Key West, Florida.

So, if your friends with me at all, by now you know that my fam luhs cruises. That might even be an understatement, with the amount of times we’ve gone. And I don’t say that with an ounce of bragging. My dad works his fucking ass off. So, every couple years or so, he plans a family vacation where we go visit another country. Or continent.

To give you an idea, my bro’s email is lmao. Mine’s bc I used to be obsessed with soccer. This time around, we were going to Cuba, because the travel embargo just got lifted. If you’re a wanderlust, you prob know what this means. If not, just know that Cuba didn’t used to be accessible to Americans.

That’s the beauty of cruises. It’s an all-inclusive package meaning the process is a lot faster and simpler. I have to say I’m super blessed to be able to travel as much as I do. I’d never be able to do this without my parents. Still a sensitive subject, but working on it. Today was a close call with the momma bear. We almost got into it on the trolley and I had to consciously fall back and let it go. My poor bro always tries so hard to mediate, but when either of us are heated, someimes (most times) there’s no hope.

We left the dock in Tampa Bay, Florida yesterday and arrive in Key West today. I kid you not, the only reason I know this city is bc of MTV Real World. Talk about for the culture. My stupid bro didn’t believe they would have a reality show here. In the middle of the ocean lmao. Thank you, Google for having my back. To me, what better place to party and film? And now that I’ve experienced the island, it seems there’s nothing else to do here.

If you look on the map, it’s literally secluded below Florida. Still part of the US though. There’s this long freeway that stretches along the narrow island. We signed up for the Key West Old Town Trolley, which was a 1.5 hour tour. Well, if you stay on the whole time. Which we did not. I wanted to explore the city. We were only here once anyways.

I fucking love being a tourist guys. Nerd status. I love learning. There were 13 stops, ending at Mallory Square, centrally located in downtown Key West. The Ernest Hemingway House was my favorite sight to see and I’m sad we didn’t stop to go in. He’s one of the most well-respected writers to ever do it. I really wanted to stop and go inside, but the line was brazy. And you needed a ticket. You can’t just go visit like a normal person. Everything and anything cost money lmao.

This was the stop my bro couldn’t stop raving about: the southernmost tip of the continental USA. Okay, that’s pretty dope. Of the entire United States. But the line for this photo opp wasn’t. It was seriously so long full of tourists and fobs lmao (like us). Def cut that shit. Smh. It was too hot to be waiting. Damn near 100 degrees. When patience is not a virtue lmao.

This next part is random af. The top of my belly ring fell out the other day (no idea how) and it was bugging the shit out of me. I didn’t want it to fall out and close. I got that shit in 8th grade, btw lmao. Nothing freaks me out more than changing a piercing. I literally saw so many tattoo/piercing shops, and I had to Yelp one. Southernmost Tattoo- 5 stars. I was in and out in like 6 minutes. Bless. Tipped the piercer, fasho.

I included that because there were SO many tat shops to choose from in this little town. Def felt it was a hot spot for people to YOLO and get tatted. Also, this entire town prides itself in being the southernmost point of the US. 90 miles from Cuba!

My bro and I decided to walk back and enjoy the… gift shops? Lmao. There were so fucking many. You see one, you see them all. I actually have a long list of souvenirs I want to get for people, but we figured Cuba would be way more lit for those. But these living, breathing chicks were ADORBS. I hate my bro for this comment lmao.

Currently reading The Alchemist my girl let me borrow. Great book but wish I was exposed to it sooner, not at 26 lmao. Mid life crisis, hi.


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