Alien: Covenant.

Happy fucking Monday. It’s been a long day lmao. After work, I forced myself to hit Core Power Yoga, for my third straight day of yoga. I hope you guys don’t mind me talking so much about fucking yoga, but … Continue reading

Fist Fight.

Holy shit. Everyone has to see this movie!! It was straight comedy. I don’t think a single person who sits though it can deny it wasn’t anything short of hilarious. At least in our theater anyways. I was lucky enough … Continue reading

A Hologram for the King.


This movie is extremely interesting. Very different and… just interesting haha. Tom Hanks is of course, Tom Hanks. A Hologram for the King at The Landmark on Pico at 9:40pm. Convinced the broskee to go bc we’re roomies now!!! Lmao. I’m so lit. But I’m also sad af bc it’s temporary. He just got a new job in Hollywood and is crashing in my living room for a month. Until his squad moves to LA with him. I’m hella sad haha. Having him as a roomie makes me smile. Legit love it.

I had asked him if we could live together, and his response was, “I love you, but no.” Ha, dang. Feels. I can be psycho sis for sure. Too easily actually. But anyways. This movie. The plot does not give you any info on the movie, to me at least. I felt it was irrelevant from the actual story. I’ve been told lately I sometimes give spoilers, so I’ll stop there haha.

The plot:

A beautiful doctor (Sarita Choudhury) and a wise-cracking taxi driver (Alexander Black) help an American businessman (Tom Hanks) who’s trying to close the deal of a lifetime in Saudi Arabia.

This movie is dope bc of how much we got to see the culture of Saudi Arabia. My bro informed me that women can’t drive there! Nor vote! The fuh. That’s so nuts to me. Like the fact that driving is considered a privilege? That’s bizarre. And idk. It’s so religious there. It’s beautiful though. Lots of sand and desert but the nice areas are real fucking nice. The woman doc, who’s gorgeous, lives in a glass house overlooking the extremely blue ocean. The good life.

Anyways. It got bomb reviews and it’s only an hour and half. I was extremely distracted throughout the movie but that’s why I love going with my bro, cause he dgaf haha. It’s considered a comedy but… very subtle. And yeah. Interesting film haha.

I’m in shock rn. My mouth is STILL numb from my dental procedure at 3pm. Like yo that’s 9 hours. That’s not normal haha. It was pretty gnarly tho. They consider it a mini surgery. I had to get a bone graft for my tooth that was extracted. So crazy. And then I have no come back in 6 months to get the implant. Sigh. Life. < my mantra.

Getting numbing shots in your mouth¬†is legit one of my worst nightmares. Shit fucking hurts. I legit am 5 years old. I squeezed the shit outta the dentist assistant’s hand haha. He legit gave me like over 5 shots, and I was still fucking scared I would feel something. I’m supposed to just feel pressure, but I swear, my anxiety fools me into feeling something in my nerves. All bad.

I had to get antibiotics and anti-flammation pills. Shit cost like $30 bucks at CVS. Wahhh. Anyways. What’s about to happen next is depressing af. I had time to kill so I went to the candy store in Westwood to grab my fav (Trolli Strawberry Puffs) and I posted in the red for like…. 5 min. No lie. Parking ticket. COOOOOOOOL. I’m an idiot. It’s official. I’ve come to conclusion that I’m an idiot. I guess it was about time. I used to get them legit religiously. Was on a good streak for a while minus my tow at The Grove. That shit cost $93 bucks ūüė¶ it hurt for sure. But my New York trip this summer fell through so woooo. Half my paycheck¬†for a bad, impulsive, last minute decision. *sigh*

So I snuck into Core Power Yoga after haha for the Sculpt class. Legit such a good class. Core Power Yoga is my fav studio for sure. It’s just you leave feeling like you legit worked out. I mean, it’s hot yoga, so you’re gonna sweat regardless. But the instructors are mad dope and they push you. The 5:30pm was PACKED too. Legit that studio on Wilshire (in Brentwood) is always poppin.

Went home showered got some shit done and then went with the bro. My morning was so rough haha I had to nap before my dentist apt. So PS, I’m legit in a mid life crisis. I have no idea what I’m gonna do but let’s just say I’m gonna try something new. And hope it works for the best. Lots of fear and hesitation with this decision, but trusting God got me. I was gonna say hoping, but realize I can’t be hesitant with my faith. It’s all or nothing.

My mouth is still fucking numb. I can’t.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My two fav rappers in one track. Yas.


TGIF has never failed me¬†more than today haha. It was honestly a day from hell. First of all I missed my first class. Cool. Good job Shirley. Second, I got a parking ticket. It was a risk I took not paying for my parking this time, and low and behold, a white and red envelope on my dashboard. That shit hurt mayne. I legit may hold the world record for parking tickets. It’s been a while though. So maybe it was God reminding me I hold that record still.

SO THEN… I’m heading to Westwood for my doctor’s appointment, one that was long overdue. All of a sudden, my tire blows out. Okay so…¬†the day before. Me being me, inpatient af, was trying to cut some LA traffic, and I decide to go through this gas station. You know, since I just couldn’t wait long enough to turn right. I go into the gas station alright, but not through the ramp. Nope, right into the curb. My car was fucked, and I knew it. So the tire pressure symbol comes on. In my mind I’m like, ugh okay. I’ll just stop by the body shop on my way home from the doctor’s. Lesson learned. Don’t wait if you have car problems.


So I pull over on the 10 freeway, at the on ramp¬†merging west, right before the Normandie/Western exit. It was terrifying. The cars were going mad fast, whizzing by me. I took a quick pic- and ran back to safety. My tire disintegrated guys (I had to look up how to spell that). I was shocked. It like disappeared into thin air. It was terrifying too. What if I couldn’t pull over in time?? AND THEN, fuck Farmer’s Insurance. Their roadside assistance had me waiting an hour and a half, for absolutely nothing. I finally called the police and they came and called me a tow truck. But honestly, I was so mad about Farmer’s. I started crying. And then I was like, why am I crying? In my mind, their job is to help people like me in need. So how in the fuck are they failing rn?

Alright I’ma shorten this story. So then I go to my doctor’s, who decides to lower all my medications. Like cool. So I’m pissed. AND THEN, he goes off on how terrible pot is for me and how it’s making me stupid. Bruhhhhhh. He’s a crazy psychiatrist fr, but I’m never met anyone who hated weed more. It’s so damn interesting. He went in on me though, enough to make me want to find another doctor. Sigh. No time.

AND THEN, my brother informs me I can’t drive on a spare tire, which I really tried to not believe. After confirmation, I make it out of the doctor’s just in time before Firestone closes. Unfortunately, they were so backed up, my car took another 2 whole hours. Oh my gosh. The technician said someone had just quit and there’s only 2 of them. I felt bad- my attitude towards the situation did not help at all.

Went to the pharmacy after to fill my meds and then hit the gym. I hate cardio machines, the worst. LA Fitness cracking fasho though. I felt like for half the crowd, this was their night. The other half was so ready to turnup after their sesh. During this sesh I listened to Fetty Wap’s new album. Yes, his singles are dope as hell, but I just felt like every song sounded the same. What was the hype? Casey Veggie’s though. His album is dope af.


So what better way to forget a bad day then at the movies. Convinced my gay bestie to trek to AMC Century City 15. Okay fine, I’m obsessed with their AMC Stubs Card. It’s legit though. It’s a rewards program where you earn points and get free $10 credits once you reach a certain number. You also get free upgrades. So here’s where I complain. 3D Imax cost $20.99. Next joke. That’s like, a joke. It hurts.

We were handed the 3D glasses before we walked in. These were actually legit, not the flimsy disposable ones. Maybe that’s where all our money goes. Jk. Also, it didn’t register Everest was Mt. Everest. I question myself sometimes…Anyways, the movie was super dope. Super perfect for Imax 3D, so glad we did that. It really felt like you were there, in the scene. It was such a trip though.

First of all, it tells you in the beginning it’s based on a true story. Which made it that much more intense. It showcases two groups who try to reach the top of Mt. Everest, which is the highest point on earth. Whoa. It was so vivid. The ticket guy actually said he hadn’t seen the film because he was scared of heights. Now I know why. I thought the film was overall great, and starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley. Is it bad that gave the film credibility off the bat?

I was never bored the entire 2 hours. The film did a great job portraying the drastic conditions in the snow and in the mountains. When the storm hits, things go from bad to worse. They also had little oxygen, and had to survive off a supply of oxygen tanks they brought. Many who tried to climb the mountain, never left. They were stuck in the freezing snow, hands and feet literally frozen. I die in LA as it is in the winter. What they went through on that mountain made me feel really guilty. It looked like straight torture.

There was one scene where they go around the group, asking why they’re risking their lives to climb to the top of a mountain. The responses were interesting. One girl from Japan said it was the last of the 7 summits she has yet to climb. Another man said he wanted to be a role model for his kids: that you can reach dreams, no matter how bizarre they were. That was my fav.

Amongst the deaths and death scares, this film really took us on the treacherous journey these climbers went through. It was one most people would not dare embark on. It also shared a lot of intimate moments between characters and their relationships.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track hit the spot after such a long crazy day. This closes out Casey’s album¬†Live And Grow, which means it has to be powerful. Apparently, he’s had it done for 2 years now. Okay I can’t find a link to the track, so here’s a short clip about it.