Today was brutal lmao. In the sense that my family don’t play when it comes to being a tourist. Every time we touch down in new territory, it’s like all=in, balls to the wall, go HAM or go home. With … Continue reading

Baby Driver.

Hey guys. Writing this from my stateroom on the cruise lmao. I feel so fucking sick :(. Literally. All day. Miserable. Why? Bc I OD’ed on popcorn last night. Straight up. A serious SMH. My Friday began with 3 hours … Continue reading

The Great Wall.


Man, my life is brazy lmao. Somehow, some way, I force myself to hang out with my rents the one weekend they visit lalaland. This is gonna be a short piece on how terrible The Great Wall was lmao. That’s right, you prolly haven’t even heard of it.

Or maybe you have. You’ve for sure heard of the main actor: Matt Damon. Smh. Why. First of all, it’s sci-fi. Ya girl hates sci-fi haha. Fantasy, they call it. My rents were visiting staying at the bougie ass J.W Marriot downtown, in my hood lmao. It’s connected to the Ritz Carlton, so of course I’ma ride off that. I’m fucking obsessed with that Plies track man lmao.

First of all, I was coming from Long Beach with a full face of makeup. I hated it lmao I felt gross af. Idk how people do it. Wait, I didn’t hate how it looked. The makeup artist did a fabulous job. It just was scary looking in the mirror lmao. I just didn’t want to be in public. And I was cold so I grabbed my usual hoodie, sweats, and Uggs.

The movie was at 7:15pm, but I walk in 15 min late bc I got in a fight with my brother lmao. You suck, bro. I needed the simplest fucking favor and he wouldn’t do it. I was about to raise hell. We def chose this movie bc it was the only one out I haven’t seen, plus my rents are Chinese.

IMDB Plot: European mercenaries searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures.

Wtf right lmao. Idk. It was cool for them bc there was a famous Chinese director and actress, but wtf. The picture was terrible. Green screen status. I literally can’t understand how major films think that’s okay. Like they could have done it the right way… idk. I get so turned off when a film has shitty or cheesy picture. It’s just an hour 45 minutes of action. And Matt Damon does not look like himself at all.

I think there was controversy on Matt being white and playing the role he did, but I’m not even gonna bother finding out lmao. As long as my rents enjoyed it, I’m happy.

My bro ran into Paul Gasol twice inside the hotel. You bet I’m jeal lmao. I also saw The Money Team in the building dressed super nice, and wanted to know the event lmao. Btw, this spot is fucking rich af. The valet is $45, even if you’re a guest of the hotel. WTF. Bye.

The club lounge is beyond cracking though. Unlimited food, drinks, wifi, VIEWS. I’m def coming back tmrw to work. Gotta take advantage. Fr tho. My day started with 4 hours of sleep (worse bc I took sleeping pills). I almost dozed off driving to LBC… it was worth it though. I fucking love doing dope shit, especially with the homies.

Vague enough? Okay. I got shit to do. Muah.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Here you go.


Damn Matthew McConaughey, damn. One of the first shots in the movie were of his beer belly lmao. He must have had to gain a certain amount of weight for this film. I respect actors/actresses so much for that shit. … Continue reading

The Conjuring 2.


Dayyyyuummmm. The Conjuring 2 was LIT. Haha but really, it was fucking terrifying. And so fun haha. I was scared shitless but I loved every minute of it. It legit was 2 hours and 15 minutes and didn’t even check my phone once lmao. We was in it hardcore.

Tried to find the scariest photo, but that wouldn’t even do it justice haha. It was legit so good!!! It got like 87% too. I recommend everyone go see it haha it’s an adventure. I screamed like a little bitch and had my hands over my face the entire time. Met my homeboy at The Grove at 4:15pm. It was great. And it was weird for once not going to a night movie.

Side note, The Grove was PACKED. Not in a good way. Like overflow. Couldn’t even cross the intersection, they legit had people patrol the stop signs. So nuts. I got there a little early to hit Dylan’s Candy Bar lmao and browsed in Anthropologie. I think I want every sweater they have there.

Basically the movie is about 2 ghostbusters, who are actually a very good looking couple haha. So you don’t have to see the first one at all. This story is based off the Amityville haunted story, and Amityville Horror was like the scariest movie I saw in high school haha. Low key based on a true story which is terrifying.

Shoutouts to IMDB: Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

Go see this y’ll.

I went on a run today and died and got lost and wanted to Uber home and didn’t have my phone. It was so damn brutal haha. But whatever. Got to listen to Kodak Black’s new mixtape, which is whatever.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Minus this song lmao. GUWOP.


Medieval Times!

This title gets an exclamation point bc it’s been on my LA bucket list since I been out here lmao. if you dunno. It’s exactly what it sounds like… a dinner and a show. In the Medieval Times. I was … Continue reading

Meet The Patels.

Saw Meet The Patels tn w/ the broskee in Irvine. There was literally nothing else out/I’ve seen it all. We really wanted to see The Walk but it seems like it left theaters already. Welp. This means, Indie films with … Continue reading


OKAY. Honestly, what the eff. haha. This was honestly one of the weirdest experiences, lmao. But it was comedy. I was laughing the entire time. I’m literally on Yelp rn looking up Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank because I’m that confused. We both were. Not too sure how it got 3.5 stars, but reading the bad reviews makes me feel better haha.

First of all, I copped a Livingsocial, which is just like Groupon if you didn’t know. It said one voucher for a 15 lap go-kart race… AND A SODA. I more than likely impulsively bought this bored at work or something. I bought two cause you know, who wants to go alone. For some reason, I was going through my orders earlier this week, and realized it expired today. Screw any plans I could have done tonight, I was gonna redeem this ish.

Thank goodness my fav female was d. My love for this girl runs deep. Shoutout to her. I called in advance to find out deets, which wasn’t very friendly. The guy on the phone was a little rude. So I guess it’s literally a 10-15 minute race, and no reservations. Which totally sucks cause Burbank is a good 30 minutes away from West LA/mid city. Whatever, it looks like it’s date night tn.

We left around 9:50pm and called. They said they could only take us at the last slot, which was 11:40pm. Pssshhhh. They said it was packed. Upon arrival, I am certain they have a different definition for the word. It had the vibes like a rollerblading rink, with some arcade games along the walls. There was a race going, and a few people around. But that’s it.

No negative vibes until they rushed us over and we arrived in the middle of the dude giving instructions. Pause. What about us! He was explaining how to drive the go-kart and safety hazards. He didn’t seem to care we missed the whole thing. Welp.


I watch too many horror movies and this looked like heads when I saw the picture again. Happy Halloween right. The wait until we could actually start driving had me… asleep. but really, low key took a nap in the car. I don’t even know what to call it. A kart? I think my whole idea of go-karting was based off bumper cars when I was younger. Clearly, not the same. The race began and it was SO awkward. Uncomfortable. So hard to get a handle and control the steering wheel. The gas pedal was sensitive but required And the track was not a normal lap. It was curves on curves on curves.

As entertaining as the 15 laps were, or probably 13 laps cause I was slow af, it was not the business. I can’t even pinpoint my thots or feelings. I had fun with my hg, but I’m having a hard time associating ‘fun’ with the activity. I got rammed into so many times, and it hurt. I was probably mad in the way now that I think about it. I got stuck numerous times on the wall and just sat there confused. CONFUSED. That’s how I describe the night.

They didn’t even say anything about the soda. Smh. We had to flag someone down at the end cause they were closing. I don’t drink soda, so my hg with the comeup. Driving my car afterwards was real awkward too. Maynnnneeee. Tonight was weird haha. And hilarious.


At least we got a helmet selfie out of it. Lmao.

TRACK OF THRE DAY: The Game’s The Documentary 2.5 dropped. I listened to some and loved. One track is “Like Father Like Son 2,” which reminded me of how much I love the original.


The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. You might have seen it advertised at random billboards around LA. Mobbed with my coworkers. We were excited, and scared. Very scared haha. I’m that girl in scary movies that screams like a lil bitch. Only … Continue reading