Today was brutal lmao. In the sense that my family don’t play when it comes to being a tourist. Every time we touch down in new territory, it’s like all=in, balls to the wall, go HAM or go home. With that being said, I’m beat lmao. And so is my bro.

Today was the day our Royal Carribean cruise arrived in Cuba, the final destination. It’s so interesting because Key West was just a detour, on the way. Of course, my dad picks the longest tour that exists: the Best of Havana. No complaints, other than we had to be up at 7:30am. I couldn’t sleep last night. It was off to a rough start. Plus the 7-hour estimated time length turned into a long 8.5, with some extreme, wild weather conditions.

Btw, Havana is the capital of Cuba. We hop on this Greyhound bus around 8am and take off. This was the only good photo opp of the day lmao. This is Revolution Square, and it was a trip. Portraits of Fidel Castro’s face were blown up alongside multiple buildings. My bro kept saying how much this reminded him of Russia: communist. This just set the tone for the entire country: mundane looking buildings and just overall lack of freedom. It freaks me out every time.

When you think of Cuba, what do you think of? Coffee and cigars. The cigar shop stop was a no-brainer. I got one for my best friend and that’s it. Them shits are expensive af. What I LOVED though: the classic cars. Seriously, like classic, swagged out, polished American cars from the 60’s. This was the norm. Taxis too. Shit was straight out of a movie.

At this point, it’s like 90 degrees. And it reached 100 when we got to the cemetery. Tbh, it was brutal. No one gaf about the damn cemetery at that point lmao. The poor tour guide kept rambling, but it was a lost cause. We all wanted AC on the bus lmao. Btw, we were with an entire group of mostly white families. And I couldn’t help but notice how wealthy everyone was. I’m talking Chanel sunglasses, LV bags, etc. Everyone was lit and here I was in my Niners shirt lmao.

Lunch was worse. It was outdoors at a random restaurant that I could have sworn was Italian. But maybe it was Cuban. Who knows. It was just so fucking hot and we all melted. They literally gave me a glass of ice and it melted within minutes. Like, it was brutally hot. And we were there for almost 2 hours. The drinks, appetizers, ordering of the food, delivery of the food, dessert, everything just took way too long. I had my Angie Martinez book with me (thank God) to pass the time by, but it was brutally hot.

Fell asleep on the bus and woke up to fucking thunder and POURING RAIN. Wtf happened? No really. What happened. Lmao. The most bipolar weather I’ve ever seen in my life. It was brazy. I wish I had pics or videos to prove it but no wifi had ya girl straight livin’ lmao. No lie, I was so free. It was great.

The loud ass thunder had people scared to even get off the bus, but of course, YOLO. We stopped at the Ernest Hemingway house (yes, another one). He has one in Key West, and in Cuba. Boss shit. I guess it makes sense for being one of the greatest writers to ever live. But sadly, they wouldn’t even let us inside. Even after toughing out the rain and getting drenched from head to toe, they wouldn’t let us in. All I could do was take pics from the outside. Which was awkward.

I was low key proud when I saw my rents had gone out and ventured onto the property. V proud lmao. It was gnarly how hard it was raining. We were soaked for the rest of the day. Next, we stopped at the artisan market, which was basically a one-stop shop for postcards, clothes, souvenirs, rum, cigars, etc. I usually go HAM on the souvenirs but not this time friends, sorry. Shirley’s broke and there was literally nothing worthy. And the locals were kind of intimidating.

My bro swooped on this 14-year-old mixed rum that he was going to bring to Vegas to turn up with his friends. Eye roll lmao. What used to be my biggest form of entertainment is now my worst nightmare.

Happy 4th everyone. I had an epiphany last night about how important it is to just be a good person at the end of the day, and spread love and positivity with every step you take. Muah.


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