Star Trek Beyond.


Yo, Star Trek Beyond was lit. Ha. Not but really, it was pretty entertaining. And idk shit about Star Trek. Literally nothing. I was super conflicted bc my bro came out of it saying it was BOMB, and then my hg said it was boring af, and she fell asleep. And to not go haha. But then my other hg loved it and said it was better than Star Wars haha. So I hit up my homeboy. Who was just saying he was gonna hit me up haha. We had a moment.

We hit the 6pm showing at The Grove. Fav spot <3. Packed per usual. I was happy cause I had to exchange some shit at Nordstrom, which was actually a huge struggle. I went to customer service and had to wait like 25 minutes to finally finish the transaction. They had to call the manager in charge to help me. I’m so annoying. I literally be trying to return something from years ago. It’s hard out here tho…

So we were a little late for the movie haha but literally didn’t miss anything. It’s 2 hours long and all action so you gucci if you’re late. We ended up just posting in the handicapped seats at the very bottom, so we were right front and center haha. The theater was def packed. People clapped in the end. That’s when you know it’s poppin haha.

Like I said, not a fan of any of the sci-fi shit and I liked it. So if you are a fan, you’ll prob really like it haha. It’s the third movie I believe? There’s two more before this. It got great ratings, like 85%.

Plot: Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an alien warrior race when marooned on a distant planet after the destruction of their spaceship in this thrilling sequel directed by Fast & Furious director Justin Lin.

Hello Chris Pine haha. Hello Zoe Saldana. Hello Harold (from Harold and Kumar). Hello Spock. Lmao Spock is the only character I knew from Star Trek. I really didn’t follow the plot like at all. The movie is literally just action with jokes every 10 min. They were funny tho. I enjoyed it. Def found myself in my head for a good portion. But that’s normal for me.

DISTRACTED tho bc I got in a fight with my bro bro today and I’m so mad. Like I’m giving him the silent treatment haha. I’m literally so annoying. I annoy myself. But he pissed me off and I’m not letting it slide. I thought about blocking him but I wanna know how many times he hits me up lmao. I think that’s the story with everyone you consider blocking…

It’s way too hot in LA man. Literally way too hot. And I laid out at my girl’s pool today and didn’t even get tan. WTF. I’m so heated haha. Happy birthday to her tho.

Oh, after the movie, we went to say hi to my homie that works at Coach. He’s fucking hilarious and so was his co-worker/manager. Literally hilarious. We literally saw this one dude come in with a wad of cash trying to ask for a discount on a bag. And then he stormed out hella dramatic when she said no. There are crazy people in the world man. And I definitely question the source of that man’s income.

Got my girl tree on my way home. Then needed gas. Then needed to beat my roomie home. Still trynta get used to this tandem parking shit. It’s a buzzkill. Could be worse tho I guess. My homie actually gave me a little spiel on looking at the positive side of things tn. Much needed reminder.

Anyways……….. LIFE. I’m so mad at my brother haha. Someone text me something funny. Thanks.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I just love CB in this.



Omg finally made it to the The Broad museum in downtown LA… only to be rejected from the infinity mirror room. FML haha. It’s been one of the biggest hypes in LA and so hard to get in. Apparently, even … Continue reading



Tory Lanez from Ontario, Canada. Singer, rapper, producer, fashion designer, you name it. Me and my hg have been on him since day 1. His music sold me the first time I heard it. He’s a different kind of r&b, more trap I would say. His voice is fire. Sounds autotune, but not… I don’t think. Sold out show at The Roxy on Sunset, one of my fav venues. It’s small which makes the show super intimidate.

We ubered bc parking on Sunset is never fun. First of all, I never get anyone in my Uber pool. Second of all, our driver was a trip. An Asian trip haha. His seats were literally covered in some satin floral embroidery ish. AND THEN, his Maps navigation started talking in Chinese. That was crazy haha. It even had directions in Chinese. I tried to start convo but failed real hard haha. We get there and I ask the security where everyone was at. He said inside cause the show started at 8:30. Touche. We pull up around 9:30 and Tory came out around 9:45. Clutch.

Man, we were stoked. His DJ is actually his brother. Cute right? Anyways, Tory’s entire set was so lit. My homeboy saw him perform in the bay and warned me. I love when upcoming artists can get the crowd hyped. He really put on a performance, running from one side of the stage to the other, crowd-surfing, jumping in the crowd. At one point, he crowd-surfed all the way to the bar on the other end of the room. All while on the mic.

He played all my fav tracks: In For It (produced my RL Grime), The Mission, Initiation, Say It. He played Lord Knows, his track with Meek Mill. It’s Meek’s first track on Dreams Worth More Than Nightmares. It doesn’t say Tory’s name so most people dunno. Omg. He played “Karrueche” and dedicated it to Karrueche Tran who ended up being right behind me. Everyone was staring. She’s bae. My girl crush for sure. I wanted to say hi so bad. Just hi haha. She’s super sweet. No joke though, everyone was staring. It really makes me wonder how people deal with fame. She couldn’t just roll to this show solo, or hit the movies in peace. Interesting.

Tory threw it back on us with some old school jams. It seems like he really fucks with that era. I’m talking “Pony” type tracks. I’m sure that’s where he gets a lot of his influence from. No one can deny the music then compared to now.


We maneuvered our way to the front, and I got to touch his sweaty body as he crowd surfed over my head haha. I got to chop it up with him later, and I asked if he ever gets scared of falling. He said hell na, you can’t have no fear. Word.

I ran into a lotta heads tn. All different lanes. That was real dope. I found out he’s signed to Interscope. Didn’t know that one.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My fav track.