Fist Fight.


Holy shit. Everyone has to see this movie!! It was straight comedy. I don’t think a single person who sits though it can deny it wasn’t anything short of hilarious. At least in our theater anyways. I was lucky enough to attend the red carpet premiere at Regency Village Theatre in Westwood. I tried to go on the red carpet and failed miserably lmao. You needed a Warner Bro. representative to escort you.

Walking through Westwood had me nostalgic af. I lived here for like 3 years man. I was a Bruin, with 0 school spirit lmao. Nothing has changed. Everyone just hits up WW to eat and bullshit.

But honestly, I was so lit when Ice Cube stood up in the middle of the whole theater. This theater is HUGE too. So elegant, and perfect for this screening. It reminds me of the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood. The screening was at 7:30pm. It was mayhem. Lots and lots of people, who were dressed nice lmao. I was like wops. Did not get the memo. I invited my homeboy from SB who’s the chillest human being on earth. Love him. We swooped our free waters and were welcomed with free popcorn in our seats. Yassss.

Ran into my boss and his secret date lmao. I hope he reads this. You can’t escape me and my nosiness. Esp if we’re friends. I ask hella questions lmao. The director of the film started speaking before it started and proceeded to shout out all the cast members in attendance tonight. Man, Charlie Day is fucking hilarious. My homie said he’s from Always Sunny In Philadelphia or whatever that show is called lmao. His high pitched voice and tiny body, man. Definition of a riot. Ice Cube saying hi to everyone was the icing on the cake.

IMDB plot: When one school teacher gets the other fired, he is challenged to an after-school fight.

It’s fucking great. Charlie Day and Ice Cube are the perfect combo, with a side of Tracy Morgan. Omg and Jillian Bell. Fucking comedy. She’s from Bridesmaids and 22 Jump Street. Her character is hilarious. This takes place at a high school, on senior prank day. The pranks were hilarious too. I think all teachers should watch this for sure lmao.

It’s only an hour and a half. So perf. I got out right in time to catch Ro James at The Roxy with my hg. She put me on and I fell in love. It was perfect for Valentine’s Day (she was my valentine). I took her to the show so she paid for my parking lmao that’s love <3. Although I admit, I was upset I couldn’t find street parking at The Roxy. I ALWAYS find street parking there. Anyways.

Met Sevyn tonight, and told her how great her show was last night haha. Met BJ The Chicago Kid too. Super down to earth.

I fucked up today, and showed up two hours late. I need to get it together. But before I forget, I received a letter in the mail that said my life insurance was denied because I have a history of depression. Like what in the actual fuck? How does that even make sense? I’m pissed.

Life. Life. Life.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Ro James show had me in my R&B feels. About an ex that DNE lmao.


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