The Fate of the Furious.

Hey guys. It’s been a minute. Just saw The Fate of the Furious with the bro bro. I literally posted an IG Story with a caption that said “date night” but then deleted it cause I felt bad for mysef lmao. … Continue reading

Ratchet and Clank.


I literally was d for this movie bc it says Ratchet in the name lmao. This movie was PG af. My bro was d bc he just got the Moviepass and actually played the video game when he was younger. Apparently it was on Playstation haha.

Ratchet and Clank at 7:20pm at AMC Century City 15. I was sad bc I wanted See’s Candy but they closed early on Sunday haha. Wah. The movie was like hour and a half long and we were a little late. Per usual. There was like one couple in the theater and another couple with a kid. This movie was so fucking mindless for me haha. First of all I was beat from the day, I wanted to sleep but no! Paid for this ish. Kinda. We had AMC Stubs Rewards so it only cost 5 bucks. But still :(. No Moviepass life = a sad life haha.

Not sure if you care, but the plot is literally 2 superheros by the names of Ratchet and Clank, saving their alien people haha. I think? My bro mentioned a good point. Was “ratchet” even a term back then? I guess it’s like ten years old. I wonder haha. It was pretty dumbed down too. And it’s Sony which isn’t Disney or Pixar. Moral of the story, I would prob only go if I had a small child to bring haha. Otherwise, pass.

So hello Sunday, after a pretty rough Saturday. I’m sad. I failed again this morning with my bible study group. Didn’t sleep too well and ended up falling asleep again at 8:30am. I woke up and legit booked it to Ktown. I made the last 15 minutes of group :/. Smh. I wish I could attend like a normal person. I wish it wasn’t so hard to make it. Idk why I let myself fall so short. I wanted to really connect with these girls too. They ended up praying for me and I lost it. I’m a cry baby for sure.

My mouth was hurting after so I laid down. My NY hg was throwing a going away for her roomie, whom I adore, in Weho, and I really really wanted to make it. Since yoga has been so healing for me lately, I really am making it a priority. It actually worked out bc Yogaworks was legit 5 min from their apt, and my fav instructor was teaching at 4pm.

I was  happy to catch up with my girl, and their apt is just so perfect for a darty (day party, they invented it, they from the mid-west haha). I used to live with 4 girls from IU. We called ourselves the trap. I love them. I really wanted to stay longer but needed yoga haha. So yeah.

Ran some errands after. Felt bad cause my bro bro was legit bored af at home haha. All he did was go walk to get lunch lmao. I asked him if he wanted to go to church at Oasis at 6pm, he said sure. I think it was a courtesy sure haha. My friends ended up not going so we decided to do the movie instead. I think he enjoyed it haha. It’s just always nice to get out for a bit.

Wait how is it May. I swear April was like…. the longest month. And now it’s over.

Mid life crisis yll. It’s real.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I love the dvsn feature on Drake’s new album. Here’s a track from their project.

A Hologram for the King.


This movie is extremely interesting. Very different and… just interesting haha. Tom Hanks is of course, Tom Hanks. A Hologram for the King at The Landmark on Pico at 9:40pm. Convinced the broskee to go bc we’re roomies now!!! Lmao. I’m so lit. But I’m also sad af bc it’s temporary. He just got a new job in Hollywood and is crashing in my living room for a month. Until his squad moves to LA with him. I’m hella sad haha. Having him as a roomie makes me smile. Legit love it.

I had asked him if we could live together, and his response was, “I love you, but no.” Ha, dang. Feels. I can be psycho sis for sure. Too easily actually. But anyways. This movie. The plot does not give you any info on the movie, to me at least. I felt it was irrelevant from the actual story. I’ve been told lately I sometimes give spoilers, so I’ll stop there haha.

The plot:

A beautiful doctor (Sarita Choudhury) and a wise-cracking taxi driver (Alexander Black) help an American businessman (Tom Hanks) who’s trying to close the deal of a lifetime in Saudi Arabia.

This movie is dope bc of how much we got to see the culture of Saudi Arabia. My bro informed me that women can’t drive there! Nor vote! The fuh. That’s so nuts to me. Like the fact that driving is considered a privilege? That’s bizarre. And idk. It’s so religious there. It’s beautiful though. Lots of sand and desert but the nice areas are real fucking nice. The woman doc, who’s gorgeous, lives in a glass house overlooking the extremely blue ocean. The good life.

Anyways. It got bomb reviews and it’s only an hour and half. I was extremely distracted throughout the movie but that’s why I love going with my bro, cause he dgaf haha. It’s considered a comedy but… very subtle. And yeah. Interesting film haha.

I’m in shock rn. My mouth is STILL numb from my dental procedure at 3pm. Like yo that’s 9 hours. That’s not normal haha. It was pretty gnarly tho. They consider it a mini surgery. I had to get a bone graft for my tooth that was extracted. So crazy. And then I have no come back in 6 months to get the implant. Sigh. Life. < my mantra.

Getting numbing shots in your mouth is legit one of my worst nightmares. Shit fucking hurts. I legit am 5 years old. I squeezed the shit outta the dentist assistant’s hand haha. He legit gave me like over 5 shots, and I was still fucking scared I would feel something. I’m supposed to just feel pressure, but I swear, my anxiety fools me into feeling something in my nerves. All bad.

I had to get antibiotics and anti-flammation pills. Shit cost like $30 bucks at CVS. Wahhh. Anyways. What’s about to happen next is depressing af. I had time to kill so I went to the candy store in Westwood to grab my fav (Trolli Strawberry Puffs) and I posted in the red for like…. 5 min. No lie. Parking ticket. COOOOOOOOL. I’m an idiot. It’s official. I’ve come to conclusion that I’m an idiot. I guess it was about time. I used to get them legit religiously. Was on a good streak for a while minus my tow at The Grove. That shit cost $93 bucks 😦 it hurt for sure. But my New York trip this summer fell through so woooo. Half my paycheck for a bad, impulsive, last minute decision. *sigh*

So I snuck into Core Power Yoga after haha for the Sculpt class. Legit such a good class. Core Power Yoga is my fav studio for sure. It’s just you leave feeling like you legit worked out. I mean, it’s hot yoga, so you’re gonna sweat regardless. But the instructors are mad dope and they push you. The 5:30pm was PACKED too. Legit that studio on Wilshire (in Brentwood) is always poppin.

Went home showered got some shit done and then went with the bro. My morning was so rough haha I had to nap before my dentist apt. So PS, I’m legit in a mid life crisis. I have no idea what I’m gonna do but let’s just say I’m gonna try something new. And hope it works for the best. Lots of fear and hesitation with this decision, but trusting God got me. I was gonna say hoping, but realize I can’t be hesitant with my faith. It’s all or nothing.

My mouth is still fucking numb. I can’t.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My two fav rappers in one track. Yas.

Miracles From Heaven.


You guys…. this movie had me BALLING. Fr. I legit was crying and I haven’t cried in a movie in days. Normally I’ll go into a movie wanting to cry but this time I didn’t even expect it. I read the plot on the Flixster app as the movie was starting and saw it was about a 10 year old girl who gets this rare disease that is uncureable. Obvi, that’s sad. But it’s also based on a true story. Which blew my mind.

First off, I’d like to say, I have a huge problem with miracles. Always have. Like all throughout my faith and journey with God, I always was hesitant with stories where miracles would take place. They’re just not realistic to me and they make me question the whole religion as a whole. Obviously, it’s God’s work, but idk. Maybe I’m just jealous cause I know it will never happen to me idk. But if it’s not realistic, it makes me think the whole thing is phony.

Disclaimer, clearly I’m struggling with my faith rn. I feel like a lot of bad things have happened this year, continuously. Of course, I have no one to blame but myself, but it’s just like can I get a break? Fr just one break.

Okay back to the movie. First of all, Jennifer Garner is seriously so beautiful and such an amazing actress. She kills this role. She’s the mother of 3 girls…and has a very loving husband. It takes place in the South, Texas to be exact, and the scenery is literally so beautiful. Anyways, one of her daughters has this disease where she can’t process food and no doctor can seem to fix her. She was on track to die.

There’s no spoiler alert bc it’s in the title, but honestly this movie is so emotional. It was really good. It had me literally crying. Some parts were so touching mayne I swear. I was very humbled at the end.

Oh I saw A$AP Rocky at The Grove at the Apple Store. My phone’s been fucked up but who was I to walk in without a Genius Bar apt. Glad I did bc Rocky’s presence is just so… drool haha. So funny cause the white dude I was speaking to, who was greeting people as they walked in, had 0 idea who he was. I was like…. bruh haha.

Anyways. Lord Pretty Flacko was NOT having it today haha. Literally he was posted with one of his homies, who literally looked like he was his bodyguard. Maybe he was. He was standing with his arms crossed like he was protecting Rocky. But a couple teenage boys were trolling trying to take a pic and Rocky rejected them hard. He like put his hand out to block them using their phone and kept apologizing saying “not today.” V interesting haha. Honestly tho, celebs can’t go anywhere without getting harassed. It’s crazy.

I was on a high off that then stopped in Dylan’s Candy Bar to get my best fran from home a chocolate bar. AND THEN, my car got towed. There’s literally nothing worse than walking up to where you parked and seeing your car gone. Trust me. Few things in life suck more than that haha. I legit have been parking across the street at K-Mart for idk how long. Usually late at night tho… when they clearly dgaf. During the day they got people literally patrolling the parking lot. I shoulda known 😦 I’m so sad honestly.

The worst part is, when I called, they said they close at 5pm, then it’s after hours fee. Yo, I legit called an Uber and arrived literally at 5:03pm. Like really?! LA traffic was insane and the driver was literally trying his best. It was $270 to get my car back as opposed to $180. Who the fuck comes up with this shit? And who approves it. Man. Towing companies have to be rich af cause that’s so fucked. My heart hurt.

Later, I almost miss my flight home because I call an Uber pool. And then I find out the saddest news ever. The people in my pool were really cool and they were getting turnt for St. Patty’s Day (legit forgot). But we were all complaining about our day so I asked why theirs was rough.

Literally, they told me this construction worker fell off a building and splattered. SPLATTERED like wtf. If you know LA, they’re currently building the tallest building in the US, west of the Mississippi. So he was working on that. The worst part is, they dunno if he jumped or not. Bc he didn’t have on a harness. They were working ACROSS THE STREET. How tragic is that? Sure made my problems seem like shit. My heart couldn’t take much more at that point. Idk. I’m soft. Feel like there’s been a lot of suicide talk lately :/ and I’m not with it.

I couldn’t sleep on the hour flight home, at all. And I usually knock out. I think it’s just my subconscious sigh. I’m so anxious. My dad swooped me from SJ airport, because I think that’s the only time he cherishes and the only time I see him. I feel bad. I really need to… step it up. In all aspects of my life. Real. Talk.

Went to my best fran’s after in hope he could fix my phone. Fail. Have to go to Genius Bar. Raise your hand if you hate the Genius Bar. Me. He just moved into this dope spot in San Jose tho. It’s so glorious haha I seriously love it. He took me home and we bumped Ultralight Beam by Kanye and it sounded SO GOOD IN THE WHIP. That is all.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Azizi Gibson’s new track goes.