Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Hi guys. Happy Sunday. Today I made a conscious decision to take care of myself, and canceled the 2 events I had for the evening. I wanted to see Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie with my brother, so that’s what … Continue reading



Flosstradamus has changed my life in more ways than I can describe haha. Only a few people will understand. But yeah. They are a DJ duo from the Midwest, I would say the kings of trap. Minus RL Grime. Interviewing them was beautiful. They’re the most chill artists to speak with. Super real and just down to earth .

They better be because we pushed the biggest mish to get this lmao. Literally got the media pass for work, and they were the only reasons I pushed to Fontana. Hard Summer is always the move, but this year at Auto Club Speedway… is NOT the move. First off, it’s like the worst heat wave rn. And worse down there. Also been having really bad nightmares driving. Literally almost died again the other day and got real real sad. The reality that I’m a terrible drive just really set in man.

So my co-worker drove. Shout out to him. I filled his tank though ha. Shout out to me. Joking. I was just so happy I didn’t have to drive. Literally the ride down was brutal because no AC (which I was used to) and there were so many accidents. We left a little before 4pm and barely walked in around 6pm.

AND THEN. The worst part… the actual venue. Fuck that venue man haha. It’s HUGE. Massive. Normally for Nascar racing, which makes sense. But yeah, my homies were all there, super fucked up. My bf from home literally made me laugh SO HARD (lawl get it). I was asking if he was at Travis Scott because we had walked by his set (lit per usual), and he goes “Ya he’s on next.” I was like BRO. He’s on now. LMAO. I was crying. Shit was mad funny.

But yeah so…. I had to write this post to highlight the crazy feelings I got walking into this damn festival. Like I was the biggest hater EVER. Ask my team lmao. I was hating sooo hard on everyone when I used to be one of them. So nuts. Idk, maybe I was jealous of their fun, but I was just so turned off by the rave scene. Everyone on drugs made me not miss it but I do miss the priceless memories I’ve made with my friends. I miss that part a lot.

It took us I swear like 40 minutes to find the media room. And my point of contact for Floss was giving me attitude and I was like bro, I pushed 3 hours to get here, don’t play me rn. Fr I thought they were gonna bail and I was about to be a raging bitch haha. Which I fully embraced getting… Literally no worker knew where anything was. EVEN PARKING. Like no one knew where media could park. It was about the most frustrating thing ever. Hard, or whoever put on the event, please be more organized. Shit is not cool.

The venue was just so rough. Literally maneuvering around took 5x the amount of time as it should have. Stairs and going all the way around something when it would just be so easy if there was no gate present. Sigh. I’m so beat haha. Had a venti white mocha frap on the way and literally had to pee so tough. Not complaining though. We literally kicked it in the media room and just chatted. They have water and wifi haha. Eseentials. We caught some of Ice Cube’s set after, which was lit. Literally couldn’t see shit on stage though. Stan.

On my way out I stepped right into a huge pile of mud. I literally almost had a heart attack bc I thot it was shit haha. Literally was about to give up in that moment if it was…But yeah my foot was soaked. And I wore sandals. WOW. Wtf Shirls. Wtf. Shout out to my girl who sacrificed her water bottle so I could clean it off. Shit was dramatic haha.

OMG and then on our way home, we saw a fucking high speed police chase on the other side of the freeway. It was the first time I seen that shit IRL. It was so crazy and scary and my girl was actually caught in it. So fucking crazy I would have a panic attack haha. Wonder what the dude is running from… or if it’s gonna be on the news.

My insomnia sucks bc it affects my day. And it’s gone. Le sigh. Also doing laundry now and my sheets and hate this shit haha. I’m sad I couldn’t meet up with anyone today. Ran into one person I knew, where I had a brain fart how I knew him. Smh. I hate when that happens :(. Ran into my other girl who was “working” the event lmao. We out here.

Super reflective rn haha. The long drive had us in deep convo about some shit. Life is crazy guys. And shouldn’t be harder than it needs to be. Fr.

I miss my brother lmao. Muahs.


TRACK OF THE DAY: New track alert.



Snakehips <3. Their song with Tinashe called “All My Friends” is literally my life. Me and my soulmate bought tickets to this show when they went on sale haha. April seemed so damn far away then… we were both at very different points in our lives too haha. Def a lot more mature meow.

Thank God for set times. Snakehips tweeted they’d be on at 10:30pm earlier. It was at NOVO downtown, my fav venue… EXCEPT when they don’t let us on the floor. Weak af. It’s so much more lit on the floor, but they were at capacity or some shit. Balcony is always chill but the floor makes you feel like you’re more involved haha. After climbing like 5 flights of stairs, we finally arrive. We caught some of Waveracer’s set. He was chill. I accidently said Waverunner lmao. Forever butchering names.

Soulmate ran into her friend whom I knew. What was about to happen is legit one of the most hilarious things to ever happen on a concert night lmao. So legit we wanted to somehow sneak our way down… to the floor. My ambitious ass lead us past these ropes and into an elevator. Smh af haha. We got STUCK.

Legit it took us to the first floor and we were lit. But then you step outside and it’s literally a door to exit the building. Womp womp. Like straight up no other option. And then we tried to go back up and it wouldn’t let us. You needed a key. Fucking crazy. Lmao. It was either we stand in the elevator or we leave and the night is over. There’s no way they’d let us back in after we scanned our tickets.

We contemplated life there for a second lmao. At least I did. I was like wow, what a mf fail haha. Anyways. Shoutout the hg who hit up her homeboy who was ON THE FLOOR, and left and got security for us haha. When they finally got us up, they were PISSED. This bitch security guard was legit chewing us out. I just kissed her ass and kept saying sorry lmao. I wasn’t sorry.

PS, Prince was found dead in an elevator today. The irony.

Snakehips came on around 10:45. Super lit. Two dudes from… the UK? Dunno but I love their remixes. Love when they go trap on us too haha. I miss that grimey shit. We obediently watched from up top haha.

My day was okay. Can’t complain. My client stood me up again this morning. So over that ish haha. My supervisor let me out early tho. Thank God, I legit had nothing to do if I stayed. He def gets the hint haha. Ran to Lil Yachty’s mixtape. It was hard af. Esp when you don’t run anymore. Even with good music, it’s just so…. bleh. Mundane. Idk haha. It felt good after tho that’s for sure.

My hg took me to the most lit dispensary today. It’s called Mecca on Washington Blvd by La Cienega. Idk. It was just poppin. And such good deals. They were playing the Warriors game on a huge screen inside too. They were down 😦 and they ended up losing. By 1. Tear. It’s funny cause now it’s awkward when they lose. When it used to be the other way around haha. Af.

Anywaysssssss. Fell asleep before the show and legit didn’t think I could get up. I did tho. TROPHIES.

TRACK OF THE DAY: The Weeknd always.

Young Thug.


Thugger Thugger. Thas bae. Not in the omg he’s hot sense. But in the omg ily sense haha. He’s legit prob one of my fav rappers. And tn made me really realize how far he’s come. Like damn, sold out show at The Obervatory in Santa Ana. I see you Young Thug. I couldn’t miss this show. Even though I’d seen him before ha. Last time he brought out Birdman at Club Nokia downtown! And they dropped Lifestyle. It wasn’t like, oh I’ve seen him, don’t need to see him again. It was OH SHIT I NEED TO SEE HIM AGAIN haha. But fr that’s what happened.

Anyways. Me and my hg copped tickets back in February. I’ma be honest. I was hesitant. The Observatory is a straight mission. It’s about an hour out and parking is such a bitch. It’s in Santa Ana by my brother’s. But he dgaf haha. She was d to see Thugger with me here cause I was supposed to go home this week. That’s a whole nother story. But if you in LA, hit his show at Club Nokia Thursday! It’s seriously such a great time. Well, I guess you have to be a Thugger fan. We knew every track haha.

I seriously called that he would come on at 11pm haha pat on my own back fr. Her homeboy swooped me and drove us, shoutout to him! We got there literally right on time for his set. It was perf. But it was also HOT AF. We posted in the back bc any closer and we woulda melted fr haha. The venue was seriously so packed. It was legit. Thugger has such a huge following. Like peeps knew every word to his songs. I love seeing that.

I was creeping his IG before the show, which lead me creeping his lady. I honestly never creep IG unless I’m about to see an artist lmao. BUT, he is married to a baddie. I knew that, but I never really looked at her. She’s cute. They’re cute. They’ll prob have a kid soon lmao.

So my hg was lit af lmao and she was mad cause he wasn’t playing his songs all the way thru. Fr tho, it was mad ADD. He played a little bit of each. His set was fucking short though. It was def less than an hour. Homeboy didn’t mind bc he was hot af lmao. Fr it was a sauna in there. I was whatever too. I had such a good time I dgaf-ed haha. Totally just made that a verb.

He closed with Best Friend, of course. That song go way too hard. It’s currently 2am bc the FREEWAY WAS CLOSED. Seriously they shut down the 5 and it went down to one lane for like a fucking year. Idk if it was construction or an accident but it is never fun. We just trynta get home why they gotta make it so difficult :(. Meh. Finally made it tho. I got mad music to dl haha.

SO TODAY. Of course. Another lovely day at my field placement. Not. I swear, the day this semester ends. I will cry haha. But really. SO TECHNICALLY.. this week is our spring break. Except it’s not because we have 2 papers/assignments to do. I legit bought flights home back in December because I wanted to get them as cheap as possible. That completely backfired because I found out TODAY I was supposed to continue fieldwork through the break. Like we don’t get days off.

This lead to a whole ordeal about me not finishing my hours which means not getting credit for the class. That was def not an option, and it had seemed like that was the direction I was headed. My professor asked me to call her to discuss and, nothing. She brought up that she mentioned it in class and I said it must have just went over my head. I literally assumed I could go home for the break, and that was an honest mistake.

My supervisor took this golden opportunity to go in on me again.

Long story short, I decided to sacrifice everything and changed my flight to the weekend only, which cost a good amount. Sick. My poor bro who handles my Southwest tho…. I have my internship every day this week. So tomorrow will be so much fun.

I went to Bar Method again. It was good. I am stressed and I want a massage. K bye.

TRACK OF DAY: My hg’s homeboy is on Shy Glizzy tough. He slaps though. They both from DC. We played him in the whip tough.


Waka Flocka Flame.


Yo. Waka Flocka Flame never disappoints. I’d seen him before at The Observatory in the OC and it was honestly the most lit show I’ve ever been to. He is seriously SO good live. He turns it the fuck up. Someone got stabbed at that show tho 😦 no chill.

So this was advertised as a $5 show. Came out to $15 with fees ugh haha. Went with one of my really good homegirls. She bought like 6 extra and brought all her homies. We were literally having a convo about hating the world and then it went to having a squad and reevaluating our inner circle lmao. So damn emo. Fr though, my friends have been making me mad reflective. Anyways.

I called yday for set times lmao. They said Waka is on at 10:45pm, and I asked if they’re usually on time. She goes, “those shows….prolly not.” Lmao. Great response. She was right though. Waka came on at like 11:30pm, played til like 1am I think. FUCK I got work in 5 hours fml. I actually took a nap for the first time in a long time today too. That prob doesn’t help me tn haha.

I had a headache when I woke up. I didn’t think I could make it out haha. But damn mind over matter. PS, did you guys know Waka was vegan? Lmao.

Mmmm. I met all those fucks downtown. So Club Nokia is now called NOVO? Sure haha. I parked in LA Live it was chill. The Clippers game had just got out and they beat the Knicks. Woo. Second fav team in the NBA haha I need to hit another game soon. Anyways. We were instructed to go upstairs. YAS. I hate the view from dstairs haha can’t see shit.

The balcony is so legit. You get the best view from above and you can sit if you’re lazy haha. We were in like the second row. Everyone was so damn turnt haha I loved it. Successful ass night. Waka put on, as always.

The crowd was so fucking random yo haha all white kids I swear. Waka is known for mosh pits at his show but this time they were so fucking weak lmao. It was embarrassing. The crowd was super lit tho. Waka loves to go EDM on us for a good chunk of time haha and he loves to go in the crowd. Legit dunno how he maneuvers his way from one end to the other.

What else. OG Maco was there. Didn’t know they were such good buddies haha. He dropped “U Guessed It” of course. DX actually covered him recently. He’s got some fire coming. I’m excited. Shoutout to DJ Whoo Kid. He was rocking this Pink Dolphin hoodie. Automatic turn on lmao.

Was so rough today. I actually passed out for 2 hours in between classes lmao when I woke up I couldn’t believe it. Our professor let us out a little early tho that was heavenly. It was POURING this afternoon. The drive back on the 10 was so brutal. Everyone was going so fucking slow. I couldn’t deal.

But fr can we pray I make it to work tomorrow please and thank you.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My fav turn up song ever.



This movie made me feel so weird. So uneasy. So weird haha. My gay bestie wanted to see The Witch, but this was sooner. And I had ADD so I wanted to go sooner. Shoutout to him for bearing this … Continue reading



Tory Lanez from Ontario, Canada. Singer, rapper, producer, fashion designer, you name it. Me and my hg have been on him since day 1. His music sold me the first time I heard it. He’s a different kind of r&b, more trap I would say. His voice is fire. Sounds autotune, but not… I don’t think. Sold out show at The Roxy on Sunset, one of my fav venues. It’s small which makes the show super intimidate.

We ubered bc parking on Sunset is never fun. First of all, I never get anyone in my Uber pool. Second of all, our driver was a trip. An Asian trip haha. His seats were literally covered in some satin floral embroidery ish. AND THEN, his Maps navigation started talking in Chinese. That was crazy haha. It even had directions in Chinese. I tried to start convo but failed real hard haha. We get there and I ask the security where everyone was at. He said inside cause the show started at 8:30. Touche. We pull up around 9:30 and Tory came out around 9:45. Clutch.

Man, we were stoked. His DJ is actually his brother. Cute right? Anyways, Tory’s entire set was so lit. My homeboy saw him perform in the bay and warned me. I love when upcoming artists can get the crowd hyped. He really put on a performance, running from one side of the stage to the other, crowd-surfing, jumping in the crowd. At one point, he crowd-surfed all the way to the bar on the other end of the room. All while on the mic.

He played all my fav tracks: In For It (produced my RL Grime), The Mission, Initiation, Say It. He played Lord Knows, his track with Meek Mill. It’s Meek’s first track on Dreams Worth More Than Nightmares. It doesn’t say Tory’s name so most people dunno. Omg. He played “Karrueche” and dedicated it to Karrueche Tran who ended up being right behind me. Everyone was staring. She’s bae. My girl crush for sure. I wanted to say hi so bad. Just hi haha. She’s super sweet. No joke though, everyone was staring. It really makes me wonder how people deal with fame. She couldn’t just roll to this show solo, or hit the movies in peace. Interesting.

Tory threw it back on us with some old school jams. It seems like he really fucks with that era. I’m talking “Pony” type tracks. I’m sure that’s where he gets a lot of his influence from. No one can deny the music then compared to now.


We maneuvered our way to the front, and I got to touch his sweaty body as he crowd surfed over my head haha. I got to chop it up with him later, and I asked if he ever gets scared of falling. He said hell na, you can’t have no fear. Word.

I ran into a lotta heads tn. All different lanes. That was real dope. I found out he’s signed to Interscope. Didn’t know that one.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My fav track.


The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. You might have seen it advertised at random billboards around LA. Mobbed with my coworkers. We were excited, and scared. Very scared haha. I’m that girl in scary movies that screams like a lil bitch. Only … Continue reading



YAY TO FREE MOVIES. YAY TO FREE ADVANCE SCREENINGS. Again, not positive how I get these, but no questions asked haha. It’s a company called Gofobo? Not sure but I hope they keep hitting me up haha. I had a plus one so I invited my hg. We both had a long rough day, but it was worth it last night. RL Grime yo. Still on a high haha. It was at 7pm at AMC Century City 15, one of my fav spots. Okay, so my standard late night movie parking routine was def in for a surprise. All my spots were taken! My secret is I park by Gelson’s Supermarket and take the elevator up. Fail. I guess 7pm is poppin on a weekday.

There was a table in the front for the screening and they instructed me to go upstairs. I knew nothing about the movie except that the cast was STACKED and it was about Christmas. DOWN. I love these feel good movies. Fr they’re my top choice. Before the movie started, they warned us since this was an advance screening, no cell phones were allowed. We would be asked to leave if caught. Whoa. Way too serious. They also told us this movie is slated to be released November 13. I felt special! They said they would work out any last minute glitches. But it’s interesting to me bc they didn’t ask for our feedback at the end. What was the point?! haha.

The movie was great. It was pretty much the coming together/reunion of a huge family in the spirit of Christmas. The amount of famous actors and actresses in one film though. It reminded me of Love Actually or Valentine’s Day. It stars Ed Helms from The Hangover, Amanda Seyfried who looks the same in every movie, Diane Keaton who I really like even though people think she’s annoying, John Goodman as her husband, the beautiful Olivia Wilde, Marisa Tomei whose character cracked me up, and many more. Okay have to share: Marisa’s character is in a store trying to find a Christmas present and she tries to steal a brooch by putting it in her mouth and walking out. The security guard stopped her real quick. Comedy.

The film was a little long, 2 hours. But it was definitely entertaining. It made me SO excited for Christmas! Even though I don’t really celebrate, it’s just overall a really happy time of the year. Everyone in good spirits and pretty lights and decorations. About it! Gotta get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first doe.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Been hearing hype on this dude Azizi Gibson. His music is pretty raw, a little dark. He actually celebrated his birthday next door to my work at Bait on Melrose the other day. DX came through and I asked them to put me on a track.


Educational lesson. WeDidIt is RL Grime and Shlohmo’s record label. Aka trap/edm heaven. Shoutout to my hg who sent me the link to this exclusive party last week. We had to RSVP and they literally emailed us the location the … Continue reading