Kong: Skull Island.


Guysssss. I just made the saddest connection. I got a flat tire on my way to class (sitting here now) and realized why. There was a knife that punctured a hole and I realized it’s the result of my reckless driving. Whenever I come back from the westside, I try to cheat society and drive down the 10 in the far right lane, that’s not a lane. Does that make sense? This is where cars pull over whenever they get in accidents, which means extra debris and sharp objects. This was seriously karma from the man above. Fuck me.

I gotta stop. I had to drop over a bill on this shit. I got it fixed at a Mobil gas station. Le sigh. I’m hurt. Alright. Now the movie.

Kong: Skull Island was so great. My girl went to a screening before me, and literally told me I’d love it. She was so right. It was two hours of pure action and comedy. I couldn’t tell if this was a remake, but it’s about the mythic King Kong. Godzilla vibes for sure. Samuel L. Jackson is GOAT. You really can’t lose. I think this come out March 9 so definitely go check it out in theaters. It’s pure entertainment.

John C. Reilly is fucking hilarious too and Brie Larson from Room. Stacked cast for sure.

What the fuck is life.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Met Dizzy Wright last night at the screening and literally played his music for two hours straight when I got home lmao. Love him.



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