The Flower Fields.

Hay guys. Back to my more casual blog (vs. where I can talk about my feelings and… more feelings. Today, my bro and I took a day trip to Carlsbad, which is by San Diego. You guys know I’d … Continue reading

Doctor Strange.


Wow. Just wow. I’m actually kinda speechless. This was the most epic movie experience I’ve ever had. And I’m not just saying that. 4D was life changing.

First of all, hi guys. I haven’t written here in so long because I’ve had 0 time for movies. I was looking forward to this so much. All I knew was that Doctor Strange was the new Marvel movie coming out and the hype was real. Marvel anything I think is a win. Especially this one.

Now let’s talk about this 4D though. It’s exactly what it sounds like… 3D on crack. Lmao. Seriously though. I think only a few select theaters have it. It’s bound to blow though. The moment we sat down we felt like we were in a theme park. Like Honey I Shrunk The Kids at Disneyland… THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

Oh shit: “Regal L.A. LIVE is now home to the first 4DX theater in the United States! Experience the biggest blockbusters like never before with 4DX technology! The 4DX auditorium features motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, mist/rain, scents and more that perfectly synch to the on-screen action.”

We came during the worst time though. Our movie was at 10:30pm aka right when the basketball game got out at Staples. I don’t want to talk about that game. (Warriors ate shit to The Lakers). It was bad. And we were stuck in the standstill traffic.

But we made it. I love this movie theater, but it takes a lot more effort, aka effort parking. I gptta get used to this being my go-to theater. OH YEAH SHIT I just moved downtown haha holy fuck. I’m not fully settled yet so I can’t celebrate yet, but it’s fucking surreal. Downtown LA man.

Rolled with my hg and my bros and their roomie. Poor guy had to sit alone cause he got tickets late but yo, even if you’re solo, this movie is a blast. We were fortunate enough to have our own 4 seats by ourselves so we could giggle and chit chat. I brought my vape pen and the smoke blended right in with the smoke fog machine going off in front of us. So perfect lmao.

The chair moved in sync with the action in the movie. Even when there was fire on the screen, IT SMELLED LIKE FIRE. There’s a button that says Water On or Water Off. I turned that shit off. I hate getting wet lmao. Advice though: bring a jacket. It gets chilly with the fog and especially when they were in a blizzard. Brrrrrr. You’re in the movie with them.

There was literally so many scenes that had such fucking great picture and graphics that alone is worthy of 90% ratings. This movie is 2 hours long but it doesn’t feel like it. We wanted it to keep going. But I guess we were also in 4D haha. Me and my bro been trying to hit this since it opened at Regal downtown. I just remembered they were playing Don’t Breathe. Holy fuck, I would die.

Overall it was a really fun experience. A great night out. I encourage everyone to try it at least once. It’s going to be pricey ($28), but keep in mind, it’s for the experience.

Oh, stay for the scene after the credits. It comes on fairly quick/

Thought about talking about my life but I’m over hearing myself. Goodbye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: That new new.



You guys. This movie was fucking great. Nerve starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, and MGK, bae haha. Jk. I used to think he was hot but he’s really intense to me now lmao. I definitely had James Franco instead of Dave up there lmao thank you Google. I think it’s James’ little bro, and they look exactly like each other haha. Emma Roberts is bae though. Just look how cute they are in the pic haha.

Just right off the bat gonna say I highly recommend this movie. It’s short, a little over an hour 30, but it’s epic. I really enjoyed it, and perfect with all the bullshit happening in my life rn haha. Real talk tho. Not only did I technically lose my job, but I got a fucking $363 handicapped parking ticket today. LIKE WHY. I mean, I know why, I take full responsibility, it’s my fault. But it had to happen rn. In the midst of my life crashing down in front of my eyes haha. Damn. Not even trynta be dramatic but the stars are NOT aligning rn.

Anyways. After literally the most painful dentist apt, I needed Starbucks. Literally go to my go-to shop down the street from me. I usually post up in this spot in the back no problem. As I’m pulling out this lady runs up on me with a ticket. I was like WHAT. Look up and see this half bent handicapped sign. The paint on the ground was faded too. I asked her what the damage was because she wasn’t budging, thinking it would be 90 bucks. Nope. 4 times that amount. I officially gave up at that point. Cried my way back to my apt. Literally gonna fight this. If I have to show up to rags in court, I’ma fight this shit. Not cool.

Okay back to the film haha. Me and my 2 hgs hit up AMC Century City 15 at 7:20pm. I love them. We all really liked the movie. SO IT’S NOT JUST ME THAT LIKED IT. Lmao my one hg keeps saying I like everything and it’s getting to me. I got out of Core Power Yoga at 7pm and GPS said it would take 20 minutes. Just taking a moment to complain about LA traffic bc that shit normally would take 5 minutes. Okay maybe 7.

Anyways. We got in right when the movie started. 20 min previews at AMC Theaters guys remember that haha. The best part is I had no idea what it was about, and left so satisfied haha. It got pretty good reviews too. I’ma give you the full Rotten Tomatoes plot cause it’ll explain it best.

Industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico, has had it with living life on the sidelines. When pressured by friends to join the popular online game Nerve, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun. But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

That plot was a little too complex. Bascically, it’s a game on-line and it ends up being SO nuts haha. Like truth or dare, without the truth haha literally. I seriously would love that shit. I’m an adrenaline junkie. Not sure if it’s a good thing. When I was in therapy, I was told it’s a red flag. Meep. But this movie has a lot of emotions haha. Go go go.

I hate my life rn haha. My tooth hurts and I’m doing laundry. Thankful though… to be alive? (Meep.)


TRACK OF THE DAY: Straight fire.

Captain America: Civil War


Wow. So bomb. Captain America: Civil War got like 99% and I might have to agree. It was pretty lit. Marvel ftw.

I wasn’t sure what this was, but the hype was real, and I had to see it haha. My hg texted me earlier this week and we locked in Thursday night. If y’ll have time this weekend, def go see it! We hit the 9:15pm showing at The Grove with my roomie. We were trolling how packed the theater was since it’s opening night. Convinced her to come halla. My bro bailed last minute bc he fucked up at work and had to fix it. Sad times. I got to use his Moviepass tho. Saved 15 bucks. Win haha.

We got there on time. It was packed, literally. The crowd was kinda rowdy haha. People were shouting random shit. At one point, someone shouted to stop Snapchat-ing. Ridic haha. The movie is 2.5 hours, but they did a good job of keeping you engaged the whole time. Like I legit felt like I was in the movie at some points ha. If you wanna be bougie, you can see it in 3D.

Side note, I’m listening to Views rn. I miss old Drake so bad. ALSO. I’m pissed cause Rihanna brought him out last night at the show. She jipped us Tuesday night-ers. Don’t they always say Weekend 1 Coachella is better than 2? Does that not apply? Lmao. Salty.

Okay back to the movie. I fucking love Ironman haha or I love Robert Downey Jr. He’s just so funny, all his subtle jokes, I die. Chris Evans plays the main role, Mr. Captain America. There was one scene where he flexes his one bicep and me and my hg were like, SWOON lmao. Spiderman was hilarious. No spoilers don’t worry.

Thanks to Wiki, this is the sequel to the Captain America in 2014 and 2011. This is also the 13th Marvel film. Cray. Omg wait why wasn’t Deadpool in this ish haha. Scarlett Johanssan tho. Fucking bae haha. The movie had both action and plot. I was sadly beat in the beginning and almost fell asleep haha but I snapped out of it. I needed water and one point and didn’t wanna leave cause I didn’t wanna miss anything. But I did.

The whole theater clapped at the end. I love when people clap lmao. Dunno why. All 3 of us really enjoyed it. My day was so fucking long haha. Worked, dentist apt, yoga. I lost my car in the parking lot and it made me so fucking anxious. Like how does that happen…. :/

My homie actually got me this device to help me locate my car for Christmas. But, I got a new phone, and never dled the app. FAIL.

I fucking love Core Power Yoga. Long day tomorrow. Muahhhhs.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Summer vibes af.

Ratchet and Clank.


I literally was d for this movie bc it says Ratchet in the name lmao. This movie was PG af. My bro was d bc he just got the Moviepass and actually played the video game when he was younger. Apparently it was on Playstation haha.

Ratchet and Clank at 7:20pm at AMC Century City 15. I was sad bc I wanted See’s Candy but they closed early on Sunday haha. Wah. The movie was like hour and a half long and we were a little late. Per usual. There was like one couple in the theater and another couple with a kid. This movie was so fucking mindless for me haha. First of all I was beat from the day, I wanted to sleep but no! Paid for this ish. Kinda. We had AMC Stubs Rewards so it only cost 5 bucks. But still :(. No Moviepass life = a sad life haha.

Not sure if you care, but the plot is literally 2 superheros by the names of Ratchet and Clank, saving their alien people haha. I think? My bro mentioned a good point. Was “ratchet” even a term back then? I guess it’s like ten years old. I wonder haha. It was pretty dumbed down too. And it’s Sony which isn’t Disney or Pixar. Moral of the story, I would prob only go if I had a small child to bring haha. Otherwise, pass.

So hello Sunday, after a pretty rough Saturday. I’m sad. I failed again this morning with my bible study group. Didn’t sleep too well and ended up falling asleep again at 8:30am. I woke up and legit booked it to Ktown. I made the last 15 minutes of group :/. Smh. I wish I could attend like a normal person. I wish it wasn’t so hard to make it. Idk why I let myself fall so short. I wanted to really connect with these girls too. They ended up praying for me and I lost it. I’m a cry baby for sure.

My mouth was hurting after so I laid down. My NY hg was throwing a going away for her roomie, whom I adore, in Weho, and I really really wanted to make it. Since yoga has been so healing for me lately, I really am making it a priority. It actually worked out bc Yogaworks was legit 5 min from their apt, and my fav instructor was teaching at 4pm.

I was  happy to catch up with my girl, and their apt is just so perfect for a darty (day party, they invented it, they from the mid-west haha). I used to live with 4 girls from IU. We called ourselves the trap. I love them. I really wanted to stay longer but needed yoga haha. So yeah.

Ran some errands after. Felt bad cause my bro bro was legit bored af at home haha. All he did was go walk to get lunch lmao. I asked him if he wanted to go to church at Oasis at 6pm, he said sure. I think it was a courtesy sure haha. My friends ended up not going so we decided to do the movie instead. I think he enjoyed it haha. It’s just always nice to get out for a bit.

Wait how is it May. I swear April was like…. the longest month. And now it’s over.

Mid life crisis yll. It’s real.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I love the dvsn feature on Drake’s new album. Here’s a track from their project.

Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day was super cute! Mostly bc Jennifer Aniston though. She’s literally bae. How does she look so damn good. Fr. How. Haha. I love her. And Kate Hudson. This is one of those movies with the most lit cast, like everyone famous haha. Like Valentine’s Day. It was about 2 hours long. But I really enjoyed it. I love chick flicks haha.

Went to the 8:20pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl. I just found out she’s moving back home after she graduates and I’m sad! And jealous haha. I was late per usual 😦 haha. Made it for some of the previews though haha. The movie was obviously in light of Mother’s Day. Which is May 8th I found out! Get your mama something. I have 0 relationship with mine, but I always get her something. I have to.

My mouth is bruised yo. And swollen. It’s so bad. I had no idea my dental procedure would go this haywire. It’s fr noticable and I shouldn’t be in public. Sigh. Anyways. Had my last day of class today. I missed the first one 😦 sad. There was so much food in the second class haha. Shoutout USC, I think last day of classes mean everyone bring food and get fat. I wasn’t hungry but I def copped a ton of 3 Musketeers. I used to hella eat that shit in high school, like every break I would get one from the vending machine and eat the milk chocolate off the outside. Smh haha. I would get like 2 or 3. But my homegirl would eat the inside LMAO. In class. It was some soulmate shit. Aw, I miss my high school homies. Damn. Shit was so long ago.

I ran to Drake’s Views and it’s legit so long haha 20 tracks. Was sad I couldn’t get through it all but I love the tracks with DVSN and PND. Best features haha. Besides that, the world needs to calm down. I know Drake’s GOAT but it’s like that Beyonce shit. Everyone needs to shut up haha. Forever hating.

Life is crayyyyy. So cray. Cray.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Drizzy’s album isn’t on Youtube so here’s another PND collab. Luh.


Yo, it’s been a hell of a mf week. In the worst way possible haha. Idk, I hit a new low mayne. I was hiding from Saturday til now, so you know it’s real. I was sick again starting Saturday… then shit hit the fan when the week started. TWICE. I couldn’t handle it. If you’re close with me in life than you know the latter. But the first I didn’t tell a lotta people. Shit’s embarrassing. I completely shut down. Literally hid until tn and finally got out. It literally took a run for me to snap out of it. Endorphins ftw.

The run was through Beverly Hills, 90210. It was so glorious dude. Life goals. The houses are to die for. It cleared my head so much. And literally a million albums dropped today. I illegally dled Curren$y and Jeremih’s, and it broke my Mac lmao. NO JOKE. It gave it a virus. I laugh now but I was literally so upset earlier. ALSO. Making a Genius Bar apt for me takes a year bc I forget my Apple ID and password EVERY FUCKING TIME. I CANNOT.

Me and soulmate stepped out to this Drake ugly sweater party my friend invited me to. It was his friend’s friend’s friend’s bday lmao. It turned out to be this huge event in downtown LA at the Globe theater. Like… we pulled up and the line was seriously around the corner. Don’t hate me but I totally cut the damn thang. Legit pissed off a group of girls but fuck it. So worth it haha.

They tried to make us pay 20 dollar cover cause it was past 11pm. Um, no bitch. Finessed our way in real quick. The party was lit af. And by that I mean the music was poppppppin. Legit all my fav singles. And I heard they straight up played Drizzy for the first 2 hours. I love it. I loved the idea of this party. There were paper Drake heads floating around. Look I brought it home LMAO. Welcome to my room.


I ran into a lotta my homies there surprisingly which was great. I love them all mayne. They were lit too. We all were. There was this dope photobooth there we were infatuated with. What else… the DJs were so dope haha. I loved it. They had a screen behind them too literally with Drake heads scrolling like a slot machine. So great.

Overall great night and so glad I snapped out of my funk. That shit is toxic.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Fireeeeeeeee.



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Jobs… Steve Jobs.

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