The Mummy.

I just got home from The Mummy, and I must say I really enjoyed it. I was torn between going or not, because I could have gotten work done, but today was so unnecessarily stressful lmao. Happy Tuesday. The movies … Continue reading

The Lego Batman Movie.

Danananananana. BATMAN! The Lego Batman Movie!! Advanced screening. The homie texted my line on Thursday and asked if I was down Saturday morning. I was like… fuck yes lmao. He the real plug. We had to be at Regal LA … Continue reading



Can we first talk about how I first googled Sully for an image, and everything that came was the monster from Monster’s Inc?? LMAO. Literally the entire Google image tab was of the blue monster from the cartoon. I’m dead. Look.


Anyways. This Sully is a bit more

I saw my friend’s status throwing shade on this movie, claiming she would never see it because a) it was exactly like Flight and b) she said she wasn’t going to give her money to a Trump supporter. DANG lmao. So to clear things up, this movie was NOT like Flight. It was better. Jk idk if it was better, but it was bomb. And I highly recommend it.

First off, it got like 90%. It’s a Clint Eastwood movie. And it’s only a little over an hour and a half. Oh, and Tom Hanks. Such a great actor. All factors told me I had to see it this weekend. Who better than to accompany me than my brothers? Shout out to them. I fucking love them so much. Thanks for getting me cases of water at the grocery store.

We hit the 7:10pm showing at The Landmark on Westwood and Pico. Legit, my favorite theater. So comfy. I used to avoid this theater because my Moviepass didn’t work here but… GUESS WHO’S ACCOUNT GOT CANCELLED? AGAIN. Literally for the second time lmao but it was only a matter of time. Got cancelled the first time because I broke the rules, so I created a new account with a new email and my homie’s address in the bay ha. Oh whale.

We actually made it for the previews this time. It was weird. So weird haha. But we really enjoyed the movie. And the leather seats. It really tripped me out. There’s no spoiler alert cause it’s based on a true story, but it’s the most bizarre story ever.

IMDB plot: The story of Chesley Sullenberger, who became a hero after gliding his plane along the water in the Hudson River, saving all of the airplane flights 155 crew and passengers.

Literally this happened. A flock of birds damaged both engines on a plane and the pilot had to do an emergency landing on a river. They said the chances of surviving a water landing are extremely low too. This was a total miracle.

The movie sheds light on how they investigate the whole incident and try to point the finger at the pilots. RIDICULOUS! This world is so fucked. Like this man just saved the lives of 155 people. I can’t.

Life has been absolutely insane. I can’t breathe. I actually really could have gone without seeing this tonight for how much shit I have to finish before tomorrow, but I wanted to hang with my bro. Stopped by his housewarming in Little Tokyo last night, and saw him partying with all his crew. And his boss. Made me miss throwing house parties in college.

Went to the Power 106 celebrity basketball game earlier and saw Chris Brown act a fool before the game. Log on to my computer to find Complex covering him refusing to stand for the national anthem. Smh man. Smh.

The charity game was at USC, which just reminded me how much I want to but can’t seem to get involved. Fr. I’m paying too damn much to not. The game was cool. I told Pauly D I used to be fucking obsessed with Jersey Shore. #GTL.

Also, Lil Dicky is pure comedy.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This is a gem from De La Soul’s new album. Hip Hop.

Star Trek Beyond.


Yo, Star Trek Beyond was lit. Ha. Not but really, it was pretty entertaining. And idk shit about Star Trek. Literally nothing. I was super conflicted bc my bro came out of it saying it was BOMB, and then my hg said it was boring af, and she fell asleep. And to not go haha. But then my other hg loved it and said it was better than Star Wars haha. So I hit up my homeboy. Who was just saying he was gonna hit me up haha. We had a moment.

We hit the 6pm showing at The Grove. Fav spot <3. Packed per usual. I was happy cause I had to exchange some shit at Nordstrom, which was actually a huge struggle. I went to customer service and had to wait like 25 minutes to finally finish the transaction. They had to call the manager in charge to help me. I’m so annoying. I literally be trying to return something from years ago. It’s hard out here tho…

So we were a little late for the movie haha but literally didn’t miss anything. It’s 2 hours long and all action so you gucci if you’re late. We ended up just posting in the handicapped seats at the very bottom, so we were right front and center haha. The theater was def packed. People clapped in the end. That’s when you know it’s poppin haha.

Like I said, not a fan of any of the sci-fi shit and I liked it. So if you are a fan, you’ll prob really like it haha. It’s the third movie I believe? There’s two more before this. It got great ratings, like 85%.

Plot: Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an alien warrior race when marooned on a distant planet after the destruction of their spaceship in this thrilling sequel directed by Fast & Furious director Justin Lin.

Hello Chris Pine haha. Hello Zoe Saldana. Hello Harold (from Harold and Kumar). Hello Spock. Lmao Spock is the only character I knew from Star Trek. I really didn’t follow the plot like at all. The movie is literally just action with jokes every 10 min. They were funny tho. I enjoyed it. Def found myself in my head for a good portion. But that’s normal for me.

DISTRACTED tho bc I got in a fight with my bro bro today and I’m so mad. Like I’m giving him the silent treatment haha. I’m literally so annoying. I annoy myself. But he pissed me off and I’m not letting it slide. I thought about blocking him but I wanna know how many times he hits me up lmao. I think that’s the story with everyone you consider blocking…

It’s way too hot in LA man. Literally way too hot. And I laid out at my girl’s pool today and didn’t even get tan. WTF. I’m so heated haha. Happy birthday to her tho.

Oh, after the movie, we went to say hi to my homie that works at Coach. He’s fucking hilarious and so was his co-worker/manager. Literally hilarious. We literally saw this one dude come in with a wad of cash trying to ask for a discount on a bag. And then he stormed out hella dramatic when she said no. There are crazy people in the world man. And I definitely question the source of that man’s income.

Got my girl tree on my way home. Then needed gas. Then needed to beat my roomie home. Still trynta get used to this tandem parking shit. It’s a buzzkill. Could be worse tho I guess. My homie actually gave me a little spiel on looking at the positive side of things tn. Much needed reminder.

Anyways……….. LIFE. I’m so mad at my brother haha. Someone text me something funny. Thanks.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I just love CB in this.


Wow. I’m speechless. Race was an incredible film and I encourage everyone to go see it. Seriously two thumbs up. It’s based on a true story about a track star named Jesse Owens. Apparently he didn’t get the attention and … Continue reading


Yo, it’s been a hell of a mf week. In the worst way possible haha. Idk, I hit a new low mayne. I was hiding from Saturday til now, so you know it’s real. I was sick again starting Saturday… then shit hit the fan when the week started. TWICE. I couldn’t handle it. If you’re close with me in life than you know the latter. But the first I didn’t tell a lotta people. Shit’s embarrassing. I completely shut down. Literally hid until tn and finally got out. It literally took a run for me to snap out of it. Endorphins ftw.

The run was through Beverly Hills, 90210. It was so glorious dude. Life goals. The houses are to die for. It cleared my head so much. And literally a million albums dropped today. I illegally dled Curren$y and Jeremih’s, and it broke my Mac lmao. NO JOKE. It gave it a virus. I laugh now but I was literally so upset earlier. ALSO. Making a Genius Bar apt for me takes a year bc I forget my Apple ID and password EVERY FUCKING TIME. I CANNOT.

Me and soulmate stepped out to this Drake ugly sweater party my friend invited me to. It was his friend’s friend’s friend’s bday lmao. It turned out to be this huge event in downtown LA at the Globe theater. Like… we pulled up and the line was seriously around the corner. Don’t hate me but I totally cut the damn thang. Legit pissed off a group of girls but fuck it. So worth it haha.

They tried to make us pay 20 dollar cover cause it was past 11pm. Um, no bitch. Finessed our way in real quick. The party was lit af. And by that I mean the music was poppppppin. Legit all my fav singles. And I heard they straight up played Drizzy for the first 2 hours. I love it. I loved the idea of this party. There were paper Drake heads floating around. Look I brought it home LMAO. Welcome to my room.


I ran into a lotta my homies there surprisingly which was great. I love them all mayne. They were lit too. We all were. There was this dope photobooth there we were infatuated with. What else… the DJs were so dope haha. I loved it. They had a screen behind them too literally with Drake heads scrolling like a slot machine. So great.

Overall great night and so glad I snapped out of my funk. That shit is toxic.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Fireeeeeeeee.



FUHHHHHHHHH. That’s my reaction to this movie lmao. It was legit terrifying. I’ve seen all the Paranormal Activity’s and this is by far the scariest one. Fr. This is also the 6th one. That’s a lot haha. It honestly got terrible ratings, but I’m starting to think it’s cause the critics were scared lmao. While I’m jumping out of my seat, my gay bestie is thriving. He LOVED it. He was like, the point is to be scared. Ummmm yeah… to an extent haha. It was honestly the jumpy scary moments that got me. I can handle any type of horror or gore, but if things pop out of nowhere, I’m screaming like a lil bitch.

If you want the full experience, def see it in 3D in theaters. It made a huge difference. There were parts in 3D that I don’t think would have shown up on the regular screen. It was this milky black ghostlike substance in the air… yeah. I didn’t like the little girl in the movie, I thought she was creepy af. Side note, the house was glorious. And the lit up Christmas tree got me hyped for the holidays.

FullSizeRender (11)

Funny story behind these 3D glasses. I prob shouldn’t be admitting this, but hey. It’s me. So I find out the Moviepass doesn’t work for 3D movies. So obviously, no means yes to me. I bought a ticket for another movie. I was tripping the entire ride on how I was gonna get my hands on the 3D glasses they hand out when they rip your ticket for entry. Walking up, I was like, okay, I’ll just snatch them. All that worrying was pointless. I merely asked and he was like yeah take em lmao. I was like… I’ma use them at raves ahaha.

The movie I got a ticket for lead me downstairs which was NOT where Paranormal was playing. Fail. I had to go back up and cross paths with the ticket guy again. I go, I’ma say hi to a friend upstairs real quick. He goes, you’re not gonna sneak into another movie right? I was like of course not. Lmao. I can’t. All that work saved me 18 bucks though. Halla at a playa.

So this selfie is actually covering an infection in my left eye. This week has been such a flop :/. Bc of that alone. My supervisor at my internship thought it was pink eye and totally freaked out cause that’s contagious. Relax bro… The pharmacist told me it was bacterial so it’s not. In case anyone is scared or wants to cuddle, I’m good lmao. But my manager told me to stay home today.

Positive note, I got to hit up Core Power Yoga again. This time, I tried Hot Power Fusion at 7:30pm. Shit was POPPIN. Like legit the room was filled up. They def are doing it right. But O M G. This class was no joke. It’s set at like 104 degrees. Sadly, I died. It was miserable. I felt like I couldn’t breath at many points. I wanted to leave so many times for fresh air but no one else did so I had to suck it up. Man.

The poses were again pretty difficult. I was honestly so distracted by the heat. I’ve NEVER sweat so much in my life. I was dripping mayne. I also noticed I was the only one in the room in shorts. Everyone else was in leggings. And not just that, cute leggings. I swear every female had on a cute pair with bright colors and prints. I felt like this was some unspoken rule in yoga: wear leggings and a sports bra. Too hot to care much lmao.

I saw my homegirl in the front. It was so funny cause I was staring at her thru the mirror asking myself, is that her? We finally caught eye contact and she waved. Whew. I caught up with her after, drenched in sweat of course. She has a membership and I was just thinking, if I lived on the westside, I totally would too. Shit is fire. PS when I said I died earlier, it was in the best way possible.

Stepping outside, my sweat turned to ice. It was legit so cold. You know how it’s way worse when you’re wet? Yeah. Took the hottest shower when I got home. Winter is upon us.

TRACK OF THE DAY: “All I wanted was some Jordan’s and a gold chain.” Chris Brown on the remix to this track by Skeme? YAS.


So the fact that this playdate actually happened is crazier than you think. Me and my hg got these bad boys off Groupon hella days ago, which I am addicted to. I actually had to slow my roll, because shit … Continue reading


CHRIS BROWN is my number one, after YG of course. Me and my main bought these tickets way back in June, we checked. I thought it might sell out, but I realized, CB got mad haters. This was his One Hell … Continue reading