Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Hi guys. Happy Sunday. Today I made a conscious decision to take care of myself, and canceled the 2 events I had for the evening. I wanted to see Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie with my brother, so that’s what … Continue reading

Star Trek Beyond.


Yo, Star Trek Beyond was lit. Ha. Not but really, it was pretty entertaining. And idk shit about Star Trek. Literally nothing. I was super conflicted bc my bro came out of it saying it was BOMB, and then my hg said it was boring af, and she fell asleep. And to not go haha. But then my other hg loved it and said it was better than Star Wars haha. So I hit up my homeboy. Who was just saying he was gonna hit me up haha. We had a moment.

We hit the 6pm showing at The Grove. Fav spot <3. Packed per usual. I was happy cause I had to exchange some shit at Nordstrom, which was actually a huge struggle. I went to customer service and had to wait like 25 minutes to finally finish the transaction. They had to call the manager in charge to help me. I’m so annoying. I literally be trying to return something from years ago. It’s hard out here tho…

So we were a little late for the movie haha but literally didn’t miss anything. It’s 2 hours long and all action so you gucci if you’re late. We ended up just posting in the handicapped seats at the very bottom, so we were right front and center haha. The theater was def packed. People clapped in the end. That’s when you know it’s poppin haha.

Like I said, not a fan of any of the sci-fi shit and I liked it. So if you are a fan, you’ll prob really like it haha. It’s the third movie I believe? There’s two more before this. It got great ratings, like 85%.

Plot: Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an alien warrior race when marooned on a distant planet after the destruction of their spaceship in this thrilling sequel directed by Fast & Furious director Justin Lin.

Hello Chris Pine haha. Hello Zoe Saldana. Hello Harold (from Harold and Kumar). Hello Spock. Lmao Spock is the only character I knew from Star Trek. I really didn’t follow the plot like at all. The movie is literally just action with jokes every 10 min. They were funny tho. I enjoyed it. Def found myself in my head for a good portion. But that’s normal for me.

DISTRACTED tho bc I got in a fight with my bro bro today and I’m so mad. Like I’m giving him the silent treatment haha. I’m literally so annoying. I annoy myself. But he pissed me off and I’m not letting it slide. I thought about blocking him but I wanna know how many times he hits me up lmao. I think that’s the story with everyone you consider blocking…

It’s way too hot in LA man. Literally way too hot. And I laid out at my girl’s pool today and didn’t even get tan. WTF. I’m so heated haha. Happy birthday to her tho.

Oh, after the movie, we went to say hi to my homie that works at Coach. He’s fucking hilarious and so was his co-worker/manager. Literally hilarious. We literally saw this one dude come in with a wad of cash trying to ask for a discount on a bag. And then he stormed out hella dramatic when she said no. There are crazy people in the world man. And I definitely question the source of that man’s income.

Got my girl tree on my way home. Then needed gas. Then needed to beat my roomie home. Still trynta get used to this tandem parking shit. It’s a buzzkill. Could be worse tho I guess. My homie actually gave me a little spiel on looking at the positive side of things tn. Much needed reminder.

Anyways……….. LIFE. I’m so mad at my brother haha. Someone text me something funny. Thanks.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I just love CB in this.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Tina Fey is bae. But really, she’s hilarious. Genuinely a funny person. Me and my bros were trying to figure out if this was a comedy or drama. I would say both haha. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot at 7:25pm at The … Continue reading