The Mummy.

Film Title: The Mummy

I just got home from The Mummy, and I must say I really enjoyed it. I was torn between going or not, because I could have gotten work done, but today was so unnecessarily stressful lmao. Happy Tuesday. The movies are the cure to life.

I was meeting my favorite couple for the 7:30pm at Regal LA Live for half off Tuesdays. But guess who snuck her ass in lmao. Yup. It was kind of epic. I was late af, just got off work and had to pick up meds, but with the 22 minutes of previews, I’m always solid. Plus they saved me a seat because they’re the best.

I really should stop admitting that I sneak into things, but hey. The broke life calls for it. It’s not flaunting, it’s hustling. After the struggle of finding parking in the lot, I realize another battle awaits: the line wrapped around the corner at the box office. Hell no, I was already late. I walk in through the side door and right underneath the rope to the stairs leading upstairs. I didn’t look back. No one questioned me lmao. The ticket people were standing right there too. It was great.

The theater was packed to the brim. I hoenstly didn’t think that many people would be d for this movie, because it ate shit in reviews. Both ratings were under 50%, but honestly, you can never trust the reviews. I actually saw the trailer (10 seconds of it before my ADD kicked in and I exited) and it looked lit. Tom Cruise is always lit. And Russell Crowe? They got the stars on deck.

I literally made it just in time. The movie began and immediately it was intense. Like, scary movie intense. I loved it. The intro was so fire. It made me glad I decided to come through. I believe this is a remake of the original film. I’m not sure I saw that one. The whole time I was just thinking of the Disneyland ride lmao. And how much I miss Disney. Someone take ya girl.

IMDB plot: An ancient princess is awakened from her crypt beneath the desert, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia, and terrors that defy human comprehension.

Yo, the evil princess was low key fire lmao. And Jake Johnson from New Girl! He literally played his same character, funny as hell. I really appreciated the humor in this. Tom Cruise was funny too. It was full of action and suspense. I really have no complaints about this one. I think the low ratings were just due to the CGI effects. But that’s expected.

Also, my girl saved me some popcorn. A real one <3.


TRACK OF THE DAY: I cannot stop listening to this CB track.


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