Wyclef Jean Threatens To Sue LAPD After Case Of Mistaken Identity

Just when things seem to have simmered down (briefly) with injustice, another incident with the police surfaces. This time, racial profiling strikes again. On March 21, Wyclef Jean was pulled over and handcuffed by Los Angeles officers, in a case of mistaken … Continue reading




Shoulda named this post Ty Dolla $ign but you get it haha. I love Ty. He was my first on camera interview 4 or 5 years ago, and it was lit. I was stoked to say wsup to him today bc every other time he’s surrounded by mad bitches haha. Really though.

I always said, anything Ty touches is gold. Now I say that about Jeremih lmao but still. I watched Ty come up as an artist and he’s so incredibly talented. Salute to him bc I actually really truly fuck with him as an artist and a person. You know some people be tripping with their shit personalities. Ty’s a real one. And today was all him haha.

So, I can’t tell if the mish today was worse than yesterday lmao. We went earlier this time which was probably why it was so bad. Literally hot af again. Sweating in my ass cheeks on the ride down lmao. Sorry no filter here. AND they blocked off all the exits and shit, making everyone’s lives incredibly difficult. It took us so mf long to get to the media room again haha. Fuck Auto Speed Runway.

But no one had confirmed interviews today minus Ty. Desiigner’s team rejected me I was sad haha. Ty was throwing a listening event for his upcoming project Campaign, at the Jagermeister building in the middle of the festival. The flier said 5-6pm and when did he come? After 6pm lmao. We found out he was stuck in traffic but nah. BPT is real haha.

I had a good time catching up with my girl during the wait though. Shout out to her and for listening to my problems lmao. I went deep. I’m going through some shit. And doubting my faith :(. It’s been really hard and I’ve kept it inside this whole time. I really need to figure out my ish. Cause I’m confused…

ANYWAYS. When he did show up it was mad lit. The best part was Ty DJing! He was seriously DJing haha and he played Timmy Turner which I thought was hilarious. Shoutout to his manager for hooking it up with a Campaign shirt too haha you know I love free shit.

Also need to take a moment to rag on all the dumb hoes freaking out trynta take Snaps with Ty. Any artist really. I definitely fan girl, so I can’t talk. But when I’m observing and seeing people so fucking desparate to get a selfie, it’s rough. I literally cringe.

So homeboy (dude on my team who I’ve come to love, shout out to him for driving) was supposed to get an interview before Ty’s set at 7:35pm but that didn’t happen. But it worked out beautifully bc we got to go on stage for his set haha. Seriously he had EVERYBODY at Hard turnt. It was dope af and he seriously had a turnout.

Also got to people watch the entire crowd so that was fun ha. He brought out Joe Moses. I turned to the dude next to me and was like, what percent of the crowd do you think knows who Joe Moses is lmaoooo.


Me and my girl had a moment with the sunset. Ha. The little things. And shoutout to homeboy who copped the interview with Ty after. He was turnt so I think he talked a lot more than he normally would have. Also, he looked literally crazy when he jumped in the crowd ha. His eyes (beautiful eyes) were so big. It was kinda scary.

So tired rn haha and got some shit to do. Overall dope weekend. I will never attend another festival though (unless I’m covering) haha literally can’t do it. Oh, saw someone carry a huge sign that said “Dear world, please bring ratchet back.” That was epic.


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Flosstradamus has changed my life in more ways than I can describe haha. Only a few people will understand. But yeah. They are a DJ duo from the Midwest, I would say the kings of trap. Minus RL Grime. Interviewing them was beautiful. They’re the most chill artists to speak with. Super real and just down to earth .

They better be because we pushed the biggest mish to get this lmao. Literally got the media pass for work, and they were the only reasons I pushed to Fontana. Hard Summer is always the move, but this year at Auto Club Speedway… is NOT the move. First off, it’s like the worst heat wave rn. And worse down there. Also been having really bad nightmares driving. Literally almost died again the other day and got real real sad. The reality that I’m a terrible drive just really set in man.

So my co-worker drove. Shout out to him. I filled his tank though ha. Shout out to me. Joking. I was just so happy I didn’t have to drive. Literally the ride down was brutal because no AC (which I was used to) and there were so many accidents. We left a little before 4pm and barely walked in around 6pm.

AND THEN. The worst part… the actual venue. Fuck that venue man haha. It’s HUGE. Massive. Normally for Nascar racing, which makes sense. But yeah, my homies were all there, super fucked up. My bf from home literally made me laugh SO HARD (lawl get it). I was asking if he was at Travis Scott because we had walked by his set (lit per usual), and he goes “Ya he’s on next.” I was like BRO. He’s on now. LMAO. I was crying. Shit was mad funny.

But yeah so…. I had to write this post to highlight the crazy feelings I got walking into this damn festival. Like I was the biggest hater EVER. Ask my team lmao. I was hating sooo hard on everyone when I used to be one of them. So nuts. Idk, maybe I was jealous of their fun, but I was just so turned off by the rave scene. Everyone on drugs made me not miss it but I do miss the priceless memories I’ve made with my friends. I miss that part a lot.

It took us I swear like 40 minutes to find the media room. And my point of contact for Floss was giving me attitude and I was like bro, I pushed 3 hours to get here, don’t play me rn. Fr I thought they were gonna bail and I was about to be a raging bitch haha. Which I fully embraced getting… Literally no worker knew where anything was. EVEN PARKING. Like no one knew where media could park. It was about the most frustrating thing ever. Hard, or whoever put on the event, please be more organized. Shit is not cool.

The venue was just so rough. Literally maneuvering around took 5x the amount of time as it should have. Stairs and going all the way around something when it would just be so easy if there was no gate present. Sigh. I’m so beat haha. Had a venti white mocha frap on the way and literally had to pee so tough. Not complaining though. We literally kicked it in the media room and just chatted. They have water and wifi haha. Eseentials. We caught some of Ice Cube’s set after, which was lit. Literally couldn’t see shit on stage though. Stan.

On my way out I stepped right into a huge pile of mud. I literally almost had a heart attack bc I thot it was shit haha. Literally was about to give up in that moment if it was…But yeah my foot was soaked. And I wore sandals. WOW. Wtf Shirls. Wtf. Shout out to my girl who sacrificed her water bottle so I could clean it off. Shit was dramatic haha.

OMG and then on our way home, we saw a fucking high speed police chase on the other side of the freeway. It was the first time I seen that shit IRL. It was so crazy and scary and my girl was actually caught in it. So fucking crazy I would have a panic attack haha. Wonder what the dude is running from… or if it’s gonna be on the news.

My insomnia sucks bc it affects my day. And it’s gone. Le sigh. Also doing laundry now and my sheets and hate this shit haha. I’m sad I couldn’t meet up with anyone today. Ran into one person I knew, where I had a brain fart how I knew him. Smh. I hate when that happens :(. Ran into my other girl who was “working” the event lmao. We out here.

Super reflective rn haha. The long drive had us in deep convo about some shit. Life is crazy guys. And shouldn’t be harder than it needs to be. Fr.

I miss my brother lmao. Muahs.


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My All American.


It’s the little things. Fr. Such as this gingerbread house at The Grove. I’m a little embarrassed to detail my day but fuck it.

I hit a major low today. It was one of those sulk in your bed til you’re sick of feeling sorry for yourself typa days. I swear, I can get so deep in my head sometimes :/. It was def triggered by last night, when things didn’t go as planned. I somehow let that carry into my glorious Friday. Smh.

My one excuse is that it is Friday the 13th. Shit’s not supposed to be okay. Jk. I’m not superstitious. I didn’t make it to class or Disneyland or my brothers. All which were on the agenda. Instead I sulked and ignored people and was an emo fuck. One thing about me is I will always text back. If I don’t, something’s up. It’s my biggest pet peeve and I try my best to treat others how I want to be treated. Yeah, sure, it’s just a dumb text message. But it’s a respect thing with me.

I started to beat myself up over the past week and again, where my priorities lay. I literally coulda gone to the second part of school today but instead just wasted my tuition. I felt so helpless. That feeling of depression where you’re so far gone and just want to wake up tomorrow.

My hg said something that really struck a chord with me. I’ve been thru this a thousand times and I was gonna get thru it again. That was some real ish to hear. It actually helped a lot. It’s just the reality of old habits and thoughts coming back that terrifies me. Waking up to the terrorist attacks in Paris made me feel real dumb too. Like really dumb. 153 people dead for nothing. Honestly tragic. And here I am.

I really didn’t wanna workout, but I did. When in doubt, hit the gym. Endorphins make the world go round. Also got a chance to listen to Skeme’s new album Ingleworld 3, which is raw. I just love his delivery. It reminds me of Nipsey Hussle. Bae. Afterwards, I met my hg to get her some bud. I noticed her eyes were puffy and she had been crying. My heart broke. Fr. As sad as I can get, I cannot deal when others are hurting. We vented for a good minute and I just realized, I’m not the only one. We are ALL going thru it, and there will always be better days than others.

OK END RANT. The Grove made me feel better. Just pretty lights and good vibes overall. My friend hit me to see a movie and I was like, yes. It always helps get my mind off things. We hit up My All American, which I concluded was a PG version of Remember The Titans. Ha. It’s about a football player and his journey to fulfill his dreams of getting to the NFL. It was cheesy, in a Disney movie kinda way.

The movie was slow to begin, but eventually takes a left turn. We were waiting for it too. You know when things are going too good? Yeah. Shit got real real quick. It def touched my heart at the end. If my friends were to ask if they should see it, I’d probably say Redbox it. Unless you have the Moviepass like me. Then by all means haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My hg sent me this track earlier today. So fire. Straight up been on repeat since I heard it. Female vocals ftw.



Advanced screening of Spotlight at AMC Century City 15. I invited my hg who got there early and saved us seats, bless her soul. This movie was real intense, and super real. I def got chills. It touches on a real life phenomenon that took place in Boston, back in the early 2000’s. My hg remembers more than I do, but this was the period of time when a bunch of priests were outed for molesting children. Doesn’t that just sound so wrong? Obviously, this raised a huge red flag with the Catholic church.

There were a lot of famous actors and actresses in this, but of course, I suck at names. Rachel McAdams though. Bae. I’m high key obsessed with her. She’s one of the reporters on the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team. The movie goes as the team revisits the case that has been swept under the rug. Their goal wasn’t particularly to bring justice, but to bring the story to the public eye.

What really struck a nerve with me was that this was a psychiatric issue. There were treatment centers for the priests to go to. WHAT. Think rehab, but for molesting children. As a priest. Mayne wtf. Throughout the film, the reporters go around knocking on doors to speak with both priests, lawyers, and victims. The victims they did speak with they called survivors. It was really sad to hear some of the stories.

The film was great and educational. Def the opposite of Paranormal Activity lmao. I def recommend it. I think there def needs to more films like this. Something like getting molested as a child can really mess up the rest of your life. Especially if you never come forth with it. Also, most of us assume priests and the church are holy people. This is certainly not the case.

Dang. Life. I had a dentist appointment from hell this morning. 3 fillings at once. 2.5 hours. They had to numb me 4 times. Legit tears down my face. Shots really just get me ): it was sad. She told me to stop eating candy. I laughed.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Puff Daddy dropped a surprise project for us, well, for his birthday. This is as ignorant as it gets, but I just love Frenchie haha. “Money, money ain’t a problem!”



Yay. I legit missed the movies. Been so damn busy. It actually took a lotta work to pull this one off, but I made it happen. 10pm showing of Pan at The Grove with my gay bestie. Yas. I had a pretty rough day. An incident happened that shouldn’t have and it made me super sad. I only told one person about it. 😦 Beating myself up over it. Time to numb out at the movies.

The 3D glasses here are so intense. They need to be activated. What happened to the flimsy plastic ones? So that’s why this movie ticket was 18 bucks. *skull face emoji* The trailers were super short this time. It was so weird. 8 minutes compared to 20. Thank goodness I wasn’t too late. On my way to the theater, I noticed everyone holding those glasses. Was Pan the movie to see? It made my feel better haha. After I sat down, I realized I over-buttered the popcorn, and it was leaking through the cardboard box onto my leggings. That made me nauteous.

This movie is supposed to be a remake of Peter Pan, a classic fairytale story. I think I knew it was Disney because there’s a ride in Disneyland… good indicator right. I actually am not sure I ever watched or know the full story of the original Peter Pan. Therefore I had nothing to base it off. The movie begins in an orphanage in London, where 12 year-old Peter resides. He was played by a cute little white boy with amazing blue eyes. Peter somehow finds his way into this other dimension called Neverland. Here he meets his friend Hook, and the adventure begins.

Hugh Jackman did a phenomenal job playing the pirate. He’s the Wolverine in all the X-Men’s. In this film, he was super in character. Wait I guess he always is bomb haha. Definitely can respect him as an actor. The movie was good throughout… until I fell asleep. Um, yeah. Wops. Didn’t even feel it coming this time I swear. It wasn’t for long, but I def woke up like damn where am I haha. The glasses were a nice cover though.

The movie had some really great special effects, super dope in 3D. There is one particular scene that highlights this. If you see the film, you’ll know what I mean. Peter eventually discovers his ‘Pan,’ becoming the hero for Neverland, saving them from the pirate. His main thing is that he can fly. Must be nice. I think I’ma start giving movies ratings. This one I would say… 5. And that’s being nice

Have you guys heard the news surrounding Lamar Odom? He was found unconscious and taken to the hospital. I read somewhere that the Kardashians came to see him with a camera crew. Come the fuck on. I read one article that said it was related to drugs, and one that said it wasn’t. Who is right??? It is possible though, Lamar has suffered with drug addiction in recent years. Prayers to him. This also is a good lesson for all of us. We really need to take good care of ourselves and our health. That is our main priority. Nothing else is more important. Yes, I’m bringing up massages again. Self care is also so important. They really help me de-stress.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This Ty Dolla $ign mixtape though. This song cracks me up. “Gotta put my phone on airplane mode, to dodge these hoes.”