Can we first talk about how I first googled Sully for an image, and everything that came was the monster from Monster’s Inc?? LMAO. Literally the entire Google image tab was of the blue monster from the cartoon. I’m dead. Look.


Anyways. This Sully is a bit more

I saw my friend’s status throwing shade on this movie, claiming she would never see it because a) it was exactly like Flight and b) she said she wasn’t going to give her money to a Trump supporter. DANG lmao. So to clear things up, this movie was NOT like Flight. It was better. Jk idk if it was better, but it was bomb. And I highly recommend it.

First off, it got like 90%. It’s a Clint Eastwood movie. And it’s only a little over an hour and a half. Oh, and Tom Hanks. Such a great actor. All factors told me I had to see it this weekend. Who better than to accompany me than my brothers? Shout out to them. I fucking love them so much. Thanks for getting me cases of water at the grocery store.

We hit the 7:10pm showing at The Landmark on Westwood and Pico. Legit, my favorite theater. So comfy. I used to avoid this theater because my Moviepass didn’t work here but… GUESS WHO’S ACCOUNT GOT CANCELLED? AGAIN. Literally for the¬†second time lmao but it was only a matter of time. Got cancelled the first time because I broke the rules, so I created a new account with a new email and my homie’s address in the bay ha. Oh whale.

We actually made it for the previews this time. It was weird. So weird haha. But we really enjoyed the movie. And the leather seats. It really tripped me out. There’s no spoiler alert cause it’s based on a true story, but it’s the most bizarre story ever.

IMDB plot: The story of Chesley Sullenberger, who became a hero after gliding his plane along the water in the Hudson River, saving all of the airplane flights 155 crew and passengers.

Literally this happened. A flock of birds damaged both engines on a plane and the pilot had to do an emergency landing on a river. They said the chances of surviving a water landing are extremely low too. This was a total miracle.

The movie sheds light on how they investigate the whole incident and try to point the finger at the pilots. RIDICULOUS! This world is so fucked. Like this man just saved the lives of 155 people. I can’t.

Life has been absolutely insane. I can’t breathe. I actually really could have gone without seeing this tonight for how much shit I have to finish before tomorrow, but I wanted to hang with my bro. Stopped by his housewarming in Little Tokyo last night, and saw him partying with all his crew. And his boss. Made me miss throwing house parties in college.

Went to the Power 106 celebrity basketball game earlier and saw Chris Brown act a fool before the game. Log on to my computer to find Complex covering him refusing to stand for the national anthem. Smh man. Smh.

The charity game was at USC, which just reminded me how much I want to but can’t seem to get involved. Fr. I’m paying too damn much to not. The game was cool. I told Pauly D I used to be fucking obsessed with Jersey Shore. #GTL.

Also, Lil Dicky is pure comedy.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This is a gem from De La Soul’s new album. Hip Hop.


The Meddler.


Sooooo this movie was actually super cute, like I’m satisfied. It’s only playing at select theaters, one of those. So of course, The Landmark on Pico. Best theater and home to all the exclusive films haha. I texted my 2 hgs last night actually bc I knew I wanted to see a movie tn. Long ass mf day haha. My NY babe was d.

Awkward. Just got the wrath from one of my best friends for going without her. But I didn’t deserve it I don’t think. Sometimes life just plays out and not everyone gets the better end of the stick. That’s my positive outlook rn haha. Cause I’m annoyed.

We both got out around 7pm and decided last minute to hit the 7:40pm showing. It was a stretch, I literally booked it from Hollywood and went home and showered. Couple minutes late no biggie.

So the reason I was d for this film, a) it got bomb reviews. b) the plot had THE GROVE in it. Lmao. You know I was lit off that.

An aging widow from New York City follows her daughter to Los Angeles in hopes of starting a new life after her husband passes away.

Wait Flixster had a way better plot haha more specific. Aka it said she got an apartment next to The Grove. Legit so many scenes at the fountain, her go-to when she was sad or going through it. I wonder when they filmed it haha cause it’s legit always poppin. The cast in this movie was lit! Rose Bryne from Bridesmaids, who played the daughter.

Susan Sarandon played the mom with the fattest New York accent. They go back to the city, which is where my girl is from. So it def appealed to her haha. She was saying how she wants her mom to see this film. Cute. It also stars Jerrod Carmichael, who I’ve seen do standup live. He legit plays an Apple store dude, the one at The Grove/ I love when comedians act bc you just think of the jokes they’ve done and you laugh. He’s real funny.

The movie was so quirky and random, in the best way. I would say more chick flick/comedy category. The theater was packed and the audience was kinda loud haha. Or some people were. They just react so strongly to some scenes haha. Like, when you guys watch shows on your own, do you laugh out loud? Or nah? Legit question haha.

So the mom is the meddler, who is alllll up in her grown daughter’s business. It was excessive. Although, we both actually cried at one point in the movie lmao. There was just one scene that was too damn heartwarmning. Side note, I have a phobia of getting old. Side note number 2, old people make me sad ha :/.

Day started rough. Forever not sleeping well. I feel bad cause I HAVE to have cold water, so I go in the kitchen in the middle of the night and my bro always wakes up. Or so he says. I’m like damn. I’m sorry :/.

Had an interview for second year placement for school. Even though I’m debating returning in the fall (FACK). I hella liked this agency tho. The dude that interviewed me was super sweet and he actually got his Master’s at USC for Social Work. It’s so crazy… it’s like. Where am I gonna be in 5 years? Am I gonna finish? I don’t wanna pay for it. But I started it. Smh. So many factors and so much on the table. I can’t.

Worked all day. Had a music meeting at DX. Every week they bring in an artist and they drink and chill and just vibe. It’s mad dope. We had Tommy Swisher from Atlanta this week. He that ratchet turn up music. Which I usually love smh.

Side note, Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert are going on tour and I’m so lit ha. Love them both so much. June 9th Regent Theater who’s coming with me?

Went to Core Power Yoga for Sculpt at 6pm in Hollywood. Shit keeps me so grounded I cannot imagine surviving without it.

Andddd I got work to do. Muahs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: If you ain’t know, get to know.

Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day was super cute! Mostly bc Jennifer Aniston though. She’s literally bae. How does she look so damn good. Fr. How. Haha. I love her. And Kate Hudson. This is one of those movies with the most lit cast, like everyone famous haha. Like Valentine’s Day. It was about 2 hours long. But I really enjoyed it. I love chick flicks haha.

Went to the 8:20pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl. I just found out she’s moving back home after she graduates and I’m sad! And jealous haha. I was late per usual ūüė¶ haha. Made it for some of the previews though haha. The movie was obviously in light of Mother’s Day. Which is May 8th I found out! Get your mama something. I have 0 relationship with mine, but I always get her something. I have to.

My mouth is bruised yo. And swollen. It’s so bad. I had no idea my dental procedure would go this haywire. It’s fr noticable and I shouldn’t be in public. Sigh. Anyways. Had my last day of class today. I missed the first one ūüė¶ sad. There was so much food in the second class haha. Shoutout USC, I think last day of classes mean everyone bring food and get fat. I wasn’t hungry but I def copped a ton of 3 Musketeers. I used to hella eat that shit in high school, like every break I would get one from the vending machine and eat the milk chocolate off the outside. Smh haha. I would get like 2 or 3. But my homegirl would eat the inside LMAO. In class. It was some soulmate shit. Aw, I miss my high school homies. Damn. Shit was so long ago.

I ran to Drake’s¬†Views and it’s legit so long haha 20 tracks. Was sad I couldn’t get through it all but I love the tracks with DVSN and PND. Best features haha. Besides that, the world needs to calm down. I know Drake’s GOAT but it’s like that Beyonce shit. Everyone needs to shut up haha. Forever hating.

Life is crayyyyy. So cray. Cray.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Drizzy’s album isn’t on Youtube so here’s another PND collab. Luh.

Jobs… Steve Jobs.

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TGIF has never failed me¬†more than today haha. It was honestly a day from hell. First of all I missed my first class. Cool. Good job Shirley. Second, I got a parking ticket. It was a risk I took not paying for my parking this time, and low and behold, a white and red envelope on my dashboard. That shit hurt mayne. I legit may hold the world record for parking tickets. It’s been a while though. So maybe it was God reminding me I hold that record still.

SO THEN… I’m heading to Westwood for my doctor’s appointment, one that was long overdue. All of a sudden, my tire blows out. Okay so…¬†the day before. Me being me, inpatient af, was trying to cut some LA traffic, and I decide to go through this gas station. You know, since I just couldn’t wait long enough to turn right. I go into the gas station alright, but not through the ramp. Nope, right into the curb. My car was fucked, and I knew it. So the tire pressure symbol comes on. In my mind I’m like, ugh okay. I’ll just stop by the body shop on my way home from the doctor’s. Lesson learned. Don’t wait if you have car problems.


So I pull over on the 10 freeway, at the on ramp¬†merging west, right before the Normandie/Western exit. It was terrifying. The cars were going mad fast, whizzing by me. I took a quick pic- and ran back to safety. My tire disintegrated guys (I had to look up how to spell that). I was shocked. It like disappeared into thin air. It was terrifying too. What if I couldn’t pull over in time?? AND THEN, fuck Farmer’s Insurance. Their roadside assistance had me waiting an hour and a half, for absolutely nothing. I finally called the police and they came and called me a tow truck. But honestly, I was so mad about Farmer’s. I started crying. And then I was like, why am I crying? In my mind, their job is to help people like me in need. So how in the fuck are they failing rn?

Alright I’ma shorten this story. So then I go to my doctor’s, who decides to lower all my medications. Like cool. So I’m pissed. AND THEN, he goes off on how terrible pot is for me and how it’s making me stupid. Bruhhhhhh. He’s a crazy psychiatrist fr, but I’m never met anyone who hated weed more. It’s so damn interesting. He went in on me though, enough to make me want to find another doctor. Sigh. No time.

AND THEN, my brother informs me I can’t drive on a spare tire, which I really tried to not believe. After confirmation, I make it out of the doctor’s just in time before Firestone closes. Unfortunately, they were so backed up, my car took another 2 whole hours. Oh my gosh. The technician said someone had just quit and there’s only 2 of them. I felt bad- my attitude towards the situation did not help at all.

Went to the pharmacy after to fill my meds and then hit the gym. I hate cardio machines, the worst. LA Fitness cracking fasho though. I felt like for half the crowd, this was their night. The other half was so ready to turnup after their sesh. During this sesh I listened to Fetty Wap’s new album. Yes, his singles are dope as hell, but I just felt like every song sounded the same. What was the hype? Casey Veggie’s though. His album is dope af.


So what better way to forget a bad day then at the movies. Convinced my gay bestie to trek to AMC Century City 15. Okay fine, I’m obsessed with their AMC Stubs Card. It’s legit though. It’s a rewards program where you earn points and get free $10 credits once you reach a certain number. You also get free upgrades. So here’s where I complain. 3D Imax cost $20.99. Next joke. That’s like, a joke. It hurts.

We were handed the 3D glasses before we walked in. These were actually legit, not the flimsy disposable ones. Maybe that’s where all our money goes. Jk. Also, it didn’t register Everest was Mt. Everest. I question myself sometimes…Anyways, the movie was super dope. Super perfect for Imax 3D, so glad we did that. It really felt like you were there, in the scene. It was such a trip though.

First of all, it tells you in the beginning it’s based on a true story. Which made it that much more intense. It showcases two groups who try to reach the top of Mt. Everest, which is the highest point on earth. Whoa. It was so vivid. The ticket guy actually said he hadn’t seen the film because he was scared of heights. Now I know why. I thought the film was overall great, and starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley. Is it bad that gave the film credibility off the bat?

I was never bored the entire 2 hours. The film did a great job portraying the drastic conditions in the snow and in the mountains. When the storm hits, things go from bad to worse. They also had little oxygen, and had to survive off a supply of oxygen tanks they brought. Many who tried to climb the mountain, never left. They were stuck in the freezing snow, hands and feet literally frozen. I die in LA as it is in the winter. What they went through on that mountain made me feel really guilty. It looked like straight torture.

There was one scene where they go around the group, asking why they’re risking their lives to climb to the top of a mountain. The responses were interesting. One girl from Japan said it was the last of the 7 summits she has yet to climb. Another man said he wanted to be a role model for his kids: that you can reach dreams, no matter how bizarre they were. That was my fav.

Amongst the deaths and death scares, this film really took us on the treacherous journey these climbers went through. It was one most people would not dare embark on. It also shared a lot of intimate moments between characters and their relationships.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track hit the spot after such a long crazy day. This closes out Casey’s album¬†Live And Grow, which means it has to be powerful. Apparently, he’s had it done for 2 years now. Okay I can’t find a link to the track, so here’s a short clip about it.

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