Mechanic: Resurrection


Jessica Alba is bae. And literally there’s no way she popped a baby out of her haha. THhey literally created a scene so she could show off her body in a bikini lmao. Mechanic: Resurrection at The Grove at 8:40pm, fashionably late with my PIC. I only heard of this movie bc my bro saw her at Arclight Hollywood for the premiere and I freaked out cause I love her haha.Anyways. Today was nuts.

One thing I learned is that it’s okay to be a fan. Being in the industry, I have been exposed to a lot of rappers and celebrities. And if there’s someone who you truly admire and love, what they call fangirling, THAT’S OKAY. That’s how it should be. You SHOULD be a fan and freak out. Because they’re talented and to me, it’s a way of saying thank you. For your talents.

Anyways. Today was nuts. Literally my life has been insane lately, and I want to hide under a rock. Also, I started my FOMO blog on DX, so I’ll prob only use this for movies now. I know, you’re heartbroken. Check it out though!

I had an interview in Santa Monica today to try to find a placement for my last year of fieldwork, and it was a total bust. It made me so sad. Literally had so much hope and it just stabbed me in the heart. She said they didn’t need any more interns. So why the fuck did you agree to meet with me? Smh. Whatever.

I really really wanna get back in school this semester. I have to. But it’s so beyond my control at this point. It sucks so much.

Worked all day. Then hit this dope boxing event. Well, it ended up being just a little worout sesh. Shout out to the girl who invited me out. It was promoting this TV film called Ringside, and all I got from the flier was that it was going to be a workout class. It was at The Body in Hollywood, and the trainer/owner is literally so lit. She opened it up with her boyfriend, and they’re just the hottest couple ever lmao. It is right across from Hollywood Cemetry on Santa Monica, but it took me 35 min to get there haha. Not lit.

I invited my girl and was super excited for it cause I wanted a hard workout haha. Turns out this event was legit all the cast of the movie. We were like uhhhhhh lmao. They were LIT. Like, hot af. And fit. So after they took pictures of themselves for like 10 years, they finally started the workout. They said it was going to be an hour but it ended being a lot shorter.

The warmup actually had me out of breath haha but I wanted more. Legit there was this one exercise with ropes that I couldn’t do and it made me so so sad. I have no upper body strength :(. My hg KILLED IT THOUGH. Shout out to her, she literally owned that shit. I’m jealous haha.

We actually also shot a video for DX compiling people’s reactions to the Frank Ocean hype. That should be lit. I was so ratch from the day though I was like I should not be on camera rn haha. *skull emoji*

We had plans to hit the movie after. I love The Grove so much haha. You already know it was popping. I gave my girl my last free pass haha but she deserved it cause we were late af. It didn’t matter though, this movie is all action so it really doesn’t matter if you miss any parts haha.

IMDB Plot: Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents.

Do you guys like Jason Statham? I think he’s super lit. He always plays his role super well. There was a sex scene with Jessica Alba that was like whoa lmao. Like how many times they gotta film that until they get it? The movie was an hour 40. Totally doable.

The film got mixed reviews, but the low was pretty low. I swear it’s always because the picture is terrible. Like when you can tell they use a green screen… not lit. It makes the entire movie tacky af. I feel bad bc there was def potential there haha. Yo, bitches clapped after the movie. That was some shit.

The theater was packed too. But I guess it is opening night on a Friday. Makes sense. Man, I was just telling my girl why I love movies so much. Bc it’s an excuse to avoid the turn up haha. Seriously, fuck going out. I just don’t see the point. Getting drunk is such a waste of life. Although I was guilty of it for like way 8 years.

I guess this movie is the sequel to one a couple years ago. I was sad bc it was hella unrealistic. Like the shit Jason pulls off is just like…. impossible. Which made it less cool. His murders were fucking lit though. Literally nuts haha. It took place all around the world, but what really stuck out was how fucking beautiful Sydney, Australia was. I passed up a trip with my fam and 100% regret it. It’s gorgeous.

I’m soooooo scattered rn. Help.





Now You See Me: The Second Act


Now You See Me: The Second Act. I have such mixed feelings about this movie. First of all, shit was mad long. Technically only 2 hours, but they coulda cut out so much haha. Second of all, I don’t remember the first one AT ALL, but both my homegirls said it was better. And I remember loving the first. But that’s literally all I rem haha. I walked into this thinking it was a comedy… wrong.

Went to the 7:30pm showing at AMC Century City 15. Met my two homegirls, shoutout to them! And of course, we get the prime theater haha with the recliner chairs. Soooo lit but I wish there was a way we could differentiate those theaters when people look up movie times, bc not everyone would be d to pay 21 bucks I’m sure. My Moviepass only covered some, which is a bit concerning bc that’s how I got my last account cancelled last time. By purchasing a prime ticket. Welp. We’ll see if they catch me again lmao, stay tuned.

Plot: The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

This literally helped 0 lmao thanks IMDB. Idk how to describe this movie haha. I legit was lost for like an hour. I just enjoyed the magic and action scenes, which there were a lot of. Legit, it seems like so much fucking work went into filming this movie haha. Everything was SO strategic and planned, and so much attention to detail. Like too much haha. It was so extra. I think that’s the best way to describe it haha. Extra.

The cast was def lit. The gothic chick from Mean Girls was in it, which I recently watched at Hollywood Forever Cemetry outdoors. So great haha. I’m terrible with names but it’s stacked. Morgan Freeman has such a damn presence in every damn movie he’s in. Oh and most of the movie took place in China, the “Las Vegas” part. I could understand like 20% of the Chinese haha so that was cool.

It was chill though. My girl semi lost her car after haha. That mall can be so confusing if you never been there, or park in the wrong area. Oh, it was free pizookie day at BJ’s today! I didn’t go, but I used to luh that ish. Dang I need to talk better haha.

I went to the movies straight from Rise Nation, I’ve been there previously with my girl. If you’re loyal you’ll remember. Jk. It’s basically this 30 minute climbing workout. The most LA workout class you could sign up for lmao. They shut the blinds and turn up the music, so it’s legit like a club. My hg works there now!! So she got me in for free, shoutout to her <3. Legit, that shit is pricy. Af haha. Look it up though, it’s mad dope. Wayyyy better than the gym or treadmill.

Life is tripping me out, again. I also can’t figure out when I wanna move. Either way, I’m overlapping half of July in rent 😦 Sad about it. But whatever. I’m a little sad bc my bro moved out and his place is actually a lot farther than I thought. Little Tokyo is like 30 minutes from me. No chill. I have a 15 minute radius. Real talk.

Also, content and blessed with the people I have in my life. ❤

TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl tweeted this track today and I forgot how raw it is. Listen.



So this pic is total false advertising haha. Ryan Reynolds is legit in the movie for like 10 min. No spoiler alert. But mayne I thought he was so hot in Deadpool. That thought remains lmao. Anywho. Criminal featuring Kevin Kostner. This shit was crayyyyyy. I thought it was dope. V interesting.

7:55pm showing at AMC Century City 15. I actually went with one of my homeboys from UCSB I hadn’t seen in forever. So good to see him!! He’s amazing. Apparently, alumni weekend is coming up, but I don’t think I’m considered an alum since I transferred haha. I would love to go back tho. SB is so damn beautiful.

I showed up late per usual. We spent the previews catching up haha. So the plot of this movie is kinda crazy. Premuch this doctor worked 18 years on this one project, being able to duplicate someone’s brain into another body. Such a breach of ethics to the dude who gets the new brain, but it’s v interesting. It’s all tied into a mission with the CIA and what not. Pretty much your average action movie but there’s a crazy plot twist at the end. Which is always appreciated haha. Solid 2 hours.

I’d def choose Jungle Book and Barbershop over this one, but I’d def see this at some point. Today was okay. It was hot af haha. I had to present in class and I legit wasn’t prepared. I was one of two people who read from notes smh. I don’t really get nervous but I realize I sway back and forth… like a lot haha. And I say um a lot. Went to yoga in weho with my fav instructor. Super sad my trial is ending haha.

Don’t forget, it’s a holiday tmrw. Lmao. I’m that person.

TRACK OF THE DAY: New Uzi. Shoutout Philly.

Eddie The Eagle.

OMG wow. When I googled Eddie the Eagle just now, the real images of the ski-jumper showed up. And he looks EXACTLY like the actor who played his character. Taron Egerton, who my bro said was the main dude in … Continue reading

Our Brand Is Crisis.

These meds legit are making me woozy. Like… I feel weird. I feel like the steroids in the eye drops are seeping through my whole body. I was pretty nauseous last night, but now I just feel weird. I was bed-ridden all day ): I guess it justifies the fact that I can’t work. Whatever. I just need to get better.

I signed up for a free personal training sesh with my hg’s old trainer. She highly recommended him and proceeded to send me a screenshot of the trainer and Nipsey Hussle. Done deal. Ha. Nip is number one. He works out of the 24 Hour Fitness Supersport in Santa Monica, on 31st Street. I have a gym membership to LA Fitness, so I had to finnesse lmao. Altogether we prob worked out for about 30 min. He showed me a lot of basic moves that I could do with my own body weight.

When we first met up, he asked me what my goal was. I said to be stronger. He asked how we could measure that, and I wasn’t sure. What he did help me realize, is how much of a mental obstacle it was for me. Yes, of course, physical too. But I seem to tell myself I’m weak, which hinders me from ever taking that risk. It’s that feeling of being uncomfortable that I need to learn to embrace.

Me and my soulmate were bored so we went to see Our Brand Is Crisis with Sandra Bullock. She’s so beautiful haha I love her in every movie. Billy Bob Thornton from Bad Santa is in it too, but I had a hard time taking him seriously. He was uber bald haha. The film is about politics and how Sandra is put on a team to help a candidate win presidency for Bolivia. We def looked up where Bolivia was bc they were speaking mad Spanish haha. It’s in South America.


Side note can we look at how addicted my girl is to jalapenos lmao. Shit is comedy. They first only gave her 4 and she wanted more so I jokingly said give her 10. They did. The movie wasn’t terrible. I can see why it got 50% though. I actually dunno shit about politics so I thought it was interesting to see how it works, from the back end. There’s so much that goes behind a political campaign and so much damn competition. Especially to run a whole country… that shit is intense.

I still can’t tell if the movie was a drama or comedy. I was chuckling throughout tho ha.

I can’t wait to get back to work.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track goes. R&B vibes. Jeremih always kills it.



YAY TO FREE MOVIES. YAY TO FREE ADVANCE SCREENINGS. Again, not positive how I get these, but no questions asked haha. It’s a company called Gofobo? Not sure but I hope they keep hitting me up haha. I had a plus one so I invited my hg. We both had a long rough day, but it was worth it last night. RL Grime yo. Still on a high haha. It was at 7pm at AMC Century City 15, one of my fav spots. Okay, so my standard late night movie parking routine was def in for a surprise. All my spots were taken! My secret is I park by Gelson’s Supermarket and take the elevator up. Fail. I guess 7pm is poppin on a weekday.

There was a table in the front for the screening and they instructed me to go upstairs. I knew nothing about the movie except that the cast was STACKED and it was about Christmas. DOWN. I love these feel good movies. Fr they’re my top choice. Before the movie started, they warned us since this was an advance screening, no cell phones were allowed. We would be asked to leave if caught. Whoa. Way too serious. They also told us this movie is slated to be released November 13. I felt special! They said they would work out any last minute glitches. But it’s interesting to me bc they didn’t ask for our feedback at the end. What was the point?! haha.

The movie was great. It was pretty much the coming together/reunion of a huge family in the spirit of Christmas. The amount of famous actors and actresses in one film though. It reminded me of Love Actually or Valentine’s Day. It stars Ed Helms from The Hangover, Amanda Seyfried who looks the same in every movie, Diane Keaton who I really like even though people think she’s annoying, John Goodman as her husband, the beautiful Olivia Wilde, Marisa Tomei whose character cracked me up, and many more. Okay have to share: Marisa’s character is in a store trying to find a Christmas present and she tries to steal a brooch by putting it in her mouth and walking out. The security guard stopped her real quick. Comedy.

The film was a little long, 2 hours. But it was definitely entertaining. It made me SO excited for Christmas! Even though I don’t really celebrate, it’s just overall a really happy time of the year. Everyone in good spirits and pretty lights and decorations. About it! Gotta get through Halloween and Thanksgiving first doe.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Been hearing hype on this dude Azizi Gibson. His music is pretty raw, a little dark. He actually celebrated his birthday next door to my work at Bait on Melrose the other day. DX came through and I asked them to put me on a track.