Today was brutal lmao. In the sense that my family don’t play when it comes to being a tourist. Every time we touch down in new territory, it’s like all=in, balls to the wall, go HAM or go home. With … Continue reading

Key West, Florida.

So, if your friends with me at all, by now you know that my fam luhs cruises. That might even be an understatement, with the amount of times we’ve gone. And I don’t say that with an ounce of bragging. … Continue reading

The Flower Fields.

Hay guys. Back to my more casual blog (vs. where I can talk about my feelings and… more feelings. Today, my bro and I took a day trip to Carlsbad, which is by San Diego. You guys know I’d … Continue reading


Cuteness alert. x a million. This movie was fucking adorable. Sing at The Grove at 7:30pm.¬†Yes, it’s a cartoon. Yes, cartoons are lit. Seriously. Most of the time, they’re better than the real life flicks. The ratings don’t lie. This … Continue reading

Independence Day: Resurgence.

Writing this from the most lit hotel in Copenhagen. I don’t even know the name lmao but it’s by Marriott. JK It’s called AC Hotel. Texted my bro who’s upstairs in the room sleeping on the floor. But he’s awake … Continue reading

Ja Rule and Ashanti.

MURRRDDDDAAAAA. That’s all I wanted to scream when I found out about this show haha. Ja Rule and Ashanti?! Um, yes please. Who wouldn’t wanna go to this?? That’s like the OG shit, the throwbacks, the classics. They had an 8pm show at Club Nokia that sold out hella quick. Then my homeboy alerted me they added a late show, 11pm. I legit called my hg and we copped hella tix haha. We were so d.

Both shows were sold out. Seriously good for them haha. That’s so lit. Tickets were going for like $150 and up on Stubhub for our show. So nuts. But man this show was SUCH a damn mish haha. First of all… 11pm is kinda late as it is. I got church in the morning haha.

So my bro and his best friend decided to roll. I was so excited haha. My hg had an extra ticket for my bro so he was able to get it for face value. They wanted to meet at the venue. I NEVER show up to shows early, but I figure it can’t go too late… right? WRONG. I legit pulled up a little before 11pm and I saw the longest line known to mankind.

I legit feel bad for the peeps who got there mad early… cause it was a cold ass night in LA mayne. Legit the previous show hadn’t gotten out til like 11:15pm. I was sad cause LA Live parking was closed. That was my go-to haha. I had to park hella far and I wore heels. Regrets af. I found a 10 dollar lot tho. So that was good haha. And I was able to see a little more of the stage being a little taller lmao. I met my bros in line that literally wrapped around LA Live. We didn’t move until like 12:30am!!!! NO CHILL. Fr. I wanna file a complaint to Club Nokia. That was not the business. Like in all honesty haha. They gotta work on that system.

My hg and her crew pulled up and cut with us. Lucky bitches haha. The crowd was so mixed. There were far too many couples mackin on each other. HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY. ha. I ran into a couple homies there. It was lit. Super crowded. I feel like a lotta people were fucked up haha.


Shoutout to me and my terrible photo taking skills. Fr I suck at my iPhone haha. Straight up had to get taught how to drop a pin tn… smh. But yeah, when Ashanti FINALLY came on. She was so damn lit. Legit like for 35 years old, she looking bomb af. And she has SO MANY HITS. So many classics. Like fr she’s a winner haha. I feel like she got successful enough to just retire early haha.

Did you guys know her single “Foolish” set the Guinness World Record for something, I forget haha. But it did really well. So honestly… she was like too lit haha. She talked a LOT. It was like an actual planned show… like she had some parts that were def rehearsed¬†for us. It got deep too. And very sexual. Idk. I think everyone was just so restless it was fucking 2 am haha.

Ja Rule came out and has just as many hits as Ashanti. I almost didn’t make it, I swear. I was able to scream MURRRDDDAA so I’m content. It was a rough night fr, they didn’t end til like 3am. Never signing up for a late show again haha. But I encourage anybody if they get the chance, def see them live. They’re amazing.

Happy Single Awareness Day loves.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My hg loves this song lmao.


Yo, it’s been a hell of a mf week. In the worst way possible haha. Idk, I hit a new low mayne. I was hiding from Saturday til now, so you know it’s real. I was sick again starting Saturday… then shit hit the fan when the week started. TWICE. I couldn’t handle it. If you’re close with me in life than you know the latter. But the first I didn’t tell a lotta people. Shit’s embarrassing. I completely shut down. Literally hid until tn and finally got out. It literally took a run for me to snap out of it. Endorphins ftw.

The run was through Beverly Hills, 90210. It was so glorious dude. Life goals. The houses are to die for. It cleared my head so much. And literally a million albums dropped today. I illegally dled Curren$y and Jeremih’s, and it broke my Mac lmao. NO JOKE. It gave it a virus. I laugh now but I was literally so upset earlier. ALSO. Making a Genius Bar apt for me takes a year bc I forget my Apple ID and password EVERY FUCKING TIME. I CANNOT.

Me and soulmate stepped out to this Drake ugly sweater party my friend invited me to. It was his friend’s friend’s friend’s bday lmao. It turned out to be this huge event in downtown LA at the Globe theater. Like… we pulled up and the line was seriously around the corner. Don’t hate me but I totally cut the damn thang. Legit pissed off a group of girls but fuck it. So worth it haha.

They tried to make us pay 20 dollar cover cause it was past 11pm. Um, no bitch. Finessed our way in real quick. The party was lit af. And by that I mean the music was poppppppin. Legit all my fav singles. And I heard they straight up played Drizzy for the first 2 hours. I love it. I loved the idea of this party. There were paper Drake heads floating around. Look I brought it home LMAO. Welcome to my room.


I ran into a lotta my homies there surprisingly which was great. I love them all mayne. They were lit too. We all were. There was this dope photobooth there we were infatuated with. What else… the DJs were so dope haha. I loved it. They had a screen behind them too literally with Drake heads scrolling like a slot machine. So great.

Overall great night and so glad I snapped out of my funk. That shit is toxic.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Fireeeeeeeee.