Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Yooooooo. Hey everyone. I’m switching between blogs rn and it’s awkward lmao. But this is going to be quick. Because I honestly have no idea what happened the entire movie lmao. about to see the new pirates of the carribean and … Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast.


You guyyyyssss. Beauty and the Beast was so good!! So pretty, so funny, so perfect. This post is going to be quick cause I got moves to make lmao. Me and my girl hit the 9pm showing at The Grove. Shout out to her for reminding me this movie was out. I feel like it was so hyped up for the longest time, and it’s finally here.

This next part had me dying lmao. I literally snuck in. Usually I have an intention to, but tonight, I swear, I had none. I strolled in (late per usual), and I notice no one was really paying attention. I literally walked right in. The ticket guy was just ripping tickets robotically. My cover was going to be I was looking for the parking validation machine. I mean, no one even noticed I walked over the ropes. I was dying inside. DYING. I just saved $15.50. That means a lot to me man lmao.

I meet my girl inside, and find her in one of the side rows. This theater was ginormous. And packed to the brim. Like I said, the hype is real. Funny thing is we came from the same spot lmao. Rotana was playing at Hotel Cafe and I had a plus one. If you guys get a chance, look her up. She was phenomenal. Her voice blew us away. I fell in love. Her personality was the best part.

Okay. I honestly don’t remember this Disney cartoon whatsoever lmao. But this was our childhood… brought to life! Definitely unnecessary to provide the (IMDB) plot, but here it is:

An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.

Emma Watson is perfect. The film is part musical, so be prepared for that. I don’t see any guys going to see this unless a girl makes them tbh lmao. But you a real one if you are a dude that goes with all dudes lmao. The picture is so great in this film. It also comes in 3D, but who’s paying for that lmao. Also, it’s over two hours long. So be prepared for that.

Solid though. Go see it to be happy.

Okayyyyyy. LIFE.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Saw Little Simz recently, and fell in love with her song “Wings.” She’s from the UK. Fire.

Get Out.

Ahhhhh. Fuck. I finally met Uncle Snoop tonight. And it was beyond chill lmao. Everyone was taking photos with him and I legit just wanted to meet him, but eventually was next to him so long I figured why not lmao. We … Continue reading



Moana! I kept butchering the name. Literally calling it “Mona” lmao. I really honestly still can’t get it right. My homegirl who’s Hawaiian was like wtf Shirley. I love it haha. Seeing this movie with her was everything. I encourage all Hawaiians to go haha as well as all Disney lovers. Nothing hits the spot like Disney does. They are the shit.

I have successfully watched 4 movies in 4 days, every day I was home. Go me. Lmao. Luckily, the total would have been the price of 2 movies in LA. So def justifying it that way. The hype for this film was real, and it’s a cartoon! Like what haha. We were scoping out tickets for Century Cinema 16, which is the super luxurious theater in Mountain View with reclining theaters. Like literally, so comfortable, I had to shut my eyes for a sec…. and those 3D shades…

We had to get seats for the 12:35pm 3D showing the day prior, almost certain it would have been sold out if we waited. That’s nuts. All the times after that were pretty much all gone. Matinee ftw tho. My bro’s roomie was raving about how amazing 3D was, so I’m glad it happened. Shout out to the homies we rolled with! They are the shit ❤ I love my bay friends. So chill and down for the cause, always.

Plot: In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain’s daughter’s island, she answers the Ocean’s call to seek out the demigod to set things right.

You know plots don’t matter for Disney movies though haha. They’re just a grand ole time. This movie reminded me a lot of Frozen, especially with the musical vibes. The song in the movie could definitely me the next “Let It Go.” That or Pocahontas haha. The girl in it is beautiful.

To start off, the short film in the beginning of all these movies are always to die for. So adorable. I love them. They are completely irrelevant to the main movie, which I’m sure confuses a lot of people, as it did me my first time. Man, these seats were way too comfy haha and I was in a hoodie and sweats so I was legit about to snooze. Homeboy next to me did for sure. And homeboy next to him was seeing this for the second time. I love it.

One of the highlights of the movie was my girl’s girl’s son coming to sit in between us. He’s 3. Literally, adorable. It made me want a kid haha I never ever want kids. He was eating popcorn and one piece fit inside his whole palm. Gush. I kept wondering if they knew what was happening in the movie. I don’t think they do haha. The visuals were actually scary at times. Like if I was a kid, I’d be like whoa.

Got out of the movie and it was raining. I hate rain. But I love it at the same time. Maybe I just hate driving in it haha. It’s scary in the minivan.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Dom Kennedy & Hit-Boy ayyyyy. Hate the video, love the track. Dom for life.


The Legend Of Tarzan.


I honestly really coulda done without this movie lmao. So fucking busy and stressed. *sigh* I wanted to hang with my bro bro though, and this was the only way. He was literally trying to escape all day haha.

Today was moving day. Or half at least. Serious fail haha. We hired movers and they had a 3 hour minimum. But man, once they got the big furniture over, they dipped HELLA QUICK. It was kinda funny tbh. But yeah, um, hot ass day in LA does not make moving fun. Also my ghetto ass Fiat that’s my current rental car has no AC. LIKE HOW :(. Terrible.

I moved literally 3 blocks down. And actually right freaking next to my old roomie’s bf lmao. So nuts. They’re moving a block away from me too. Literally all in a mile radius it’s crazy. But anywho, moving is such a fucking bitch. I have boxes in the middle of the room and what not. I feel bad but I’m so busy in the next couple days I don’t know when I will get to it. *sigh*

We hit 6:10pm showing at The Grove. I had to return some ish at Nordstrom before that which took fucking forever. I hate it cause all my purchases don’t register in the computer systems and they have to call a manager to override and blase blase. But seriously, after the half move, literally realized I’m a hoarder. And I need to get rid of like 50% of my shit. Literally. My bro made me start a donation box. Hella smart haha. I’m starting to let go of shit, and it feels good.

I was not present for Tarzan, and we went super late cause of me. It features Margot Robbie though, from the movie Focus with Will Smith. She’s fire. She played Jane. I realized I have no idea the story of Tarzan, and I still don’t lmao. My brother thought the “cinematography” was hella good. I usually just say picture. Good vocab there haha.

The movie theater was PACKED. But so was The Grove, per usual. I swear it doubled in population recently. Shit is crazy nuts on the weekends. I guess in general. There was a dude sitting by us alone in the front rows. I seriously have mad respect for people who go to movies alone haha.

Anyways. Movie was like 2 hours long. I really have no idea what happened. Samuel L. Jackson’s in it. And Tarzan was ripped. That’s all I know. This review would suck if I did this professionally lmao. Currently listening to ScHoolboy Q’s new album. Fuego.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this on the radio and my bro started singing to it LMAO. I love Tove Lo tho.

Finding Dory.


Just keep swimming…. just keep swimming <3. Finding Dory was everything. The hype is real. And I about died of cuteness. Disney and Pixar do not fail. I think what Finding Nemo was to our generation, is what Finding Dory is to the kids in this generation. Def a winner. It was adorable af, and I fucking cried lmao. I’m so soft, I can’t. Let me know if anyone else did haha.

I met my girls from work, they’re literally my fav. Shout out to them, they’re the sweetest. I feel bad, they tried to hit up YG’s Still Brazy pop up shop but it was closed. Which is super fucked bc the flier definitely says open til 9pm. I’d be so hot haha. But in all honesty, you can see everything from the outside lmao. Unless you’re really trynta get some 4 hunnid merch.

We hit up the 9:25pm showing at The Grove, my happy place. My hg’s bf actually just moved to LA, so that’s exciting. He’s dope. I don’t think he enjoyed the flick as much as us girls lmao. Females ftw. I was late af per usual, I just got out the shower and left with wet hair, per usual. It was in the big premiere theater, aka #1. That shit was legit crowded haha esp on a Monday night. There were some kids, but majority adults.

Off the bat, the short film BEFORE the movie had us dying. It was literally like 5 minutes long and showed birds on the beach. It was fucking adorable haha. If you aren’t familiar, every Pixar movie has a little short animated film beforehand. They’re always adorable.

You guys, Dory reminds me of me haha. Plot: The friendly-but-forgetful blue tang fish reunites with her loved ones, and everyone learns a few things about the real meaning of family along the way.

Pretty sure it’s like a sequel to Finding Nemo, which I was telling my girl I remember absolutely about. Smh. 0. So Dory suffers from short-term memory loss, which I definitely feel I have. With that, comes some major ADD haha. So yeah, the film is basically her trying to find her parents. It really touched me. Especially not having a relationship with my parents and about to go on a 10-day cruise with them. #halp.

I just texted my bro I wanted to bring bud and he highly recommended not to. I usually check it in my luggage and it’s fine, but he’s all trippin cause it’s international. Whatever. If I get arrested, it was meant to be (joking).

Man, life is brazy. Been saying that all day haha. I’m seriously ODing on YG… but it’s the CD in my whip rn. Man, today was rough. Work’s been a little rough, and I had to go BACK to the iPhone repair shop cause my shit was still fucked. Lesson learned, always go to the Apple Store next time.

Today was unbelievably hot. But like… I honestly can’t handle the contrast between the heat outside and the FREEZING AC inside. Like, I am totally judged when I show up in a sweater and boots, but I get so cold inside haha. And the only time I’m outside is the walk to my car so, I’m golden haha.

I just want to take this moment to shit on LA Fitness one time haha. Sorry. But the one on La Cienega, no bueno. I snuck in, I know, smh, but yo. That smell, and that heat. Their AC was broken. Like HOW. I forced myself to stick it out through this Body Works Plus Abs class, but I dipped early. Even the instructor kept saying it was a sauna in there, and she proceeded to strip her shirt off lmao. LA fitness class instructors are mad entertaining. Pretty sure they’re all just retired and have nothing better to do haha.

I have so many errands to run tomorrow. Smh. And definitely need to fit in a massage.



The Jungle Book.


The Jungle Book was so lit!!! Fr Disney ftw. It’s based on the childhood movie, or book, that I never saw. Legit grew up under a rock. Tbh hadn’t even heard of it until this movie haha smh. People were hyping it up like cray, which of course made me wanna see it even more. All bad haha. It legit got like 95% tho. Accurate.

7:30pm showing at The Grove with my homegirl <3. Haven’t seen her in a minute. Right off the bat we thought the movie was adorable. First off, we were in the big theater, #1. It’s huge haha. It was pretty crowded. There was this dude behind us who was laughing so hard, it was cute. I love when people are into it haha.

The animals were SO lit and so cute. You can drop hella dough and see this movie in 3D and/or IMAX. But then you’re looking at like a $20 ticket haha. This sufficed. The scenery was really beautiful too. The kid was an amazing actor. He deserves an Oscar haha. Pretty much, he’s the only one in the jungle, and was raised by wolves. Gnarly.

So this is like the real life version of the classic movie. Bill Murray was the voice of the bear, which was fucking adorable haha. It was about an hour and half and it’s PG. If you got a kid to go with, bring them!! Def some feel good ish.

Day was so ridiculously long. I was beat. I legit passed out in my car and it was blazing hot. So my AC was all the way up. Is that bad for my lungs?? Whatever. Went to Yogaworks in Ktown after my internship. I didn’t like it haha. Wah. It makes such a difference when you have a dope instructor.

Solid weekend. Got to see my best friend from home, twice! But, I recently lost my job. So I’m def kinda hurting. They said they needed someone full time. Such bs. I’d like to think that’s the only reason… cause I was committed. I hate job hunting. It’s such an uneasy feeling. Trynta keep my head up. Everything happens for a reason right?



This movie is honestly 100%. It got 99% but let’s round up. It made me SO fucking happy haha. Disney ftw fr. Literally within the first minutes I was already in love with the film. First off, I hate previews. … Continue reading

The Finest Hours.

I just got home from The Finest Hours, and it was fucking intense haha. We’re both just like whoa. It left us a little speechless. But it was really good. It’s a Disney movie based on a true story, a … Continue reading

The Good Dinosaur.

I. Am. Still. Sick. Wtf. I honestly don’t get it. I never really get sick too. Minus my terrible diet, I just always was fine. A cold here and there, but never not able to work or go to school.

I’m really bummed about it. I had 4 tickets to the Broad museum today to see the infinity mirror installation room, and I legit couldn’t get out of bed for it. I reserved these tickets months ago. I took 2 Nyquil the night before, and it really felt like it did the opposite of what it’s supposed to do. Is that a thing? When you take too many meds when you’re sick so you’re worse? Ugh. I hate meds too. But I’m so desperate to get better. I was in bed til fucking 7pm. Every time I tried to get up for water I would have to lay back down. Glorious day off.

I finally mustered up energy to get up in the evening, drove to the store to get some Vitamin C. Decided to get a foot massage at Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega. Omg. My girl Mia was there and she is an angel sent from above. I seriously tipped her $12 on a $25 ticket. That’s 50% lmao. She deserved it tho. Although she thinks I don’t understand Chinese, I totally heard her talking shit. Sigh. Better to act clueless than react.


Have been scheming to see The Good Dinosaur since it came out. Shoutout to my soulmate for going with me. I felt so bad bailing on the Broad :(. But honestly, I don’t bail. Esp on shit that I hella want to go to. So that means you know it’s real.

The movie is a cartoon made by Disney/Pixar. I thought they were different and in competition w/ each other, but wrong. Pixar is owned by Disney. Soulmate works in toy design so she knows her ish haha. It was adorable. It’s about a lone dinosaur who somehow loses the rest of his family and has to figure out how to survive in the world on his own. Along the way he makes a human friend, who also loses his family. Together, they somehow learn how to survive the wilderness and find food and shelter.

We both thought the movie had some really sad moments. Touching, but sad. For me, it really made me think about my own life and my relationship with my family. It made me sad haha. I should really be more loving and kind to my parents. They do so much for me and I still am holding on to anger from my childhood. Sigh. It also made me think, DAMN. Dinosaurs really used to exist tho lmao. Can you imagine?

The animation was really good. And you have the option of seeing it in 3D if you wish. We hit up AMC Century City 15, and there were a couple heads in the theater. The row behind us kept busting up at parts I found no humor in. It was weird haha. There was also kids in the theater, who would repeat some of the noises from the movie. Twas cute.