Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Yooooooo. Hey everyone. I’m switching between blogs rn and it’s awkward lmao. But this is going to be quick. Because I honestly have no idea what happened the entire movie lmao. about to see the new pirates of the carribean and … Continue reading



If you know me, you know I live for my foot massages. Disclaimer, they do your whole body! It’s about $25 an hour and 100% worth it. Sure, it ain’t no Massage Envy Swedish massage, but it does the trick. Especially when you need that quick fix, you can just walk on in. I’ve converted a lot of my friends, and still working on some.

Massages are something I do with my brothers (my real brother and his best friend who crazily has the same exact last name). I say “brothers” pretty much to confuse people. They live in Irvine, so them driving an hour to hang out with me means the world. Escape Foot Massage on Robertson Blvd guys. Towards the end, they lift your shirt (as you’re face down), and wipe down your back with a hot towel. It feels better than it sounds.

The Saturday night turn up. We heard Black Mass was phenomenal so that was our GP (game plan) for the rest of the night. I chose my favorite movie theater on the westside: The Landmark on Pico. To my surprise, they put us in the theater with couches- GLORIOUS. I thought this was reserved for films that were more indie and smaller. This was opening weekend! No complaints. The couch seats make you feel like you’re literally chillin’ at home.

Okay, the hype makes sense. Johnny Depp was incredible. Remember him in Edward Scissorhands? To Pirates of the Carribean… to many more. The man is amazing at what he does. I actually realized on the way home, seeing a billboard for the film, that the man was Johnny Depp. That went over my head. The film itself is very dark, revolving around James “Whitey” Butler, a convict and criminal. Johnny Depp fit the part so perfectly. While you can tell it is him past the makeup and hair, Johnny doesn’t leave his character for a second.

The movie progresses as Butler agrees to work with an FBI agent to fight the Irish mob. This leads to a downward spiral as the thirst for money and power start to prevail. What really blows my mind is that this is all based on a true story. These things happened IRL, and if you watch the film, you will understand why it’s so mind boggling. From a historical standpoint, this biopic of Butler educates us on the actual crimes that were taking place in Boston in the 1970’s.

Okay. Solid film. Johnny Depp- Oscar fasho. I have to take the time to highlight my poor brother in the middle of the seat with no arm rests and a large drink. He was so uncomfortable lmao. I kept asking if he was okay. Crazy how something as small as an armrest can make or break your night.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Casey Veggies is one of my fav rappers and his album drops in a couple days! Eeeeeek. Dropping a single with Dom right before. Clutch.