Alien: Covenant.

Happy fucking Monday. It’s been a long day lmao. After work, I forced myself to hit Core Power Yoga, for my third straight day of yoga. I hope you guys don’t mind me talking so much about fucking yoga, but it really is a huge part of my life. Today, I had plans on the westside, which meant CPY in Westwood.

My old stomping grounds. I used to go to UCLA, and felt some type of way driving into the premises. I missed this community/town I hated so much during college. I was off at 6pm in mid-city, and didn’t think I’d make it in time for Sculpt at 6:30pm. SKRT SKRT. I sped like a mf lmao and probably pulled some illegal things on the road but hey. I wanted to make Sculpt. Holy fucking shit. This was the most crowded class I’ve ever stepped foot in. Literally, there was no room to lay down my mat.

I somehow managed to convince two girls to scooch in the second row, and was an inch away from both the entire hour. It was brutal. It was hard. It was hot. It was sweaty. It was Sculpt. Smh. I inhaled so much chocolate at work all day, and feel like that entire workout was dedicated to like 20% of that consumption. Oh well lmao.

I got out at 7:30pm, hit Trader Joes, and was off to AMC Century City 15. I was in desperate need of a movie, and my brother had mentioned wanting to see Alien: Covenant. And then his ass flaked lmao. Jk. Kinda. But he couldn’t make it so I hit up my homeboy. He’s the shit. I hadn’t seen him in a minute and we kept joking that I was actually on time this time. If you guys know me, this is rare. Esp for movies. I hate the previews lmao.

Holy shit though, can we talk about Century City Mall for a sec? This shit has been remodeling for who knows how long, but it looks bomb. I noticed the second I entered the parking lot, which was completely renovated. Like, did they really need to? Spend boats of money to remodel the damn parking lot lmao. It was fine before. Westfield’s rich af though.

We caught the 8pm showing of Alien: Covenant. Have I seen the first one? Who knows lmao. If I did, I didn’t remember shit. But I heard good things and the ratings weren’t bad. 63% per Flixster, my favorite app on my phone. The only precaution I had was that it was 2 hours long. That’s pushing it. But it wasn’t bad at all. Plus my homeboy was great company.

I love talking in movies lmao smh. Luckily, the couple in front of us didn’t shush us. I actually don’t love sci-fi movies, but this was sick. I was confused for a good chunk of it, but you catch on eventually. It prob helps your own excitement if you’ve seen the prequel, but it’s def not necessary.

IMDB plot: The crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination, and must attempt a harrowing escape.

After 23 minutes of previews, the movie began. Literally, slow af lmao. I mean, we knew it would be. We were informed by a friend of his who had seen it. It wasn’t like terrible slow, but it was slow. I would fuck with it mainly because the action parts are really fucking intense. It had me on the edge of my seat.

Besides the intenseness, that shit was nauseating af. There were so many parts where my stomach turned. Like extremely vulgar and explicit body parts exploding. Yeah. I really hope aliens aren’t real lmao. Fr.

I got a crazy week ahead and trying to prep myself. V grateful for people in my lives that have my back. Just really. Grateful.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Blackbear is straight vibes.

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