The Birth of a Nation.


Wow. I’m honestly completely speechless. This movie was extremely heavy and left me at a loss for words. I hadn’t heard much about it, but people told me it was a slave movie. That’s a topic I definitely showed interested in growing up in high school. I hated history too. Martin Luther King was always an idol to me.

This picture captures the emotion in this film. I’m gonna hit you with the Wiki plot bc IMDB’s is pointless:

Nat Turner is an enslaved Baptist preacher who lives on a Virginia plantation owned by Samuel Turner. With rumors of insurrection in the air, a cleric convinces Samuel that Nate should sermonize to other slaves, thereby quelling any notions of an uprising. As Nate witnesses the horrific treatment of his fellow man, he realizes that he can no longer just stand by and preach. On Aug. 21, 1831, Turner’s quest for justice and freedom leads to a violent and historic rebellion in Southampton County.
Sorry if that was long. I guess this was the remake of the original one. My homeboy said it literally showed maybe 10-15% of the whole story, which tripped me out. Everything that took place in this film was a lot to take in.
Bringing light into the situation… what happened to us before the movie was so bizarre. Literally think back and laugh. I was late coming from Westwood, so my homeboy bought his ticket. 7:15pm at Arclight Culver City (yup was just here). He said J10. Cool.
Met my hg and tell the cashier dude the movie time and he asked us to pick our seats, but we see J10 is empty. Odd. Didn’t think anything of it… probably should have.
We walk into theater 4 bc that’s what our tickets said. You guys. We literally walked into the end of the movie, like literally we watched the last 7 minutes of Birth of a Nation. He put us in the wrong fucking theater and somehow, someway, we managed to catch the ending. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?
Of course I complained and we got free passes but still, we saw the fucking ending haha. The cashier gave us tickets to the 8:15pm showing, which was in the same theater as the 6:15, so we walked in for the end. I was literally wondering why it was so crazy too. SMH. If there ever was an SMH, it would be here.
Anyways, we finally get in and meet my friend who I yelled at saying he was in the wrong theater. LMAO. Sorry boo. Literal hot mess.
The movie is 2 hours long and I honestly say, only go see it if you can handle it. I had to look away many times. One scene honestly broke my heart. It really did and it’ll probably repeat in my head every time I think of this movie. Definitely need to be thick-boned for this one. I cried for sure.
Also, going with 2 of my African American friends, I really realize how many black friends I do have. Some are REALLY into the Black Lives Matter movement, some don’t say a word (making me wonder if they care as much). I just wanted to say I respect each and every one of my friends, regardless of race. Everyone has their own experiences with racism.
It was EXTREMELY slow at work today. You guys don’t know how I bad I wanted Colombus Day off lmao. This holiday doesn’t apply to most of us though. Definitely had a lot of chocolate and slept in my car on my lunch. Happy Monday right?
Went to Core Power Yoga Sculpt in Westwood after. Thank you, as always. Then had a dental procedure for my tooth that was pulled. I guess this was an implant? Idk but it was painful. My mouth is STILL numb.
And I had to get antibiotics and I literally choked when I tried to take it while driving on my way to the movies. I thought I was gonna die. Those pills are too big.
And my cheap ass passed on the Motrin cause I didn’t wanna pay and I had Advil at home. My mouth literally started throbbing in the movie. I was in pain.
I’m a joke.


TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl hates this song and I find it hilarious. I like it haha.


The Girl on the Train.


Holy fucking shit man. This movie was absolutely insane. And I know I rave about all movies, but seriously. Really. GO SEE THIS!!!! IT’S LIFE CHANGING lmao. I swear, I enjoyed every second of it. Well, minus the parts I got scared shitless. But it legit was the craziest movie I’ve seen in a long long time. SO GOOD. It makes for a great night out fr. Please go and hit me haha I’d love to hear your thoughts.

IMDB plot: A divorcee becomes entangled in a missing persons investigation that promises to send shockwaves throughout her life.

This is based on a novel. So crazy man. How do authors think of this shit? Literally. I thought about getting into the plot but there’s just way too much that happens throughout the entire film. You have to go see it.


Also the cast is beyond lit. Emily Blunt KILLS IT. Seriously, homegirl deserves an Oscar. I gotta finish this article so I’m going to leave you with this haha.

Shout out to my homeboy who met me at Arclight Culver City at 7:30pm. I haven’t been to that theater in a minute. We had a ball. And shout out to him for filling me in every time I got lost ha. Literally, you might need to focus on this one.

Also, staying positive. He reminded me that you can’t have light without darkness. That really stuck with me. Muah <3.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Got put on this artist last night. Shout out to dope talent.

Lil Uzi Vert.

I literally have been eyeing this show since it was announced haha. Sad times though, it was supposed to be Lil Uzi Vert and Kodak Black headlining, but Kodak in jail. AGAIN. He a fool haha. But honestly it was … Continue reading


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The Perfect Guy

Welcome to Shirley’s movie review blog. Jk. But really, I have no life haha. After a long day, we hit the late night showing of The Perfect Guy in Culver City. If you’re late to the game, they recently remodeled this movie theater to be an Arclight. There is also a bar… so you can turn up and turn down, at the same damn time.


Walking into this, I swear I thought it was a rom-com. All I knew was Michael Ealy was in it, down. Isn’t it interesting how an actor or actress can make you want to see a movie? The acting world is so bizarre to me. I’m content as a spectator. But seriously, those eyes…. He got less attractive as the film went on, unfortunately. The movie begins all super chipper and happy go lucky, a little too much actually. The main female, who my friend informed me was from Niptuck (who actually watched that show?), definitely did not mind having her chest out. Shoot, if I had it like that, I might not either. Kidding.

Anyways, it starts with Sanaa Lathan finding this amazing perfect man, doing everything right (Michael, of course). It was honestly really cheesy and unrealistic, which I guess is expected. He literally does everything right…….. but it doesn’t last long. An incident takes place where she sees his real side and how psychotic he is. At this point, the movie took a left turn. Shit got creepy. I was actually scared at parts, more than The Visit.

It is crazy to think there’s actually stalkers out there ,who dedicate their life to one person due to obsession. Not sure how much this film deserves an in depth review… go if you’re really bored, or want some eye candy. There was only a handful of us in the theater, and we were all laughing at its ridiculousness. At one intense moment in the bedroom, when Michael was nowhere to be found, my friend goes, “he’s under the bed!” My other friend goes… “he’s in the pillow.” Lmao.

I realize I’m lame now and have no desire to go out. I go to movies but will never watch Netflix at home. I don’t judge, but personally, I feel like I’m wasting my time. Even if it’s watching interview with rappers, I’m enhancing my knowledge in something I love. You feel me? That, or my ADD doesn’t allow me to sit still.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Jay Rock of Black Hippy just dropped his 90059 album. This was a single off that, and features Kendrick and the TDE crew. Top Dawg Entertainment is the label they’re all on, FYI. This track goes. Real hip hop. Not that ignorant ish/