Smh lmao. Rings. We had high expectations cause the first Rings movie was bomb. Scary af. This was not lmao. It was more just pure entertainment. 9:30pm showing at Regal LA Live for half-off 8 dollar Tuesdays. Halla. Shout out to my fav couple for going early and copping prime seats front and center. And for buttering my popcorn lmao. True friends.

The movie’s long, almost 2 hours. It got shit ratings lmao but we were still d. I love scary movies, and usually hate them during lmao. This was the third sequel (I think). I remember the second one sucking too now that I think about it lmao. The first one came out during high school. That shit was great. They should have stopped there lmao.

IMDB Plot: A young woman finds herself on the receiving end of a terrifying curse that threatens to take her life in 7 days.

I feel like they could have made it so much more scarier and real but instead they just drew it out with the plot. Usually that matters, but here, it was just kinda like snooze. So, if I”m not mistaken, if you watch this video, you have 7 days left to live… dot dot dot. I’m glad I saw it though. It was def on my list lmao. Check that one off…

I had just come from from 2 events. First, an NBC Mixer at Estrella on Sunset in Weho. So fucking nice lmao. I pull up not knowing anyone but helped myself to some bomb blue cheese lettuce wedges. There was also truffle mac and cheese (miniature size) and grilled cheese on top of a tomato bisque. Open bar. Open water lmao. I was here for it.

I was surrounded by the cast of The Carmichael Show, Shades of Blue, Taken, and a bunch of others. This was an urban mixer lmao. I loved it. Halfway through I had to cut out to my girl’s Musicology event at Ivar Theater in Hollywood. She had Lenny from Roc Nation and Scott Storch speaking on the panel, along with the CEO of Rostrum Records, etc. They are some of the most respected in the music industry, so it was mad dope hearing them drop knowledge on us.

Shit, 1am and I got mad shit to take care of. Someone get me a bape hoodie. K bye <3.


TRACK OF THE DAY: Man just heard this in the whip tn haha. Shit goes hard.


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