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Man. I’m writing this bc I’m emo af. Plus I saw a movie last night, so perfect. This was a super advanced screening of Sleight, which hits theaters in April. Damn. That’s way in advance lmao. It was about a young musician who takes care of his beloved sister after their parents pass. Unfortunately, this means selling drugs in order to get by. This soon catches up with him, as with most people selling dope.

I was invited by a publicist, and enter the smallest movie theater of my life in Beverly Hills. It was legit though. Super intimate and comfy af. I almost fell asleep. It’s only 90 minutes but it was honestly super dope. It’s different. I was super into it the entire time. I would recommend it for sure.

If you follow me on social media, you would know I got my car towed last night. It was 100% my fault. I pull up to El Rey on Wilshire, a venue I used to hit ALL the time. Tonight was the Wondaland West show, which is Janelle Monae’s label featuring Jidenna. I’m honestly in love with this chick. She’s so fucking adorable. Hidden Figures just reminded me how bae she was. But anyways, I was for some reason positive that the show would end at 10pm so I could make it to my next event.

I didn’t realize all the artists would be playing like a legit set. The show was technically free with RSVP so I was surprised to find it as lit as it was. It was honestly a blast, but the entire time I had so much anxiety cause I’m like… wait Walgreens closes at 11pm. What if…

A huge smh, but I’ve had my car trapped in the Smart & Final parking lot on the other side before. But they didn’t tow. They just trapped my car for a good hour. I walk out to a closed gate and my car completely missing. I was devastated. It’s just worse because always, in every situation, in my most desperate attempt to save money, I end up losing it 20x over.

This was just a life lesson in general. I had a nice talk with the towing guy. He drove me to the ATM so I could pull cash for a discount. That shit cost 2 bills which literally amounts to so much work being a freelance writer. It made me so emo that I wanted to leave LA lmao. Like I’ve been living life in the fast lane, and honestly getting away with more than I should be. This is a wake-up call to follow the fucking damn rules and abide by society like the rest of the world.

No more texting and not wearing my seatbelt when I drive either. So childish. I need to grow up. I’m part-time in grad school and need another source of income. I had to present in my 8am class this morning off 2 hours of sleep.


Tying this back to the show lmao. Janelle Monae is such a fucking inspiration. She literally screamed at us last night telling us to follow our dreams. I overall just want to improve my mental health and lifestyle. This means going to church, returning to therapy, driving like a normal person, and going to yoga. That’s the only way I can be at my best potential. Okay. Rant over. My bad lmao.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Saw bae last night. Was it worth it? I’m honestly not quite sure.


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