The Accountant.


My poor brother lmao. My poor fucking brother. I drive him literally insane. One day bro, I’ll pay you back. I promise. Anyways. We caught the 8pm showing of The Accountant at The Grove, late af. That might have been why I was so confused the entire movie. But yo, this movie was lit. It was really intense. I think every accountant out there should watch it, just cause. Like their boss should take the company as an outing haha.

Wiki: Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Using a small-town CPA office as a cover, he makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations. With a Treasury agent (J.K. Simmons) hot on his heels, Christian takes on a state-of-the-art robotics company as a legitimate client. As Wolff gets closer to the truth about a discrepancy that involves millions of dollars, the body count starts to rise.

So Ben Affleck kills it per usual. And Anna Kendrick in the movie was tripping me out. I’ve only seen her play funny roles, like bizarre comedy roles haha. So seeing her all serious in a movie was weird. Plus kept noticing how tiny she was. Like I wonder how she is in person lmao. Okay I’ll stop. She did good.

This movie caught my eye particularly bc I used to be a math major. Like… I fucking loved that shit. Algebra was so fun to me lmao. I’m so sad. I always say I feel like I had so much potential but then I discovered partying and that was the end of that. My brain is fried. In reality, I transferred to UCLA as a math major but that shit was way too hard. It was a joke. Not that philosophy was much easier, but my ego wasn’t shot from getting back 30%’s on the midterms. This was AFTER I studied my ass off.

Wow anyways. What they don’t tell you in the plot is that Ben is autistic. It’s a crazy aspect of the film but it was extremely eye-opening. No spoiler alert, pretty sure it’s in the trailer haha. Definitely a solid movie. A little over 2 hours. I’d recommend it. Again, esp for you accountants. And I feel like a lot of my friends are. They work the craziest longest hours. Mad respect.

Today was a fucking Monday if it ever was one. I couldn’t sleep til late (stan) so work was a definite struggle. Took a nap in my car on my lunch. Please tell me other people do that. I feel like the minority.

Went straight to the dentist for a checkup. Went to the doctor to pick up my scripts. Went to Core Power Yoga 2. That shit had me sweating profusely. So necessary though.

Then went home to get my laptop because I had to go to Verizon to get a new iPhone. I completely shattered my screen last night, which is starting to feel like a damn curse. I had a free upgrade (my bro’s line, again, ty) and literally drove all the way home so I could back up my shit at the store.

BUT IT WOULDN’T BACK UP. LITERALLY. Kept saying “turn off Find my iPhone” when it was off on all devices. Verizon told me I had to go to Apple cause they were stumped. So of course, The Grove, which is the busiest Genius Bar in all of LA, verbatim from one of their workers. The dude was nice and tried to help me, but couldn’t. Cool. I had to come back in the AM right when they open. As if I have time for this.

Sorry guys. My blog is literally for me to complain about my unnecessarily dramatic life. It’s like, drama with myself. Lmao.

And then I fucked up and didn’t tell my bro I was at The Grove so he drove all the way to the Beverly Center cause that’s where Verizon was. Smh. So sorry bro. You hate me.

The popcorn at the movies was stale. Goodbye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Friend put me on this track last night. FEELS.



Berner x Kool John.

Yo, the title is a tease. It should really only be “Be” because we literally caught 15 min of this damn show lmao. Fail. All good though. Berner and Kool John at El Rey, my fav venue in LA. Wait … Continue reading



Work work work work work work. JK. I hate that song lmao. RIHANNA!!!! Bad girl rih rih. Literally, Rihanna is life. And Rihanna > Beyonce all day. This is her Anti World Tour. First Los Angeles stop. Sold out show at The Forum in Inglewood. Me and my girl got tickets literally when they went on sale haha I think last year. She’s there tomorrow too if y’ll trynta make it.

Legit snuck down per usual. We only got kicked out once haha. But it was dramatic af. This white dude literally came at us and was like “THESE ARE NOT YOUR SEATS.” We literally just moved one section over haha. I love the view right to the side of the stage. Way better than floor seats in my opinion cause you’re elevated and you can see everything.

O.M.G. My antibiotics literally make me feel like ish :(. Seriously it feels like I have acid reflex. I’m dying. Anyways. I barely got back from the show. It was seriously so magical. Rihanna is soooo beautiful. I went with my PIC and we was lit. We definitely missed Travis Scott tho. He came on at like 8pm. I called for set times earlier and they said Rih would be on at 9pm.

Lies, she didn’t come on til like 9:40pm. And played until a little after 11pm. She performed all her hits, and hg has endless hits. Legit loved every single one. She is so beautiful. And just…. trill. Okay I need to stop haha. She played a lot from her last album ANTI, so if you’re a fan of that, you’ll love the show.

IMG_0455I’m excited for my babes to see her in the bay haha. Clearly, I’m lit off the show haha. 100% sober halla. The crowd was so diverse haha. Youngins, lots of older people, gay guys, etc. Everyone busted out the flashlight on their phones when she sang “shine bright like a diamond.” Magical.

Day was busy af. Had to check up on the dentist and hit the psychiatrist one time. Hit Hot Power Fusion at Core Power Yoga on Wilshire. Legit been sneaking in but yo, no one checks haha. Almost fell asleep before the show but I finally got excited once I started driving.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage?

Gods of Egypt.

So glad I went to the movies so I can report about my nightmare of a day. Possibly one of the worst days of 2016, and will be come the new year. First of all, March? What the. Today was the most painful experience emotionally and physically. So I had work at 5pm, and scheduled a dentist appointment at 11am cause my right back tooth was sensitive. I didn’t fully knock out til 6:30am so I was legit exhausted when I woke up at 10am and had to drive to Westwood. It’s the longest 2o minutes of your life when your half asleep trying not to die driving. Feel like I’m that prime example of the warning label: May cause drowsiness, do not operate vehicle. Of what not to do haha.

My dentist couldn’t figure what was wrong, which was a HUGE red flag. Even through the X-ray. She said she had to send me to a root canal specialist and I might need my tooth extracted. That had me so worried. It was my third day on the job and I couldn’t afford to call in. It’s so sad bc those were my only thoughts at the time. Making it to work and not missing work.

Obviously can’t function under pain tho. My tooth had been giving me a headache for a couple days and it killed to eat. I had to get this taken care of. Luckily, the root canal specialist was down the street in the Westwood medical building. Unluckily, they had me waiting for days :(. Just sitting in the lobby, miserable. Today was a lot of that. And of course, things are magnified when you’re in pain.

When they finally saw me, the specialist again second guessed the procedure. Like wtf is wrong with me 😦 feel like such a mf lost cause sometimes. But he ended up sending me 2 floors down to another doctor. He was the implant specialist I guess. So many specific paths and options in the medical field. It’s mind boggling. What really blows me is that most marijuana docs have their PhD’s and shit. Like wtf you really believe in weed huh?

So it was settled. I needed an emergency procedure to extract my tooth. They had to put me under for it, which is so fucking terrifying. I’ve had a couple wisdom teeth pulled and remember it being terrifying. This time tho, they said the anesthesia would have to be through IV aka needles aka DIE. My worst nightmare.

Now this is the saddest part of the story haha. The doc said I couldn’t drive. It’s cool doc, I’ll just uber. “No, uber just drops you off at your door step.” Fine, I’ll call my brother. He can be here in an hour to pick me up. Can we do it now? “No, he has to be here at the beginning of the procedure.” Like FR? Why??? For emergency purposes. Ugh. My poor bro had to come from work in Cerritos and take time off to take care of his forever annoying little sister. Fine. Whatever.

What really got me is.. I really felt like I had no one to hit up. In LA. In the bay I have 2 heads I can totally count on. But here? I didn’t wanna bug no one. Like they’re all working and shit. I would never want them… I just don’t want to be a burden. But actually I was joking with the receptionist later… she was mad cool. She was like ya girl you better reevaluate your circle. I was like damnnnnn haha. Cole world.

I had to drive my car to my apt and my bro had to pick me up. When we finally got back to the office we had to wait for days… again. Man serious waiting game when it comes to health. That’s an issue fr. Wait that’s all we talk about in social work policy classes haha nvm. Meep. Help.

The procedure was traumatizing. But at least I lived to tell it. They couldn’t find my veins to put the IV in and they kept pricking me. Each arm. I started having a panic attack and balling my eyes out. Legit had the laughing gas mask on and it didn’t do shit. So interesting. How my body just doesn’t react. I def think I know why. Def has to do with my history of substance abuse. Anywho.

I swear I feel like I never knocked out. But post procedure I was on one. So woozy and actually in some pain 😦 It hurts meow too. I need to take meds.

I fell asleep for a bit after my bro left. Again, best bro in the world award. Constantly saving my ass. He’s actually going through his own shit too. Big career choices ahead. And poss moving to LA!! Eek. I was so behind (in life) when I woke up so I did some work on the comp. Gay bestie texted me about Gods of Egypt and fuck it. Why not. Get out a little.

I was late af and had to drop off meds at the pharmacy. But met him for the 8:20pm showing at The Grove. We had discussed earlier how it was okay if we left early since it got 11% lmao. He ended up really liking it which I was surprised cause he’s usually a tough ass critic.


Yo honestly my friends were talking shit about this film haha. Like who would go see it. Haters gon hate. Whatever it’s free haha. I thought the chick was hot af in it haha. Gerard Butler is the star. And some dude who loses his eyes in the beginning. Gerard rips them out of him. Can you imagine?

This movie was very animated. The whole time I was trynta figure out if it was low budget or high budget haha. Some part looked legit but others looked like straight shit. Oh it’s in 3D too. That means they for sure tried right? haha idk. I wish you guys could talk back to me when I ask these questions lmao. Need some love rn.

Not sure I could tell you what it was about haa. It’s just entertainment. Would def only recommend it if you have the Moviepass doe. Our theater was actually surprisingly hella packed. I actually left before the movie ended. A little over 2 hours. Omg made it to the pharmacy with a minute to spare. So nerve racking.

I’m just trynta understand life guys.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this on a non rap radio station and really liked her voice lmao.



Yo this movie was sooooo lit. 10:15pm showing of Concussion at AMC Theaters in Cupertino. Had to wait til after 10pm bc the Moviepass has a restriction where you can’t see more than one movie in 24 hours lmao. Sad … Continue reading


That was the most interesting 2 hours and something minutes of my life haha. I’m actually on Wikipedia rn educating myself on what the film was really based off. I had it completely twisted. I thought it was totally gonna … Continue reading


Wow. This might be one of my fav movies this year. Miss You Already starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette was phenomenal. It tells a story of two best friends and how they deal with some real life obstacles. They’ve been bffs since they were little, and somehow both manage to sustain their friendship until the end. The film takes you through a bunch of highs and lows. It’s full of passion, emotion, love, humor, secrets, you name it.


10pm showing at The Grove with my gay bestie and a friend. If I hadn’t been all cried out from the week I def woulda been balling. There weren’t many people in our theater but def sniffles were going around. Don’t want to spoil any of it, but the defining moment is when Toni’s character finds out she has breast cancer. With two kids and a loving husband, this is tragic news for anyone.

This is prob one of the more touching movies I’ve seen all year. I highly recommend it. At first I thot it was a chick flick, but I def would call it a drama now. Yes, that was meant to persuade men to go haha. It really makes you appreciate your health and how important it is to take care of your body. I always gave work or school priority.

I’m hoping this is the last misery story about my damn eye. Yesterday was no joke tho. So on Monday, I went back to the doc who prescribed me the antibiotic, and he said he had no idea what was going on. Promising. He referred me to the eye doctor. Sick. At this point, I’m still thinking my eye gon fall out. After long holds on the phone, I finally snag an appointment Tuesday morning in Beverly Hills. My eye is legit pussing at this point (sorry TMI).

I drive over in the morning, which was the WORST decision ever. I honestly think it was extremely dangerous, but I couldn’t stop once I started. The sun was so bright I could hardly see. It felt like it was affecting my right eye as well, which made it so much worse :/ I should have ubered. Especially when I got to the office too. Parking in 90210 is no joke. The lots charge 3 dollars every 15 minutes because they can. So i had to bust my ass and park a ways down in a lot that gave you 2 hours free. So I’m late, but that didn’t even matter bc the doctor was running behind. 3 patients ahead of me.

I’m running off no sleep and going on an hour waiting so of course, I start crying in the office. This was out of pure physical frustration, not emotional. Finally see the doc, who was actually pretty amazing. You know how certain people just give off this vibe of amazing-ness/boss-ness that makes you feel worthy. He kept calling me “sweety” and what not. Idk, he was real dope.

Sure enough, the medication I was on gave me a “horrendous allergic reaction.” Sick. The irony in this, is in my attempt to get better sooner, I was using the eye drops like 8x a day. As opposed to the prescribed 3x a day. So I was doing the exact opposite of getting better. That’s so fucked haha.

Anyways, he told me to stay out of work for a week. The meds he prescribed me should make me feel a lot better. Apparently there’s steroids in them, which is kinda frightening. But whatever it takes at this point.

Future tripping and looking ahead in my planner, I’ve got a pretty busy month left. Can’t afford to be out of commission any longer.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Future blesses us with “Last Breath” for the upcoming movieCreed  starring Michael B. Jordan. Drool. In releasing this track, he talks about being self-driven and how he relates to the film.


TGIF has never failed me more than today haha. It was honestly a day from hell. First of all I missed my first class. Cool. Good job Shirley. Second, I got a parking ticket. It was a risk I took not paying for my parking this time, and low and behold, a white and red envelope on my dashboard. That shit hurt mayne. I legit may hold the world record for parking tickets. It’s been a while though. So maybe it was God reminding me I hold that record still.

SO THEN… I’m heading to Westwood for my doctor’s appointment, one that was long overdue. All of a sudden, my tire blows out. Okay so… the day before. Me being me, inpatient af, was trying to cut some LA traffic, and I decide to go through this gas station. You know, since I just couldn’t wait long enough to turn right. I go into the gas station alright, but not through the ramp. Nope, right into the curb. My car was fucked, and I knew it. So the tire pressure symbol comes on. In my mind I’m like, ugh okay. I’ll just stop by the body shop on my way home from the doctor’s. Lesson learned. Don’t wait if you have car problems.


So I pull over on the 10 freeway, at the on ramp merging west, right before the Normandie/Western exit. It was terrifying. The cars were going mad fast, whizzing by me. I took a quick pic- and ran back to safety. My tire disintegrated guys (I had to look up how to spell that). I was shocked. It like disappeared into thin air. It was terrifying too. What if I couldn’t pull over in time?? AND THEN, fuck Farmer’s Insurance. Their roadside assistance had me waiting an hour and a half, for absolutely nothing. I finally called the police and they came and called me a tow truck. But honestly, I was so mad about Farmer’s. I started crying. And then I was like, why am I crying? In my mind, their job is to help people like me in need. So how in the fuck are they failing rn?

Alright I’ma shorten this story. So then I go to my doctor’s, who decides to lower all my medications. Like cool. So I’m pissed. AND THEN, he goes off on how terrible pot is for me and how it’s making me stupid. Bruhhhhhh. He’s a crazy psychiatrist fr, but I’m never met anyone who hated weed more. It’s so damn interesting. He went in on me though, enough to make me want to find another doctor. Sigh. No time.

AND THEN, my brother informs me I can’t drive on a spare tire, which I really tried to not believe. After confirmation, I make it out of the doctor’s just in time before Firestone closes. Unfortunately, they were so backed up, my car took another 2 whole hours. Oh my gosh. The technician said someone had just quit and there’s only 2 of them. I felt bad- my attitude towards the situation did not help at all.

Went to the pharmacy after to fill my meds and then hit the gym. I hate cardio machines, the worst. LA Fitness cracking fasho though. I felt like for half the crowd, this was their night. The other half was so ready to turnup after their sesh. During this sesh I listened to Fetty Wap’s new album. Yes, his singles are dope as hell, but I just felt like every song sounded the same. What was the hype? Casey Veggie’s though. His album is dope af.


So what better way to forget a bad day then at the movies. Convinced my gay bestie to trek to AMC Century City 15. Okay fine, I’m obsessed with their AMC Stubs Card. It’s legit though. It’s a rewards program where you earn points and get free $10 credits once you reach a certain number. You also get free upgrades. So here’s where I complain. 3D Imax cost $20.99. Next joke. That’s like, a joke. It hurts.

We were handed the 3D glasses before we walked in. These were actually legit, not the flimsy disposable ones. Maybe that’s where all our money goes. Jk. Also, it didn’t register Everest was Mt. Everest. I question myself sometimes…Anyways, the movie was super dope. Super perfect for Imax 3D, so glad we did that. It really felt like you were there, in the scene. It was such a trip though.

First of all, it tells you in the beginning it’s based on a true story. Which made it that much more intense. It showcases two groups who try to reach the top of Mt. Everest, which is the highest point on earth. Whoa. It was so vivid. The ticket guy actually said he hadn’t seen the film because he was scared of heights. Now I know why. I thought the film was overall great, and starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Keira Knightley. Is it bad that gave the film credibility off the bat?

I was never bored the entire 2 hours. The film did a great job portraying the drastic conditions in the snow and in the mountains. When the storm hits, things go from bad to worse. They also had little oxygen, and had to survive off a supply of oxygen tanks they brought. Many who tried to climb the mountain, never left. They were stuck in the freezing snow, hands and feet literally frozen. I die in LA as it is in the winter. What they went through on that mountain made me feel really guilty. It looked like straight torture.

There was one scene where they go around the group, asking why they’re risking their lives to climb to the top of a mountain. The responses were interesting. One girl from Japan said it was the last of the 7 summits she has yet to climb. Another man said he wanted to be a role model for his kids: that you can reach dreams, no matter how bizarre they were. That was my fav.

Amongst the deaths and death scares, this film really took us on the treacherous journey these climbers went through. It was one most people would not dare embark on. It also shared a lot of intimate moments between characters and their relationships.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This track hit the spot after such a long crazy day. This closes out Casey’s album Live And Grow, which means it has to be powerful. Apparently, he’s had it done for 2 years now. Okay I can’t find a link to the track, so here’s a short clip about it.