Get Out.

Ahhhhh. Fuck. I finally met Uncle Snoop tonight. And it was beyond chill lmao. Everyone was taking photos with him and I legit just wanted to meet him, but eventually was next to him so long I figured why not lmao. We … Continue reading


Damn Matthew McConaughey, damn. One of the first shots in the movie were of his beer belly lmao. He must have had to gain a certain amount of weight for this film. I respect actors/actresses so much for that shit. … Continue reading

The Accountant.


My poor brother lmao. My poor fucking brother. I drive him literally insane. One day bro, I’ll pay you back. I promise. Anyways. We caught the 8pm showing of The Accountant at The Grove, late af. That might have been why I was so confused the entire movie. But yo, this movie was lit. It was really intense. I think every accountant out there should watch it, just cause. Like their boss should take the company as an outing haha.

Wiki: Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) is a mathematics savant with more affinity for numbers than people. Using a small-town CPA office as a cover, he makes his living as a freelance accountant for dangerous criminal organizations. With a Treasury agent (J.K. Simmons) hot on his heels, Christian takes on a state-of-the-art robotics company as a legitimate client. As Wolff gets closer to the truth about a discrepancy that involves millions of dollars, the body count starts to rise.

So Ben Affleck kills it per usual. And Anna Kendrick in the movie was tripping me out. I’ve only seen her play funny roles, like bizarre comedy roles haha. So seeing her all serious in a movie was weird. Plus kept noticing how tiny she was. Like I wonder how she is in person lmao. Okay I’ll stop. She did good.

This movie caught my eye particularly bc I used to be a math major. Like… I fucking loved that shit. Algebra was so fun to me lmao. I’m so sad. I always say I feel like I had so much potential but then I discovered partying and that was the end of that. My brain is fried. In reality, I transferred to UCLA as a math major but that shit was way too hard. It was a joke. Not that philosophy was much easier, but my ego wasn’t shot from getting back 30%’s on the midterms. This was AFTER I studied my ass off.

Wow anyways. What they don’t tell you in the plot is that Ben is autistic. It’s a crazy aspect of the film but it was extremely eye-opening. No spoiler alert, pretty sure it’s in the trailer haha. Definitely a solid movie. A little over 2 hours. I’d recommend it. Again, esp for you accountants. And I feel like a lot of my friends are. They work the craziest longest hours. Mad respect.

Today was a fucking Monday if it ever was one. I couldn’t sleep til late (stan) so work was a definite struggle. Took a nap in my car on my lunch. Please tell me other people do that. I feel like the minority.

Went straight to the dentist for a checkup. Went to the doctor to pick up my scripts. Went to Core Power Yoga 2. That shit had me sweating profusely. So necessary though.

Then went home to get my laptop because I had to go to Verizon to get a new iPhone. I completely shattered my screen last night, which is starting to feel like a damn curse. I had a free upgrade (my bro’s line, again, ty) and literally drove all the way home so I could back up my shit at the store.

BUT IT WOULDN’T BACK UP. LITERALLY. Kept saying “turn off Find my iPhone” when it was off on all devices. Verizon told me I had to go to Apple cause they were stumped. So of course, The Grove, which is the busiest Genius Bar in all of LA, verbatim from one of their workers. The dude was nice and tried to help me, but couldn’t. Cool. I had to come back in the AM right when they open. As if I have time for this.

Sorry guys. My blog is literally for me to complain about my unnecessarily dramatic life. It’s like, drama with myself. Lmao.

And then I fucked up and didn’t tell my bro I was at The Grove so he drove all the way to the Beverly Center cause that’s where Verizon was. Smh. So sorry bro. You hate me.

The popcorn at the movies was stale. Goodbye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Friend put me on this track last night. FEELS.


The Birth of a Nation.


Wow. I’m honestly completely speechless. This movie was extremely heavy and left me at a loss for words. I hadn’t heard much about it, but people told me it was a slave movie. That’s a topic I definitely showed interested in growing up in high school. I hated history too. Martin Luther King was always an idol to me.

This picture captures the emotion in this film. I’m gonna hit you with the Wiki plot bc IMDB’s is pointless:

Nat Turner is an enslaved Baptist preacher who lives on a Virginia plantation owned by Samuel Turner. With rumors of insurrection in the air, a cleric convinces Samuel that Nate should sermonize to other slaves, thereby quelling any notions of an uprising. As Nate witnesses the horrific treatment of his fellow man, he realizes that he can no longer just stand by and preach. On Aug. 21, 1831, Turner’s quest for justice and freedom leads to a violent and historic rebellion in Southampton County.
Sorry if that was long. I guess this was the remake of the original one. My homeboy said it literally showed maybe 10-15% of the whole story, which tripped me out. Everything that took place in this film was a lot to take in.
Bringing light into the situation… what happened to us before the movie was so bizarre. Literally think back and laugh. I was late coming from Westwood, so my homeboy bought his ticket. 7:15pm at Arclight Culver City (yup was just here). He said J10. Cool.
Met my hg and tell the cashier dude the movie time and he asked us to pick our seats, but we see J10 is empty. Odd. Didn’t think anything of it… probably should have.
We walk into theater 4 bc that’s what our tickets said. You guys. We literally walked into the end of the movie, like literally we watched the last 7 minutes of Birth of a Nation. He put us in the wrong fucking theater and somehow, someway, we managed to catch the ending. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?
Of course I complained and we got free passes but still, we saw the fucking ending haha. The cashier gave us tickets to the 8:15pm showing, which was in the same theater as the 6:15, so we walked in for the end. I was literally wondering why it was so crazy too. SMH. If there ever was an SMH, it would be here.
Anyways, we finally get in and meet my friend who I yelled at saying he was in the wrong theater. LMAO. Sorry boo. Literal hot mess.
The movie is 2 hours long and I honestly say, only go see it if you can handle it. I had to look away many times. One scene honestly broke my heart. It really did and it’ll probably repeat in my head every time I think of this movie. Definitely need to be thick-boned for this one. I cried for sure.
Also, going with 2 of my African American friends, I really realize how many black friends I do have. Some are REALLY into the Black Lives Matter movement, some don’t say a word (making me wonder if they care as much). I just wanted to say I respect each and every one of my friends, regardless of race. Everyone has their own experiences with racism.
It was EXTREMELY slow at work today. You guys don’t know how I bad I wanted Colombus Day off lmao. This holiday doesn’t apply to most of us though. Definitely had a lot of chocolate and slept in my car on my lunch. Happy Monday right?
Went to Core Power Yoga Sculpt in Westwood after. Thank you, as always. Then had a dental procedure for my tooth that was pulled. I guess this was an implant? Idk but it was painful. My mouth is STILL numb.
And I had to get antibiotics and I literally choked when I tried to take it while driving on my way to the movies. I thought I was gonna die. Those pills are too big.
And my cheap ass passed on the Motrin cause I didn’t wanna pay and I had Advil at home. My mouth literally started throbbing in the movie. I was in pain.
I’m a joke.


TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl hates this song and I find it hilarious. I like it haha.



Snakehips <3. Their song with Tinashe called “All My Friends” is literally my life. Me and my soulmate bought tickets to this show when they went on sale haha. April seemed so damn far away then… we were both at very different points in our lives too haha. Def a lot more mature meow.

Thank God for set times. Snakehips tweeted they’d be on at 10:30pm earlier. It was at NOVO downtown, my fav venue… EXCEPT when they don’t let us on the floor. Weak af. It’s so much more lit on the floor, but they were at capacity or some shit. Balcony is always chill but the floor makes you feel like you’re more involved haha. After climbing like 5 flights of stairs, we finally arrive. We caught some of Waveracer’s set. He was chill. I accidently said Waverunner lmao. Forever butchering names.

Soulmate ran into her friend whom I knew. What was about to happen is legit one of the most hilarious things to ever happen on a concert night lmao. So legit we wanted to somehow sneak our way down… to the floor. My ambitious ass lead us past these ropes and into an elevator. Smh af haha. We got STUCK.

Legit it took us to the first floor and we were lit. But then you step outside and it’s literally a door to exit the building. Womp womp. Like straight up no other option. And then we tried to go back up and it wouldn’t let us. You needed a key. Fucking crazy. Lmao. It was either we stand in the elevator or we leave and the night is over. There’s no way they’d let us back in after we scanned our tickets.

We contemplated life there for a second lmao. At least I did. I was like wow, what a mf fail haha. Anyways. Shoutout the hg who hit up her homeboy who was ON THE FLOOR, and left and got security for us haha. When they finally got us up, they were PISSED. This bitch security guard was legit chewing us out. I just kissed her ass and kept saying sorry lmao. I wasn’t sorry.

PS, Prince was found dead in an elevator today. The irony.

Snakehips came on around 10:45. Super lit. Two dudes from… the UK? Dunno but I love their remixes. Love when they go trap on us too haha. I miss that grimey shit. We obediently watched from up top haha.

My day was okay. Can’t complain. My client stood me up again this morning. So over that ish haha. My supervisor let me out early tho. Thank God, I legit had nothing to do if I stayed. He def gets the hint haha. Ran to Lil Yachty’s mixtape. It was hard af. Esp when you don’t run anymore. Even with good music, it’s just so…. bleh. Mundane. Idk haha. It felt good after tho that’s for sure.

My hg took me to the most lit dispensary today. It’s called Mecca on Washington Blvd by La Cienega. Idk. It was just poppin. And such good deals. They were playing the Warriors game on a huge screen inside too. They were down 😦 and they ended up losing. By 1. Tear. It’s funny cause now it’s awkward when they lose. When it used to be the other way around haha. Af.

Anywaysssssss. Fell asleep before the show and legit didn’t think I could get up. I did tho. TROPHIES.

TRACK OF THE DAY: The Weeknd always.

Midnight Special.


Yoooooooo, Midnight Special was definitely special. Lmao. This movie got way high ratings and I have no idea why. Okay it wasn’t terrible, but it was pretty pointless. I think my hg influenced me too cause she fucking hated it. I felt bad lmao. When you go with a non-Moviepasser…. jk. But really I kinda feel bad haha.

We got lit af too haha. 8:20pm showing at The Grove. She had to return something at Nordstrom, which I did earlier haha literally 2 hours before. Then we hit Dylan’s Candy Bar for me of course. The movie was a lot longer than I thought it would be… like 2 hours. I swear I was ready for it to end like 10x haha.

Plot: The government and a group of religious extremists pursue a man (Michael Shannon) and his son (Jaeden Lieberher), a young boy who possesses special powers.

The fuck right. Fucking random as shit haha it legit had no point…. MAN I’M SO INFLUENCED BY MY HG THO haha. Kirsten Dunst was in it rocking grandma sweaters in each scene haha. The movie low key creeped me out too. There was def scary jumpy parts. I freak out easily haha.

Case of the Mondays fr. Met a client this morning at Echo Park Lake, then had my internship all day. Good news, me and my supervisor were civil today. Like joking around and shit. V interesting haha. Maybe cause the other intern was there. He also praised me for my contribution in our last staff meeting. I was in shock.

Slow day for sure. I went to Yogaworks in Weho at 4:30pm and barely sweat. I was so sad haha I wanted a workout. Since I was in the area, I decided to see if Crossroads had a wait to sell back clothes. They did… an hour. Fuck that haha I did the 24 hour dropoff. But then you can’t see them going through your ish haha. Sigh.

Stopped by The Grove. Went home showered. Went back to The Grove. We had fun tho. Needed to do something cause today was Monday af. April’s moving. I’m happy haha.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My hg from the bay texted me this today because she wanted to get midnight donuts with me <3. Sho cute.

Waka Flocka Flame.


Yo. Waka Flocka Flame never disappoints. I’d seen him before at The Observatory in the OC and it was honestly the most lit show I’ve ever been to. He is seriously SO good live. He turns it the fuck up. Someone got stabbed at that show tho 😦 no chill.

So this was advertised as a $5 show. Came out to $15 with fees ugh haha. Went with one of my really good homegirls. She bought like 6 extra and brought all her homies. We were literally having a convo about hating the world and then it went to having a squad and reevaluating our inner circle lmao. So damn emo. Fr though, my friends have been making me mad reflective. Anyways.

I called yday for set times lmao. They said Waka is on at 10:45pm, and I asked if they’re usually on time. She goes, “those shows….prolly not.” Lmao. Great response. She was right though. Waka came on at like 11:30pm, played til like 1am I think. FUCK I got work in 5 hours fml. I actually took a nap for the first time in a long time today too. That prob doesn’t help me tn haha.

I had a headache when I woke up. I didn’t think I could make it out haha. But damn mind over matter. PS, did you guys know Waka was vegan? Lmao.

Mmmm. I met all those fucks downtown. So Club Nokia is now called NOVO? Sure haha. I parked in LA Live it was chill. The Clippers game had just got out and they beat the Knicks. Woo. Second fav team in the NBA haha I need to hit another game soon. Anyways. We were instructed to go upstairs. YAS. I hate the view from dstairs haha can’t see shit.

The balcony is so legit. You get the best view from above and you can sit if you’re lazy haha. We were in like the second row. Everyone was so damn turnt haha I loved it. Successful ass night. Waka put on, as always.

The crowd was so fucking random yo haha all white kids I swear. Waka is known for mosh pits at his show but this time they were so fucking weak lmao. It was embarrassing. The crowd was super lit tho. Waka loves to go EDM on us for a good chunk of time haha and he loves to go in the crowd. Legit dunno how he maneuvers his way from one end to the other.

What else. OG Maco was there. Didn’t know they were such good buddies haha. He dropped “U Guessed It” of course. DX actually covered him recently. He’s got some fire coming. I’m excited. Shoutout to DJ Whoo Kid. He was rocking this Pink Dolphin hoodie. Automatic turn on lmao.

Was so rough today. I actually passed out for 2 hours in between classes lmao when I woke up I couldn’t believe it. Our professor let us out a little early tho that was heavenly. It was POURING this afternoon. The drive back on the 10 was so brutal. Everyone was going so fucking slow. I couldn’t deal.

But fr can we pray I make it to work tomorrow please and thank you.

TRACK OF THE DAY: My fav turn up song ever.


Air + Style Day 2.

Or half of day 2 haha. Definitely was not gonna last all day, so I went early on purpose. I did miss Migos though 😦 The one fucking act I wanted to see today. Them and Danny Brown smh. Oh … Continue reading


Wow. Speechless. Deadpool was literally everything it was hyped up to be. Literally everybody was talking about this new Marvel movie opening this weekend. Of course, I’m gonna be basic and follow suit on this one haha. First of all, Ryan Reynolds is literally gorgeous haha. He’s so sexy and just perfect for this role. His jokes and sense of humor made the entire movie.

I must say, I didn’t know dipshit about this movie. I thought it was a Spiderman spoof lmao from all the advertisements. Wayyyy off. I heard this movie was 11 years in the making?? And thanks to my bro bro, it’s the most anticipated rated R movie haha. The crude humor totally worked tho. Legit the movie was a genius creation. It was hilarious. It was like… interactive? Ryan semi talks to us throughout the film.


I went with my broskee at AMC Tustin by Irvine. I spent the day there. Much needed. We hit the 7:15pm showing, which was def almost sold out. We sat in the second row. It’s so weird going to theaters without reserved seats now. So used to that LA life haha. I never appreciated it until now. My bro’s friends wanted to come but they were too late. If it was reserved thoooo.

The whole theater was lit. Everybody was on the same page, ready to laugh. TGIF fr. You could tell there were Marvel fans up in there. The film is only an hour 40 minutes. Which is totally a plus too. Overall this movie was a win. Pure entertainment. Def go see it.

I’m stressed. And my bro is my biggest support system.

TRACK OF THE DAY: I really wanna post Wolves by Ye but it ain’t on Youtube lmao. Here’s a track my friend posted. Feels.


Hail, Caesar!

Okay, pause. This movie was actually really good. It was so quirky and funny and different. Hail, Caesar! With an exclamation point. Be sure to include that haha. This movie is a statement in itself fr haha. It was so … Continue reading