Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Honestly, you don’t want my synopsis haha. I legit have no idea what happened the entire time haha. And it was 2 hours and 30 minutes. Was too lit lmao. It’s okay tho cause my frans luhed it haha. It was honestly super entertaining. But yeah. Damn wtf happened haha.

Hg next to me was trying to catch me up but it was hopeless. Just go see it. It’s bomb and the ones who gave bad reviews are just dumb. Dunno why Ben Affleck got bashed for Batman. Superman was buff af. Lex Luthor was Facebook dude from Social Network. And Wonderman is the shit. There ya go.

So we hit the 7pm showing at The Grove. Batman v Superman leggo. It was in the huge theater, and it was PACKED. And so was The Grove. Saturday nights there are no joke. Got prime parking tho. We had the entire row haha it was perfect in the middle towards the back. Shoutout to my roomie for that one. PS I thought this was Marvel but it’s DC Comics. 0 haha.

Was dead af at work in the AM. Napped. Bar Method. Massage. My mind is occupied. Feel let down by some. But it’s okay. Easter tomorrow. Hope to hit church.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Thugger. Slime Season 3.



Wow. Speechless. Deadpool was literally everything it was hyped up to be. Literally everybody was talking about this new Marvel movie opening this weekend. Of course, I’m gonna be basic and follow suit on this one haha. First of all, Ryan Reynolds is literally gorgeous haha. He’s so sexy and just perfect for this role. His jokes and sense of humor made the entire movie.

I must say, I didn’t know dipshit about this movie. I thought it was a Spiderman spoof lmao from all the advertisements. Wayyyy off. I heard this movie was 11 years in the making?? And thanks to my bro bro, it’s the most anticipated rated R movie haha. The crude humor totally worked tho. Legit the movie was a genius creation. It was hilarious. It was like… interactive? Ryan semi talks to us throughout the film.


I went with my broskee at AMC Tustin by Irvine. I spent the day there. Much needed. We hit the 7:15pm showing, which was def almost sold out. We sat in the second row. It’s so weird going to theaters without reserved seats now. So used to that LA life haha. I never appreciated it until now. My bro’s friends wanted to come but they were too late. If it was reserved thoooo.

The whole theater was lit. Everybody was on the same page, ready to laugh. TGIF fr. You could tell there were Marvel fans up in there. The film is only an hour 40 minutes. Which is totally a plus too. Overall this movie was a win. Pure entertainment. Def go see it.

I’m stressed. And my bro is my biggest support system.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I really wanna post Wolves by Ye but it ain’t on Youtube lmao. Here’s a track my friend posted. Feels.



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