Today was brutal lmao. In the sense that my family don’t play when it comes to being a tourist. Every time we touch down in new territory, it’s like all=in, balls to the wall, go HAM or go home. With … Continue reading

Baby Driver.

Hey guys. Writing this from my stateroom on the cruise lmao. I feel so fucking sick :(. Literally. All day. Miserable. Why? Bc I OD’ed on popcorn last night. Straight up. A serious SMH. My Friday began with 3 hours … Continue reading


Smh lmao. Rings. We had high expectations cause the first Rings movie was bomb. Scary af. This was not lmao. It was more just pure entertainment. 9:30pm showing at Regal LA Live for half-off 8 dollar Tuesdays. Halla. Shout out to my … Continue reading

The Founder.

After a crazy fucking day/week, always unwind with a movie. This was actually my bro’s suggestion for once. He didn’t wanna see Rings lmao. So, sadly, the Flixster app fucked us over. It said the movie was playing at Arclight … Continue reading


Damn Matthew McConaughey, damn. One of the first shots in the movie were of his beer belly lmao. He must have had to gain a certain amount of weight for this film. I respect actors/actresses so much for that shit. … Continue reading

Hands of Stone.

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.09.06 PM.png

Whoa this pic is lit haha. I stole it off Usher’s IG. I’ve been wanting to see this movie ever since I heard he was starring as boxing legend Sugar Rey Leonard. I was literally expecting him to be in the entire movie but SURPRISE. He’s not even the main character lmao. It’s actually about his boxing opponent Roberto Duran, who’s also a legend. His trainer is Robert De Niro in the movie, another legend haha.

Hands of Stone at The Grove at 7:10pm. Smh at me, I had invited a bunch of people and my ass was late af haha. Standard. Good thing the theater was empty af haha I had my homegirl just choose a row. Shout out to her. I went with my 2 girls and homeboy I hadn’t seen in a minute. I got there literally when the movie started, the exact dot. How do I do it?

During the movie, I had a moment because I realized my homie looks JUST LIKE USHER. Hashtag doppleganger. It was funny. Usher’s fro was poppin though. He legit looked like he was from the 80’s. I asked my hg if this was his acting debut, and she goes, no he was in She’s All That. Lawl.

IMDB plot: The legendary Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel change each other’s lives.

This does the movie no justice haha. I’m about to hit you with the Wiki summary, it’s long don’t hate me.

At age 72, legendary trainer Ray Arcel (Robert De Niro) comes out of retirement to coach world-class Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán (Édgar Ramírez). Arcel becomes a mentor to the ferocious fighter, convincing him that winning ultimately comes down to strategy. After scoring knockout after knockout, Duran prepares for a bout against Sugar Ray Leonard, the undefeated lightweight champion. Five months later, on Nov. 25, 1980, the two titans meet for an infamous rematch that makes boxing history.

Obvi, this is based on a true story. I was honestly really touched by it. Like I clapped at the end haha. I guess that’s expected with a film about a boxing legend repping the US. The film did a great job shedding light on the politics behind the sport, and how these professional athletes rep their country, and the impact they have on their people. It’s a big deal man.

This definitely reminded me of all the other dope boxing movies out there. Not in a bad way, just the same story line. It definitely was no Southpaw though haha. No one tops Eminem. The movie was an hour 45 min. My hg had to pee twice lmao I always make fun of her bladder.


I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the fucking hot actress who plays Duran’s wife. First of all, there was a lot of Spanish dialogue, but it was hot lmao. Forever wishing I was fluent in another language. Anyways. Her name is Ana de Armas. This might be her breakthrough film haha. There’s a pretty intimate sex scene where hg gets naked. Her boobs are enormous.

Usher gets intimate with his girl too. Like you see his ass lmao. Fucking Hollywood.

I needed this movie tn. Life is unbearable rn. I hate the unknown guys. I hate not knowing the future. Some shit went down with my family too that really just broke my heart. Like, it made me so sad when I found out.

I went on a run last night for the first time in a minute, and it felt really good. Like really good. But I hate running lmao. Finally listened to most of PARTYNEXTDOOR’s P3 album. One of the 8 albums I have in queue. Had to look up how to spell that word lmao.

I didn’t work out today so I feel like I’m lacking in endorphins. Had chocolate though, does that count? Also why does literally everything in the world have to be bad for you? WHY.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This the jam.


Café Society.


Café Society. Had to make sure I copy and pasted that é lmao. Pause, I just realized my Flixster app was wrong about the length of the movie. Not okay haha. It was an hour 40 not an hour 25!! I swear, an hour 30 is… the marker sometimes. Not saying this movie was long at all, bc it was actually really good. Really enjoyable and pretty to look at. I was trippin over the picture of this movie. I feel like that’s not the right film term haha. Whatever camera they used, was amazing haha.

The movie takes place between New York and Los Angeles. My future home and current home, jk haha. Or am I. It takes place in the 80’s I think, but the cast in this movie is LIT. Indie films are always the way to go. Fr. They’re way better than the mainstream ones. I always determine they’re indie if they’re only playing at select theaters, aka Landmark on Pico.

One of my fav theaters, but I never go bc my they don’t accept the Moviepass haha. 9:35pm showing. There were prob like ten people in the theater. Went with my homie I haven’t seen in a minute so it was great to catch up. He hit me up and I suggested a movie of course haha. He lives in Culver so this was perf. I just realized the film was very much a love story lmao. I’ma ask him if he thought so too.

Anyways, IMDB plot: Set in the 1930s, a young Bronx native moves to Hollywood where he falls in love with the secretary of his powerful uncle, an agent to the stars. After returning to New York he is swept up in the vibrant world of high society nightclub life.

LMAO I said 80’s. Idk shit about the eras. Someone asked me before if I could choose any era, which one would I live in. I was like, uh…. none haha. Jesse Eisenberg plays the young lad from NY, who tries to go to LA to work for his uncle Steve Carell, who is a big timer in the entertainment industry. Like I said before, the picture was amazing. Every venue they shot looked sooooo bomb haha. One of them I recognized as the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, but back then there were no swarm of tourists at any given moment.

The first scene was at a Hollywood Hills party. Goals af haha. Fr, so nice.

Kristen Stewart, who I used to hate, plays the girl they both fall in love with. It’s a trip man, the age difference. Steve is like daddy status. And yeah, I’ll stop there haha. Jesse is a really good actor, but his character was just so damn nerdy haha. Wonder how he is in real life… Kirsten played her role real well. She’s super talented too. I asked my homeboy if she was really crying in the scenes and he said yes. Damn haha. I could NOT cry on demand.

Anyways, I really enjoyed the film. Def is evidence of the crazy shit that happens in life. Like, literally haha. Also, they had a pretty funny depiction of a Jewish family in NY. My homie’s Jewish ahaha.

Okay, I’d like to take this moment to say my lip hurts like a bitch. I bit it hard af after my mouth was numb at the dentist bc I didn’t wait to eat…. and then I bit it again last night!!!! In the same exact spot, so any progress it made healing goes out the door lmao. Really tho, wish there was a magic serum I could put on it so it heal right away. Come on scientists, step up.

Case of the Mondays af today. I tried to nap and it was just too damn hot in my room. My best from home actually unintentionally motivated me to workout haha. I snuck into LA fitness again. I hate the gym lmao but I had a solid sesh. Listened to a bomb playlist and then Logic’s new mixtape Bobby Tarantino. I love his flow.

AND THEN, I was in a rush bc I had to shower and get to the movie, but my hg wanted bud so being the amazing kind soul that I am, I told her to meet me at Mecca. Since my go-to dispensary got raided, this has become the one. It’s super lit and stays open til 2am. Which is why I’m sad. I got banned lmao. Legit sad about it. The security guard goes “you’re not allowed here ever again.”

I legit just dropped off the bag at my girl’s Lyft. The dude was patrolling outside and we literally just spoke, but I was in such a rush I wasn’t even thinking. Right after I turned around he legit threw a tantrum, and went off about how I could get the shop shut down. It was mad awkward. I literally just ran away and he followed me to see the car I was in. I can’t show face there anymore. Le sigh.

I get it though. It’s a business. Like I get it. I was pissed at first but after some thought, I realize it’s totally my fault. Le sigh again.

Busy day tomorrow, starting with a dentist appointment. Tear. Also, I’ve recently become addicted to grapes. But I always eat too many and my stomach hurts.

WAIT I ALMOST FORGOT. Blake Lively is in the film. She is damn fire man haha.

K bye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This came on after. One of my fav tracks ever.

Independence Day: Resurgence.

Writing this from the most lit hotel in Copenhagen. I don’t even know the name lmao but it’s by Marriott. JK It’s called AC Hotel. Texted my bro who’s upstairs in the room sleeping on the floor. But he’s awake … Continue reading

Berner x Kool John.

Yo, the title is a tease. It should really only be “Be” because we literally caught 15 min of this damn show lmao. Fail. All good though. Berner and Kool John at El Rey, my fav venue in LA. Wait … Continue reading

The Huntsman: Winter’s War


Not gonna lie, just spent a good amount of time trying to find the hottest pic of Chris Hemsworth from the movie lmao. Pictures don’t do justice tho. You gotta see him in action. White boy is fire haha. Besides him, Jessica Chastain and Charlize Theron were fucking beautiful too. Seriously they looked so bomb up there haha. They had the most lit costume and just bedazzled.

The Huntsman at 7:30pm at AMC Century City 15. My hg asked me to go the other day and literally I freaked out cause that’s all I wanted to do tn haha. Legit read my mind. Hg I met her through came thru too I was excited. We met up there, and found out it was in the prime theater. I saw The Revenant in this one, it’s seriously heaven for the movie-goer. Kinda like those dine-in theaters with reclinable chairs. It has surround sound too and you can feel the vibrations in the chair.

We was late, of course haha. It was packed too but we copped the handicapped seats smack dab in the middle of the theater. Literally perfect. I was lit, so I was extra happy haha. Went to See’s Candies before and copped my fav caramels haha. Hg hadn’t heard of See’s! They from Texas and apparently it’s not out there. I was in shock. Legit grew up to See’s. Mom would always have a box lying around and I would take a bite of each candy and put it back lmao. They hated me for that.

Anyways. The movie is 2 hours long. It’s supposed to be the prequel to Snow White? I never know. I asked a lot of questions haha. It was seriously lit though. I liked it a lot haha. I felt bad cause the movie ticket was like over $20 dollars, I didn’t know it was this showing. But I had $15 AMC Stubs Rewards so I let them have it. My bro was not happy haha. I ended up having to pay 6 bucks too cause the Moviepass only covers a regular ticket. WEAK haha. Good karma tho I hope.

Sooooooo today sucked. Ass. Well last night did, which made today suck :(. I kid you not, I slept 0 last night. I didn’t take my normal meds and I legit did not sleep. Like from 3am to 7am, not for more than 10 minutes. It was brutal. One of the most miserable nights I’ve had in a while unfortunately. That really took a toll on me more mentally than physically. I almost didn’t go to class but I’m so fucking glad I did. Second to last week, I can’t afford to waste more money.

Passed out in my car in between and then decided to go on a run. During, I ran into my professor for my next class lmao. It was pretty awkward. He goes “Hi Shirley.” Hiiiii haha. During that class, I paid 0. Legit was distracted af and couldn’t sit still. He told me to get off my phone again. All bad :/.

So I’m really annoyed at a really good friend haha. Literally what a waste of time being there for the n word and then all goes to shit bc he gives back in to the girl. Trynta be as vague as possible but it’s not my business. I’ll get over it. Just feel like I wasted time haha. And time is money ya feeeeeeels.

Gonna def pop some sleeping pills after I do work. Muahs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This R&B singer from Toronto (of course) is super lit. His album goes.