic attack haha. But really, it legit can’t keep up with how fast I work, or wanna work. Halp.

Okay so back to the show. Vic Mensa is signed to Roc Nation. And has a huge tattoo of the symbol on his neck. I legit think it’s so hot lmao. He also has a HUGE “save money” tattoo on his forearm, in the shape of a stamp. It’s amazing. Tn he wore this silk shirt… and had it unbuttoned. And then took it off. The shirt was sus though. I was like uhhhh.

So this one time…. apologies if I’ve told this story before. I saw him outside on Melrose when I was working at Joyrich. And I told him to come in. I wanted him to fuck with our shit, but he was NOT into it ha. So embarrassing. He looked around and then straight up left the other door lmao. I’ve interviewed him before too at a Roc Nation party, and he wasn’t into it. Sigh. At least he makes dope music. And cares about the world.

Not to talk shit, but he doesn’t look like someone fun to kick it with. What do I know though. He just seems mad serious at all times. Okay I’m done talking about him haha. Work was fun today. We had Mod Sun come through our music meeting. He just collabed with Dej Loah on a track and it’s seriously fire. It’s called We Do This Shit. A feel good turn up track for sure.

We then had TF come through, an LA rapper who was featured on ScHoolboy Q’s album. My hg’s boyfriend manages him. He’s def the definition of a street rapper. Just a raw flow. And yeah. That was dope but I was getting distracted. Felt like I had to get shit done and then my comp was dying. Fail.

I went to yoga for the first time in a minute and it was so great. Hot Power Fusion at Core Power is no joke guys. Yes, I’m probably sweating from the hot ass room and not my workout, but it works haha. And I always feel like I’m getting rid of all the bullshit from the day and… life. Anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression absolutely needs to go to yoga. It’s so mf healing.

Went home, showered, Uber pooled. No breaks. Ever. I didn’t want to park on Sunset tn haha. And #tandemparking. Pool is seriously so much cheaper tho. What a great invention fr. Salute to Uber on that one. Just don’t take it to the airport when you’re trynta catch a flight lmao. Learned my lesson the hard way… a good 3x.

The hype for Suicide Squad is too real. I heard it wasn’t as good as it shoulda been. We’ll see. FriYay tomorrow. Meep.

Should I renew my med card? Serious question…


Cousin Stizz.

Yoooooo. So my hg put me on Cousin Stizz a minute ago. I fucked with him. He recently dropped his MONDA mixtape, which I ran to on Monday. It’s dope. The kid can spit. He’s from Boston. So funny bc … Continue reading

Bad Moms.


Bad Moms. Highly recommended. So bomb, and so funny, and perfect for this hell of a Monday. Literally fuck Mondays haha. Jk it wasn’t that bad. I just have a lot going on and a lot on my plate (and yet I can fit in a movie right) lmao. Literally my to-do list never ends. I was showing my homie, since the time I left for the movie until when I get out, I had added about 8 things in my notes haha. LIKE WHY.

Answer: anxiety. Ha.

Anyways, 8pm showing at The Grove. Bad Moms. I saw my hg tweet she loved it and it got bomb ratings, you know I’m d. Plus, the cast is beyond lit. First off, Mila Kunis is my girl. Bae for sure. She’s so pretty. This movie is literally a comedy. Female power ftw haha.

IMDB plot: When three overworked and under-appreciated moms are pushed beyond their limits, they ditch their conventional responsibilities for a jolt of long overdue freedom, fun, and comedic self-indulgence.

The stars are Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell, who I always just call Veronica Mars. There were seriously some scenes that had us dying of laughter. Shout out to my homeboy for coming. It was mad funny bc one scene, the little girl HELLA throws shade on teachers. And he’s a substitute teacher haha. Smh.

Oh Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett was in it, looking flawless as usual. What else… it’s not long. Like an hour 40. Def recommended. And it’s not a chick flick. Guys will enjoy this too haha. Stay for the end because they showcase the cast with their real moms and joking about things growing up. It’s actually really cute. I think there was a really positive message about family in this one.

Omg my homie had told me he had a gift for me, and it was a motivational book he wrote. I was so grateful. I didn’t want to take it. I was like shoot me the link so I can buy and support haha. But yeah, I appreciated it a lot. Lord knows I need motivation.

I went on a run before to clear my head. It felt good. I hate running though. Like I really do haha. But it’s the only time I can listen to music too, like projects in its entirety.

Today marks 4 years since I’ve had a sip of alcohol. That’s some crazy shit man. I’m so humbled and… grateful. I literally can’t stand the lifestyle anymore. I try not to knock it down bc everyone does it. It’s just the norm. But with my real friends, I tell them straight up. They don’t need that shit. It’s a weakness. People are socially awkward and need it to feel okay. It’s a weakness. Live above the influence. And smoke weed lmao jk (kinda).

I do miss drinking and the memories I’ve made with my friends. Those will never go away. Ever. But that ship has mad sailed ha. ❤


TRACK OF THE DAY: Major throwback rn. But this came on the radio and I was lit af haha. Such a classic man.




Shoulda named this post Ty Dolla $ign but you get it haha. I love Ty. He was my first on camera interview 4 or 5 years ago, and it was lit. I was stoked to say wsup to him today bc every other time he’s surrounded by mad bitches haha. Really though.

I always said, anything Ty touches is gold. Now I say that about Jeremih lmao but still. I watched Ty come up as an artist and he’s so incredibly talented. Salute to him bc I actually really truly fuck with him as an artist and a person. You know some people be tripping with their shit personalities. Ty’s a real one. And today was all him haha.

So, I can’t tell if the mish today was worse than yesterday lmao. We went earlier this time which was probably why it was so bad. Literally hot af again. Sweating in my ass cheeks on the ride down lmao. Sorry no filter here. AND they blocked off all the exits and shit, making everyone’s lives incredibly difficult. It took us so mf long to get to the media room again haha. Fuck Auto Speed Runway.

But no one had confirmed interviews today minus Ty. Desiigner’s team rejected me I was sad haha. Ty was throwing a listening event for his upcoming project Campaign, at the Jagermeister building in the middle of the festival. The flier said 5-6pm and when did he come? After 6pm lmao. We found out he was stuck in traffic but nah. BPT is real haha.

I had a good time catching up with my girl during the wait though. Shout out to her and for listening to my problems lmao. I went deep. I’m going through some shit. And doubting my faith :(. It’s been really hard and I’ve kept it inside this whole time. I really need to figure out my ish. Cause I’m confused…

ANYWAYS. When he did show up it was mad lit. The best part was Ty DJing! He was seriously DJing haha and he played Timmy Turner which I thought was hilarious. Shoutout to his manager for hooking it up with a Campaign shirt too haha you know I love free shit.

Also need to take a moment to rag on all the dumb hoes freaking out trynta take Snaps with Ty. Any artist really. I definitely fan girl, so I can’t talk. But when I’m observing and seeing people so fucking desparate to get a selfie, it’s rough. I literally cringe.

So homeboy (dude on my team who I’ve come to love, shout out to him for driving) was supposed to get an interview before Ty’s set at 7:35pm but that didn’t happen. But it worked out beautifully bc we got to go on stage for his set haha. Seriously he had EVERYBODY at Hard turnt. It was dope af and he seriously had a turnout.

Also got to people watch the entire crowd so that was fun ha. He brought out Joe Moses. I turned to the dude next to me and was like, what percent of the crowd do you think knows who Joe Moses is lmaoooo.


Me and my girl had a moment with the sunset. Ha. The little things. And shoutout to homeboy who copped the interview with Ty after. He was turnt so I think he talked a lot more than he normally would have. Also, he looked literally crazy when he jumped in the crowd ha. His eyes (beautiful eyes) were so big. It was kinda scary.

So tired rn haha and got some shit to do. Overall dope weekend. I will never attend another festival though (unless I’m covering) haha literally can’t do it. Oh, saw someone carry a huge sign that said “Dear world, please bring ratchet back.” That was epic.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Coming soon.



Flosstradamus has changed my life in more ways than I can describe haha. Only a few people will understand. But yeah. They are a DJ duo from the Midwest, I would say the kings of trap. Minus RL Grime. Interviewing them was beautiful. They’re the most chill artists to speak with. Super real and just down to earth .

They better be because we pushed the biggest mish to get this lmao. Literally got the media pass for work, and they were the only reasons I pushed to Fontana. Hard Summer is always the move, but this year at Auto Club Speedway… is NOT the move. First off, it’s like the worst heat wave rn. And worse down there. Also been having really bad nightmares driving. Literally almost died again the other day and got real real sad. The reality that I’m a terrible drive just really set in man.

So my co-worker drove. Shout out to him. I filled his tank though ha. Shout out to me. Joking. I was just so happy I didn’t have to drive. Literally the ride down was brutal because no AC (which I was used to) and there were so many accidents. We left a little before 4pm and barely walked in around 6pm.

AND THEN. The worst part… the actual venue. Fuck that venue man haha. It’s HUGE. Massive. Normally for Nascar racing, which makes sense. But yeah, my homies were all there, super fucked up. My bf from home literally made me laugh SO HARD (lawl get it). I was asking if he was at Travis Scott because we had walked by his set (lit per usual), and he goes “Ya he’s on next.” I was like BRO. He’s on now. LMAO. I was crying. Shit was mad funny.

But yeah so…. I had to write this post to highlight the crazy feelings I got walking into this damn festival. Like I was the biggest hater EVER. Ask my team lmao. I was hating sooo hard on everyone when I used to be one of them. So nuts. Idk, maybe I was jealous of their fun, but I was just so turned off by the rave scene. Everyone on drugs made me not miss it but I do miss the priceless memories I’ve made with my friends. I miss that part a lot.

It took us I swear like 40 minutes to find the media room. And my point of contact for Floss was giving me attitude and I was like bro, I pushed 3 hours to get here, don’t play me rn. Fr I thought they were gonna bail and I was about to be a raging bitch haha. Which I fully embraced getting… Literally no worker knew where anything was. EVEN PARKING. Like no one knew where media could park. It was about the most frustrating thing ever. Hard, or whoever put on the event, please be more organized. Shit is not cool.

The venue was just so rough. Literally maneuvering around took 5x the amount of time as it should have. Stairs and going all the way around something when it would just be so easy if there was no gate present. Sigh. I’m so beat haha. Had a venti white mocha frap on the way and literally had to pee so tough. Not complaining though. We literally kicked it in the media room and just chatted. They have water and wifi haha. Eseentials. We caught some of Ice Cube’s set after, which was lit. Literally couldn’t see shit on stage though. Stan.

On my way out I stepped right into a huge pile of mud. I literally almost had a heart attack bc I thot it was shit haha. Literally was about to give up in that moment if it was…But yeah my foot was soaked. And I wore sandals. WOW. Wtf Shirls. Wtf. Shout out to my girl who sacrificed her water bottle so I could clean it off. Shit was dramatic haha.

OMG and then on our way home, we saw a fucking high speed police chase on the other side of the freeway. It was the first time I seen that shit IRL. It was so crazy and scary and my girl was actually caught in it. So fucking crazy I would have a panic attack haha. Wonder what the dude is running from… or if it’s gonna be on the news.

My insomnia sucks bc it affects my day. And it’s gone. Le sigh. Also doing laundry now and my sheets and hate this shit haha. I’m sad I couldn’t meet up with anyone today. Ran into one person I knew, where I had a brain fart how I knew him. Smh. I hate when that happens :(. Ran into my other girl who was “working” the event lmao. We out here.

Super reflective rn haha. The long drive had us in deep convo about some shit. Life is crazy guys. And shouldn’t be harder than it needs to be. Fr.

I miss my brother lmao. Muahs.


TRACK OF THE DAY: New track alert.

Chuck Inglish.

Yo, the best part of the show was the Asian girl DJ in the back. Do you guys see her?! Lmao. Why was I so obsessed. She was seriously dope. I wanna DJ so bad. Le sigh haha. I seriously … Continue reading

XXL 2016 Freshmen Live.

Yooooooo. You know this show is about to be lit. I really fucked with the XXL Freshmen list this year, and I know the majority of my friends did not haha. The ones that really like Hip Hop hated this … Continue reading



Ghostbusters. The female version. No but really… haha all women this time, which was the point. Which is pretty dope. WHO YOU GONNA CALL? I was actually super d to see this movie, esp after my co-worker described it as “eating really good candy.” LMAO. Whatever the fuck that means… He goes, it’s like really bomb candy, but not a full meal… haha. He’s great.

But really. This shit was mad hilarious. Me and my homeboy were busting up throughout the whole film, which lasted an hour and 45 minutes. We hit the 4:35pm showing at The Grove, which is always lit. Parking wasn’t as crazy as I thot it would be. Found a spot on the third floor right away. #trophies

So this is a remake of the original Ghostbusters, which came out in 1984, before both of us were born haha. It had cameos from some of the cast in that one, at which point some people in our theater screamed and awed. Makes sense, they the OGs. And the people that reacted are the dedicated Ghostbusters fans haha. My homie recognized them too. I’m not sure I ever saw the original…. but I think there’s been a couple remakes since.

There are 4 main females, and you know anything with Kristen Wiig will be comedy. Melissa McCarthy, I thought, played her role really well. The 3rd blond chick in the group was absolutely hilarious, she legit had us dead. Kate McKinnon. Had to look that one up for sure. The fourth is Leslie Jones, who was comedy as well.

Chris Hemsworth was the cherry on top. He plays their receptionist, and Kristen is like, obsessed with him. It added a nice flare to the whole flick. Please go watch this movie! G-Eazy is on the theme song too lmao.

I had a solid ass day. Which thankfully made up for my unproductive af Saturday. Hate it, my insomnia has been haunting me again, and it always carries over into the day. Should prob do something about that, but hey that costs money. I’m saving every penny rn cause my car accident cost way too much. Also found out the other party hired a lawyer and claims he got injured. SUCH bs. I can’t. It was 100% his fault. I was in shock. People are so sus man.

Speaking of, another shooting in Baton Rouge today :(. Don’t even wanna talk about it.

Woke up this morning and needed Starbucks, so I left in a hurry in my slippers and got judged left and right. Like, I get it, they should prob not leave the apt, but they’re Uggs kids slippers. Like it could be so much worse haha. Lesson learned tho… My white mocha frap was extra dank today. I love when they add hella syrup haha.

Last night, my co-worker mentioned interviewing this artist, which turned out to be someone I fucking loved, and had listened to since day one. His name is Belly, and his Up For Days mixtape was so bomb. My homeboy put me on him, and we knew he would blow. Shit, his track with The Weeknd, Might Not, STILL gets me. Even tho it’s overplayed af on the radio, it still seriously goes so hard for me. That collab is just fucking fire.

This video shoot was with Kehlani, or Baelani, for their single You. Shit’s fire. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Kehlani haha. Bay Area ftw. All that negative feedback with her suicide attempt was so fucking petty to me. Like she’s a human being like every one of us, and she was going through some shit. How dare you knock her down for it. *breathes*

The location was downtown, and it was hot af. Like, still dying in my little Fiat. Literally gonna kiss the AC in my Acura when I get it back lmao. But yeah, I had questions prepared from Belly… but they ended up doing the interview without me cause I was upstairs taking Snaps of Kehlani SMH. Mostly trynta get DX poppin on Snap, but not sure if my efforts are being recognized.

Literally, so crazy. Like probably a 7 second scene they had to do over 10x. She looked SO over it lmao. Shit, they had to be there all day. I would be too. I heard her asking for a j hahah that’s my girl. She looked beautiful tho, and I was sitting next to her stylist. She had to touch Kehlani up each take haha. So interesting… such a process.

Like most of us just watch a music video and it lasts what, maybe 3-5 minutes. Who knows how many hours are spent on this. I guess you could say that about movies too, but they make back a lot more… The fact that a single movie ticket is $15.50 still is a mindfuck to me.

Being BTS was cool. That was prob the biggest artist’s video set I’ve been on. But yeah, when I went back downstairs to see if Belly was ready for the interview, homeboy was already recording haha I was like DAMNIT. I snuck in a question or 2, but his team said only questions related to this video. So I guess it didn’t matter haha.

Omg, Belly’s dog bit someone. On set, outside his trailer. It was like an angry pitbull, and he straight up like noshed on this guy’s pants. Luckily, only got the pants. Yo, that dog is so gnarly tho. Def fits Belly’s personality haha.

After that, I came back and wrote an article. Then jet to The Grove. Shout out to my homeboy who went with me, he’s good peoples fr. Afterwards, I shopped around after, trynta find a bday pressie for my girl. Shit, everything cost money haha.

Got a foot massage at Joy Foot Spa after with my girl. She just moved downtown, and used to live down the street for me. Tear. We never see each other anymore. It’s sad, but we’re all just grinding.

Doing laundry now. Ready for you Monday leggo. LIFE IS GOOD.



TRACK OF THE DAY: For your listening pleasure.