The Flower Fields.

Hay guys. Back to my more casual blog (vs. where I can talk about my feelings and… more feelings. Today, my bro and I took a day trip to Carlsbad, which is by San Diego. You guys know I’d never make that drive alone. San Diego is way beyond my 15 minute radius. Blah blah blah, Mother’s Day.

My bro gets all the credit for the idea. We were bringing our mom to The Flower Fields. She loves flowers, so this was low key perfect. My dad had a business meeting nearby this week, so they decided to come out early. Of course, they choose the most bougie resort to stay at (Hyatt). No lie, this shit was glorious.

Mother’s Day honestly had me feeling some type of way. Was about to throw my phone out the window with the amount of Instagram posts I scrolled through of bitches and their moms. Of course, I liked them, because I like all my friends’ posts. It’s just natural for me to double tap. But that shit pissed me off. Sorry. I’ve had the roughest relationship with my mom, and we are even now barely civil. But I’m trying. I really am.

Tell her “I love you” instead of posting a stupid selfie. Plee. Anyways. We pull up to this vast field of straight flowers. The best part: they were dying. This was the last day The Flower Fields were open, and the flowers were damn near dead. Smh. My bro and I hella noticed, but the rest of the people were way too happy to notice.

This place was flooded with families. Happy motherfucking families. But what really struck me were the people running shop. They were older, much older, and it just seemed like this was their baby. Shit, they were probably ecstatic today. The turnout was incredible. It seemed like the busiest day of the year.

We took a wagon ride for $5 each. I frolicked into the flowers to take a pic, cause I’m extra. And then this guy on a golf cart literally decides to yell at the top of his lungs to me: STAY OUT OF THE FLOWER FIELDS. I guess there was a green tape that you weren’t supposed to cross. I didn’t even notice lmao.

Looked at more dying flowers, and all the happy campers with their ice cream cones and large bags of kettle corn. The entire time, I wanted to listen to Kid Cudi’s “Rose Golden” cause I’m an emo fuck. Definitely the first thing I put on when we got to the whip. Our options for limited at this point. We decided to check out the outlet stores nearby. But man, with my broke ass, I don’t even know what it feels like to shop anymore. I literally walk into BCBG and walk right back out because I was like “fuck this.” Lmao.

We went back to the Hyatt and I took advantage of their extremely nice fitness center. Real talk though. This shit was empty. After talking to a staff member who kindly showed me the way, I find out the resort was only 26% occupied today. That’s so low!! Seriously. How do these people make a living out of this?

The drive back was brutal. I was hella emo and listened to the entire Drake’s Thank Me Later album. It made me miss UCSB and all the good people I met there. Shit. I miss so many people.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Some positive music for y’ll lmao.


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