The Fate of the Furious.

Hey guys. It’s been a minute. Just saw The Fate of the Furious with the bro bro. I literally posted an IG Story with a caption that said “date night” but then deleted it cause I felt bad for mysef lmao. … Continue reading

Kong: Skull Island.

Guysssss. I just made the saddest connection. I got a flat tire on my way to class (sitting here now) and realized why. There was a knife that punctured a hole and I realized it’s the result of my reckless … Continue reading

The Great Wall.


Man, my life is brazy lmao. Somehow, some way, I force myself to hang out with my rents the one weekend they visit lalaland. This is gonna be a short piece on how terrible The Great Wall was lmao. That’s right, you prolly haven’t even heard of it.

Or maybe you have. You’ve for sure heard of the main actor: Matt Damon. Smh. Why. First of all, it’s sci-fi. Ya girl hates sci-fi haha. Fantasy, they call it. My rents were visiting staying at the bougie ass J.W Marriot downtown, in my hood lmao. It’s connected to the Ritz Carlton, so of course I’ma ride off that. I’m fucking obsessed with that Plies track man lmao.

First of all, I was coming from Long Beach with a full face of makeup. I hated it lmao I felt gross af. Idk how people do it. Wait, I didn’t hate how it looked. The makeup artist did a fabulous job. It just was scary looking in the mirror lmao. I just didn’t want to be in public. And I was cold so I grabbed my usual hoodie, sweats, and Uggs.

The movie was at 7:15pm, but I walk in 15 min late bc I got in a fight with my brother lmao. You suck, bro. I needed the simplest fucking favor and he wouldn’t do it. I was about to raise hell. We def chose this movie bc it was the only one out I haven’t seen, plus my rents are Chinese.

IMDB Plot: European mercenaries searching for black powder become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures.

Wtf right lmao. Idk. It was cool for them bc there was a famous Chinese director and actress, but wtf. The picture was terrible. Green screen status. I literally can’t understand how major films think that’s okay. Like they could have done it the right way… idk. I get so turned off when a film has shitty or cheesy picture. It’s just an hour 45 minutes of action. And Matt Damon does not look like himself at all.

I think there was controversy on Matt being white and playing the role he did, but I’m not even gonna bother finding out lmao. As long as my rents enjoyed it, I’m happy.

My bro ran into Paul Gasol twice inside the hotel. You bet I’m jeal lmao. I also saw The Money Team in the building dressed super nice, and wanted to know the event lmao. Btw, this spot is fucking rich af. The valet is $45, even if you’re a guest of the hotel. WTF. Bye.

The club lounge is beyond cracking though. Unlimited food, drinks, wifi, VIEWS. I’m def coming back tmrw to work. Gotta take advantage. Fr tho. My day started with 4 hours of sleep (worse bc I took sleeping pills). I almost dozed off driving to LBC… it was worth it though. I fucking love doing dope shit, especially with the homies.

Vague enough? Okay. I got shit to do. Muah.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Here you go.

John Wick 2.

Hey guys. I just had a mental breakdown. Literally. So what do I do when I have a breakdown? Write about everything EXCEPT what I’m going through lmao. I can’t thank my girl for picking up my phone call earlier. … Continue reading


Sleepless movie premiere at Regal L.A. Live downtown! Yassss. Not only do we get to see the movie ahead of time, but we got to go for the free. Halla. It actually made me wonder if anyone could purchase tickets, … Continue reading

Doctor Strange.


Wow. Just wow. I’m actually kinda speechless. This was the most epic movie experience I’ve ever had. And I’m not just saying that. 4D was life changing.

First of all, hi guys. I haven’t written here in so long because I’ve had 0 time for movies. I was looking forward to this so much. All I knew was that Doctor Strange was the new Marvel movie coming out and the hype was real. Marvel anything I think is a win. Especially this one.

Now let’s talk about this 4D though. It’s exactly what it sounds like… 3D on crack. Lmao. Seriously though. I think only a few select theaters have it. It’s bound to blow though. The moment we sat down we felt like we were in a theme park. Like Honey I Shrunk The Kids at Disneyland… THE ENTIRE MOVIE.

Oh shit: “Regal L.A. LIVE is now home to the first 4DX theater in the United States! Experience the biggest blockbusters like never before with 4DX technology! The 4DX auditorium features motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, mist/rain, scents and more that perfectly synch to the on-screen action.”

We came during the worst time though. Our movie was at 10:30pm aka right when the basketball game got out at Staples. I don’t want to talk about that game. (Warriors ate shit to The Lakers). It was bad. And we were stuck in the standstill traffic.

But we made it. I love this movie theater, but it takes a lot more effort, aka effort parking. I gptta get used to this being my go-to theater. OH YEAH SHIT I just moved downtown haha holy fuck. I’m not fully settled yet so I can’t celebrate yet, but it’s fucking surreal. Downtown LA man.

Rolled with my hg and my bros and their roomie. Poor guy had to sit alone cause he got tickets late but yo, even if you’re solo, this movie is a blast. We were fortunate enough to have our own 4 seats by ourselves so we could giggle and chit chat. I brought my vape pen and the smoke blended right in with the smoke fog machine going off in front of us. So perfect lmao.

The chair moved in sync with the action in the movie. Even when there was fire on the screen, IT SMELLED LIKE FIRE. There’s a button that says Water On or Water Off. I turned that shit off. I hate getting wet lmao. Advice though: bring a jacket. It gets chilly with the fog and especially when they were in a blizzard. Brrrrrr. You’re in the movie with them.

There was literally so many scenes that had such fucking great picture and graphics that alone is worthy of 90% ratings. This movie is 2 hours long but it doesn’t feel like it. We wanted it to keep going. But I guess we were also in 4D haha. Me and my bro been trying to hit this since it opened at Regal downtown. I just remembered they were playing Don’t Breathe. Holy fuck, I would die.

Overall it was a really fun experience. A great night out. I encourage everyone to try it at least once. It’s going to be pricey ($28), but keep in mind, it’s for the experience.

Oh, stay for the scene after the credits. It comes on fairly quick/

Thought about talking about my life but I’m over hearing myself. Goodbye.


TRACK OF THE DAY: That new new.

The Magnificent 7.


Holy hell. This movie was a trip haha. The Magnificent 7 at AMC Century City 15 at 9:30pm. I literally landed at LAX tn and was like “I’m bored” lmao. Texted my people. Shout out to my homegirl and homeboy for coming through. We all really enjoyed it. And that’s my homegirl’s beautiful nails in the pic above haha. Free poster ftw.

This movie stars Denzel Washington, Ethan Hawke, and Chris Patt. You guys, Denzel is GOAT. Like literally, he’s so bomb haha. One of the best actors alive for sure. I was trying to tell my friend and he goes really? Yes. He is the definition of lit.

So I guess this movie is a remake of the original. To put it simply (via IMDB): Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.

Literally, this had Django written all over it. We kept getting confused cause I thought it was a sequel or some shit. It’s basically 2 hours and 12 minutes of dopeness. The action gets real good at the end. I was kinda worried cause my homeboy def goes “I wanna get a gun.” Please don’t lmao. This movie def made me wanna hit the gun range though.

Idk if I told you guys, but my Moviepass got cancelled. I’m so sad. What else… there has been a fucking lot going on in my life. I just got back from being in a wedding which was so unbelievably surreal. I literally cried throughout the entire ceremony. My girl is literally so beautiful inside and out and she found her match. I can’t.

I guess I came back to a heat wave in LA. Everyone has been complaining. I have no AC guys. Don’t even haha.

This shit brazy.


TRACK OF THE DAY: This song is good for the soul.



You guys. This movie was fucking great. Nerve starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, and MGK, bae haha. Jk. I used to think he was hot but he’s really intense to me now lmao. I definitely had James Franco instead of Dave up there lmao thank you Google. I think it’s James’ little bro, and they look exactly like each other haha. Emma Roberts is bae though. Just look how cute they are in the pic haha.

Just right off the bat gonna say I highly recommend this movie. It’s short, a little over an hour 30, but it’s epic. I really enjoyed it, and perfect with all the bullshit happening in my life rn haha. Real talk tho. Not only did I technically lose my job, but I got a fucking $363 handicapped parking ticket today. LIKE WHY. I mean, I know why, I take full responsibility, it’s my fault. But it had to happen rn. In the midst of my life crashing down in front of my eyes haha. Damn. Not even trynta be dramatic but the stars are NOT aligning rn.

Anyways. After literally the most painful dentist apt, I needed Starbucks. Literally go to my go-to shop down the street from me. I usually post up in this spot in the back no problem. As I’m pulling out this lady runs up on me with a ticket. I was like WHAT. Look up and see this half bent handicapped sign. The paint on the ground was faded too. I asked her what the damage was because she wasn’t budging, thinking it would be 90 bucks. Nope. 4 times that amount. I officially gave up at that point. Cried my way back to my apt. Literally gonna fight this. If I have to show up to rags in court, I’ma fight this shit. Not cool.

Okay back to the film haha. Me and my 2 hgs hit up AMC Century City 15 at 7:20pm. I love them. We all really liked the movie. SO IT’S NOT JUST ME THAT LIKED IT. Lmao my one hg keeps saying I like everything and it’s getting to me. I got out of Core Power Yoga at 7pm and GPS said it would take 20 minutes. Just taking a moment to complain about LA traffic bc that shit normally would take 5 minutes. Okay maybe 7.

Anyways. We got in right when the movie started. 20 min previews at AMC Theaters guys remember that haha. The best part is I had no idea what it was about, and left so satisfied haha. It got pretty good reviews too. I’ma give you the full Rotten Tomatoes plot cause it’ll explain it best.

Industrious high school senior, Vee Delmonico, has had it with living life on the sidelines. When pressured by friends to join the popular online game Nerve, Vee decides to sign up for just one dare in what seems like harmless fun. But as she finds herself caught up in the thrill of the adrenaline-fueled competition partnered with a mysterious stranger, the game begins to take a sinister turn with increasingly dangerous acts, leading her into a high stakes finale that will determine her entire future.

That plot was a little too complex. Bascically, it’s a game on-line and it ends up being SO nuts haha. Like truth or dare, without the truth haha literally. I seriously would love that shit. I’m an adrenaline junkie. Not sure if it’s a good thing. When I was in therapy, I was told it’s a red flag. Meep. But this movie has a lot of emotions haha. Go go go.

I hate my life rn haha. My tooth hurts and I’m doing laundry. Thankful though… to be alive? (Meep.)


TRACK OF THE DAY: Straight fire.

Suicide Squad.


Yo, Suicide Squad was beyond lit. I seriously fucking loved it, so much that I clapped at the end lmao like a basic bitch. The crazy thing is, so many people were talking shit about it. Not talked shit, but like weren’t pleased. I’m just like bruh, quit being so critical haha. It was legit dope af.

They said it was all over the place, which is true. The story was a bit confusing, and me and my bro walked in 10 min late, but you know what, get over it haha. From a film standpoint, people were hating. But the movie was so good. It was action and drama the entire time. The cast was dumb lit and Margot Robbie KILLED it as Harley Quinn. My spirit animal. I literally loved everything she said haha. Like I lol-ed at this one part when the theater was silent haha.

Will Smith was raw too. And Jared Leto as The Joker. Holy shiiiii. So bomb. Overall just really fire. I highly recommend going if you haven’t already. This hype for this movie was insane, as it should be. The plot doesn’t really matter but here you go:

A secret government agency recruits a group of imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency, which inevitably leads to chaos.

I don’t wanna give anything away, just go see it haha. The soundtrack is amazing too. Shoutout to Kehlani’s new track on it. They literally dropped that during the PERFECT scene in the movie. Shoutout to the throwback Eminem they threw in there too.

Yo, I cried. Lmao. There were some emotional moments and I cried. Going through some shit rn and it really got to me. My bro was like you okay? I also was hella tired in the movie.  Started nodding out halfway through smh. It’s a little over 2 hours, but amazing throughout.

We hit the 4:10pm showing at The Grove. I had some old Nike shorts I never worn so I let my bro have the store credit. Pretty sure I got them from Lady Foot Locker LMAO. But damn we spent so much time getting my bro new running shoes and he just hit me he wants these others one. S M H. It was literally the reason we were late to the movie.

I had hella heads wanting to see it this weekend, but I wanted to go to yoga later so we just went. I needed yoga tn guys. I had a really rough day. So much anxiety. A dentist appointment from hell. I need another root canal 😦 No chill. Also idk what happened last night but I think I took too many sleeping pills cause I was fucked up this morning. I legit should not drive when I’m that tired. Ahhhhh. Reminded me of my internship days, shutting my eyes at red lights. So dangerous.

Anyways. The weekends go by way too fast. Just got a foot massage with my girl at Joy Foot Spa. Seriously needed and would choose that over a turn up ANY DAY.

Guess what guys, I’m not afraid of ants anymore lmao. They all over my room and I can kill them with my bare hands now. I used to be scared of them af haha. #adulting. But yo. These ants are killing my vibe so hard.

Came home and my roomie loved the movie also. She goes “how many people are gonna be Harley Quinn for Halloween this year.” SO TRU. Speaking of TRUUUUU, 2 Chainz mixtape is fire. Go hear that ish.


TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl tweeted this earlier. Feels.

Now You See Me: The Second Act


Now You See Me: The Second Act. I have such mixed feelings about this movie. First of all, shit was mad long. Technically only 2 hours, but they coulda cut out so much haha. Second of all, I don’t remember the first one AT ALL, but both my homegirls said it was better. And I remember loving the first. But that’s literally all I rem haha. I walked into this thinking it was a comedy… wrong.

Went to the 7:30pm showing at AMC Century City 15. Met my two homegirls, shoutout to them! And of course, we get the prime theater haha with the recliner chairs. Soooo lit but I wish there was a way we could differentiate those theaters when people look up movie times, bc not everyone would be d to pay 21 bucks I’m sure. My Moviepass only covered some, which is a bit concerning bc that’s how I got my last account cancelled last time. By purchasing a prime ticket. Welp. We’ll see if they catch me again lmao, stay tuned.

Plot: The Four Horsemen resurface and are forcibly recruited by a tech genius to pull off their most impossible heist yet.

This literally helped 0 lmao thanks IMDB. Idk how to describe this movie haha. I legit was lost for like an hour. I just enjoyed the magic and action scenes, which there were a lot of. Legit, it seems like so much fucking work went into filming this movie haha. Everything was SO strategic and planned, and so much attention to detail. Like too much haha. It was so extra. I think that’s the best way to describe it haha. Extra.

The cast was def lit. The gothic chick from Mean Girls was in it, which I recently watched at Hollywood Forever Cemetry outdoors. So great haha. I’m terrible with names but it’s stacked. Morgan Freeman has such a damn presence in every damn movie he’s in. Oh and most of the movie took place in China, the “Las Vegas” part. I could understand like 20% of the Chinese haha so that was cool.

It was chill though. My girl semi lost her car after haha. That mall can be so confusing if you never been there, or park in the wrong area. Oh, it was free pizookie day at BJ’s today! I didn’t go, but I used to luh that ish. Dang I need to talk better haha.

I went to the movies straight from Rise Nation, I’ve been there previously with my girl. If you’re loyal you’ll remember. Jk. It’s basically this 30 minute climbing workout. The most LA workout class you could sign up for lmao. They shut the blinds and turn up the music, so it’s legit like a club. My hg works there now!! So she got me in for free, shoutout to her <3. Legit, that shit is pricy. Af haha. Look it up though, it’s mad dope. Wayyyy better than the gym or treadmill.

Life is tripping me out, again. I also can’t figure out when I wanna move. Either way, I’m overlapping half of July in rent 😦 Sad about it. But whatever. I’m a little sad bc my bro moved out and his place is actually a lot farther than I thought. Little Tokyo is like 30 minutes from me. No chill. I have a 15 minute radius. Real talk.

Also, content and blessed with the people I have in my life. ❤

TRACK OF THE DAY: My girl tweeted this track today and I forgot how raw it is. Listen.