The Fate of the Furious.


Hey guys. It’s been a minute. Just saw The Fate of the Furious with the bro bro. I literally posted an IG Story with a caption that said “date night” but then deleted it cause I felt bad for mysef lmao. Forever alone.

We hit up the Arclight Hollywood at 8pm. I went right after church at Mosaic with my girl. Literally think the last time we went together was last Easter at Oasis. There was so many services today, which was really dope IMO. We hit the 6pm.

I really want to make church more of a priority, especially once school gets out at end of the month. I need that shit. It was really nice to be there on Easter. Or any day really. It always reminds me that Jesus needs to be in my life at all times. There’s too much debauchery in the world man.

I was surprisingly on time for the 8pm movie. Sometimes I surprise myself. We got our concessions and posted up. It wasn’t in the regular Arclight Theater, but the dome next door. They said it was one of the oldest theaters in LA. But all I heard was, it was 2 dollars more lmao. Fuck man. 20 dollar movie is unreal.

This is like the 8th Fast and Furious movie lmao. I can’t. It’s all the same shit. But it’s dope. All action. Especially if you’re into cars, this is def your steez.

IMDB Plot: When a mysterious woman seduces Dom into the world of terrorism and a betrayal of those closest to him, the crew face trials that will test them as never before.

All I can say is… Charlize Theron is bae. Seriously. Homegirl is gorgeous lmao. I was so distracted by her. The movie is over 2 hours, but it’s all action so you’re gucci. I low key was waiting the entire movie for the G-Eazy/Kehlani track “Good Life” and it didn’t even play until the credits lmao. I honestly left Coachella early because I wanted to hang out with my brother and see this shit.

Speaking of, I literally entered Coachella and was like, oh no. Not happening. I used to rave and it just brought back way too much for me. I feel bad being so negative about it, but that’s just the reality of where I am now. Old, lame, and judgmental lmao. Tear.

The Weedmaps party was fucking lit though. That was the best part of the weekend for sure.

I have the craziest day tomorrow 😦 pray for me.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Damn I had LOVE. by K Dot but they took it off Youtube. So here’s Frenchie’s new single with Swae Lee lmao <3.





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