I was literally so fucking excited to see this was playing at Landmark on Pico. Jackie at 7:15pm. It left theaters around the time of my bday- I checked. We hella wanted to see it. It got incredible ratings and … Continue reading



Ooooooooo. I’ma get rich on you. This track was literally stuck in my head all day, in light of the show tn haha. Get Rich by RJ featuring Iamsu if you didn’t know. It was legit my summer anthem last year. And hey, it’s summer again. Time is kinda flying. How it is the end of July already. Like how…. And I’m just getting older. FOREVER GETTING OLDER.

I need to chill haha. Anyways. RJ at the Novo downtown. I wanted to hit this show the day it was announced haha. I love RJ and his music. It slaps. He’s an LA cat and I always say DJ Mustard put him on. He’s literally flying solo now and it’s amazing to see his progress. Like, he’s doing it. Not KILLING it, but he’s def doing it.

The turnout was good. I didn’t expect it, but then remembered, it is his hometown. I wonder how his followings are in other cities and the east coast. This show was mad lit though. Like, he’s a great performer. His energy is so there which is what every artist needs. I’ve seen him perform before. He actually did an event with Joyrich. It was super intimate and he was rocking this big ass fur Coke jacket and sweating balls lmao. Literally felt bad for him. That jacket was so ugly to me haha and it was like $300 bucks. Hella people fucked with it…

Speaking of, I found a BUNCH of Joyrich shit I never worn after moving. I used to fuck with the brand so tough lmao. Spent half my paycheck there too. But anywho. RJ also came through DX for a music meeting and dropped bangers from OMMIO 3. If y’ll never heard his stuff, it might be hard to fall in love. That’s my guess. But his shit knocks to me. His personality was real chill, like just your average guy, with daddy duties haha. Fr though, I think he has a lot of kids….

I had a plus one and invited my hg. She loved his first album, which is why I fuck with her haha. My homie actually hit me about the show too bc the artist he’s managing, Yung Pinch, was opening. There was miscommunication and sadly I missed his set. Got to meet him tho and he was real nice. 18-year-old kid from Huntington Beach, just trynta make it with his music. I can always respect that.

My other girl came and met us, I work with her. They fucked up her ticket. I hate venues man! Always that risk of running into issues when you’re told you’re on the list. Smh. Anyways haha so glad she came. She’s so sweet. RJ was lit too. All throughout the show.

It’s like unbearably hot in my room, and idk what to do about it. It’s seriously insane how hot it is. The fan my bro gave me I feel like just blows hot air around haha. Man, I still need to move my shit in. I’ve been putting it off tough. Just been so busy. And tired. So tired lately.

I went on a run in the crazy heat, don’t ask why. I feel like I’ve been eating extra shit lately and super bloated. So I wanted to haha. My homie hit me to listen to Phonte & Eric Roberson’s new project called Tigallero, which I really enjoyed. Super old school and soul vibes. Phonte used to be a part of Little Brother, who were extremely respected in the Hip Hop game back in the day. He def shows he can still spit.

Then some of DJ Drama’s Street Quality Music 3 came on and I was turnt lmao. Such ignorant music. After that, I picked up meds, and  decided to treat myself to another foot massage. I needed it so fucking bad haha and the dude was bomb today. He was so much stronger than the females I usually request… I legit loved it haha. Joy Foot Spa on La Cienega y’ll. Get there.

Went home, showered, sat in front of my fan. For a minute haha. Me and my hg literally entered the venue RIGHT when RJ came on stage. So perfect haha.

My to-do list is so long rn man. I have so much shit to do tomorrow. And it’s gonna be hot af. Scared haha.

Thanks for reading. I ramble. ❤


TRACK OF THE DAY: Shit knocks.


This movie made me feel so weird. So uneasy. So weird haha. My gay bestie wanted to see The Witch, but this was sooner. And I had ADD so I wanted to go sooner. Shoutout to him for bearing this … Continue reading



If you know me, you know I live for my foot massages. Disclaimer, they do your whole body! It’s about $25 an hour and 100% worth it. Sure, it ain’t no Massage Envy Swedish massage, but it does the trick. Especially when you need that quick fix, you can just walk on in. I’ve converted a lot of my friends, and still working on some.

Massages are something I do with my brothers (my real brother and his best friend who crazily has the same exact last name). I say “brothers” pretty much to confuse people. They live in Irvine, so them driving an hour to hang out with me means the world. Escape Foot Massage on Robertson Blvd guys. Towards the end, they lift your shirt (as you’re face down), and wipe down your back with a hot towel. It feels better than it sounds.

The Saturday night turn up. We heard Black Mass was phenomenal so that was our GP (game plan) for the rest of the night. I chose my favorite movie theater on the westside: The Landmark on Pico. To my surprise, they put us in the theater with couches- GLORIOUS. I thought this was reserved for films that were more indie and smaller. This was opening weekend! No complaints. The couch seats make you feel like you’re literally chillin’ at home.

Okay, the hype makes sense. Johnny Depp was incredible. Remember him in Edward Scissorhands? To Pirates of the Carribean… to many more. The man is amazing at what he does. I actually realized on the way home, seeing a billboard for the film, that the man was Johnny Depp. That went over my head. The film itself is very dark, revolving around James “Whitey” Butler, a convict and criminal. Johnny Depp fit the part so perfectly. While you can tell it is him past the makeup and hair, Johnny doesn’t leave his character for a second.

The movie progresses as Butler agrees to work with an FBI agent to fight the Irish mob. This leads to a downward spiral as the thirst for money and power start to prevail. What really blows my mind is that this is all based on a true story. These things happened IRL, and if you watch the film, you will understand why it’s so mind boggling. From a historical standpoint, this biopic of Butler educates us on the actual crimes that were taking place in Boston in the 1970’s.

Okay. Solid film. Johnny Depp- Oscar fasho. I have to take the time to highlight my poor brother in the middle of the seat with no arm rests and a large drink. He was so uncomfortable lmao. I kept asking if he was okay. Crazy how something as small as an armrest can make or break your night.

TRACK OF THE DAY: Casey Veggies is one of my fav rappers and his album drops in a couple days! Eeeeeek. Dropping a single with Dom right before. Clutch.

Mistress America

I just got home from watching Mistress America, an indie film showing at my favorite movie theaters in Los Angeles: The Landmark on Pico. Best popcorn and the most luxurious black leather seats. Honestly, indie films are where it’s at. I always get a deep meaning out of them, even if I have to dig. This story was based in New York, and really really made me want to move there (I feel like if I say it enough, it’ll actually happen one day).

I won’t bore you with the plot, but I related to one of the main characters almost too much. It was scary. It was about her journey to find herself and what she loves in life. It showed her need for social media as a way to stay connected with the world. Not because she wanted to, but felt like she had to. It highlighted the fact that you really don’t know shit until you’re 30, and you still might not know. This gave me some hope, since I keep telling people I’m going through a mid life crisis. But like really, I totally am.

Side note, me and my hg (hg = homegirl, please don’t ask again) (jk) got the best foot massage before. If you know me, you know I need my massages. Self care is a huge priority in life, and I encourage everyone to have that one getaway that gets them through the week. It’s something I actually won’t mind spending money on. I’m frugal to say the least. I also hope to convert all my friends eventually. It’s fun to go with a buddy.

My grandma passed away this week and they were cleaning out her apartment. My brother just flew home for the funeral and texted me this picture:


The text said: “Dude she was knitting baby socks for us.”

Is that not the saddest thing you’ve ever heard? My heart broke in that moment. Tears came for sure.

That’s really our overall purpose in life though right? To reproduce and give your kids the best life possible?


TRACK OF THE DAY: This song is cute. I love Jake and Papa, a R&B duo from LA. They definitely can sing. Honestly, I couldn’t find anything on Quiz. Hopefully soon :).