Life. Literally, life lmao. Me and my girl literally had to see this for our bae, Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s last name I can never spell lmao. We love him. He’s a cutie. We hit the 9:30pm showing in Whittier. This movie theater … Continue reading

God’s Not Dead 2.


First of all. Drool. Jesse Metcalfe is gorgeous haha. I was definitely a fan of Desperate Housewives, where he plays the hot gardener Eva Longoria cheats on her husband with. Unfortunately, no shirts off in this movie. But he’s literally suited up as Melissa Joan Hart’s lawyer the entire time. So handsome haha. My friend goes, from gardener to lawyer lmao. Truuuuu.

AMC Century City 15 at 10:30pm. God’s Not Dead 2, have I heard of the first one? You bet not. Ha. But I wanted to take advantage of no deadlines this week. I got off work around 9:30pm and my homegirl hit me. She just got out of Mosaic, the church in Hollywood I got baptized at. It sucks cause I sincerely would like to go to mid-week service but I can’t cause of my work schedule. Sigh.

I asked my gay bestie to go and he said he was d but when he got there he decided to see something else. Honestly, so selfish. And I’ma talk shit and I hope he reads this. But he prob won’t bc he only cares about himself lmao. Shirley mad. But more bc if my other girl didn’t come, he would literally left me hanging. Right when I had arrived to the theater too. Ugh I hope karma is real haha.

Okay but honestly it all worked out, I was so glad my girl came. We had a good time, and actually enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t what I expected at all. It was 2 hours and PG haha. I really didn’t think it would be as religious as it was. But it definitely was educational, especially to non-believers. The majority of the film takes place in the court room, that ends up circling back to the argument of the existence of God. V interesting.

Plot: After answering a student’s (Hayley Orrantia) question about Jesus, a high school teacher (Melissa Joan Hart) faces a court case that could end her career.

First of all, I loved Sabrina The Teenage Witch. That show was my ish haha. Thought it was dope she is still acting. She plays a high school teacher teaching 11th grade. That was my prime year lmao. She basically gets in legal trouble for bringing up Jesus in her AP History class. Such a trip. I feel like it’s so easy to find a reason to sue someone these days.

The movie didn’t get the best reviews, but I think you have to have an interest in religion or believe in God to enjoy this film. I genuinely did, and I think so did my girl. God has really been the solution for me lately, so it was nice to see a movie  actually push the message about having faith. In fact, before the credits rolled, they state “God’s Not Dead.” Feels.

The theater was empty minus like 3 heads. Two chicks sat a couple rows ahead of us and one of them was literally on IG for a good chunk of time. I was like really???? They disappeared mid movie too. Social media is so toxic guys. Minus Twitter, cause you can just talk shit all day long haha.

My day started out lame. I got to an interview and they literally cancelled when we all arrived. So sus. Who does that. It was a group interview with other USC colleagues. Meep. I got my girl to come to Bar Method with me tho! It was fucking hard today. More than usual. It was also the last day of my Groupon ): I hate how fitness classes actually do depend on my finances and what not. Like, it ain’t cheap haha.

Work was chill. Kinda long. 2 hour groups are hard mayne. Long af. Got the longest day tomorrow. Meep. Time for my sleeping pill.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Can never go wrong with Tory.

The Big Short.

This movie is such a trip. Only because it’s a whole foreign world to me. Legit a whole separate language. The world of stocks, real estate, bankers, mortgage, home loans, I could literally keep going forever. I remember I tried to take … Continue reading