Baby Driver.

Hey guys. Writing this from my stateroom on the cruise lmao. I feel so fucking sick :(. Literally. All day. Miserable. Why? Bc I OD’ed on popcorn last night. Straight up. A serious SMH. My Friday began with 3 hours … Continue reading

The Fate of the Furious.

Hey guys. It’s been a minute. Just saw The Fate of the Furious with the bro bro. I literally posted an IG Story with a caption that said “date night” but then deleted it cause I felt bad for mysef lmao. … Continue reading

Café Society.


Café Society. Had to make sure I copy and pasted that é lmao. Pause, I just realized my Flixster app was wrong about the length of the movie. Not okay haha. It was an hour 40 not an hour 25!! I swear, an hour 30 is… the marker sometimes. Not saying this movie was long at all, bc it was actually really good. Really enjoyable and pretty to look at. I was trippin over the picture of this movie. I feel like that’s not the right film term haha. Whatever camera they used, was amazing haha.

The movie takes place between New York and Los Angeles. My future home and current home, jk haha. Or am I. It takes place in the 80’s I think, but the cast in this movie is LIT. Indie films are always the way to go. Fr. They’re way better than the mainstream ones. I always determine they’re indie if they’re only playing at select theaters, aka Landmark on Pico.

One of my fav theaters, but I never go bc my they don’t accept the Moviepass haha. 9:35pm showing. There were prob like ten people in the theater. Went with my homie I haven’t seen in a minute so it was great to catch up. He hit me up and I suggested a movie of course haha. He lives in Culver so this was perf. I just realized the film was very much a love story lmao. I’ma ask him if he thought so too.

Anyways, IMDB plot: Set in the 1930s, a young Bronx native moves to Hollywood where he falls in love with the secretary of his powerful uncle, an agent to the stars. After returning to New York he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life.

LMAO I said 80’s. Idk shit about the eras. Someone asked me before if I could choose any era, which one would I live in. I was like, uh…. none haha. Jesse Eisenberg plays the young lad from NY, who tries to go to LA to work for his uncle Steve Carell, who is a big timer in the entertainment industry. Like I said before, the picture was amazing. Every venue they shot looked sooooo bomb haha. One of them I recognized as the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, but back then there were no swarm of tourists at any given moment.

The first scene was at a Hollywood Hills party. Goals af haha. Fr, so nice.

Kristen Stewart, who I used to hate, plays the girl they both fall in love with. It’s a trip man, the age difference. Steve is like daddy status. And yeah, I’ll stop there haha. Jesse is a really good actor, but his character was just so damn nerdy haha. Wonder how he is in real life… Kirsten played her role real well. She’s super talented too. I asked my homeboy if she was really crying in the scenes and he said yes. Damn haha. I could NOT cry on demand.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the film. Def is evidence of the crazy shit that happens in life. Like, literally haha. Also, they had a pretty funny depiction of a Jewish family in NY. My homie’s Jewish ahaha.

Okay, I’d like to take this moment to say my lip hurts like a bitch. I bit it hard af after my mouth was numb at the dentist bc I didn’t wait to eat…. and then I bit it again last night!!!! In the same exact spot, so any progress it made healing goes out the door lmao. Really tho, wish there was a magic serum I could put on it so it heal right away. Come on scientists, step up.

Case of the Mondays af today. I tried to nap and it was just too damn hot in my room. My best from home actually unintentionally motivated me to workout haha. I snuck into LA fitness again. I hate the gym lmao but I had a solid sesh. Listened to a bomb playlist and then Logic’s new mixtape Bobby Tarantino. I love his flow.

AND THEN, I was in a rush bc I had to shower and get to the movie, but my hg wanted bud so being the amazing kind soul that I am, I told her to meet me at Mecca. Since my go-to dispensary got raided, this has become the one. It’s super lit and stays open til 2am. Which is why I’m sad. I got banned lmao. Legit sad about it. The security guard goes “you’re not allowed here ever again.”

I legit just dropped off the bag at my girl’s Lyft. The dude was patrolling outside and we literally just spoke, but I was in such a rush I wasn’t even thinking. Right after I turned around he legit threw a tantrum, and went off about how I could get the shop shut down. It was mad awkward. I literally just ran away and he followed me to see the car I was in. I can’t show face there anymore. Le sigh.

I get it though. It’s a business. Like I get it. I was pissed at first but after some thought, I realize it’s totally my fault. Le sigh again.

Busy day tomorrow, starting with a dentist appointment. Tear. Also, I’ve recently become addicted to grapes. But I always eat too many and my stomach hurts.

WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT. Blake Lively is in the film. She is damn fire man haha.

K bye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This came on after. One of my fav tracks ever.

Young Thug.


Thugger Thugger. Thas bae. Not in the omg he’s hot sense. But in the omg ily sense haha. He’s legit prob one of my fav rappers. And tn made me really realize how far he’s come. Like damn, sold out show at The Obervatory in Santa Ana. I see you Young Thug. I couldn’t miss this show. Even though I’d seen him before ha. Last time he brought out Birdman at Club Nokia downtown! And they dropped Lifestyle. It wasn’t like, oh I’ve seen him, don’t need to see him again. It was OH SHIT I NEED TO SEE HIM AGAIN haha. But fr that’s what happened.

Anyways. Me and my hg copped tickets back in February. I’ma be honest. I was hesitant. The Observatory is a straight mission. It’s about an hour out and parking is such a bitch. It’s in Santa Ana by my brother’s. But he dgaf haha. She was d to see Thugger with me here cause I was supposed to go home this week. That’s a whole nother story. But if you in LA, hit his show at Club Nokia Thursday! It’s seriously such a great time. Well, I guess you have to be a Thugger fan. We knew every track haha.

I seriously called that he would come on at 11pm haha pat on my own back fr. Her homeboy swooped me and drove us, shoutout to him! We got there literally right on time for his set. It was perf. But it was also HOT AF. We posted in the back bc any closer and we woulda melted fr haha. The venue was seriously so packed. It was legit. Thugger has such a huge following. Like peeps knew every word to his songs. I love seeing that.

I was creeping his IG before the show, which lead me creeping his lady. I honestly never creep IG unless I’m about to see an artist lmao. BUT, he is married to a baddie. I knew that, but I never really looked at her. She’s cute. They’re cute. They’ll prob have a kid soon lmao.

So my hg was lit af lmao and she was mad cause he wasn’t playing his songs all the way thru. Fr tho, it was mad ADD. He played a little bit of each. His set was fucking short though. It was def less than an hour. Homeboy didn’t mind bc he was hot af lmao. Fr it was a sauna in there. I was whatever too. I had such a good time I dgaf-ed haha. Totally just made that a verb.

He closed with Best Friend, of course. That song go way too hard. It’s currently 2am bc the FREEWAY WAS CLOSED. Seriously they shut down the 5 and it went down to one lane for like a fucking year. Idk if it was construction or an accident but it is never fun. We just trynta get home why they gotta make it so difficult :(. Meh. Finally made it tho. I got mad music to dl haha.

SO TODAY. Of course. Another lovely day at my field placement. Not. I swear, the day this semester ends. I will cry haha. But really. SO TECHNICALLY.. this week is our spring break. Except it’s not because we have 2 papers/assignments to do. I legit bought flights home back in December because I wanted to get them as cheap as possible. That completely backfired because I found out TODAY I was supposed to continue fieldwork through the break. Like we don’t get days off.

This lead to a whole ordeal about me not finishing my hours which means not getting credit for the class. That was def not an option, and it had seemed like that was the direction I was headed. My professor asked me to call her to discuss and, nothing. She brought up that she mentioned it in class and I said it must have just went over my head. I literally assumed I could go home for the break, and that was an honest mistake.

My supervisor took this golden opportunity to go in on me again.

Long story short, I decided to sacrifice everything and changed my flight to the weekend only, which cost a good amount. Sick. My poor bro who handles my Southwest tho…. I have my internship every day this week. So tomorrow will be so much fun.

I went to Bar Method again. It was good. I am stressed and I want a massage. K bye.

TRACK OF DAY: My hg’s homeboy is on Shy Glizzy tough. He slaps though. They both from DC. We played him in the whip tough.



I’m officially 25 and depressed. Lmao. OKAY I’LL STOP. Just trynta literally accept that I’m old. I’m honestly not the best with adult things. And this is just a reminder of that lmao. I seriously call this my mid-life crisis… … Continue reading


Wow. This might be one of my fav movies this year. Miss You Already starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette was phenomenal. It tells a story of two best friends and how they deal with some real life obstacles. They’ve been bffs since they were little, and somehow both manage to sustain their friendship until the end. The film takes you through a bunch of highs and lows. It’s full of passion, emotion, love, humor, secrets, you name it.


10pm showing at The Grove with my gay bestie and a friend. If I hadn’t been all cried out from the week I def woulda been balling. There weren’t many people in our theater but def sniffles were going around. Don’t want to spoil any of it, but the defining moment is when Toni’s character finds out she has breast cancer. With two kids and a loving husband, this is tragic news for anyone.

This is prob one of the more touching movies I’ve seen all year. I highly recommend it. At first I thot it was a chick flick, but I def would call it a drama now. Yes, that was meant to persuade men to go haha. It really makes you appreciate your health and how important it is to take care of your body. I always gave work or school priority.

I’m hoping this is the last misery story about my damn eye. Yesterday was no joke tho. So on Monday, I went back to the doc who prescribed me the antibiotic, and he said he had no idea what was going on. Promising. He referred me to the eye doctor. Sick. At this point, I’m still thinking my eye gon fall out. After long holds on the phone, I finally snag an appointment Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills. My eye is legit pussing at this point (sorry TMI).

I drive over in the morning, which was the WORST decision ever. I honestly think it was extremely dangerous, but I couldn’t stop once I started. The sun was so bright I could hardly see. It felt like it was affecting my right eye as well, which made it so much worse :/ I should have ubered. Especially when I got to the office too. Parking in 90210 is no joke. The lots charge 3 dollars every 15 minutes because they can. So i had to bust my ass and park a ways down in a lot that gave you 2 hours free. So I’m late, but that didn’t even matter bc the doctor was running behind. 3 patients ahead of me.

I’m running off no sleep and going on an hour waiting so of course, I start crying in the office. This was out of pure physical frustration, not emotional. Finally see the doc, who was actually pretty amazing. You know how certain people just give off this vibe of amazing-ness/boss-ness that makes you feel worthy. He kept calling me “sweety” and what not. Idk, he was real dope.

Sure enough, the medication I was on gave me a “horrendous allergic reaction.” Sick. The irony in this, is in my attempt to get better sooner, I was using the eye drops like 8x a day. As opposed to the prescribed 3x a day. So I was doing the exact opposite of getting better. That’s so fucked haha.

Anyways, he told me to stay out of work for a week. The meds he prescribed me should make me feel a lot better. Apparently there’s steroids in them, which is kinda frightening. But whatever it takes at this point.

Future tripping and looking ahead in my planner, I’ve got a pretty busy month left. Can’t afford to be out of commission any longer.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Future blesses us with “Last Breath” for the upcoming movieCreed  starring Michael B. Jordan. Drool. In releasing this track, he talks about being self-driven and how he relates to the film.



ROOM. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a minute, and you know I see a lot of movies. It’s an Indie film I believe, because it wasn’t playing in mainstream theaters. All g though bc I hit up my fav theater in LA, Landmark on Pico. Free popcorn seasoning ftw.

My hg put this status up and it def made me want to see the film. Although Rotten Tomatoes is bae, I prefer hearing feedback from people I actually know. After seeing it, she couldn’t have said it any better.

“You know that feeling of peace and weightlessness that comes after you’ve had a good, long cry? Like everything that’s been weighing you down, just disappears? That’s what seeing the film Room feels like.
I went to see the film last week during a Q&A Screening in Hollywood and I spent the entire film crying. I was crying so much that at one point I stopped trying to hide it. But I wasn’t crying because the film was somehow too dark- I was crying because of how beautifully this story was being told despite it’s seemingly dark plot. It’s interesting and captivating and gut-wrenching and inspiring and soul crushing and uplifiting, all at the same time. So, if you feel like you need a good cry, or feel like you need to something worth the ridiculous price of movie tickets, see Room.”

Shoutout to her ❤ Initially, I was going to go into the plot, but I think it’s better if you go see it yourself. It’s definitely worth the price of a movie ticket, like she said. Basically, it showcases a mom and her son who are stuck in a room. The mom has been trapped for 7 years and the son just turned 5. So yeah, do the math. The film was so intense. I turned to my soulmate multiple times throughout saying my heart hurt. I think hers did too. So many times I had tears in my eyes, Then during one scene I lost it. Hit me if you’ve seen it and wanna know which one!

I was really glad I went. The movie humbled me in a way. The whole situation was so surreal, and it definitely made me extremely grateful.

Idk what it was about today. I could barely keep my head up and at one point thought about asking to go home sick. Reward myself with a massage after at my usual place. That was dank.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My hg posted this and I had to steal it. She’s mad dope and loves hip hop like I do. King Los is ill too. Feeling extra humble lately. Glory to the Lord.


Educational lesson. WeDidIt is RL Grime and Shlohmo’s record label. Aka trap/edm heaven. Shoutout to my hg who sent me the link to this exclusive party last week. We had to RSVP and they literally emailed us the location the … Continue reading


Sicario got the same ratings as The Martian, so leggo. Um, yeah. About the whole movies after midnight thing… The Grove we meet again. The Grove we sleep again. When the movie ended, we were both like, wtf just happened haha. I’m actually not sure me falling asleep had a huge role in this mystery. It was actually a super dope movie, don’t get me wrong. It was definitely super suspenseful and interesting and… “haunting,” as my gay bestie said. Emily Blunt kills it though. Boss ass bitch.


She plays an FBI agent, who just got assigned on this crazy mission. She is recruited by the other main character, Josh Brolin. The mission involves going back and forth between the US and Mexico, dealing with Mexican cartels. My homie from the bay described the movie for me in plain and simple terms: the good guys don’t win, and Emily sure as hell didn’t either. Apparently, Josh hinted at this in the beginning of the movie. There was no endgame. It was all just to make the cartel nervous. Interesting. Btw, cartels are drug dealers. I think.

Before the movie, I met up with my homeboy who asked me earlier to come support one of his homegirls’ shows. At first, I was very hesitant, bc it was 10 dollars. #cheaplife… But I hadn’t seen him in a while, and I always love to support artists and their music. Her name is Jasmine Jordan and he described her as soul/r&b singer. So this venue… called Amplyfi. It’s in Weho, and not visible to the streets. Don’t you hate that? It’s like can we get a damn warning? 5 illegal U-turns later, I find out it’s in the alley behind Astroburger.

Pull up, and hella people are outside. Why? Bc they were at capacity. Yo, good for them. After some time, we finally found our way inside. The venue is TINY. It honestly felt like I was inside someone’s garage. It was also stuffy. The venue is described as “a place for fans.” It definitely gave out those exact vibes. Everyone was there to support. Jasmine was on last and played with a band. She has SUCH an amazing voice. Remember, my only wish in life was to be able to sing. She is truly talented. Also, covering “Hotline Bling” by Drake can never steer you wrong.


Got to chop it up with her after the show. I told her she reminded me of Kehlani, aka bae. Jasmine’s tour is called Smile Tour, and she has a similar movement to Kehlani’s. Smile is the theme, and it promotes love and positivity. Something we can all appreciate. Kehlani calls hers the tsunami mob. Jasmine is so sweet, and you can just tell overall a very humble gifted individual. Before I talked with her, she got a picture with her dad, who came out to support. It was really cute.

PAUSE. Ran into a friend from high school. He ended up being roommates with a guy I had just met when I got there. Small world! They all went to University of Pacific in Stockton. My friend said half the band on stage was probably crashing at his place that night. Anyways, high school was such a damn blur. I go, “we were good friends right?” My memory is so beyond shot.

TRACK OF THE DAY: THE GAME’S DOCUMENTARY 2 leaked! We’ve been waiting. Naturally, the first track I click on is the one with Future. Ha.


I can’t help but think of cream cheese when I hear Philadelphia. My days serving at a sushi restaurant consisted of memorizing all the rolls, including the Philly roll, with salmon and cream cheese. Oh, and cucumber. But no ones cares about that.

Here we go! My last day to explore the city. It was Labor Day, and a lot of things were oddly closed. In the process of getting educated on the city and its history, I thought this was strange. Shouldn’t it be poppin? My sis said her friend had gone to the beach for the day. This meant hitting up Delaware. State hopping is such a bizarre concept to me… I’m a Cali girl. There’s only Cali around me haha. But anyways, a day off at the beach sounds about right.

We got lunch at a cute spot called High Street in Philly. It was a 45 minute wait for 5 people. No patience Shirley struggled. I was scared we were going to waste too much time and I wouldn’t be able to see the spots. One of the reasons I don’t eat out, or walk lmao. I just feel like it takes up so much time. Time I could be napping. Jk. It ended up being totally fine. I had a bomb broccoli salad with herb mayo and seasoned almonds.

Did you know Philly was the city of brotherly love? Shoutout to my Snapchat geofilter as I shared my salad that no one probably gave a fuck about. See, social media laces you with knowledge sometimes. After lunch, we stopped by the Benjamin Franklin museum which was LITERALLY next door. It was where his old home was before they tore it down, which was pretty dope. I told my sis they should have a hundred bill statue there. “It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby.” Biggie, P. Diddy, and Lil Kim.

We then walked over to the Liberty Bell, right by Independence Hall. They signed the Declaration of Independence here! Okay honestly I hated history. I was so bad at it, at memorizing. But yo, that’s pretty dope. I’m such a tourist, and I have no shame. This bell was rung when the Declaration was read (thanks Wiki). To be honest, it was a lot smaller than I imagined. For some reason, I was thinking it was this huge extravagant bell.


Next, we took a cab to the Love sign. It was hot okay… speaking of. I hate walking. I love to run, that’s my time to escape. But walking, I just can’t. That’s why I’m scared to move to New York, I’m not sure how I’d deal without my car. I know that’s sad, but I’m just so inpatient. I really don’t consider it laziness, but some people might </3.

The Love sign was in John F. Kennedy Plaza, with a huge fountain behind it. For some reason, I thought it would be on the floor, and a lot bigger. Also, there’s multiple around the US. This is the original though! There was a huge line of tourists such as myself to take a picture. I’m so basic. Thanks to my sis and her homie for putting up with me. This is old news to them.

I wanted to check out the Rocky steps but we didn’t have time. Made In America was basically there though, so I was semi-okay with skipping it. Never saw the movie either, smh.

Took a cab to the airport. The Philly airport is cracking haha. Idk, I’m so entertained by what different areas have. Maybe I’m just too used to LAX. I had a ball this time traveling alone, I just talked to random people. SO out of curiosity, as I was going through security, I asked the TSA worker what it took to be a TSA worker. I meant qualifications. This fool told me to apply on-line. Lmao.

So I had the middle seat and the dude next to me made me extremely uncomfortable. That and I can never sleep in tight spaces. Rough journey back. AND THEN. My roomie had told me Uber now picks up from LAX. False. No cars available. Whyyyyyy.

I had to take a shuttle to a parking lot and then call an Uber. But I also had a heart to heart with my driver who was telling me to follow me dreams. Eeeeeek. But really, he stopped the meter to talk to me so I wouldn’t get charged.

Every time I get back from a trip, I have to unpack right away. Shoutout to my OCD never failing me. Back to reality. I’m sad.

A friend just reached out to me who is struggling. She sounded exactly like me, verbatim. Honestly, I need to start taking my own advice. You just have to be easy on yourself. Happiness is a choice. In this world today, there’s almost no end to satisfaction. We will always want more. As long as at the end of the day we can be proud of something, anything. It can be as small as smiling at a stranger. We’ll be okay. I promise.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Travis Scott’s Rodeo album is still hard af to me. This was a single from before the album was released, but fact of the day. Did you know it was referring to a $3500 fur coat Kim Kardashian got for North West? S M H. I love it. Haha.