Life. Literally, life lmao. Me and my girl literally had to see this for our bae, Jake Gyllenhaal, who’s last name I can never spell lmao. We love him. He’s a cutie. We hit the 9:30pm showing in Whittier. This movie theater … Continue reading

Asher Roth.

Asher Roth and Larry June at The Roxy on Sunset. One of my fav venues in Weho, and literally the same fucking workers every time I’m there. So funny cause last time, at the Bas show, I legit got into … Continue reading

Monster Dub Show.


If only you guys knew what happened in this moment haha. Literally, ScHoolboy Q was PISSED. The DJ kept fucking up the song and then it just went silent af. It was so awkward. He legit was not having it. And it was just a very awkward moment of just him walking while the crowd stared.

Speaking of, the crowd SUCKED. Lmao. Well, VIP was better. But when we were out in the GA area, it was literally so fucking weak. No one was moving or doing nothing. I hate when crowds suck. The sound was kinda weak though, you could barely hear the mic.

The annual Monster Dub Show! A dope ass car shows with dope ass performers. Fr, the line up is always mad lit. The artists play a super short set, but it’s dope. Their hits are all you need haha. I was moving today so I wasn’t able go when it started, which was 12-6pm. It was thrown by The Real 92.3. Saw the homies. They were all backstage haha.

I missed Fat Joe and Remy Ma, and Migos. But I saw 50 Cent. Barely haha. Met up with the homie who interns at DX, who’s birthday is today! Kobe year, happy birthday to him. 50 Cent def dropped “Go shawty, it’s ya birthday” for him. Ayyyy.

It was held at the LA Convention Center downtown. Next to Staples Center. Huge ass venue. But it’s lit. And… ratchet. Lmao. Really though, shit was kinda ratch. Smh.

Met my hg from work, who is a doll. And I love her. We walked around and saw a bunch of cars. I think we missed Desiigner and Jay Rock, but it was cool. It was literally a trip to see all these extravagant cars, Pimp My Ride status. I wondered if these people made these cars as a career or hobby. Cause that shit looks expensive af.

YO, I have no AC in my apartment and it’s not okay!!!! I thought I’d be okay but no. I just took a shower and laid down naked LMAO. Sorry TMI. But I legit am burning up in this bitch. OH, shoutout to my bro for calling me Ubers to the event. The real MVP haha.

My Uber driver was lit too. He just saw Jay Rock at a gas station before he swooped me. Turns out we have a mutual friend too. Man, social media can be a TRIP.

Also donated a HEAVY ass box today. And more to come. I literally had to drag it on the floor cause it was so heavy :/. So rough haha. And then Starbucks messed up my drink. AGAIN. Like yo, I literally have to watch them like a hawk. No chill.

Why is Sunday my busiest day this week?

Also, if you are sus, bye.

That is all <3.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Roy Woods just dropped an album. #OVO.