Young Thug.


Thugger Thugger. Thas bae. Not in the omg he’s hot sense. But in the omg ily sense haha. He’s legit prob one of my fav rappers. And tn made me really realize how far he’s come. Like damn, sold out show at The Obervatory in Santa Ana. I see you Young Thug. I couldn’t miss this show. Even though I’d seen him before ha. Last time he brought out Birdman at Club Nokia downtown! And they dropped Lifestyle. It wasn’t like, oh I’ve seen him, don’t need to see him again. It was OH SHIT I NEED TO SEE HIM AGAIN haha. But fr that’s what happened.

Anyways. Me and my hg copped tickets back in February. I’ma be honest. I was hesitant. The Observatory is a straight mission. It’s about an hour out and parking is such a bitch. It’s in Santa Ana by my brother’s. But he dgaf haha. She was d to see Thugger with me here cause I was supposed to go home this week. That’s a whole nother story. But if you in LA, hit his show at Club Nokia Thursday! It’s seriously such a great time. Well, I guess you have to be a Thugger fan. We knew every track haha.

I seriously called that he would come on at 11pm haha pat on my own back fr. Her homeboy swooped me and drove us, shoutout to him! We got there literally right on time for his set. It was perf. But it was also HOT AF. We posted in the back bc any closer and we woulda melted fr haha. The venue was seriously so packed. It was legit. Thugger has such a huge following. Like peeps knew every word to his songs. I love seeing that.

I was creeping his IG before the show, which lead me creeping his lady. I honestly never creep IG unless I’m about to see an artist lmao. BUT, he is married to a baddie. I knew that, but I never really looked at her. She’s cute. They’re cute. They’ll prob have a kid soon lmao.

So my hg was lit af lmao and she was mad cause he wasn’t playing his songs all the way thru. Fr tho, it was mad ADD. He played a little bit of each. His set was fucking short though. It was def less than an hour. Homeboy didn’t mind bc he was hot af lmao. Fr it was a sauna in there. I was whatever too. I had such a good time I dgaf-ed haha. Totally just made that a verb.

He closed with Best Friend, of course. That song go way too hard. It’s currently 2am bc the FREEWAY WAS CLOSED. Seriously they shut down the 5 and it went down to one lane for like a fucking year. Idk if it was construction or an accident but it is never fun. We just trynta get home why they gotta make it so difficult :(. Meh. Finally made it tho. I got mad music to dl haha.

SO TODAY. Of course. Another lovely day at my field placement. Not. I swear, the day this semester ends. I will cry haha. But really. SO TECHNICALLY.. this week is our spring break. Except it’s not because we have 2 papers/assignments to do. I legit bought flights home back in December because I wanted to get them as cheap as possible. That completely backfired because I found out TODAY I was supposed to continue fieldwork through the break. Like we don’t get days off.

This lead to a whole ordeal about me not finishing my hours which means not getting credit for the class. That was def not an option, and it had seemed like that was the direction I was headed. My professor asked me to call her to discuss and, nothing. She brought up that she mentioned it in class and I said it must have just went over my head. I literally assumed I could go home for the break, and that was an honest mistake.

My supervisor took this golden opportunity to go in on me again.

Long story short, I decided to sacrifice everything and changed my flight to the weekend only, which cost a good amount. Sick. My poor bro who handles my Southwest tho…. I have my internship every day this week. So tomorrow will be so much fun.

I went to Bar Method again. It was good. I am stressed and I want a massage. K bye.

TRACK OF DAY: My hg’s homeboy is on Shy Glizzy tough. He slaps though. They both from DC. We played him in the whip tough.