Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Hi guys. Happy Sunday. Today I made a conscious decision to take care of myself, and canceled the 2 events I had for the evening. I wanted to see Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie with my brother, so that’s what … Continue reading

Lil Uzi Vert.

I literally have been eyeing this show since it was announced haha. Sad times though, it was supposed to be Lil Uzi Vert and Kodak Black headlining, but Kodak in jail. AGAIN. He a fool haha. But honestly it was … Continue reading

Young Thug.

But I really came for Lil Yachty though. Lmao. Young Thug at Fonda Theater in Hollywood, the heart of Hollywood. I’ve been trolling this show since I found out about it haha. The last time I saw Thugger was at … Continue reading



Migos Migos Migos Migos. How I love and hate these fools at the same damn time. Jk haha all love. But I am well aware their music has no soul haha. Ignant af. Been a fan since day one tho. Def that turn up shit that somehow gets you hyped for work at 8am haha.

This was their Dab Tour, or Dab Fest, whatever you wanna call it. Dabbing was def involved lmao. I realized tn their music is literally perfect for that damn move. Their “Dab” song legit had the crowd turnt haha. No one was in sync tho. You ever realize that haha. Everyone dabs whenever they feels. It works tho haha.

I been knowing about this show, sadly. Spent the week trynta decide if I should go. I had legit a week from hell so I decided it would only do me good. I hit up my hg who I actually saw Migos last with lmao. At OHM in Hollywood. That was a club appearance so it don’t count haha. Plus Offset was still in jail ahaha. We wanted our money back.

Her roomie from Texas was d. I was excited haha but then again I always am. It was at NOVO in downtown LA, the old Club Nokia. One of my fav venues. The lady in the elevator told us it meant “a new beginning” in Latin. That could make for a cute tattoo lmao. But yeah I missed Lil Yachty and Rich The Kid. Tear. It’s okay. I’ll catch them another time haha.

We started up top at the balcony bc I knew it was a dope ass view. But then we made our way downstairs and it was way more poppin. Okay but honestly it was like 99% dudes. We were the minority haha. It was fun af tho. They legit have so many tracks that pop off. They didn’t play Versace or Bando tho, me sad. Fight Night had us on a good one tho. Hg said this LA show was weak compared to Houston. That’s sad to me haha. I agree the crowd was kinda weak tho. Hella youngins.

I loved Offset’s outfit in the camo overalls haha. Quavo was cool. And then we couldn’t remember the 3rd dude’s name LMAO. I had to text my homeboy from home and he told me: Takeoff. I started cracking up. 0. They had on Yeezy’s and the Yeezy boots. Just stop haha.

Fuck I really don’t wanna work tomorrow.

I literally was on campus from 7:40am to 4pm today. Long, long day. But good. Omg I went to the Genius Bar and they did a factory reset and I lost EVERYTHING. AND MY PHONE’S STILL FUCKED. I’m hot.

TRACK OF THE DAY: This song knocks. Hope to catch Lil Yachty soon.


Maynnnne. Long day. Left the apartment at 7am and just got home. And just put in laundry. Dang haha. Anyways. I’ve been wanting to see The Intern since it came out! I love Anne Hathaway. Not only that, but I’ve been an intern so many different times. In my midst of trying to figure out what to do with my life, I’ve dipped my toes in so many different paths. I was an intern in human resources, fashion, music, PR, marketing, the list goes on. Wait, I’m still technically an intern in my program now. Eeek. I’ve definitely experienced my share of brutality in the intern world.


7:30 showing at Regal Cinemas in Irvine, at the Marketplace? Idk, but you know how I feel about Irvine lmao. Seriously always feels like a vacation from LA. It was packed. We must have made like 10 rounds in the parking lot. At least we were going somewhere poppin lmao. I shoulda taken a pic of the theater. It was so bright and lit up. I loved it.

The movie was so cute! I went with my bro and his two friends. Pretty sure they enjoyed it too. It reminded me of The Devil Wears Prada, where Anne Hathaway plays the bitch assistant. This time, the tables have turned. She’s the head honcho, who started her own fashion website thing. She went from 4 people to 216 in the office. We definitely noticed how nice the office was haha. They were located in Brooklyn, New York, of course. This typa office could totally have been out in LA too though.

Robert De Niro plays the senior intern, who gets assigned to Anne. Her job is extremely stressful, as she plays the HBIC (hot bitch in charge). Basically, she’s extremely well respected and everyone caters to her. There’s also a fear factor in the workplace, but only cause she’s amazing. At first, I kinda wanted to be her. And then I realized, no I don’t haha. My current life is just as stressful as hers, and when I’m older, there’s no way in hell I’ll last. Talk about burn out. Anyways. You find out later in the movie she actually comes home to a daughter and husband. So on top of her crazy work life, she has a family to take care of. Respect.

Also- she’s actually nice in the film. She wasn’t a crazy boss, but has her moments for sure. Robert De Niro’s character is what sold me. He was the cutest, kindest, most humble, most selfless man. Genuinely good heart-ed. I know it’s fiction, but I’d like to think those people exist. He is such a trooper throughout the whole film. The film was funny. You know I love comedy. There were a lot of characters from Workaholics? My bro and his friends recognized them. They were pretty hilarious.

I was really happy at the end of the movie. So glad I forced my brother and co to go haha. You get a taste of Anne’s personal life and how her work affects her marriage. Very real I thought.

Anyways. Today was long af. Rough. My lease on my car was up and I was returning it for a new lease on the same car. It took literally way too long. And the salesman was so damn pushy. Trynta rob us of our money I swear. I was such a bitch. I already apologized to my brother but I have to again. I honestly worry about my level of patience :/. Wait, I think it’s called anxiety. Fuh haha.

I stopped by Lotus by USC on my way home to see one of my best friends from home. It’s a hookah bar with sushi and sake. It’s so glorious, and prob one of my fav spots to chill. Instead of couches, you sit with your friends in a little cushioned area, almost level to the ground. Everyone, let’s go to Lotus lmao.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Heard this track on my new XM radio on the way home. I knew Raury just dropped a project but never gave it a listen. This track is dope. Homeboy is from ATL. I know DX fucks with him, so he must be good.


THUGGER is my life haha. No but really, I went through a phase when Barter 6 came out and now I’m back on it. His mixtape “Slime Season 2” wasn’t amazing, but it had a couple winners. He reeled me right … Continue reading