Patriots Day.

Damn guys. I am so shaken up from this film. Literally had me balling my eyes out at the end. My brother asked if I was okay. Damn. This was heavy. More so because it was based on a true … Continue reading

Cousin Stizz.

Yoooooo. So my hg put me on Cousin Stizz a minute ago. I fucked with him. He recently dropped his MONDA mixtape, which I ran to on Monday. It’s dope. The kid can spit. He’s from Boston. So funny bc … Continue reading



Advanced screening of Spotlight at AMC Century City 15. I invited my hg who got there early and saved us seats, bless her soul. This movie was real intense, and super real. I def got chills. It touches on a real life phenomenon that took place in Boston, back in the early 2000’s. My hg remembers more than I do, but this was the period of time when a bunch of priests were outed for molesting children. Doesn’t that just sound so wrong? Obviously, this raised a huge red flag with the Catholic church.

There were a lot of famous actors and actresses in this, but of course, I suck at names. Rachel McAdams though. Bae. I’m high key obsessed with her. She’s one of the reporters on the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team. The movie goes as the team revisits the case that has been swept under the rug. Their goal wasn’t particularly to bring justice, but to bring the story to the public eye.

What really struck a nerve with me was that this was a psychiatric issue. There were treatment centers for the priests to go to. WHAT. Think rehab, but for molesting children. As a priest. Mayne wtf. Throughout the film, the reporters go around knocking on doors to speak with both priests, lawyers, and victims. The victims they did speak with they called survivors. It was really sad to hear some of the stories.

The film was great and educational. Def the opposite of Paranormal Activity lmao. I def recommend it. I think there def needs to more films like this. Something like getting molested as a child can really mess up the rest of your life. Especially if you never come forth with it. Also, most of us assume priests and the church are holy people. This is certainly not the case.

Dang. Life. I had a dentist appointment from hell this morning. 3 fillings at once. 2.5 hours. They had to numb me 4 times. Legit tears down my face. Shots really just get me ): it was sad. She told me to stop eating candy. I laughed.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Puff Daddy dropped a surprise project for us, well, for his birthday. This is as ignorant as it gets, but I just love Frenchie haha. “Money, money ain’t a problem!”