Free Fire.


Lmao. I can’t get over this movie. This was a complete trip. From beginning to end. The entire movie took place in one room lmao. I feel like that must have made it a low-budget film. But then again who knows.

Last fucking minute decision to catch the 8pm showing at Arclight Hollywood. Last second actually. Thank goodness my brother’s work is right there on Sunset so I can bug him all the time lmao. Jk. But this time was hilarious. I literally post up at a meter in front of Bank of America to deposit some cash (I HATE CASH) and he had just gotten off with his co-worker. I was actually mad embarrassed bc I was torn the fuck up from yoga. So ratchet, I was fucking walking in those bright neon foam/paper sandals you get at pedicures when your shit ain’t dry yet. Damn. I was a mess.

But yeah. Free Fire was literally the only movie out that was playing that we could see. I can’t be out late anymore cause I now have 2 jobs. Started one today and the other next week and low key terrified of how tired I’ll be. It’ll literally be work from 9am-7pm every day, and then driving home in butt fuck traffic. Sigh. Hello, summer.

IMDB plot: Set in Boston in 1978, a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival.

You guys. The entire movie was a shootout. Literally, one big shootout. I still don’t know what happened lmao. Shout out to my hg for being d for the cause. She joined my bro and I in the very front row, making the total number of people in the theater to be 6. Lmao.

This film is a comedy. Not direct comedy, like undercover comedy. If that makes sense. It was literally all action. It got decent ratings too, like 67%. That’s a lot better than most movies out there. Plus it’s an indie film. Those always secretly blow you away with some crazy deep message. No message here lmao. It was less than an hour and a half. Which was very fitting to the movie for what it was.

I feel like this is one of my last nights of freedom lmao. Well, Friday. Trying tough to see Guardians of the Galaxy if anyone wants to join. But yeah, I love my brother lmao. Swear he’s my best friend. Even though I’m not his lmao :(.

And Yogaworks in Weho kicked my ass today. Literally, the instructor looked nice, but she kicked our ass. I needed that. Especially after today. I’m low key super trippin’ about sitting all day for work. Is this what corporate life is? Lmao. I swear my body went stiff 2 hours in and I felt pain. Help.



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